Schemish Plans

by Matt Romantech on July 7, 2017

I just do the one where I sit here all day literally and write about schemish plans.

Just to highlight, my biggest schemish plans I came up with were:

– flat in dunedin
– international honey pie set ups in vietnam and uruguay as well kiev directed towards tourists and our people
– exchanging cash for flights and packages we promote
– sending money back to uruguay tax free and vietnam is 5%
– buying items such as containers or tax deductible services overseas or to ship back to NZ that can be charged cash

Many of the container houses and other items can be purchased tax deductible for shipping. That means juice money we were going to spend on this is now freed up to be pumped into uruguay and vietnam.

I just don’t feel ukraine is suitable for this, maybe when I can do it through my wife. Geopolitical and institutional insecurity is a much bigger deal in ukraine.

The costs of relocatables and materials and such just won’t be enough to fill the full juice rent allowance and tourism incomes and so it gets piped to uruguay where we are building out there.

There is matchmaking and honey pie activity, but we are also doing shipping – exporting products to NZ – and tourism is a big thing because it’s that same core concept that what is good for me is good for my people and good as a product.

My people need tourism because they need to take up all the ideas I’ve talked about. Go somewhere cheaper. Go somewhere warmer. Go somewhere where the girls are better.

These adventures help make our people tight with what we’re doing because I have made this lifestyle accessible to them.

You can’t do everything for everyone but you need to have the rewards there. You need to be able to shine a light for guys who were never gonna be nothing til they found my way.

For the girls it really is the same. She can offer economice benefits to men she meets overseas, and really the uruguayans will have a clear appeal over the vietnamese or the ukrainian dude.

But we promote the culture everywhere. Auckland, Brisbane, HCM, Kiev, greece/turkey spot, Montevideo. Take the trip.

It gets the young people focused. Travelling, working, and learning. It interesting and exciting and new. You give them a life they wouldn’t want to leave, I could see this thing where over NZ winter people spread out, making it a less stressful situation for those left behind to keep things going. We have to wait to see where people take to.

Paraguay could make sense to expand in permenantly because its closer to NZ, the weather reasonable year round, soon we have a lot of people there permanently and we need to open up south america as a tourist thing for young people, because we have someone there permanently who knows what’s up and where it’s at. The more people want to stay the more they are seduced into my lifestyle – they depend on me for these opportunities, and less on the old system, where this just wouldn’t be possible. Again, we may lose people along the way, but the process would reward us, and those people will often orbit back around, our ideas will have planted a seed in their mind to continue as we are, building post capitalist style models.

We really got stuck into this income model because it was all through feminvest, we have to acknowledge feminvest makes all the real money all this other shit is to engage people in a sustainable lifestyle.

Feminvest holds my investment funds with which they buy my houses, so that I have cash.

Each year my personal investment income pays all my personal expenses including rents etc, which is then returned to me and I use to make capital investments in the properties I sell to feminvest. I can be making $2m a year but the feminvest dividend and what’s left of my own trading surplus have not been taxed.

For the feminvest dividend, that’s fine. The money is recycled back into housing so I am still able to commit the money toward the goal it was intended.

The trading income I can either rent more properties, ship in more tax deductible items, or simply pay the tax.

I have now read that if you open a broker bank account with them they will cut you a cheque. I am pretty sure they will transfer your money as long as the bank account in uruguay is in your name. Or here we go, you open a bank account in australia, and you send it to uruguay from there. If the australians ask you just say look, i’m not a citizen or resident, this is my money I earned – not here, I just have to send it to uruguay because i’m doing some business. That is, I can spend it in uruguay and not pay tax unlike NZ where they may one day want to know how I paid for all my shit.

That is, I inherited money for my first property and some; made $400k trading each year minus $300k expenses – and I paid tax on it, and I used it to pay off the properties I have developed and sold to feminvest, which controls a trust I put a large amount of money from my trading into, but have not ever drawn from, so have no tax obligation as yet.

The unrealized profits from my active personal trading fund – much like the trust – is unrealised and not taxable as income.

It’s just so important that I understand how this works so I can pull it off.

If you want to buy and sell property you have to account for where the funds came from. That’s how it works, you can’t sneak all your money off to uruguay without paying tax on the money you use to buy actual things in NZ. But then you’re on the capital gains gravy train and you’re away you can borrow the money you need.

I am revising my notes, I have just been slamming it – it’s important to grasp the key points so I can see how everything works together.

– each honey pie outlet only needs 20 hardcore patrons and I want customer profiling, focus and care to be the angle, not scattershot marketing that isn’t discreet. It is not fundamental to keep it secret, it’s simply about limiting scale so that the situation can be managed. It’s the opposite of kurb that was always scaling and always pushed to the max and fucking out everywhere, stumbling over when it became too demanding.

The demands I fear is the scrutiny of snoopernoses uncovering more organised elements. When the girls are kicking up,

What crimes are being committed? The girls aren’t declaring they are receiving their board as income. Doing food and a laundromat is against council regulations, but it would be near impossible to prove that they weren’t just some silly girls pleading poverty and ignorance, again you just don’t want a link to something more organised to be revealed but the authorities were never prepared for something like this because commerce was always based around such different concepts.

Your steady job used to give you a steady income and make reasonable demands on you to use that income to meet your needs. Now the job isn’t so steady and it doesn’t cover the demands of housing and transport to meet your needs. So a new model can proliferate where housing and bills and transport is addressed because technology allows needs to be met and new communications that change the structure of marketing. Stepping outside of the system allows so much more. A business couldn’t run unless it was scaled and it needed employees and so it had to be run by a system which was legit. Once you take the system offline, everything is free to be redefined and you only need to watch out for where they ping you.

Follow the money. Where has this money come from? Shit starts to be uncovered, girls are paying no rent, I’m claiming it as a business expense. Still the only crime is that the girls did not declare their board as income, which I think is practically negligible, but they have to prove that I was organising food and laundry and receiving money and there just isn’t the resources in this world or the next for them to gather that evidence. The whole point is you don’t lay out that evidence. None of it is illegal, it just contravenes bylaws regarding business in a way that isn’t really that uncommon when it comes to domestic style businesses.

Well there would be a website but no address and basically no mention of any service that was illegal which is mainly selling hot food and drinks.

Again I believe most situations can be contained as long as they don’t spread. That is, if anyone senior there knows more about the operation that could be incriminating. They are looking for the money. Once they have someone saying – this is where the money goes, I am being looked at.

I can admit I was collecting a few hundred bucks from some hot chicks I let move into my place because they were doing some business. But they’d have to prove that anything more than that was happening, and it’s just not worth their while. It’s a few grand in tax, I’d get a rap on the knuckles. The fear is they uncover all these other operations and that can’t happen.

They would have to have some idea that the money was arriving somewhere into some asset they can clearly see. As long as I can account for all the assets I own, how are they going to prove that I have some huge income source other than the girls word against mine that i’m up for few grand tax and well – they’re guilty too.

Keep the marketing and branding low key and keep the operations completely separate so that there’s nobody who knows enough about what’s going on.

I just want to make sure that I maximize the fact that we don’t want to scale the thing in terms of profit and turnover to fast and it will work without aggressive marketing that could create too much attention. We don’t want it to be hugely popular. The marketing has to be extremely feminine in that the service provided is never mentioned explicitly. It’s all feminine wiles.

You may have to give out a freebie, you have to be smart with the marketing so that it isn’t perceived what’s going on. Putting smart systems in place and seeing their weaknesses is how you avoid getting pinged. It may be essential to get the best and smartest people moving on, this again why the travel thing is good, they are no longer in NZ where they could become a liability, they are overseas where they can’t do any harm to the set up, not least because they are a fish out of water they don’t know the local game and depend on me more than ever.

– I realise now I have been pounding this shit out for a week now, the first post wasn’t much but now I’m smashing 4-5k posts every day again as I squeeze out all the knowledge I possibly can.

It’s hard to say which connections have been the strongest but I’ve had so many new ideas that have been built on the old ideas. I think it says more when you talk about which ideas have been thrown out.

I will definitely do a shop, but it’s not the flagship concept that it once was. Guerilla marketing has been replaced by a push to stealth marketing that works because your product is so good you need to manage the growth and spread so that it doesn’t get away on you.

The new plan recognises that things can take awhile to fall into place.

What’s happening now is becoming so deep and so broad that we need to be inconspicuous simply to allow us to observe properly what is going on.

We don’t a tax or compliance problem with honey pie. We don’t want a sleazy or catfish reputation around the matchmaking. We don’t a scammy vibe around the tourism. We don’t want to create attention. Being careful about this

The next direction I’m heading in is to revaluate all this special sections. shoulder tapping the talent in the juice matrix for more responsibility is how we weed out people who are ambitious and need more challenges.

It’s possible I could easily edit down blogs from the last few years into a “post capitalist manifesto” – with all references to examples of illegal activity or anti-state or anti-social theories edited out or watered down.

The idea is to introduce the officer class to the binding concepts we are working with as well as outline areas of specific expertise they would drift towards. Reading the manifesto primes them for all the angles to be looked at as I discuss with them how these plans are to be implemented

It’s a bit of a mix. We put them on certain tasks and we see how they do. They can become an infiltrator to start. A cute girl would be perfect, whereas an active, lone wolf type of guy would scout for squats. If they don’t already have winz I’m going to teach them and see how they take to it.

Now they’ve got a nice place, and bills and food sorted, and a good income from winz it’s like – you definitely owe me 20 hrs. It may be up to you to assess recruits and test concepts we’ve come up with for recruiting. Recruiting strategies for specific targets based on who that person is appropriate for.

media and content is fairly straightforward, but nonetheless, whatever concepts are being worked – squats, infiltration and recruitment, there’s a content angle.

The other stuff is probably a bit much to go into straight away, that is a few months in. I can outline some ideas, but don’t go rambling about crime, pimping and electioneering or it quickly starts to look filthy as hell and I need to preserve my brand as a straight shooter who plays a dirty game and has to accept that you can’t win a dirty game buy trying to stay clean, you just hope that afterwards it all hoses down.

So what happens, we have somebody who is above average in looks and intelligence and is curious. We are asking them to use their daily hours to help me with something and that way I can prod them for the suitability and receptiveness.

I think it starts with air points and them earning the air points for certain missions that suit their interests. I would still advertise the job seperately and put them through various trials, which is good also because they won’t know about other aspects of what’s going on.

Recruitment must be first – we need to fill the gaps we’ve got. Certain people – male or female – will be more suited to targeting certain groups. We need a lot of young men but they are easy to target. Young women too, but they’re more useful if they’re hot. sales people, content people, guys with vans.

We need girls for feminvest. We need squat raiders. Squats must be 2nd priority because they create immediate opportunities, infiltration is a slow burn, but can be acted immediately.

It’s not only about flipping the location but what additional features the location may offer for commercial opportunities, or spaces in the house that can be utilized especially once allies have been secured.

WINZ makes a good mission, but it is unlikely that more than one or two people require this service until things grow. Like recruitment it shows some versatility is required to take this on when it needs to be dealt with. If someone shows a skill for this area, then it is appropriate it is their job to fill this role and see how it fits big picture, that it has to be considered reward for those on the right path.

media/content and colonies are pretty much either a yes/no proposition. But prep work incorporating customized recruitment drives might be required. An operative might be asked to form a group that is used as a cover for recruitment under the pretenses of being simply a political interest group with a certain identity focus – gender, race, sexual orientation, environment, ideology etc.

Sales are important and we should stress if they are like me and have a knack for business then there’s no reason they shouldn’t focus on that. a talented person can and should be a team leader and an operatives, but many are probably best in a tailored role that favours their skill set. Leadership in sales and commerce is still important enough that if that’s what someone with talent wants to push, then let them do it.

I think ultimately you have to create a rewards scheme for goals

– winz goal
– squat
– reccruit
– infiltration recruit, or flip progress goal
– website/ social media brand set up
– property/colony/infiltration listing find

You’re not going to create a james bond overnight.

I suggest you let people lead you to what they would want to do. Again, don’t tell them too much about things they don’t need to know.

Don’t try to bring them to you – go to them, make them think they’ve found their niche and then direct that energy.


Have you got what it takes to be a secret operative?

We’re living in a post-truth fake news era, and there’s growing demand for secret operatives who are the eyes and ears of unseen forces.

We have rooms available in a nice inner city apartment for a number of secret operatives along with a compensation arrangement and bonuses paid.

Successful secret operatives usually combine presentation and charm with smarts and skills.

– It’s funny, but I might actually end up with some undercover cops checking me out.+


Squats – non occupied spaces in the towns and cities can be requisitioned for short-medium term accomodation for new prospects. appropriate spaces must be located, assessed, tested, managed and operated, and monitored.

Infiltration – some large flats 5+ bedrooms have continued for a long time and do not often have their rent raised which means rather than waiting for new flats to come onto the market at market rates and filling with new recruits, we instead focus on moving 1 person into an already established flat and assessing it’s suitability for a gradual takeover as members are recruited to sell our products in exchange for having their rent paid. opportunities for this need to be assessed.

media+content – website design and development as well as media content and social media management will be in constant demand across a very wide range of properties and brands. This creates a sandbox from which commercial services can be launched, offered and promoted to a general market as the core of a suite of contemporary promotions and marketing services.

winz support – government support is widely available for those demonstrating they receive no income from other sources, but the case managers are trained to make this difficult for people who are not fully aware of their entitlements. It is absolutely necessary our people are supported in their efforts to claim their full entitlement and navigate the obstacles

witches – certain branded concepts associated with specific interests can be used as a cover for recruitment under the pretenses of being simply a cultural interest or political interest group with a certain identity focus – gender, race, sexual orientation, environment, ideology etc. “witches” is an example of a concept that might represent female identity politics and appeal to that audience to engage around it.

recruitment – some gaps may need filling, and a number of specialist positions. Once the rooms are filled and specialist workers sought, brand awareness and sales marketing must also continue promoting the opportunities for free rent and free travel associated with the brand and an active waiting list of prospects built up, maintained and managed.

Colonist – those willing to head a group to begin our operations in a small but strategically located town that may be in decline stand to gain from expanding our operation in the area from this beach head. There are already a number of communes operating throughout the country some languishing badly. We need an ambassador who manages our relationships with other communes that can provide profitable exchanges.

Sales and retail – Sales are the lifeblood of the core rank and file and are fundamental. Commercial opportunities to increase sales including opening a retail outlet are sought but must be managed stringently. retail outlets present new opportunities for commerce, marketing, distribution but also managing the space as a venue for events and meetings.

property development – this extend on from shops and infiltration, continuing to scan for viable properties to develop that fall under our criteria. slowly they will learn about all the specs and requirements I have for purchase and for pursuing a strategy of relocating a house, starting a live in games lodge or starting a remote commune or a commune based in a very small established village with a very small population.

Tourism – we have plans for permanent expansion in kiev, Ho Chi Minh and Montevideo as our bases of development on 3 major continents. These are cities chosen for high potential growth opportunities, low cost of living, location to other major cities and not being the most obvious tourist primed destinations, giving us a niche we can build on. Opportunities will be created over time to visit and pursue fruitful engagements and enterprises from a permanent base where our people can stay for short or extended stays and similarly we can offer such services to english speaking tourists seeking authentic experiences amongst savvy, woke westerners also passing through looking for adventures and good times.

Event management – event management is a strong interest of mine that requires management and organisation skills. It is important to provide events that profit the organisation in terms of social cohesion and engagement, discretion is also a key attribute in order to keep things fresh and create engagement with the audiences and maintain an edge.

politics – politics controls the redistribution of taxes and rates collected from the community. Being active in politics gives our organisation access to these funds not just through expenditure budgets but also income paid to eleted and unelected officials. This form of power is extremely rewarding because it is the result of an accepted practice that allows successful politicians to not only receive and control funds but also resources within the community, and authority over spaces and resources that have lapsed in their usage and create opportunities to bring resources and budgets together

Political influence is powerful but is seen here as a vehicle to transfer power to be accessible by the collective to continue to advance community consciousness, not for political individuals to propose a radical ideological agenda which the electorate doesn’t have the consciousness developed to be responsive to.

Anti-capitalism – many businesses that are damaging socially and environmentally cling on because even though they are extremely inefficient, they are still marginally viable, or continue mainly out of inertia because there is little option for the socially vulnerable people it targets. Because these types of businesses are only marginally viable, direct and indirect attempts to disrupt them can be extremely effective in debilitating the business operations. This can effect working people’s incomes, but this is where post capitalist relief can be made available to them as they cannot be offered clemency for choosing to continue in an occupation that is damaging and unnecessary to the wider community.

Sex industry – the sex industry is founded on exploiting the financial desperation of mainly young women. By creating non-exploitative environments there is an opportunity to create a healthier and more rewarding atmosphere for sex workers and their clients based on post capitalist ideals. The sex industry presents opportunities for lucrative income and an permissive sexual environment, but absolutely requires a commitment to strong principles and compassion.

feminvest – only for teenage nerd girls

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