Really Moving

by Matt Romantech on July 9, 2017

I am ready to move and I am even getting some quite nice moments where I am neither deep in my megalomania or in some kind of frenzied despair where I’m at war with my mind and body.

It is hard to focus. I just end up looking at twitter because it’s there, my only refuge is to crank up on my cranking again. There are worse things I could be doing than hatching a plan to take over the world but it seems a bit foolish, I know I’m not actually doing anything, I’m doing what a 9 year old does, bored and dreaming away about winning the lottery and all the toys I’d buy.

Writing like this is how I focus. I am clinging onto the idea that after tomorrow I need to do my kiwisaver, and get my money right, which means dealing with my tax and stupid bills like my glasses that it just infuriates me to think are stressing me because I’ve run out of kitty money.

I know all this, I’ve been over it again and again. There’s the revenge bit and the “but the trading bit” and then I can settle into my megalomaniacal plans. Because I have to be self-depreciating about it because otherwise trying to find ways to make the world actually work is the subject of mockery, followed by other people blithering on about their equally improbable solutions to change things, which simply don’t matter and are a meaningless waste of time because they will never do anything about it.

I don’t seek to design the perfect system, I am in complete understanding that people’s worse natures and perhaps should be harnessed for their betterment.

You can play the game on the computer, but I think it’s more fun when it’s real. You get your villagers to collect resources, and you can’t have enough villagers unless you build more houses, but then you can research technologies and buy better units.

I don’t have to do it, I do it because it’s fun, and I do it because I can, it is good to do something that is good.

The old systems seem based around the idea that if there are too many bad people, it will fail. That’s what’s happened. People who fuck out and do nothing create a toxic society from which exploitation springs, and so ruling class social constructs make it easy just to sit there and feed your face and play on your phone while the world burns away, and you can blame it all on the rich people.

I just have had so many ideas that I am not certain I’ve threaded them all together in a way which is the most clear it could be.

I really worked out how to run my property game with feminvest to account for my earnings.

I really worked out the tourism angle and tax angle with uruguay and vietnam and the concepts of matchmaking and tourism coming together to engage our people and provide a way to minimize tax.

I really worked out the portable houses coming from china.

We had to focus strategically. There are so many ideas that we need to have a strong focus so we know which steps unlock the most vital opportunities.

The bush block may be too soon. Skipping the shop puts our overseas support on priority because we need that to drive the direct marketing.

I have been obsessed with anonymity but that’s because I think that it protects us from threats we may not perceive, but also that the more people know, the more vulnerable you are and that counts more so up the chain of command. We need to build out separate wings so nobody below has too much power with which to threaten you, especially when authorities suspicions become raised. Just like stalin. Except with out all the executions.

We do need those more highly specialized units and operatives.


Last night I just fizzled and folded into the fact I just have to make my move.

Now that I have made the move, and I have the key, after a hellish ordeal of a day, I feel so elated, definitely haven’t felt like this since the brexit trade.

The auction wasn’t the same. I was just there hoping to get lucky and I never really knew that I was until today, because day was the first day I believed the problems were over.

Not all problems, but THE problems, the feeling that this problem with the house and paul were the same problem.

Well I had to drive up and down twice. I was on a rollercoaster because the mover didn’t come but then I did the inspection and got the key and it was all good but then the movers were late again and I started stressing out that we’d get there too late and there were fuck all lights in the place.

But it was good. And it was done, and the rash has just been killing me again I’ve nearly used another whole tube of the cream and I just wondered if I wasn’t mere overplaying the idea that it was stress induced, because whatever the fuck it is, my real problems have been solved and all the stupid problems that create all of lifes discomforts can be dealt with.

I only write about a rash because it is symbolic of all the symptoms I carry from being down in the gutter where it’s dirty and unhygienic and I’ve been infected with something I’m in no condition to fight off. It’s such an unusual signal for me aside from the fact that it is supposed to be the sort of thing that is completely humiliating.

It’s a reminder that even though I am sensing bursts of elation, I still have a disgusting rash on my ass because I was so depressed I stopped cleaning anything.

A pattern I’m seeing is that it seems to respond to being exposed to the air – the opposite of a fungus – it has suddenly gotten so much worse since I did this last night and tonight. It was only meant to be a metaphor, but I guess it is, there’s always another problem and if you can’t control your attitude it will devour you.

Reality is still nagging at me, and you ought not to invest to heavily into the idea it’s all going to get better now.

Yes I feel motivated and I am almost certainly going to europe. I don’t want to stay here.

I love my house and I am elated to have completed my mission, I chose to do what I thought was responsible and what my grandparents would have wanted me to do and I have succeeded but what’s more, I got such an excellent place for me.

There is a certain sense it was worth it. I always knew, did I? I felt that I did, I felt that I knew, but I can’t be bothered searching through all my depressed writing – I felt that the moment would come where I would way up all the bullshit against the deal I got and would reflect that it was . . . that I would have accepted the deal even had I known about it.

Had I known about it, I wouldn’t have become so depressed, but of course it all comes back to the trading. wow, for the second time today big spots have popped – not just on my bum.

I’ve done 3 trades that have popped around $300 today. This seems, again, like my bum, some kind of by-product of my wildly swinging fortunes – there goes number 4, again like last weeks pattern, I have had a pathetic monday followed by a smashing tuesday and I am now on $2k for the week after 2 days and looking big and bad hitting the $1k p/day line.

But to step back again, the trading, it was what really mattered and it was also simply not working out.

While I had cashflow problems, this was an issue, because my trajectory was that I would have to draw down from the trading before it could properly mature, and here, it is happening, I am at the $1k p/day stage that signals for me to cruise and not tempt your greed and frustration.

It is working, it had worked, there is no need to take risks.

Now that shane is about to move in, my weekly costs will begin to drop to a point it’s not bothering me, CD’s are now just extra income I am not specifically responsible for any more.

I was a bit miffed deep down about having to share the house with shane because I wasn’t really thinking of europe. I was thinking of now, and beyond, and my need to reflect as well as pivot to these next tasks.

I feel that glasses and tax and electricity, internet insurance, I can deal with this in a few days if I get cracking and break my term deposit, kiwisaver I need to do immediately.

The video footage and the disk recovery will take longer but I can get started next week, and finish with 2 weeks to go. With 2 weeks to finish focusing on my mobile lab system I will be ready to go.

When I was feeling the rush of elation and was blithering on doing happy shouting, before I started driving badly, I was diving into it, what next, go to europe, but what’s the big haul, what’s the big game trophy I’m hunting for next? I have my house. I need my ukrainian girl.

Like fuck auckland, and fuck the thought I would go there for a girl. Obviously my priority is to get to kiev. To get to riga, budapest, prague, greece and say, is this for real, could I live here for months trading, being rich, and picking up girls?

Or is it too hard? Is something else on my mind? I want to meet the girls, in my clear headed elation, I simply considered how long the house had taken, and the girls are priority, I can’t muck around. I will take my music and all my other little projects with me. I am not there to chase around the girls, I want to see what I need to hack it.

You are to return permanently to your 3 T’s. Pick it up you must, and it will take time, it will take even more time while I’m travelling. But I have to be across all my priorities. There is nothing to do there, I simply need to look.

Now that I am cutting down my trip I am have to consider philosophically what it’s about.

Hamburg and copenhagen and stockholm and helsinki are nice to visit . . .

Oh my god big spot pop number 5. Massive. $332, my biggest single trade outside of brexit. Wow that make me on $2200 for the day, which is also gunning for the leaderboard, it’s up there, to bust $2400 would surely claim the daily. $2300. Again, incredible that the day my house comes right, trading freakishly flies off.

But anyway, scandinavia is nice for a visit because the time of year is right and there’s a chain from amsterdam, where I visit very modern cities before heading into the baltics which is again a lighter crossover from europe to russia, and an opportunity to be there when the weather is nice, because I like to repeat this pattern, getting away from the ukrainian heat to another city where I might have other things cooking, a back up of kiev, because let’s throw it up.

A honeypie is $800-1000
A depot is likely similar.
The big flat in kiev or riga is $200.

Each is designed to bring me about 100 hours. But the russian girls put in extra hours flirting.

Can a real kiwi girl offer 4x what a russian girl can? No, but we need real girls to tie it together, too many russian girls is too scammy. They are supposed to work as a team, the russian girls are the sheep dogs, yapping and directing the male sheep towards where the farmer – the NZ girls – can milk them. The russian girl is mainly trying to sell stuff through honey pie, it’s through honey pie that these guys will be grappled in. Afterall the russian girls are encouraged to interact and flirt with guys they actually like, not some old sad guy who is middle aged and shy and schlubby showing up for his package he agreed he would buy from olga.

That’s the difference. grapple guys you like into honey pie to sell them on the widescreen vision, if you’re just humouring some sad dude aim to get him ordering a delivery.

Even comparing the depot to honey pie is unfavourable. It feels like we should just rent another large flat for boys and absolutely barracks it out. 3-4 to a room.

We need one depot to be the boys HQ, where there’s enough room for a dozen people to be doing juice activities or having a regular meal as a team.

I think the original idea of the depot was that there’d be room for vans, juice production and bunks because these boys are living barracks life. We’d have to consider again what was on offer.

Who is desperate to break in to our game by racking up sales? We have to see what’s out there and what the girls drag up.

Where is demand dragging us? More juice? More girls? More boys? What activity is paying dividends? Do that.

My point? $400 could be 6 girls in kiev and 5 in riga or another one of those cities I like, minsk is big, almost 2m. These girls could sell a lot more juice than half a depot with 4 boys.

Lethal russian girls could get the guys selling juice for them.

Point being kiev is not the only important place. But the russian places are all important. We aren’t doing this in scandinavia so we can do the tourist stuff later with girls.


I have been a lot lazier than I planned to be today, I mean of course the hitler guy got back to me, and it was so obvious I didn’t even bother to get mad.

Of course. I was then kind of disorientated, for truly I have the money now I just have to line it up. I was able to advance to another level of normality, so I went to buy sushi and new underwear to help stop my balls from rotting off. Let the stress roll off me and let my immune system take up the fight for my balls.

I am on the read back because I want to put away all the writing I’ve been doing recently which is measured by the problems I’ve had up until now. Dwelling on that bullshit is superfluous now, all our thought is facing forward. I am really just trying to work out what my other priorities are outside of these essential preparations to do.

The kiwisaver is the biggest challenge and the recovery I also think is important.

Insurance needs to be done, but electricity needs to be done immediately.

Glasses and tax I should just stitch up when I get a chance while I’m working on the 2 main things.

Then I have whatever time I have left to get any content going I need to. At least the lean hogs thing and possibly second chances.

The RCTV the thing with the discs, it all just kind of it didn’t work out, it didn’t work out for me. It doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it means I have to come at it from a different direction and try and salvage what I’ve done into something. I’m not sure I’m going to be doing a lot of videos over there, I have to find out what’s up.

I think the strong agenda we had has dissipated, RCTV is for another time. The archive project is to be chipped away at. None of this is any fun if I’m putting so much pressure on myself. Especially right now. Most of my issues come down to the data recovery. So I can approach my songs. Write some songs, edit some video, let it be simple.


I was getting to the point of honey pie girls everywhere – in so many cities, because they do more work, they can get boys willing to go to further lengths so we don’t need multiple depots because juice delivery is no longer a key strategy. Some boys will be running deliveries no doubt but the emphasis shifts to the girls overseas encouraging guys to buy product – which of course does need to be delivered, and having more boys, including boys who are sweet on our girls and don’t even live at our places – moving the product. It just means we won’t lose much money setting up spaces because the volunteers will already be functioning in fact we look for the deal that suits them.

We look for partners. Guys under 25 have often not clicked that internet girlfriends you cant fuck are nothing. But we need to make them more real and that’s what the whole team does by giving him a chance to have a free sample etc.

I just came up with the needsjuice concept.

What was the concept? Basically to be able to have a profile without really letting on too much about what’s going on, it’s never quite explicit.

Olga will be talking with 20 guys in no time, what does she say? Check out my page.

Olga works at kiev.needsjuice where she lives in the juicehaus with others who are planning their trip to NZ. She would love to get to know guys who would like to meet her when she visits.

We don’t have to push the sales angle because that’s private.

It’s all branding. All functional aspects of what we offer is implicit. Olga wants to come to NZ. Olga likes boys. Olga works in our sales team. Have you tried our delicious juice range? We can have our great products delivered directly to you. These sales help contribute to Olga’s airfare to reach NZ!

The mechanics of the thing are not exposed. That’s up to her to work all her marks depending on whether they are rich or poor, credulous or cynical, and the extent to which they are attractive to her. There is a different angle for different guys


It is hard to get on with all my tasks. What am I doing tomorrow? I am checking my money and going in to pay my tax and glasses. The glasses are cheap, cheaper than they used to be, they branch is down at st. lukes. Maybe I can go late night tomorrow. Gunning.

The tax and the insurance is simply bang bang pay it off. Buying luggage, again not difficult.

It is the data recovery, and then any last content issues, but I won’t take on that content until the ticket is booked.


I need to find out how and when I can leave in regards to the settlement. It may end up being on the day I leave, but I am hoping once I put in the kiwisaver it will be 3 weeks, and I can leave because the rest is just all the money. Other than that I would allow 3 weeks for the data recovery and the last content issues.

CHecking it out I can see I could the recovery in a week within that $400 budget but it could be a lot easier than that, pbtech have an option too. It may become like the movers. It’s just too important to fluff about and we need to get a move on.

Next week:

3 weeks
data recovery and kiwisaver


Technically I could leave in 23 days but why would I it seems to soon and there’s not reason to push it.

But then, why won’t I add extra days to my various stays? Because I’m not going just to go to scandinavia, I just wanted to check it out because I could. It was my old plan, and it still is. You see I’m really just trading and I can afford it, so why wouldn’t I check out all these places, I need the break, but the main

Ok I checked my money. I could pay for glasses, tax, recovery and ticket, and have no money left. It’s time to break my savings, all I have to gain from waiting another 24 days is $600 it’s hardly worth it. So just get on with it. The problem is the kiwisaver issue. All we need to work out is what we need to stick around for in regards to the settlement.

On mon 28 aug I am supposed to fly from minsk to moscow, and skipping moscow is the first chance I have to totally change my trip in favour of less journeys, shorter journeys, and generally less stress.

I might discover I just like chilling out. I don’t want to have to catch a bus every other day.

So I would arrive 7 august and not have my moscow trip booked til when?


I still look to delve deeper into my power matrix, it’s a fantasy that takes me away, but also, now with the house resolved and my trip happening, I’ve achieved a level of activity to keep distracted enough from my trading to know it’s now time to let it ride, I can’t pump any more, I just have to let it play out, knowing that it’s the safest option to get me where I’m going even if it takes awhile.

Once you get to the feminvest stage you are on the fast track and money will all just deal with itself. We talked about these operatives. What this is about is higher quality candidates. You soon realise you can’t do with quantity what you can do with quality.

Squats are a concept that can be led off a site, and the infiltration concept can be built out from the initial free concept where we are co-opting flats we didn’t establish.

But again with quantity, how many of these people do you need? Soon you need flash places. Company vehicles.

You see I have to go full fantasy and see myself as some movie villain with teams of mercenaries at my call, find me some squats. You know how we roll out our operation.

I see the young dudes and all sorts being thrown in the squat, and those who are handy being bumped to the depot where they deliver and do other ops, it’s not glamourous so you ship out the outpost where you garden and play games, and you’re learning to produce – produce and content, or sussing out new spaces for squats and occupations – you’re in a space where you can develop your skills and grow in seniority until you’re either very skilled in an area which may put you in with a senior team if say you are in media content, production, property or you simply become the senior person at that outpost, or you start a new secondary outpost. At this point there is of course option to go to uruguay or kiev or vietnam and you may very well already be sweet on one of the girls, you might do your hours travelling then, having developed your skills in a particular area so that you are useful to me anywhere.

Then you simply slip back in where you were, at a new outpost, heading a major new expedition, or rising in seniority over the production line, the media content crew, or the property development and mangement crew. There will have to be a winz and immigration dept. Blacks ops of course, plus electioneering, agitating and pimping which I can see now might all be considered black ops, but we may need a seperate political wing that is clean.

You have a clear path of advancement for everyone.

I think given my style I need to just keep playing the same game with the free rent. Rent a flash new apartment, another one, and handpick people to live in there and become focused on certain goals. Then you can keep playing the same damn game, bring in people who are good and give them rewards, and the people who aren’t good must simply dwell.

People in the flat could be as I identified before as the HQ guys – they recruit from the pool, or elsewhere, people for their operation, even if it’s just one person, one school kid.

Recruit to find squats. Recruit to complete content. Recruit for dudes to work on doing up a relocated villa. Recruit for colonists. Recruit for guys who want to do gardening, grow weed, and produce food on one of our rural locations.

As these teams grow I must begin to fade into the background so there teams don’t know who I am, and I issue orders through the main guy.

But what am I leveling up to, how do I know I’m breaking through to a higher level? When I have politicians, even if it is just councillors on local boards.

Also the immigration thing, especially vietnam.

It made me realise if the vietnamese girls are cute, send them back to NZ and they will get a husband, then soon enough they can start bringing their family. It makes me think I wouldn’t want this happening unless the guy was fully loyal to me. It wouldn’t be a disaster if I lost both of them, but I’d rather they stayed within my sphere.

As I said, I would probably own my own vietnamese restaurant which has the laundry attached to it, and then start graduating people from there over to barrier.

Why would you have properties for feminvest that were used for community purposes when you could buy houses that were already rented out in poor areas and start giving them relief.

That’s how we’d go in on a place like tokoroa. Rent some places for our people, but then strategically buy some places. $200k, you could leverage and buy 4 places. It’s not a bad investment, it’s a rental, but you can slowly start lowering the rent in exchange for tasks. We can use it to boost these people into a new situation we set up, and then replace them with new people paying slightly less rent and doing more work.

We wouldn’t start with tokoroa though.

Again it’s that idea of flipping a small town. Once you’ve sent in enough people, you start buying land around the town – or in fact you simply wait for the conditions – the locals are responding well, and you’re able to buy large subdividable sections so that you can then pump in another 20+ people to show up and really get the place on a vibe. By this stage, every space that can be is being requisitioned, and people who were renting are encouraged to move out of there place and simly leave it empty until they sell.

People who own will keep their income, we simply wait for them to weigh in with support, they may encourage their relatives to move in and take advantage, but that’s fine.

With the subdivision we need to go a step further, because we can’t expect the council to come and build roads and put in all the wires and such. We just need a very private piece of land that is very big and very close to the little town, I just had a little look at glen afton and saw some perfect spots, and it comes back to those old first ideas I had about a commune where it was singles couples and old farts in separate quarters, except this one is 300m or so from a tiny town we’re trying to flip. You’re not getting anything up there without a 4wd, you have to walk down mostly, but it’s a space to just start slamming down mad amounts of those little houses.

The showers and such you’d build closer to the town and you’d get fresh towels and everything there.

But this would almost be the place you would tell people sleeping in their cars to drive to. You want a wild west set up where

But you simply can’t have it concentrated somewhere where the council would be all over it. Like in gordonia, coming in and demolishing everything.

Again you go in stages. You buy the land to subdivide, but instead you but half a dozen container houses and a bunch of caravans and what not and near 20 people can live there, but it’s altogether better if it’s spread out and doesn’t draw attention. The idea is eventually the council is going start clamping down on the situation. You pick the container homes and the caravans up and you take them to the next spot, ready to get on with the subdivision as planned, or doing something more permanent. This will likely take 2-3 years to unfold and so likely, you will have already begun to gentrify the place to the extent it needs a new approach.

You are encouraging people to move into the village to pay rent in the new homes you are building, because it has become gentrified to the point it’s a bit of a nimbin, this freaky place in the hills that people come to hang out at, a lot of our ukrainians and vietnamese and uruguayans are arriving here, as this is where they are based for longer periods while settling into NZ,

So you come up here and we have this funky hub food hall thing with ukrainian, uruguayan, vietnamese and usual kiwi cafe food and it’s a vibe, in fact it may be apart of our whole tourism thing, it’s all about getting people to want to get on one of our tours. Men are slipped a business card with our little needsjuice girls on it.

But what are they all doing?

Well our overseas people come to do a lot of food and also laundry. But when the kiwis go overseas, they help do the tourism, dealing with other english speakers.

When we put uruguayans in NZ, vietnam, or kiev, we have spanish speakers there as well as english speakers, which allows us to attract another slice of tourists – wealthier south americans, mexicans and spanish visiting these places – russians and vietnamese may speak some english but they don’t speak spanish at all.

So mobility is key.

Pack the houses up and piss off somewhere else – especially we can’t have homeless families hanging around when we have hipsters and tourists starting to do an international lurk.

It’s basically importing pretty girls who will do domestic work so that we have all these guys, they don’t pay rent, they don’t cook or clean up, they get their washing done.

We want to ship them off, export them to vietnam or somewhere similar where they are still doing much the same, but the cost to me of providing for them is much less and I can exploit more labour out of them because they are much more dependent on me, they have no other means to support themselves.

In a way we are getting them addicted to the lifestyle. Then we say, well when you come back you have to do the same hours, because we have invested in you in offering you this opportunity to live free and get waited on by cute girls and we want to see you develop your skills to give us a return on that investment.

If you left with limited skills and have returned with limited skills – that is you cannot provide more value than an attractive ukrainian or vietnamese girl could, even though their english is poor – then yes, you will have to work more. You will be starting back at the entry level. The whole point is to ship the useless people out. Even unattractive girls will enjoy themselves more overseas. They have some status, some broke guys will give them attention, and their skills will be valued. I just want everyone to get a better outcome.

You send one there, and one back, and suddenly they owe you 4 hours a day, where in their own country, it’s 2.

In NZ the vietnamese will do what kiwis won’t do. Overseas, kiwis can charge western prices for western service to westerners. It helps cycle them on and off the benefit also so winz aren’t on their case, they work overseas for several months.

I wanted to drill down deeper into that. There’s no shortage of people who want free rent and to travel, and they hours to offer, so that we can get bonus double hours overseas.

But what do they do that instantly equals value?

Business tasks. Online Promotion. Property tasks.

In the end you have very few content people in NZ, most of your video/web dev/social media people are overseas where you can get that 20 hr week out of them. But what is the result you want from them?

I want websites for all the brands with maintained social media.

We need to be recruiting through various means. We need out juice business, our tourism business fronted, any individual shops or honey pie set ups need their own site. Media content itself will be a service of the kurb brand, who will also manage my brands as their main client. I can’t see us ever needing more than 10 people, 6 on the sites and 4 on video and content.

I think what you see is that anyone who shows media skills should be shipped out the door to do the 20 hour week. In property again we only need a small team, a researcher in each city and 1 or 2 guys on top of me looking and sussing things out. But often we are pushing potential leaders to find their own outpost spot.

If the are successful in media, their site attracts lots of customers to out westernized backpackers bar and restaurant,

They have been successful promoting me and other artists we work with so that all these artists can tour. We should create a artist promo getaway package, where they pay to stay with us, but they get website, promo, video and tour management, that is, 3-4 gigs booked in the area. They pay $1000 for that, but they might collect half or more of it back in gig fees. We are converting those hours into cash.

If I have to pay $1k a week lease in uruguay for a huge tavern style building with a restaurant and 8 rooms I’d expect that there’s be some money, that the restaurant would make a profit because we attracted so many english speaking tourists. It would be more of a cafe/venue then restaurant, or just make it a versatile space and make a template for this in vietnam and kiev too. Attracting artists and other high end content producers, but also wannabe fuckboi traders, whoever will pay for the experience.

I’m sure you will find the thing that is the right price, maybe more of a original honey pie set up, but also with rampant amounts of girls trying to entice guys in. SO we might have a honey pie for $200 full of girls, but then have the big restaurant where they work and the rooms are either guys who work for me doing media and property or guys booked in to stay. The restaurant should easily break even on the rent, it’s those guest nights that end up in my pocket.

The talent we are sending back to NZ is cute girls and skilled tradesman and engineers. Anyone who proves they can manage a restaurant.

Anyone who is good, send them overseas to get more value out of them and reward them. If they are not good, they are the ones being sent en masse to occupy the fringe of some little village town we are flipping. They will find themselves underneath the guys I’ve bought in from overseas, they are mere assistants, albeit as english mouthpieces for their imported boss.

This means I am not their boss or the one stopping them moving up.

I reckon that as I say having people advance in other countries keeps them closer to me. That’s the idea that we keep these people in our sphere.

But what I see is that 20 people is all we’ll need overseas.

But isn’t land cheaper in uruguay? If someone can’t or won’t get the dole, but will work, why not put pressure to send them there, where relative to the cost of food and land it’s cheaper, and the weed is plentiful? Like I said, having them go away means they go off the benefit, which means they can go back on, so in NZ they have some spending money. And now I’m getting 20 hrs out of them, again doing what?

Squats/Property, Content/Media, or Production. They have en expertise. But what if the don’t? Take Greg and Shane, what would you do?

Identify what it is they can do.

What if people keep coming and coming, what do you do? You need more property people. You need less marketing and branding, you need internal media, that is HR related. The default setting is production.

You need a full on workcamp. Near the town, that camp is housing foucsed, it is spread around the fringes in temporary fashion, it is often a new container, caravan, tiny house, yurt etc. picked up at low prices somewhere, dropped off, little groups tucked away. These people are usually new arrivals who begin swapping hours for meals etc. or they arrive still on the dole and we are trying to milk money out of them. The point is if they want to do anything more than simply work a couple of hours for food and weed or whatever, they have to go to the work camp, which is I guess more of a farm, but it is focused on production rather than convenience. There is farming and workshops, and it’s the whole coromandel model.

Possibly you’d work it closer to raglan so that you were working that link and you might even get some salty dogs on the harbour.

So it’s maron model, the factory. Glen Afton model, the piece of land in a tiny dead village. The Masterton model, a decent section in a decent town. The coromandel model, a bush block or large piece of land, supported by a rental in nearby town of strategic value.

Te Kuiti and otorohanga the whole of the king country gets interesting again because they have massive rolling hills that seem endless but ultimately still only 1.5 hours from hamilton even coming from the hills, or down into new plymouth.

You want the original version of coromandel but this time you are totally farming people. Your towns are becoming gentrified, and must be developed slowly, but you’ve got volunteers now lining up. $200k would easily get you the 10h in this king country area, but you do want it to be closer to a town or closer to our main triangle so you can just send people there.

It is for people to go and farm or by some other means of industriousness build up. But it’s a bit wild west, literally. It is literally the fucking wild west. It’s almost our ancap zone. Everyone has to pay $50 so 40 people could raise $2k a week.

The food is not flash. If you want weed you have to buy it.

Basically it’s the trailer park from hell. I will end up having to buy one of those trucks that lift the containers, and they will just dump those containers. Caravans, and people even living in tents if it gets to it. THere’s food and entertainment – games and movies. COntainers of crap from russia arrive and it’s a aid package bonanza with canned crap and army surplus. It’s like a fucking refugee camp but put it this way, is it better like this or these places in south auckland where the kitchen and bathroom a just rancid no man’s land, and each fucked up person lurks in their room fucked up, and the agent comes and takes their eftpos cards each week and charges them.

It’s the same thing, we create a managed situation that allows people to do better.

I went on the search and look what I have found. Kaikohe. Gang town. Burned down house, 2.7h, that’s over 6 acres, that’s 3x the size of my other place. That’s big.

It’s only $100k. Water and septic tank are already installed.

I would obviously see it as an investment. This is gonna throw my coromandel vibe.

But you have to compare. You could never build in coromandel. In fact maybe it’s not comparable. Compare it to the same thing in like the back blocks of king country. same distance from auckland. Same distance to the nearest city, but this 5km from a town. It’s not so big as 10h, but this is mostly land already cleared and then let’s talk about the set up already being there.

We will only be setting up the first depot in 2019 to recruit for these spots.

But what about as a refugee camp as I described? Well you would be nearer to town, which might cause concern, but I’m not sure it would up there, people living in shacks is more common. But because it’s smaller, you’d probably keep the numbers down. You wouldn’t want it becoming too loose or you’d attract local gangs.

It would work as a hippie commune but why would the same property in marton be better? marton is nearish to two cities and the beach. kaikohe is closish to one city and some holiday spots. Marton is not known as a gangland, the general area isn’t super poor. But couldn’t that be to our advantage?

It’s likely we couldn’t grow weed there it would be too risky. It’s a straight work camp where come to work and eat. Food, and entertainment.

The question is whether you could get 20 people paying $50 each to be there, making $1k, you’d pay it off pretty quick, but this is a total frontier.

The houses are cheaper than huntly, probably by 30%, so how much value do you add by putting a house on there? probably only $75k adding a house to a section in town, maybe $100k.

But this is a big bit of land. With the house, it would have to be $150k more, $250k.

But what about 10 acres closer to town for $169k? Well the you’re comparing against coromandel, and coromandel is bigger in size and so much closer. What it comes back to is the facilities are all there already, it’s not coromandel. It sits alongside the exact same thing at mamaku.

except mamaku is a quarter of the size. Getting a relocatable up there could be really expensive because of the extra distance, it could make it $50k just to get something modest up there. Maybe you would just have to be opportunistic. See if it works.

If I went for it, I kill coromandel but the way I see it, coromandel needs money anyway. Coromandel isn’t going anywhere without $20k to put into it on top of what you are paying off,

I know it seems like a steal, but what if nobody wants to go there? Not even me?

Think coromandel. All you were gonna do is put the container house and the worm toilet and a bit of this and that up there. Who wants that? Crazy.

At least kaikohe has the town and probably half decent internet easily set up. Set up the first container house, and it’s already getting easier.

I think this would be great if the timing was right, but it’s not. There will be a time for buying every single cheap section, cheap old factory, or cheap land block that borders a town or village.

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