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by Matt Romantech on July 29, 2017

Instead of organising those bookings like I should be, I just spent the whole day organising the house, to the point now that it is probably much more organised than I hoped for.

I just started getting such nice feelings that everything here is right, and that I got it right in the end, that it’s worked out awesomely in the end.

This of course cancels out the anxiety over the data and content because I see the same journey, whatever has happened, I will survive, I will it hold together, and in the end I will make it right.

It is bad that the content thing has become such an issue, but the reason I am behind and struggling with my content is the reason I’ve moved so quickly and done so well with the house.

I know I’m moving up and forward, I just need to leverage my way into the critical wins I need, I am procrastinating about the bookings, because I’m trying to get my confidence up, I’m trying to lock down any other wins I can, so I can brace myself against a headwind.

The worst that can happen is I will be booked in some expensive hotel and it costs me $200 a night, it’s hardly a disaster is it?

I am nervous I don’t have my songs and my videos I want to be working on. I know all I need is a week because there isn’t much else to do, just a week with my music and video and I can be ready, there’s only 2 things I want to finish, they won’t be that hard, it just the immersion process, to reach the same point I have with my house where I just am where I know it’s good, I know where we got to, I know it was hard, and because of that a lot of shit got messed up but I did my best and I know it was enough because I know it was worth it.

It’s this whole process that began so long ago and to the first thoughts of minimalism, that I can be in europe with my suitcase and have everything I need, and everything I am trying to protect and preserve is safe back in NZ where I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to worry.

Nothings going to happen to my stuff. I won.

I was just having such nice feelings today rolling my chill out playlist, it is so good, and I know, I just know all the vibes are there, all of grey lynn and ponsonby and the cafes in the 90’s it’s all still there, you can have it.

You can feel it when the mood is right.

But it’s also another nice vibe in there, I don’t need more than this. All I need is a girl.

I love my place, I know it’s the best for me, I think it’s awesome. All I need is a girl, and so off I go.

I was right to do my software last night, fruityloops is the only issue, again it’s like the hotels, it’s only an issue as far as a hundred bucks is concerned, you may be feeling precarious in your trading but now maybe the time to accept that you are going to slip a few hundred here and there, this is the final moment you are the monkey swinging to the next vine. It may be the final time you ever feel that worrying over a hundred dollars here and there is worth your time.

It shows that you need to fix up and hedge up. Your problems in trading come from breaking your own system where you let your USD bias hurt you again because you didn’t believe EURUSD would break 1.16.

You need at least $30k on the AUDUSD and $50k on the EURUSD at the very least. If you’d held these fairly trim lines, you’d be so much better off right now, now you’re forced to hedge up and you won’t see great benefits to your account value either way it goes. What you do have is that you are now cranking $5k+ and you can fill the holes in weeks. The further we stretch out and the more debt eats our equity, the more we are actually cushioned from calamitous moves in the market, because whatever happens we are unrolling so much debt.


If we had fruityloops and the speaker we could work on songs, and listen to them in the mix.

videos of course we can do, premiere is ready to go.

It all maps back to the items list. noob eats, the archive vids, the tour vids, the kurb dvd archive.

We have dreamweaver on CS4, if we want to start improving our websites that’s something we can look at. We have 27 pieces we wanted to finish writing up for the romantech website. Audio is the other item listed here.

We need to start probing deeper into the production process.

Getting tasked oriented helps us realise what we require. Once we can see we have the requirements to complete all these tasks, we can simply begin going about them.

The songs, the videos, the websites, the podcast – did I lose the writing about the podcast?

No, it was – trading tips and tracks in the mix for tactical radicals.

The podcast, russian, fashion.

Looping back to our to-do items list, again gives us a backbone of what we need to do. Take the mic with you for the podcasts.

If I remember the kurb archive videos correctly, I still had not edited the video footage with the narration track.

Somewhere I should have instructions as to what exactly the screen shows while the narrative track is running, and I am able to capture video and hire people online while I’m away possibly on fiver to do each short sequence, 30 seconds at most.

So this is the essence of what I need to do before I leave when I have the data – make sure I have everything to complete these 2 video projects, and all the music I want to do.

For this I just want the latest version of the 2 songs I am working on

I’m staying in a lot more hotels than I thought, cos when only the pricier and less central airbnbs are left, the hotels start to offer discounts

In the end, I got stockholm for $168. That means I got the train for $80, I’m still waiting on Helsinki but I also did the ferry, and tallinn, and riga, which would have been this weeks tasks, and I done the flight into minsk which was $180, which I seem to be feeling is too much, but I guess it is an international flight.

I’m not really surprised that the costs are creeping up but, at what point does it become no longer cheap?

The 8 days I’m in tallinn and riga, im spending $540 on accom and travel. I will be under $160 on food no doubt.

I’m under budget. By cutting hamburg, vilnius, moscow, we’ve made the trip easier and cheaper.

The visas for ukraine and the shots for vietnam are all part of the cost of entry to find out, when your entry fee is paid you join the club. What is the reality? Is there opportunity?

I could pay $150 in minsk for an apartment for 4 days, but minsk is in the place where I can pay $270 and get the flash apartment in the middle of town. This is why. I can afford it, so why wouldn’t I? Now I live in luxury in a flash serviced apartment.


I am getting perspective reading back, – you see I’m trying to work out where I was with my songs, and if I can jump onto work the spread and angry fruit as I hadn’t worked on them.

In april I was nosediving and I know I have to revisit just how messed up I was getting. But the trading was dead as well remember. I am so lucky I don’t have to cling on to the trading dream, I can just let it happen, we are already moving up into the fast lane we just need to keep control right now.


So now I will be heading back to auckland I have to work out what I am doing, why?

data recovery, wireless speaker, CD jobs

It’s basically coming down to putting my stuff in my bag and taking out again and setting it up.

my laptops, DJ stuff, magic bullet . . .

I began to test what it’s like to walk with the case, it is heavy. I could take it 2km but it could take well over an hour given I would need a rest. It’s more the wheels I’m worried about that they may only have a limited amount of the journeys before the come off, all I want is for them not to come off before I get home.

I’d just have to buy new luggage.

If I can get a sim, I can call the uber if it’s too much. I am testing cases. The 2km . . . is 5km. The 5km between the hotels in amsterdam, I can’t do it. I just have to pay. Every day, I will have a taxi bill not including going into the city.

I feel as if you just have to accept this and realise there are costs.
This is why you are going to ukraine and greece and eastern europe and spain. Because it’s cheap.

In amsterdam the mistake I made with hotels will cost me $30. In stockholm I booked my hotel on the wrong side of the city but the hotel is close to the metro, I will simply get the subway as far as I can for $10, head to a cafe to use the wifi, and the uber should only be $20.

In a lot of ways this trip is a bit of an obstacle course so I can get learnt to the ways of the jetset.

Next year, I’m not going to be ducking and diving all over the place. Also we can’t disregard the trading. We are on task to reach $8k solid every week by december, we just need to keep things easy, cool and steady for this trip.

I have the money to pay for this trip and my living expenses until the next trip.

The trading situation has changed from frustration over lack of progress to fear that things have become more precarious than I am comfortable with, although my earnings are good.

I can still do my trip and invest in my farm, and hold back $20k as an emergency for my trading, and like I keep saying, if I am thinking this way, then I need to be aware that I am fearful and I need to hedge to prevent the only outcomes that could lead to failure.

The earnings are enough, you have to accept that.

You have to accept it. double $6k, about what you’re making now, and double it again by the end of next year, you’re still on $24k, still on target.

You have to hedge up and you have to be smart.

Keep things cool, favour the hedge, but don’t make any big plays, accept that if earning take a dip, it’s the price for cooling things down.

The bigger point is just accept the costs of taxis and such. Get the most out of your trip and I’m sure it can’t be too much longer, I have allowed for as much as a year before I need my trading to support me.

Spending a little bit extra on taxis and such lets you enjoy your trip and as long as you’re careful with your hedging nothing will go wrong long term.

Today the data recovery situation seems certainly able to be resolved, everything I need seems to be available I just need to carry out the process.

What I was supposed to do today, with justified doubt, I will do tomorrow. Collect the hard drive, buy the speaker I’ve chosen, deliver the same hard drive to jerry, pick up the printing,

data recovery, wireless speaker, jobs . . . all done.

Even if I have to stay another night to wait for the other data transfer, I am heading back on thursday.

Come monday I could basically ready to leave. I struggle to imagine what would be left to deal with.

The content is immersion. I have to start doing some training. I have to say goodbye to everyone and handle all my last business.

I have to print all my ticketing details out and put them in a folder.

All these last details I will likely peg for completion on my final trip to auckland next week.

I think I need some kind of plan for what I’m doing, but amsterdam, you just have to focus on getting the weed and changing hotels. I might set out with the food hall or the flea market in mind.

I think that’s the way you have to do it, start walking with a destination, and get there, plan to get some food and see how tired you are.

It just occured to me I could go to the other hotel with just my hand luggage, my laptops. Then the walk is easy. In fact I can go into town first, head back to the hotel whenever, and I just realised I should do this in sweden also, leave my luggage at the train station – what do I need? Everything in my case I can miss for a day or two.

I can go a day or two without the big screen, DJing, the magic bullet, especially in this part of the journey where I will be on foot walking more and forced to buy coffee to use the internet.

Now I’ve got it. Uber from the central station to the hotel with your luggage, next day, head to town on subway, if it works, use the subway the next day.

Again it is a slow process of becoming clued up.

Except in future I probably won’t be in expensive cities not feeling rich enough just to do whatever. In amsterdam and stockholm I just have to accept I got caught.


I wake up and as fretful as I am, the trading has wound back off the edge, and here I am, all my data recovery issues are getting resolved, and whats more I just migrated fruityloops over.

I got the speaker and it works, a few problems with the buffers on fruity but we’re good, now that the buffers are sorted I at least feel comfortable about approaching the idea of finishing songs while I’m away, it was sounding for a second there like we weren’t going to get a decent monitor sound to judge whether a tune was finished.

What is important is that we can make progress. I’m sure we can make progress, but it just occurred to me how used to being stoned I am when I make beats, and basically getting totally immersed.

But we can still go in gently picking up where we left off, dj archiving, sample archiving, sampling, while we work up a hard on to actually go at the tunes.

All that is essential from the next data transfer is the kurb archive and noob eats projects that are already started, and all the music also, it seems to make sense that we will merge the music into one master folder.

Some time will need to be spent getting archiving to happen here also.

Yes there’s still time to get the last footage we need for noob beats so we can fire it off.

Darling darling and the other top shelf tunes are perfect examples of tunes I can work on while I’m away because they have structural issues to work through but I wouldn’t dream of serving up a final mix before I got home.

I am getting immersed into my music again, this is good, because I have all the pieces I need to move forward

And my trading has eased off totally, I’ve claimed back $4k and the hedges are up, I am so much more relaxed knowing we have protected ourselves now.

I can see things getting easier and we need to swing our head set in behind our new focus and not get stunned.

We do tunes now. Vids and content, and tunes. We do trading, training and tunes.

When you think about how much time you have, all the songs and videos and blogs and podcasts don’t seem that much, you only have to do a few hours each day, and sometimes the trading will be quiet to and there you go.

You will reflect more on how the trading needs to start working properly, when can I draw a dividend?

The sooner I draw a dividend the sooner I don’t need to worry about money on my trip.


I am becoming frustrated, after the trading drew back last night I woke to find I was getting slammed again.

The data isn’t ready. My dad has gone off to the farm and he has no key, and I just feel like I can’t manage.

I am angry on twitter, it’s best I don’t tweet but I hate them, I hate everybody I’m glad to be leaving here.

It occurs to me that I have possibly just done my last cd job ever. Which means I am dependent on the trading, which is why I’ve been shook by this latest move, I shouldn’t be panicking yet. But I am mad, I am slightly scared because I feel it’s safer that way, it’s safer to hedge up. We are paying the price for leveraging up now, but we knew when we took the risk we would know what to do if it turned bad.

It has turned bad, and I know that to do.

The facts are that despite the hammering, we are opening up the range in a way that will protect us in future. By building the hedges now, we protect ourselves from any extreme outcomes – getting caught in the middle?

We will keep the balance.

I feel so bored. I am waiting for my data recovery so that I can work out what is missing from my whole set up.

I want to know that I can do noob eats and my kurb archive stuff. I know my old songs are there, now I want my new songs. These are the things I’m working on now.

These are the projects I want to focus on once I achieve the immersion of understanding the trajectory and building on that, building the next step.

Yes I will probably need to spend a couple of nights on video archiving.

But I need to gain full scope, I need to understand what is on all the drives and make one master.

But I sense something there, that ultimately when it’s simply my need to finish songs and videos, it’s suddenly boring again and I will do it later.

What is at present unattainable is so attractive, then it simply becomes another chore as it was, but it was only a chore when I was burdened by so many handicaps.

That’s why I talk about immersion

I could pull out that drive and start working where I left off, and that’s what I will do.

It’s often that I need to work out what’s stopping me to see it’s not something I can’t just move on, and then quickly the next issue is revealed. I need to look through all those hard drives to be sure that everything I’ve got is everything I’ve got.

What I’ve got is what’s on these hard drives and what I can rip odd the final piles of DVD’s I have left. I’m suddenly feeling again like there must be something missing, and the more I archive the more I am certain of it, where are all my kurb vids?

This must surely only have been the beginning, again this feeling stalks me, how do I always fail to control it all, how is it despite so much effort I can’t hold on to it all, why is everything always disappearing?

This is what we’re moving towards, the master master archive.

I can see with the sampling there is a folder ready to go called “NEED2SAMPLE” which is not my special sample selections but more general to get through, this is in the “SORT STACK” folder which indicates there is nothing left to sort except for the old master folders for house and soul and indie – do I simply merge those across?

The idea is that once they are merged across I am free to tweak the playlist as I like, or to introduce my own tiered system, but then I will never have the opportunity to sample these tunes. Do I want to sample every single song ever?

Put them in the folder, build your playlist.

I have found my kurb vids, but it seems only to be the raw takes, the final vid is up online, of course, but why don’t I have a final copy? They’re still not all here.

I am still getting to having what I have, so I can work out what of what I have I can use, and what I want.

Of course I had to have the moment where I see that I am 7 years younger and I look so young and fresh, just because I’ve aged well and don’t really look much different, just older, it doesn’t take away from looking at how fresh I look and imagining how easy it would be to pull girls if I still looked fresh like that.

But soon I can move past that, to looking at what we have and what we want to do with it.

I wanted to put a little montage in the kurb video of my different videos, and of course it is a big entry point for RCTV, you can see it as a major source of material that represents transition and crossing over from that point so I want to play with it.

I am really looking at this process where you keep delving back to visual themes you’ve used before, but each time it’s getting more refined, you only using the top stuff that really works.

I was thinking about dancing, a dancer may have a signature style based on the repetition of certain moves which are combined with other moves or new elements that keep it original, and that is my video style, and I also thought of dancing, and how to make videos that do the job of being a visual experience that accompanies the music – narratives aren’t fundamental, it’s images, themes.

You can create something meaningful with a signature style without doing too much work because you’re constantly drawing back on all the mash up stuff I’ve done, and slowly I’ll have assistants who do all this for me, who come up with the ideas and I just pick the ones I like and go with it where I please like I’m don draper.

But at the moment, I am stuck with my sources. This is what I am attempting to pin down so I can bring something together.

Now I have moved forward. I have isolated what I know have done from what I haven’t and it seems I only need pile it together an begin archiving.

Sort done from not done, surely?

Now I see. The sampled reels I am making now are for music videos, the larger archive is for the larger project.

Initially we’re focuse on using the archive footage to make music videos for the kurb compilation songs, but only once we’ve done that, holding back the best videos, that we will begin to build out a more involved narrative that thread several of the best musical pieces, and clips of the others, all together, with pieces that also draw on the dialogue and sound of the original source material also, so the compilation comes out which is a series of videos with music, and then that comes out as a short film with a number other videos that haven’t been released yet as it’s core. That’s what I was saying was first I send people the reels I’ve made, and then when they’ve done well, or I’ve done well enough to pay top people, I will hand over the full archive.

The reel will tell them what’s in the archive. They may have seen a particular scene in the reel and decided they wanted to see if the dialogue would give them something to work with.

Of course we have a number of pieces that are already dense with content that can be manipulated for a different use, these will be separate.

What we are aiming to have available is a library of songs, a library of videos images and samples to hand out so that different content creators can go in their own direction and I can give them feedback on their concepts as to whether they fit with the whole project, or the pace at which we are going – more mashed up crazy shit comes later, let the deconstruction be a process.

I could see immediately that of course dusky sound has all the stuff we sampled from maori tv, but then tell you also has this stuff, so good has stuff.

So a lot of that stuff is accessible too. Yes, just throw it in there, why be pedantic, it’s sourcing from the material.

I am totally getting in this I know I have enough material to work with. I feel like I’ve done 2 nights work.

I feel up to date with my archiving project, it’s ready to go.


The big trading drama is totally unwinding, of course since I got steamed up on the hedges, I almost will it backwards after I give in to forward momentum, and of course it has retreated, the hedging strategy works, praying doesnt. Stalemate means you live, tempting fate means one day you won’t make it home.

I am invested in the idea that have stretched out we are less vulnerable in spite of our large debt, we have learnt now the price to be paid when hedges fall, one day, there just won’t be the need to deal with such risks.

It can burst in any direction it likes, I’ve been there, my hedges are there waiting, in now takes every outrageous moves to fuck me up.

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