by Matt Romantech on September 14, 2017

The trading and my experience getting to dnipro has really pushed me, but blessed be, a snap back, a reversal in the trading has given me vital oxygen but nevertheless I have begun to consider a plan to come home early.

It means missing Ride but it comes down to this, if I win in trading, if I survive in trading, all of ukraine and the world is mine.

All these beautiful girls here that are everywhere they are mine.

Again and again it comes back to the trading and now that I can breathe again, i even have hope again – we have seen the pull back, and we have put our hedges in, and we live.

the hope begins to build that it will pull back and we will see $35-36k again, in a place where we are hedged up, and rather than totally defensive, we can build up again.

There is a place where the hedges are even, that if the activity is range bound, we will build equity again.

Where I say the issue is shoehorning them into the next stage.

Basically my immediate strategy is to approach taya with what I would require her help with.

You want it all but you can’t have it.

It’s in your face, but you can’t grab it.

The frustration, that these hot hot girls are right here, right here waiting, that every day I see a girl so hot I’m compelled to follow her down the street and I know, that what I need to be able to do is to run the kind of game it’s going to take.

This again is where taya would come in. I need to be able to practice my flirting. I need to be able to find a way to get to a point with these girls, of telling them I like them, I think they’re beautiful and what my intentions are, and that i’d like to communicate by email so that we could speak more easily.

Maybe I need to go over strategies with taya.

What I am also learning about ukraine is that it is likely to be bearable in october, but not so much in may.

May is for uruguay.


All this as I wrote it was so tentative. On thursday it was all so far away, I had pushed to the very edge, but doesn’t it all make sense now?

Wasn’t it always going to be this way, that when I came to ukraine to see what was happening here, my trading would beat me down and leave me fearful and desperate only to reverse, only as if it was all to remind me what this all is?

Day after day I see the beautiful women, but it doesn’t make sense to act from a place of urgency because that’s not the plan that’s going to work, it so much more feels like I really need to think this through, I need to come back on this with a strategy.

The trading rules everything around me, I was gripped in fear, but then it let me go, and when I am free from the fear that everything could be taken away, I am able to dream again of all that could be, and that changes what it is that I see when I walk down the street.

I go back to tinder and mamba because it’s easy, there are hot girls I can contact there, but this is what is growing inside me, I have to grasp what it is that I am doing.

Day after day it sinks in deeper and deeper that with trading, with the power of the tigers penis, I can be a ruler of this place, and that goes far beyond this idea about some hot girl.

I need to find what it is – today I got the idea in my head, again, the same ideas I used to have, I can draw on them, I can draw on the strategy. I think of Camille and Kamila, they are beautiful girls.

But I’m in a world where beautiful girls are everywhere and it is slowly sinking in, today, I just felt it. There are beautiful girls everywhere, but her legs aren’t perfect, her ass isn’t perfect, her face isn’t perfect, I think of camille and kamila and I know what it is to be inspired by beauty.

Inspired to what? To always want more girls, better girls, hotter girls?

I think of darya and the fact that she’s only an 8, that in my bones it will grow, it will grab me, that I will just want hotter and hotter chicks because I can, if the trading works, and this is what is so incredible is the fact that I have survived this – it makes me stronger than ever.

I dreamed I could get back to $35-36k, now I am pushing for $38k, to return to $40k, is so far from a new high, but you have to understand the range that exists now is so much more vast, the risk is so much less, I have been tested, and I have survived.

I want a girl that is so hot she will just whither the mind of any male. A companion so beautiful it would make you weep with desire. I don’t want to have a different young woman in my bed each night like some gluttonous moron.

It’s like I said to darya, sex is like food, you can’t think straight when you’re hungry, but the opposite is true, if you just keep stuffing your face with expensive cakes you will only be left sickly and disgusting, it’s not the way. But it grows on me that be careful with girls like darya, she doesn’t deserve to have you string her along for a couple of years, while at each turn you grow richer, ridiculously rich with your trading.

My experience with olechka, the girl who wanted me to pay for her friends dinner was educational – I let her hang herself, she just kept on bleating til theres no way I had any interest in her, I had already realised, I can’t date 7’s it’s a waste of time.

The dating app, even mamba which has begun to turn up these bona fide hotties, 9’s, is it really going to work? We need a strategy to grasp this. I already realise, that girl I saw in dnipro who was ridiculously hot . . .

But these girls who are that hot, they already know it, and here comes another problem, are you only interested in model bitches, because you’re going to end up with the same problem you get in New Zealand – that there’s no way to get these girls interested unless you exhibit proof of status.

Walking up to them in the street then becomes a situation where you are not exhibiting status because extremely high status men have women throwing themselves at them, they don’t even need to approach. And so it begins that the best strategy is to actually have no strategy.

It’s like I was thinking about what I would say to john, that here in ukraine when you finally start to get the feeling that you can have whatever you want, are you thinking about chasing some girl who’s an 8 down the street?

Are you going to stuff your fucking face with food every day,

I wear my glasses even though the girls dont notice me as much, because I need to notice the girls, I need to see which of them is truly hot enough to be worth my effort.

The more I dredge over this shit looking for the strategy and the clarity, the more I see, maybe really the girls don’t matter. You can’t eat at every single restaurant in town. That’s not what my aim in life is and nor is it to chase every 8 down the street trying to get her number.

Okay so you need to start feeding in more ideas. Put aside the girl thing for 5 seconds. It’s like food, ukraine is full of restaurants and you can always eat. Ukraine is full of girls and you can always bone them.

But sooner or later comes something more.

It’s not about boning one girl. It’s about mobilizing these hotties to motivate men in NZ, to do what?

Buy juice? Get free rent. It’s basically a marketing drive.

We have to break it down.

A guy in NZ can’t afford to go and do what I’ve done. Guys in NZ have jobs to go to. They are suspicious of russian girls and their motives. Both sides will think it’s a scam so it needs some kind of legitimacy.

Free rent.

So you hire hotties in kiev to jump on tinder and whatever else. We will have to pay $10 for them to have tinder plus so they can set their location to auckland.

But why wouldn’t we just have a phone in auckland with their picture on it – and then add guys to whatsapp?

the point is the guys know that they are in ukraine. But they can’t get to ukraine, because of everything it involves. What we are trying to do is bring her to NZ.

That’s the pitch in kiev – free rent, learn english, meet boys, and earn a trip to NZ to meet them.

How do these guys help bring her to NZ – well she leads them to a website, where purchases of services delivered in NZ to men helps her accumulate the credit to come to NZ.

But who is delivering the services?

It’s all about a business mindset. Make money doing what you love. In ukraine, I love the extra beautiful 9’s. But I want a girl like darya, who is a lady who is all class.

So what you need to do is start a modelling agency, like elena’s models. That way you are able to recruit the hottest honeys into a working situation, so that you can start going over some other points that could create opportunities.

Do they want to move to NZ, do they want to learn english? Do they want to work in a situation where they spend all day talking to new zealanders convincing them to buy services?

What kind of actual modelling work would they be able to do? Well I need models for my videos.

So other people need models for their videos. In fact, all musicians need to create the impression that sexy girls like their music.



by Matt Romantech on September 9, 2017

I am getting all messed up in the head about my whole kiev situation, it’s a bit much to process right now, it’s as it’s been on this trip, too much input, too much to process, I need to write to manage all the thoughts, I need to go over the whole process, just like I used to back in auckland.

I said I would only be using the account to project forward, but I’ve been left a bit boggled – i didn’t get enough sleep, I was so mad about the tinder thing, and then I had a nightmare about the trading, and I just . . . like I wouldn’t of got more than 6 hours sleep . . .

Eating too much fast food that doesn’t really agree with me.

Again I find it hard to get it together. I need to process and I just am not able to focus.

Now I’m mad I lost $27 in ukraine money, but what’s the point. Again just feel flustered like I can’t get perspective.

The tinder game swings wildly, I get the matches but I can’t hook them in, and then I care, and then I don’t, I mean I . . . I can’t get a strategic perspective as I keep saying I really need to thrash it out, but then there’s something else I’m distracted by, I really need to thrash it out, I need to smash out all my thoughts so I can see what I’m working with.

Again it’s the trading that frames everything, I long for the day where losing $27 doesn’t piss me off, but it’s like this, you’re travelling. You already said, you’re going to make mistakes that cost hundreds of dollars, it’s only human,

You said that this moment here in kiev was worth a thousand bucks, put your money where your mouth is. Even if your trading fucks out, it doesn’t matter you still have the money to come to kiev, you could live on $200 a week here, which is not a huge saving or lifestyle improvement but it gives you access to the girls.

this is what we needed to do, we need to sit down here in kiev and asssess what we hoped we could do and hold it against what we see.

I wanted to remember what the biggest craziest plan we had was.

That turns back to the trading what is possible now? I believe by the time next summer comes we will be able to live off of trading,

I wanted to think – On wednesday night I have to leave kiev already and what do we want to do, I keep thinking about girls, I mean – I need to review my strategy right across the board, and considering where girls are in that strategy is critical.

What I feel is that the situation is under control, that I’ve come here and seen, yes, there are places like minsk where there are girls like darya, who easily, I would marry her and impregnate her and accept that, given what I’ve seen if I had to make a hard choice, she is the kind of girl I want.

I have been given a hard signal that it is possible for me to attract the kinds of girl I want. So that is all there is to it. What I realised is that we got a successful signal from minsk not from kiev. Kiev is just so much more pumping than minsk, minsk is depressing.

I come to kiev and I see with my own eyes, and feel that getting a girlfriend is something that will just happen and because of my intention, my situation in life – you can’t ever forget that aside from the trading, you own your own farm.

The bare minimum we will do is to probably head to somewhere like belgrade or whichever place wins the southern selection, in april, and ukraine in late may, then tallinn in july and back to ukraine for late august and september, you are hoping to do 24 weeks overseas, you absolutely need $400 a week for your costs, $500 counting travel.

It’s hard to think that won’t be possible by then, but it comes down to one thing – will it push the line, or not?

I can’t see a situation where we won’t go unless we get popped, because if we never end up using that $20k emergency – I’ve used $2k so far – then how can we justify not coming back even if for some reason, we’re still in this realm of trying to work the angles back from the edge. It can’t go on forever, every dollar we gain back is another dollar they’ll have to push past to destroy us.

So let’s flip over to what you want to do if you has the resources – hire a building where you let the girls live for free, to work, no it won’t be at the scale you first imagined it, I mean . . . that was all dreams, dreaming, this is why I have to thrash this out, I have to understand what I’ve learnt.

I have to reconstruct the concept based on facts, not dreams.

What is it you do day to day here?

Trading, training, and tunes, it’s as simple as that.

Maybe you don’t want to live in town, because it’s hard to focus on what you need to do, living your farm life.

But you want to be able to come into town to meet girls and go to gigs. It really is that simple.


I have come back from my club mission frustrated.

Deep down I know there’s that feeling of why aren’t these ukrainian chicks throwing themselves at me?

I didn’t expect it, I guess I just thought there’d be more darya’s but that’s stupid.

I’m mad about the tinder, all I do is ask them about kiev and they dont answer back but now I think about it, youre supposed to pursue them, and then it comes down to do you want to pursue some chick who’s like . . . like these chicks aren’t as good as darya, so fuck them.

I am kind of struggling with the concept that scarcity is over and it’s probably bigger than that, you can only marry one girl and what girl is that – I . . . just find myself a bit overwhelmed again by kiev, and that emotional reaction of – why isn’t it easier? – is just mmy weird reaction to a situation when it becomes good.

I didn’t know kiev was going to be like this, i thought it was going to be fucked like minsk, like it was going to be messed up being here. I thought it would be worse than minsk, I mean, what did I think it was going to be like?

I thought I would be at the marriage agency. I thought that I would have to learn russian and set up this crazy business idea, and I probably will, but because of the trading I can’t force it.

What was the big plan? I know you have a lifestyle concept, of 3xT – but darya already presents a theoretical concept of a girl.


Again I just feel overwhelmed by the input, and I find it hard to orientate myself to what needs to be processed.

I’m coming back to kiev for a longer stay, no doubt.

My parameters have been set by the fact that we have to be more sensible about how the trading situation is likely to play out, we can’t assume anything except that we should be able to cover our costs by then – 8 months away.

By the old standard that would be enough, but we just don’t know, things could go fine for 6 months, and then push us back out to the edge again, but here it is, it’s only now we’ve learned how dangerous it can be – we will never jack the margin like that again. We will never let the hedges slip again unless we are managing it deliberately.

My fear is that it simply becomes non volatile again, and maybe we can scratch together $10k or maybe even $20k, but what’s that going to be when you crazy volatility arrives that sends shit flying 1000 pips or more, you maybe ready for EURUSD 1.25 and AUDNZD 1.15 but what about EURUSD 1.30+ and AUDNZD 1.25 or more? that would rip you up and $20k wouldn’t be enough.

But it’s as I said before, if that were to happen, it can only happen once more, and then the range is ours forever. We’ve been everywhere and the range is ours to own.

Now I’m talking about trading and not about kiev, when really I want to focus on what happens in kiev as the months it takes to pass while I wait for my trading go by – here is the angle you may be looking for.

In the past I thought this time now would be the time in which I had to wait and I would travel, but it seem this phase will necessarily be prolonged not just by the holes I need to fill, but the fact I will need to be able to raise the cash from this activity come next may, and the track record indicates that we can’t at all bank on that happening.

So I am waiting, and I have a broad outline already of how that will play – but what’s life like for me in kiev day after day, week after week?

I trade, I train, I write my tunes.

Most importantly, girls. The point we got to was Darya.

But the issue is that ukraine is full of ridiculous honeys and once you’ve got any clout, they’re going to start arriving, all we’ve done so far is used tinder and it hasn’t been very effective in kiev.

I feel that it is simply a test, I again am confused by the shifting perspective we’re getting, and want to review this. What are we going to do, what is our strategy in regards to girls? We have a clear strategy with trading which means whatever happens, we don’t have to think to much. What’s happened with all of this here is that there’s so much new information we need to compare it against the old strategy and recalibrate.

Before I left I was thinking I would work through the agencies to meet wifey material. I didn’t want to be on the tour with the old losers and that has not changed.

My feeling was that I needed to spend some months here and learn russian, because otherwise the girls wouldn’t take you seriously. You are limited to the marriage agency thing, and that is now something that seems ridiculous and desperate but what is the story?

I am able to access my thoughts on this from a mere 3 months ago when I first saw taya, and it really is incredible the insight I had, and that now I am actually talking to taya and planning to meet her now.

then it comes back to darya, because now we have a template we can contrast against – darya is not going to understand a lot of all my youtube shit, and certianly not my interest in portraying a sexually exploitative man.

but also being here in kiev, the idea of indulging my fantasies back in auckland now seems stupid, why would I even bother when you see what is on offer in ukraine? I just don’t see myself indulging my fantasies to the extent I imagined when you have a nice darya waiting for you. You might have a mistress. Remember that girl on backpage, remember all of that?

After coming back from ukraine I will be like . . . you bitches ain’t shit.

I was writing about bringing my wife around to it, but with darya, I just don’t know, I would rather it wasn’t like that. She’s 15 years younger than me. When I’m 55 and losing interest in sex she’s still 40 and probably still only just losing her looks, and this is the thing about darya, is that she was so classy, she would still have class when she was 60!


I guess what I am doing is gauging how much and how aggressively I was projecting when I believed the trading would all work out for me, and I have to recalibrate the pacing of events.

The kinds of concepts I was pushing were framed by the idea that I would have the money to rent a big place.

Renting a big place would mean that I could carry on with the concept hiring people – in exchange for free rent or whatever, to do video editing and website design for me.

Having enough work for them isn’t really my problem, but it may be some time before they can take a role at the next level where they are involved in business I am doing in NZ.


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