Operation New Kiev

by Matt Romantech on June 22, 2017

I spent the whole weekend in a daze writing wildly about cossacks and barracks and all kinds of bullshit.

Sometimes it feels like I am just in a daydream letting it all slide away, I just, I’m too messed up from everything, I know this. Part of me functions well. But there’s a part of me I know needs desperately to recharge.

I seem to be able to make stupid crazy plans that are insane.

I don’t seem to be able to do all those things I need to do to put my worries behind me because they are always there. More shit on the doorstep. I am scared to proceed with the house thing because I just expect bullshit, I’m conditioned to expect bullshit.

This is kind of dwelling on it when I could be y’know “daydreaming” – but I have such good ideas when I dream.

The idea of the girls in kiev was just brilliant. The whole idea of trade is to leverage the ability bring a resource to access. I am making the girls accessible and leveraging that and it is so powerful.

Returning to the prime direction of our activities I found that recruiting young men will be no challenge because we are bringing so much to the table. As if free rent wasn’t enough, so my thoughts followed that recruits will be no problem. Where do we put them?

A warehouse of 50 boys is going to draw attention, we need to start spreading this influence, and this was the point of the coromandel operation but dozens of lads will put this under threat also, once that warehouse is full up, we can rent another, but where do we extract the value, where do we send those who are not able to compete?

We still want to harness the potential of having a movement, of having deep support, a deep bench, where there is potential for those who share the vision but don’t have strong abilities to develop where they are not interfering with the highly capable people who need to be given larger amounts of resources with which to work.

This is why we can’t fill coromandel up, we need production up there, not dead weight.

If someone is dead weight, that having them sell juice in auckland is just diminishing returns as we saturate the market there, then we need to ship them out to somewhere where they can break new ground for productivity rather than being directly productive.

10 guys living in an old factory warehouse in a declining but pleasant town that is within 25 minutes of 2 small cities are establishing themselves for our next steps. One is the leader who is getting a massive kick back, he would have his benefit and accomodation allowance arranged, the first in line being that he and his ukrainian wife are being lined up for their own home, a relocatable, or a higher commissioning.

To get ahead you have to take on the dangerous missions, leading a bunch of dead weight into a country town to take over a building and make a go of it is the mission. They know the juice business, laundry, clothes, russian girls, websites, videos, all the game we run.

Remember this is where the ukrainian girls thrive again, making a shithole look nice. They may have to be schooled a little on subtle hipster vintage styling that makes these old factories and small towns pop. Every town could be a place where hipsters are moving in.

But it’s like byron bay or arrowtown or wherever, you’ve got to pop this stuff off, you never get to the big picture unless you are part of the small steps.

We can’t be on top of all the money as and when it sets off.

All we can do is see how the pieces fit. I really don’t think it would be that hard to flip a town in a few years if you sent in a unit. If they have a place and they have their dole even with no accomodation supplement, and their getting food and they do their 10 hours, they’ve got $200 spending money and no bills and they do 10 hours a week, that is not a big ask.

You may have to sweeten the deal to get volunteers or tell people they can come back, until we get it right.

If we can find a way, or find that winz are favourable we can then start headhunting people from winz – what have you got lose. You won’t be paying rent or bills, this is what I expect to seduce people – they will hate it because they will be bored, but when they come back to the city . . . bills.

This means as I say we can hustle people who have earned some trust out of squats to make room more incoming randoms, those who may be returning because they couldn’t handle the boredom or have yet to earn the trust that they could be transited to a small town and not start making a problem.

But of course gaming and lan clubs are going to be so important, it’s just like the ukrainian girls, you have to bait the hook.

You have to draw the guys in with what they want, it’s sophisticated because the affluent asians show us already that this is where men will be lead to, gaming will fill the void in their lives, we just need to use this outcome to produce the results we want – bringing a community of young guys together who have a space and are being placed on a track towards opportunities in our organisation, I mean it could be like this – if you do your 2 hours, you get to play, you get to eat and drink, you get to partake, you meet the girls in kiev, and yes if you can’t be bothered, you can crash out somewhere and do it all again tomorrow.

10 guys on the dole are going to be able to raise $100+ for the ingredients we can’t provide, and the whole reason they have the dole is so they can go get macdonald’s or a coffee or fry some bacon or whatever. They have money for petrol to head into palmy to go to a gig or drinking, we’d almost immediately need a free rent set up in palmy so that people going to party, and people who can get work, can stay the night.

This is where those otago pubs came back into view. A pub is cool, and a great place to start, but it’s not the cheapest part of the country. The cheapest part is all through the middle.

anywhere that’s near to taupo without actually being next to taupo is pretty sad. I mean king country, inner taranaki, manawatu, hawkes bay.

Why would I send anyone to the freezing other end of the country even if they are ukrainians when the cheapest places are much better positioned, my view has fallen once again on marton, which 35km to whanganui and palmerston north on each side. You’re looking for the towns that have the plummeting real estate, but still have clear advantages in terms of positioning, population centres for gigs and business and beaches and other attractions to enjoy.

But the more I think about it, the more I feel that the gaming thing is the key – young guys love gaming. If the focus is on young guys coming to game, you will attract a lot of guys, and possibly a lot young kids who can’t afford a decent rig. 14 year old kids who will happily turn up at 4pm, to two hours work, get a feed and then play games until 10pm and then go home.

You’re getting these guys started so young – their parents are still supporting them, you’re just milking those hours to prepare more food, clean the place up, put the laundry on,

It would very much start to recall the spacies parlours of the 80s – and the modern asian internet cafes where the dudes just don’t leave and slump on the desks.

We want to get it to the point people don’t leave, but when we need a labour gang, there’s always half a dozen guys hanging round.

It’s likely we might soon open up a private, secret R20 venue for weed and booze so that we don’t get the cops hanging around trying to bust some young guys smoking pot.

The games, the secret adult area, and where the kids smoke their weed between games needs to be in 3 different directions. Or we could have a special smoking shed where it’s all contained at the far end of the property so a silent alarm can be sounded as I can see it could be likely cops show up every weekend to sniff for weed, drunken youth and other activity.

Or maybe they don’t. Maybe they know some guys smoke some weed but generally half the young men are there, including a few that would be drunk at the pub, and we are contributing. I expect the cops to be suspicious of up to 2 dozen young guys hanging out all day and all night and clearly smoking some weed.

You know if you started having DJ’s and advertising at the uni 30 mins drive away, you’d get some groups coming out, especially for gaming tourneys, maybe moreso with the whanganui lot because there’s less to do.

We are obviously going to repeat this pattern and I see gaming as almost as brilliant as the kiev girls thing.

Girls are deeply motivating, they will motivate guys deeply, but gaming is broadly motivating, they will motivate lots of different guys toward immediate rewards.

Obviously they need a still and I can use that invercargill trick, the beer doesn’t get you drunk – you make a punch that gets so thin nobody really gets wasted. But you can’t really allow anything illegal to happen initially.

That is point B, your initial taskforce, your initial gaming based needs / honey pie concept – then built out amongst a tribe of guys also lining up to move in and get privileges, get on the roadtrip to auckland to see the rest of the empire, dreaming of one day meeting olga in kiev.

We have to deploy them into a juice store in palmy.

The question is around who can deliver the money. $10 on the door. web services to local business. $200 worth of food sold. I simply tell the boss. You need to raise the rent for your next place in palmy, where you can HQ and have your deputy manage the maron madhouse. In palmy you are more high end as well as giving workers and party boys a bunk room. Just as in coromandel, the officer class maintain a command post where distribution occurs, which also doubles as a bunk room so lads can come into town, or stay over with a girl they meet, a 3 bedroom house provides for 2 officers – the lieutenants may also swap between relaxing in the city at the house and managing the marton madhouse overnight on site.

I would be moving swiftly at that point as I would be in coromandel to set up the juice bar hopefully with accom on site and basically directing the girls towards the juice bar and the boys towards the games lodge and then getting cross pollination there.

It works being able to strike into palmy, into a city with students, especially as the uni is slightly seperate from the city, there’s space.

Zoom back out. What’s on offer?

Benneydale. Marton. Otorahanga. Te Kuiti. Putaruru. All the towns that are suffering.

We start with the sections, remember the $40k sections in Te Kuiti? I am remembering all the deals in te kuiti. Well that’s in the past now. The $40k section is in marton. and $35k+ you should have a house on there.

You can still get a dump for $100k in whanganui. There was an abslute rustic dump on an acre up from hawera for $80k. This is what connects. Property slump in whanganui. Abandoned, declining towns stuck between the highways. Palmy there, and the beaches on the other side, within reach.

There just is not a real call for a relocatable around here, unless the land comes up, a decent section. There was a section 1500m2 in sanson for $100k. You’d do it if you had lots of money flowing for relocatables and were wanting to establish in the area.

It’s like this. No house had the potential that a commercial type space has for the price.

A ratchety house out the back of somewhere, is like $100k, doing a relocatable would be at least the same, probably more but you’d get near a half acre maybe. Room for a big a shed, gardens, pool, like our original hikutaia.

But our top people don’t want to live in a barn. You want to motivate the management to hit targets so they can get their HQ set up especially if it’s a couple spearheading the thing because she is ukrainian and I’ve mapped the whole thing out for her, If they want to do a relocatable and work it off, that’s the idea basically.

Run the gaming lodge and the juice store and the HQ and renovate the house, for 10 years, and here’s your house. After that, after 10 years I would hope that you would stay on board with the cause, but of course other couples would be working for their homes, and we don’t need too many cooks. They may as well just get the food delivered to the house they own and earn air points to visit our other spots. Surely they will have some other income after 10 years, especially the last few being more and more lax as underlings grew in experience to take over, but basically they return to the status of the 14 year old boy who has done their hours. They get access to everything just as if they’d paid for it.

But if they want to earn a trip they need to play by the old air points system.

They can still work off a trip without getting in the way of new management, or they may choose to stay on as management just for the air points and who could fault that if they are doing a good job.

I’m just explaining that any ukraine girl or small town boy could have their own house in NZ and live in vietnam or ukraine for free half the year – given it frees up there house for limited short stays at least – and make a few hundred bucks a week between them to pay for other things they might need.

To have that whole vision to take a ukrainian girl through, girl you could be retired in your 30’s with your own home and be bringing all your family out.

Again that’s what ukraine girls are good at, a big box of produce and eggs and basics from gilmours as well as some frozen pies, curries, etc, she will know what to do.

It also occurred to me, kiwi guy, marries a ukraine girl, I think what would happen is they would get some kind of income support.

He would get the dole, in fact you would both get the dole, they would just have to see the whole circus as what you have to do to get $200 if you want it.

It is likely I will form a company that exists for the sole purpose of giving these guys 8 hours of work for $120 – they will still receive a top up to $250, but now they have an excuse why they can’t get a full time job – they already have a job. A lot of decent guys won’t be bothered. But what this means is that everyone has got a good chance of keeping their dole if they fight for it, and have a specialist “anti-case manager” in their corner who knows exactly what their entitlements are and what they have to do to comply.

This person should also be a drama coach, to explain that when you tell the case manager and the doctor what they expect you to say and you get your prescription and get sickness.

The new ukrainian mothers will get sickness for post natal depression. No need to look for work. We just need to teach everyone else to do it. If they can’t do it, that’s fine, there are other ways to earn $200. Many people may find it’s not easy, but to be honest I think most people will get it.

Again, we don’t help everyone, it is a to be seen as a personal favour I do, that I get my advocate to support them. They don’t realise one of my top agents does this as their full role – an advocate so that all my best and rising people can get $200 as well as anything else.

The next thing I saw was that how it comes back to prosperity in the regions. If I am sending people in these units to these places, then what we need to be doing it making alliances with local politicians, you need to support us like in marton where 10% of the properties are considered unoccupied or abandoned, so we can come in and get people active in the way we have in other places, I mean, we are bringing in guys who play games instead of being delinquents and then they learn web skills and then they are active expanding living arrangements so more people are coming together and more money is coming in, and then they are on their trip to kiev, and they are bringing kiev girls back or tiny little vietnamese dolls, and so on and so on.

We need to make this work so that we can begin to have a bloc of politicians who are making things happen for us, because we are already getting people excited in advance about us coming to their town – we want access to buildings classified as abandoned or that can be appropriated,

Then it comes back to places like glen afton, what I did see was 1.5 acres near rotorua in a town much like glen afton, places to small to have a shop, but clearly at least . . .

Yes at least 100 houses, and some kind of sawyard mill type thing in the middle that is obviously operating.

wait it does have 2 shops, 1 I’m not sure is operating, and a couple of kind of yards, like wreckers or mechanics. This is like where theona lives. It’s just slightly too big for everyone to know everyone. But manunui has a gas station and is on the way to somewhere. And rotorua being 15k away is a bigger deal than huntly or taumaruanui – remember rotorua is the big international tourist spot – asians and americans – most international tourists mainly just see queenstown auckland and rotorua.

Rotorua serves as a great spot for needs as a tourist thing, german girls.

The point is these towns are so small it’s possible to just swamp them. I could have 20 people living on that land, and they could transform the whole community there is two halls there! it’s as if they built a newer, more modest hall because the old hall next to it is too big??

No, one is the hall, and the other is the “community centre” – so there is possibly already community activities operating, now we need to go in there and just start cooking up massive feeds every night.

Maybe we can get extended use of the hall for our gaming lodge, and so it begins again, dudes come from rotorua to get in on the culture, and every child in the village is likely going to want to be there until bedtime.

The kids are fed and entertained – there cant be more than a few dozen – the parents can do as they please.

The idea is that you are flipping the whole town. They are dependent on the food you are bringing in.

Next you just start targetting the abandoned houses, do the lawn, tidy it up, you might park a caravan on there and have somebody who is already established start living there – they know what you’re up to, but they well soon be encouraging it.

This town isn’t it. It’s just a model

$90k for 1.5 acres in a rotorua satellite town.

$160k for the giant old school factory in marton

$80-90k the cheapest relocatable on the cheapest section, but that includes a half acre in masterton which has 25k people,

All represent different strategies.

My first plan of course was coromandel, that I could get 10h in the bush for $250k.

But your first operation is frontier, you need to provide the best support, that’s why coromandel is first.


Horny Human Husbandry

by Matt Romantech on June 21, 2017

I can’t quite believe this new idea I’ve come up with and how I know this feeling.

WHen I feel positive, new ideas, always new, powerful ideas, but this time it was directly spending several hours exploring ukraine history that basically allowed the goodness, to come bubbling up and instantly I was just launching into brilliant business plans.

The free rent concept I knew I could apply in ukraine, but the whole history lesson gave me a new angle on it, that the real resource in the ukraine is the girls.

These things may seem obvious but you have to get these things straight in order to see the business angle and being horny for girls doesn’t seem like a place to create dynamic new business ideas.

I just had to know, why is ukraine a shithole when their fields are so green and their girls are so hot. Lack of development due to being a target to surrounding empires that were much more war like and culturally established. Because their men keep getting beaten down and subjugated and killed in wars and raids which creates a competitive atmosphere amongst women which in turn creates a situation where the men get food and girls as long as they remain under the boot of the empire. And so with a foreign empire imposing it’s will and taking it’s cut of the action, the place never develops.

It is the economic cuck of europe. It is a place for cheap food and high value women, anywhere where women are challenged, they get hotter.

It makes me think of the islands again, their men are handsome and strong, I think it may be a different abundance. The vikings were formidable huntsmen, it was the only way they can survive, but the Islanders would be huntsmen and swimmers. The islanders would have to be the strongest swimmers in the world. That is why they are big muscular whale people.

Hunting fish does not train you to kill large animals with skill and be resourceful like vikings. It’s a completely different type of resourcefulness. Like ukraine, the islands have food. But the islands don’t have space. When there’s no space, resources are also limited. The vikings have plenty of space but it’s all frozen and mainly only livable in little gaps between the mountains that you can only sail around. In the islands you are either getting laid or ready to go at it with someone who is. Women are as scarce a resource as any.

Thus you get these fucking fierce, low impulse control, enormously strong, and very handsome whale gorilla men. They are great at playing rugby – running and tackling – because they all live on a little island trying to kill each other for pussy. The women sit there and eat until the process gives them the most violent rapist available. When your process selects for guys who are aggressive, violent and opportunistic, you are going to get violent husbands.

I’ve long understood that in the islands violence is a form of communication that we can’t comprehend. A father beats his child to show love, it’s incomprehensible to white people, but then get this – I am a fucking pussy who is scared of pain. Everyone knows islanders are the hardest to knock out, their skulls are hard. The men love to “rumble”. Guns and knives are hardly the point, but bats make it interesting.

This is what I’m talking about reverting back to a culture. Anyone who regresses will revert, western europe has so many layers of culture and history to revert back to in a cultural and social recession. That is why western european culture is the dominant culture of the planet. Ukraine, New Zealand and Samoa, not so much.

All races have to go through this, it’s not a moral judgement.

It’s like the ukraine in terms of unlikely consequences. That’s what fascinates me. The ukrainian girls are hot because their men survive well but are not able to thrive. A ukrainian girl has to do more to get less because martially imposed systems deliver low quality men. The polynesian men are hot because they have a fraction of the resources the ukrainians do, so much like the low resource vikings who were skilled warriors, the islanders are strong, agile and hard headed.

But the difference is the vikings were low resource due to scarcity, the islanders are low resource due to competition, much like the ukrainians, you don’t die in the islands if you’re are not skilled at hunting in the freezing cold. But unlike the ukraine pressure on resources comes not from the outside, but within, the island is tiny. There are only so many women.

Both sexes are strong but polynesian men are aesthetic. The women are not. Russian men are not really too handsome either. But in the islands men compete for women and have low impulse control, any chance to get laid may be the only chance.

The men in the island became strong and handsome – adaptive – because there’s plenty of food but always so few women, and their women are not adaptive to anything but storing fat for long canoe journeys. The ukrainian girls became – hot, adaptive – because their men are not adaptive.

Ukrainian girl doesn’t need to store fat for anything, because there’s always food and winter isn’t quite so bad as in the viking zone where it would only be light for several hours.

The viking men are adaptive because they have to be skilled hunters and sailors, and the viking women are adaptive because they need their husbands to be skilled hunters and sailors.

Maybe I would be shot by a politically correct firing squad but this just seems how it is. It’s why the vikings are the master race, because they had to tough it in some frozen piece of shit and they always have and they still do. They don’t have the wars like ukraine because unlike ukraine, there’s nothing there to conquer. No one wants to go to stockholm or moscow to fuck shit up because that’s why their up there, no one else wants to be up in the cold, and they are hard as fuck. They are adaptive as fuck. That is why they were seafaring warriors terrorizing at will in a time when that made sense, and now have investments in oil and tech and have been strong in design and production.

Their adaptive trait is adaptability. The sun won’t kill you if you have water. The cold will straight up kill you. It’s dark mostly all day and then it’s light mostly all day, conditions in winter must have been so hard, you get people who are prepared in their minds for what they need to do, a plan they need to have to succeed and survive.

A man needs to hunt and be smart to survive. A woman needs to be smart to survive and look hot so she can attract a good hunter.

The islander will survive. He just needs to secure access to women, soon they’re all fighting like gorillas and they need a king to establish some kind of society.

The king then takes many wives. Now there are even less women to go around. It only makes sense to attack the next island, or else the chief is going to have this same black pill problem – destructive males.

The ukrainian girl, much like the swedish girl, needs to look hot to get through the winter but the men aren’t there, they are dead, or enjoying status within the empire they have been absorbed into, thus contributing to the problem, the place never develops, the men never prosper, they never adapt, it is their women who suffer. In their suffering, just like the swedish girls, they have become so hot and so smart. Except because they live in a green field, not a frozen fjord, the 10 times more of them. It’s the opposite of the same situation in the islands.

In the islands, hardly any women, hardly any men, no nasty neighbours – the men all kill each other and/or sail off in their canoes to rape their neighbours.

In Ukraine, millions of women, millions of men, some neighbouring imperialists always kill lots of men, suddenly huge imbalance taking hold. External impositions make the country less prosperous and there aren’t enough men, so women are squeezed economically and biologically to compete harder.

It’s just so fascinating that once you understand these concepts you can delve into it, you can understand how the engine runs and how to get the best mileage.

Suffering aggressive internal competiion for women have made islanders the best sportsmen in games such as rugby that require combinations of physical skills, not least strength and skills in negotiating close body contacts.

Suffering endless economic and population problems due to military vulnerability in the ukraine has forced ukrainian women to become more competitive and become the most desirable women in the world.

This is what made me realise again what is obvious – the ukraine has two advantages which I like, well it’s one really. Food. Food means people. People means girls, and competition for the food and girls. Resources and competition means war, war means no development. No development means opportunity for development.

Development means opportunities for exploitation, that is leveraging development to entrench your position of power.

That is what everyone does.

But let’s be honest. You just want what everybody wants, you want the food and the girls. You have worked out, just like many great rulers including Peter the Great, that ukraine has all the food and girls, and you would like to have these.

If you come and develop, because of all the underdevelopment, you can exploit the girls and food also cheap labour which also is kind of all part of the food and girls thing.

Being a hot girl is just an exceptionally valuable form of labour in this coldly commercial analysis.

This is what the russians have always done and are mad about not being able to do it now the europeans are starting to get their face involved in it again and get the food and girls and cheap labour for themselves.

Basically when we bring a ukraine girl to NZ and send an NZ guy to ukraine we create value.

NZ labour is still worth $20 p/hour but now costs me $2.50.

It costs me $5 for the labour for my ukrainian girl to be in NZ – it has doubled. But the value of her labour has also doubled, but not only that she has encouraged other men to get involved.

I was getting $100 value out of the NZ guy, now I’m getting $350 value

I was getting $100 value out of the Ukraine girl, now I’m getting $300

It is all about shifting that person to where they can create that premium of value I can skim. They can’t stay there though. That’s not what I’m working with, I’m working with the attraction, I’m building a new agency. There’s no walls between the boys and girls, they are free to build the attraction that keeps them in my houses working for me – that’s easy –

Then they are being sent across the world to work even harder, again I am profiting off their need for horny adventures.

But this is why it is such a supreme plan – not because people are always getting horny, but because I have once again designed a system that works itself.

I am not collecting rent, I just want the job done. You have all the time to do it since you have no other demands on you.

It’s like human husbandry. The economic benefit comes from horniness, horny energy.

The girls want to meet guys. The guys want to please the girls and will do so if I make it easy for them to meet the targets.

It also folds in the whole NYL thing. Now I am promoting girls towards an outcome that is much more benficial to me.

I still feel like I’m trying to pop out the essential vision here. The idea is brilliant but the deeper I am delving into why it is brilliant is still giving me rewarding insights.

The ukrainian girls are so valuable. The NZ guys don’t even know what they’re missing because a mindset of fear takes them.

It’s all bullshit. She’s all russian and can’t speak english. She’s probably a gold digger. Russia is weird, the whole situation is weird. I don’t want to admit to anyone even myself that a sexy girl who makes house is all I really want.

When this all becomes accessible and acceptable, guys will be at it.

It’s all about needs, and we needed to provide somehting more important than food and housing.

I think it is about the business model. Dream connections went in to bust down the scams by actually giving men something real that wasn’t a scam.

But it’s $5k. Now you’ve got all these old dudes signing up for it because it’s not a scam. DC make their money.

Forcing everyone through the pay point forms their whole business model. They can’t and don’t provide the usual letter writing bullshit, they don’t want to make $5.

My pay point is the labour. No one is getting on that plane if they can’t work. This means I don’t need to prevent these people communicating freely. The more the like each other the more they get committed to the goal.

Of course, no one is getting scammed. I mean there’s lots of stuff we will do like give the girls local tinder profiles so they can attract guys to message them.

They are not encouraged to lie about anything, other than use the discretion they would at any time they were considering and flirting with a number of boys. You have to decide where it is appropriate to tell these guys that she is going to be meeting several guys she’s been getting to know while she stays in NZ.

Of course the point I was starting from was that these girls after having completed the necessary build for free rent, would then begin promoting and taking applications. The girls answer the questions they can, but their job is to get the guy either selling juice or doing content work before he moves in.

It’s the girls jobs to get as much out of these guys as possible. In the beginning honey pie may be all their is for them.

Basically the girls vet the guys. But the guys don’t need to be vetted they just need to be coach to hit the target.

I don’t care what skills he’s got did he hit the target? I don’t care if you’re in love, did he hit the target?

If he’s got skills and he really loves you already, he’ll be hitting that target.

Some guys will never make it. They’ll log on to chat with their favourite girl, Buy a juice and a meal and get a bit of banter. They’ll never take the step of free rent. They’ll never do more than contribute a few dollars each week to her air points, they are just lonely guys who have found a way to get sexy chicks to say hello. When she visits he might get a coffee and a hug, he might even get an invite to the wedding. There’s got to be a place for these pathetic dudes.

How the girls manage these guys is on them. Where does it end? I think it ends where it ends.

It’s all about how far you can push it to the point you are unwilling to be transparent.

Someone starts talking about free rent. I say, yeah it’s free rent. But they say, oh now I’ve got this russian chick emailing me every day, what’s that about?

She gets free rent in kiev. She coaches people and it contributes toward her working holiday in NZ and meeting NZ men and improving her english.

She works for you in exchange for matchmaking? She gets free rent, and I have offered her a working holiday as incentive, if she chooses to use that opportunity to further her romantic interests that’s her prerogative, but I do vouch for these girls and their intention to come to NZ are genuine.

So what happens if one of them is hot and all the guys want her? Well she can’t engage them all so she needs a strategy. If she chooses to talk to guys who aren’t topping up air points that’s up to her, if she neglects guys who are, that’s up to her.

What if they get butthurt, what will be the blowback? All the girls and boys need to be well versed. Don’t get butthurt because you expected something from someone you never met.

You go into it with options. If you get hung up on somebody you never met you are acting like a fool. Pick 2 or 3 or better yet don’t pick at all. The ukrainian girls aren’t going to jump into bed with the first guy in the queue, so be a gentleman and give them time to choose who they feel serious about and don’t expect anything sexually until then, even if you are the guy she likes. They wear short skirts but they’re not like kiwi girls, you have to earn it.

There has to be a helen of troy rule. It’s ladies choice and ladies decision is final. Now you’ve got some guy wants to nark out the whole situation. What situation? That there’s some girls in a house who do laundry and make breakfast for a bit of extra money?

What I’m saying is where is the point where the attention might get awkward? If you have a dozen ukrainian girls and only one warehouse for 10 guys and the girls have a waiting list of 40 guys, well how much juice is being moved?

It is the digital honey pie concept. If you are a guy you can go to the honey pie basement and a girl will make you eggs on toast and a coffee while your laundry gets done. Huge posters of the kiev girls will be on the wall. MEET OLGA.





Who’s olga? She works at the honey pie office in kiev. She is saving to come to NZ to meet a kiwi husband. Would you be interested in meeting olga by helping her come to NZ? Get to know olga today.

It only need be right there on the poster. It’s all about the entry points. Honey pie is an entry point. Free rent is an entry point. More entry points exist but I feel there is most to be harvested from horny men.

Instead of getting obsessed with the honey pie auckland girls they probably cant have, they just need to say hullo on the live feed between the offices.

Of course if we were scamming we could take a different approach, just have girls pretending to be hot models but authenticity is chosen because we are not trying scale ridiculously, but what I see is that we could.

20 ukraine girls. 50 guys all buying $40 worth of gear a week, I’m pocketing $2k, they are all lining up to get into the depot and hanging around honey pie ensuring that those targets are met. I am contributing $400 a week towards airfares, but still pocketing a grand after I’ve paid the expenses for the rent, the van, and the extra food ingredients.

Making that extra money would mean I would have already opened up another warehouse, we need to match boy spaces with girls spaces because there needs to be a space for the boys she decides on, we want them indoctrinated into the culture even though there will be plenty of guys who just buy enough juice to get a ukrainian girl delivered and he takes off with her, rather than them connecting to us, but I’m not worried. We are going to build a cluster of girls and a community and if the girls take up with some rich dude who has no reason to live in a warehouse and sell juice, then who can blame them.

Even if she did show up for a week and take off which I see as very unlikely, I’d just cancel her ticket. I will make clear that the extra work they do on holiday is my matchmaking fee.

We have to see different targets. Yes she can get young guys in the barracks. But the older the guy the more he should just straight up be buying more stuff and if he can’t eat it all he needs to move it on.

Laundry service of course costs. But the girls can offer a style service as a way of getting to know their man and helping him choose stylish items from ali baba.

Again the girls will have all their own rewards the offer for guys giving them air points. If she wants to have special racy pictures – bikini or lingerie shots – she sends out as a reward to her favourite air points guys, well all of these are options. But I would also encourage them to be natural. Convince the guy you like to be the one who is putting in the effort for you, if you’re coming to see him more than the other guys, tell him he should be contributing more.

If she’s chatting up a 40 year old she needs to get him buying our grocery packs, and getting our laundry service. Honey pie hair cut.

We could go full housecleaning but I see this as getting further away. It is quite possible we will put the seedy chicks in another group to deal with weed. I’m just not seeing what the ukrainian girls can sell old men. Maybe we need a men’s style site. Basically it’s the needs store. I can’t see it making a lot of money. But it’s a profitable way for the girls to engage the guys towards an outcome which is positive, the guys looking good for the girls. Let these girls help the guys to look good.

Then of course she just needs them to watch and comment all our client media.

I suppose online media management is another service we provide, but I think it’s important to manage what we can. The clothing thing is driven by interest of the girls and guys. There’s no money in it.

We sell them things worth buying, the rest is just the girl adding value. The girls is a coach encouraging him to dress better and get fitter and speak russian, basically the 3 steps I am taking to make sure you are attractive to a russian girl.

“Coaching” is how we sell the girl – sell her skypes. $20 an hour or something ridiculous and half goes to airpoints.

What’s fair? Whatever you can get away with. half for me and half air points. Paying them is too complicated. They need pocket money, but I put it on them. It’s designed so that even if you don’t want to go to NZ, you can still do 2 hours a day – maybe there’s a chick who is absolutely a gun on editing or web design and she doesn’t want to go to NZ but she want free rent. Fine.

A lot of them would probably have jobs anyway. The requirement is that they run the online campaign and content. Once the website is done and the content starts rolling out, and then promo, they have less and less to do, first there are waves of interest. but as that is worked through they can turn to building their own social media brand to attract men.

The first wave will likely fill the first place anyway. Then a back log builds. But there is enough work for these girls as long as I can pay the bills.

This could be the cossack charge.

You’re breaking down the barriers. Communication is open. But there also a point of contact in the target city at the local honey pie. It’s not just some random russian girl, she is actually connected to what’s already happening she doesn’t want to scam your money she just wants you to buy some food delivery.

Do you need laundry? Do you want a consultation – style/fitness/diet/dating/russian – ?

We will need to start doing supplements. We need our girls being all maternal and helping the guys work out their little health niggles and being all gushing and excited when they hit a pb at training. BAHAHAHA

I laugh but only because it’s good. It’s good. You’re bringing something to the NZ guy he can’t get. You’re bringing something to the ukrainian girl she desperately wants.

You will make a killing because the walls are all being torn down, they can talk as much as they like she doesn’t have to make him pay for skypes but shes got to raise the money somehow.

I love that if she meets a guy her own age all he has to do is go out there and sell that juice. He’s motivated. You’re giving these kids hope.

My role is special also. I am the one that legitimates the girls. Once a guy is coming on board I talk to him personally and explain the situation. The girls are real. The myths are myths.

You need to work hard, dress decently, learn some russian, and show some old style charm because that’s what they expect.

It’s up to these girls to build the needs website with all the juice and pasta sauce, hummus, guacamole, and such as we build out. There will be a lot of work for them. Free rent. Honey Pie. Needs. Kurb. Kurbistan. Romantech etc etc. Build the site, make the content, do the advertising, get the enquiries coming through.

Remember they are doing ukrainian romantech and kurb also and the Ukraine NZ website which promotes the honey pie kiev lodge. I want a place where 10 people can stay, so you can have 2 groups from different countries because I think it will be a major attraction. The guys will love the girls but they are scared of russia.

No one will be there during the winter. I suppose that’s when I can fill it with girls. Over winter they will most likely spend more time talking to boys.

How does this change things on the bigger scale? Well I just think it may not work perfectly, but I bet it works pretty good.

Like I said 20 girls, soon 50 guys, I have to have 3 warehouses for them. 50 guys selling $5k worth of juice every week, insane.

I would have the $1k warehouse that was huge for 20 guys, they would already need a shop to ensure they could pump out that juice. It would start to explode and I wouldn’t know how to deal with it. 500 litres of juice? Boy oh boy oh boy. The 20 boys are pumping out their own juice machine, 10 guys run the juice shop pretty much 24 hours, the other 10 are on detail, finding those squats so we can begin to get more people in. My operations unit will be functioning.

juice shop 24 hours, and orders monitored 24 hours through from kiev so that any order any time, can go out. The kiev girls can even monitor the place.

2018: honey pie 1 // honey pie kiev // coromandel
2019: depot + shop // honey pie hamilton // honey pie lodge kiev //

This plan has now got me doubtful about the agency – like my schemes are too wild, with the girls on my side, I will be invading hamilton rapidly, it’s easy for the girls to attract admirers in hamilton and tauranga so you don’t get this problem that she has to pick between guys who know each other and all her guys end up in auckland together creating bad vibes.

I mean I will be absolutely surrounded by these girls. It will become apparent which girl I want for myself, and it’s the perfect environment to be forced to see what you really want.

To me, I mean what is the limits of this approach? Before we were limited by how much juice we could actually sell through our networks, but now our juice sellers are going to be super motivated.

The ukraine girls of course will also answer questions from NZ women about free rent but I doubt they will be able to convince them to buy anything.

Unless we plan to set up in greece as well to attract the girls. The boys would also enjoy it and it gives them a place to go to deal with their visa. What counts is to zoom in on where the action is really taking place.

We can target other affluent cities but the way I see it I will always do good business in NZ. Nimbin.

It’s where we launch into brisbane. Greece and vietnam are just barely visible on the globe at the same time – it’s a lot closer than it seems. To thailand from greece is 12 hours and about $500. But I noticed there is also sometimes, very rarely cheap flights directly from kiev to thailand – it’s closer than greece. Brisbane is the connection to vietnam. I don’t see anywhere else really working for me. Brisbane is another place we can draw men from and deposit girls at. This helps the ukrainian girls if they can head through vietnam and brisbane. I will set up places for them to stay, And I’m getting my 4 hours while their trip is extended and is a real adventure. Ukrainian girls will meet australian and NZ boys heading the other direction at these places. Which means I bet there is bound to be a situation where they fall for one another but he’s in kiev and she’s in auckland.

Do you really expect that much traffic? The travel costs are all tax deductible. Which means more money I can draw down to pay for that while paying cash for more container houses, relocations, caravans, earthworks, solar panels, hydro power, grow ops, stills.

I fear the idea is a little too radical, as in it’s too perfect to work, and that’s why you can’t scale it. If you try to scale you will invite trouble because it’s like the trading, I am going next level. I can’t see that I could really honestly have more than 20 girls.

Their english must be fairly decent, and we are going to have to prioritize the men who have skills we need, web people, impresarios, chefs, gardeners, engineers, builders and renovaters, drivers.

Drivers and chefs are huge because they can step into the economy she convinces him to do the driving run, or make $100 worth of food each week! In fact we can pay him produce. Now we have people entering the economy and we’re not even housing them, because they are motivated by the girls.

Some guy making 2 dozen pies and driving to the farm to collect the orders and getting paid in $50 produce $50 air points when he’s spent $70 bucks and it’s taken him 3 hours.

But he’s got food for a few days and his sweetheart is another step closer.

I saved $50 on gas and there was a food trade, and I got the hours free. But I had to put $50 in the air points.

It’s a hard sell but we have to see what guys are willing to do and lots of guys can cooks stuff and drive. It simply is a way for these guys to qualify themselves for free rent because the girls will have them lining up. If he thinks he is advancing in the queue and with big moves like this, he will be, then he gets closer.

I’m imagining a huge warehouse like a barracks, some fucked place in tamaki with dozens of partitions and areas, dozens of dudes getting free rent, giant posters of all the kiev girls on all the walls like communist propaganda, platoons of juice sellers moving out in vans, with other vans laden for delivery runs, or dudes with their bikes ready to detach for deliveries.

A deck of multiple juicers worked by half a dozen guys pumps out 100l a day from this location, most of these guys are here because at one point some ukrainian girl got them here, but since, well they haven’t left, if they get the dole, they are sweet, a lot of these guys probably study and get student allowance.

I’m paying $1500p/week for this place. Emphasis on pushing out into the squats is strong, as is coromandel, the place is not designed for you to stay, you’re in there for a months tops to prove what you can do, if you’re still there, that’s on you.

You’re going to have to go into a squat or into the bush or show yourself to be competent in online media, or juice sales, or you’re going nowhere. You do your 10 hours selling juice, you hit your target of $100, you get your ration of food, sly grog, and weed. You may be picked out by the black ops brigade to create some kind of diversion.

Am I shipping these guys off to europe? If they earn it. Soon enough, there’s nothing to earn. Go sell the juice, and then go live in a container in the bush.

Twice a year a dozen buses come from cormandel, tauranga, hamilton to the studio and 500 of our guys party. The tiger penis ball.

Then we begin to groom political operatives. Operations in places like glen afton, coromandel and particularly great barrier will begin to step up. Otago also. Vietnamese dudes up there, going hard. We’re moving into these places with no real shops aside from maybe a pub and a school and a hall, and take over. You’re basically trying to get everyone in the town to fold into your system, they get their ration, they do their work, soon you have the infrastructure in these small town to support dozens more people, dozens of these dudes being moved out from the warehouse and the squats. Or wait.

If you aren’t in the bush and you aren’t in the squat and you aren’t in the barracks, you are arriving at new glen afton, where you do your roster work, and you have your bedroom, and your own space, and you don’t have to sell anything. If you can scam your benefit still, all power, there will be people in the organisation who’s sole job is to help people continue to run their scam.

Eventually those few people who still have jobs also live for free, and keep all the money they make, it simply becomes their prosperity.

We will have a mess hall, and vietnamese kitchen, and ukraine most likely,

Eventually we want to establish a little saigon and a little kiev. In Auckland, and probably in otago, we need those ukrainians . . .

It looks like the bluff hotel is still there, that’s the fucking gulag. $150k I reckon we would walk away with it. Send the ukrainians down there the cold wouldn’t bother them, and they only need to give me 6 hours.

The idea as I said is to begin to flip these communities.

What’s the absolute cheapest? Remember that $160k lot of shops! The dannevirk post office is $70k. Same for a 300m industrial shop in otorohanga, an hour from where we are.

Here’s a place in marton – 30km frm palmy and whanganui each side, it’s $175k, floor area of 900sqm

Why would you send people to bluff when marton is much closer, much less fucking cold, and the area is much bigger, giving you much more potential.

Basically you’re creating, you’re doing what the russians were doing attempting to colonise siberia. Sending the ukrainians down there.


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