Realisation Log

by Matt Romantech on August 4, 2017

Although I have got all the data recovery I am making certain connections . . . the realisations keep getting logged . . .

There’s a new override protocol, but there’s not a new second chances.

There is a new work the spread and obviously a new whispers i’d just tweaking on, and as I remembered, angry fruit I hadn’t really got into.

The edits need more refinement, it needs more than just polish so it can’t be rushed.

But I know I needed to know, I couldn’t go forward from a cold start without knowing what the hell was going on, I needed to know to have the confidence to understand where I’m at now.

I am hearing second chances, I am checking out the video.

We are ready to get there.

I was good last night reviewing the archiving. Then I woke up and realised well, it’s not even the main video task, these two vid projectss are, and they look as if they have been recovered.

In terms of the master archiving we have to return back to our items.

It’s then that we realise angry fruit and rctv, the next vid projects in line are fresh projects, there’s no baggage. I start fresh.

I hit the archiving vibe, starting the oldest hard drive, there’s 5 to work through.

What does our most streamlined back up look like?

I think this is another vibe we want to shape.

I have the songs I need. I have my last 4 or 5 video projects. I need to get on a massive zoom back.

I am seeing two angles, knowing everything we have and choosing what we need as well as knowing what we need and taking from what we have

There is plenty of material for kurb cd archive, we just pray they aren’t all scratched to fuck.

I’m left wondering what it is I’m looking for that I don’t have. The videos from the very beginning.

But they are on youtube. What do you need them for?

Well we’ve made a breakthrough, I’ve found footage of graham I never knew I had. Mad.

Here are the pictures of all the girls I was chasing on myspace. Camille, ashley, elyse, and roche.

It has only just hit me that camille is not as hot as I thought, ashley is though. Roche was stunning.

But what am I looking for?

It has hit me – just as it soaks in that discs are over, that I am entirely dependent on trading for my income.

From now.

Right when things have taken an ugly turn – although it has drawn back.


The question stayed with me, it was so cold last night, but such a beautiful day when I got up.

Yes it’s not just time to process my computer stuff but to get some serious scope.

My situation is that although I have achieved a major goal, I simply must push on to reach the next milestone.

I don’t plan on getting married for at least 2 years but I must get on with it. I see similarities, the plan with the house was very solid and the goal was extremely strategic and I have positioned myself really well here, and that is how I see the next challenge – the plan of going to ukraine is very good.

The reality is that it will be hard, just like the house, just because plan is hard, it doesn’t mean it’s not very good. I feel I am getting the reward now from the house for everything I’ve been through – my house is mine and it’s right for me, and that was the plan.

The ukraine girl is probably right for me too, I just need to learn how to go to the ukraine and how to get by in these places.

Instead of focusing I spent the whole day walking around the farm imagining where my containers would go, I felt that so far I have done okay taking time to relax and enjoy the farm, so I don’t think I’m slacking off, it’s nice to really engage with something that I feel good about, and use that to move confidently into the next space.

This archiving process is taking awhile. Again I have to ask what this is about.

It’s to have it all on one hard drive and say here it is, it’s all here. It doesn’t matter so much what there is, it matters that I say, this is it here.

We’re going to look at a lot of stuff and ask how much we need to care, and this is all part of the process.

Seeing what we have before we decide what we need.

Already it looks like we have more than 3tb worth of stuff and we are going to have to reflec

What comes at the end of this process?

Fire up the songs and put them in the mix.

Fire up the videos and make a plan to get them done.

I’m heading straight crash for the moment where even though somehow I beat the odds and found something old that was lost and so valuable, I will still realise there’s nothing to do but to get on with my tasks, but that’s it.

When I know everything has finally been consolidated, I can focus now – my stuff, and my mothers stuff is safe where I have bought a house. My data, all my precious content, is now finally consolidated into one index which I will replicate 3 times, my data is too precious and it is just too easy to back it up 3 times over and never have to worry.

I have my house. I have my art, I just need a girl.

I know that after the journey I’ve been on with all my mothers stuff and the house and everything, I know that if I can hang on, if I can do this, I will have something beautiful in my life.

It’s this thing – there is the kurb archive videos but then there is the kurb archive project itself, and that is also what I am doing, I need to be absolutely sure that I have all the digital source material in one place so that I can tackle it.

This has been another thing I’ve done which has been all about this insanely obsessive preservation vibe, I need to get to a place where I am not struggling to keep it together so that I can change me orientation towards simplicity and minimalism.

But I also know this behaviour has a pay off. When I bring it home, it’s all worthwhile.

Now I am seeing there isn’t a particular piece of content I’m looking for at all, I’m looking for it all, I’m looking to say, it’s all here.

All the stuff I need is in my house, all the data and content I need is on my hard drive, and all the equipment I need is in my suitcase, and all the money I need is in my trading. How simple is that.

I knew I was going to need to take a few nights to do this, but I suppose I didn’t really realise this is exactly what I would have to do, I knew I would be going through the videos to make sure – to copy what i’ve done with the music, have it all laid out.


Now we just need to see what it is we need on hand, I’ve made a special folder for the video and songs we’re working on now.

On hand we need

all the kurb archive stuff – 750 + 130

all our songs and samples – 60gb

all the tour vids – 150

archiving homework – 27 / website backups /

listening – 90

kurb vids – 40

The kurb vids we need for editing in the montage sequences. But none of it we really need because it’s all on youtube and all the parts are just parts of what ended up in youtube, you know the parts are now simply going to broken down again, just like other library of keyed tunes, its a discovery and reference tool.

art and photos 30

getting down to it now, just curating really. But each of the avenues is an opportunity to bring something old back.

The video avenue offers more but is well covered, it’s stored on youtube as well as elsewhere.

It just hits me now the only stuff we need to grab are the rips, the finished rip archives and the unsampled digital files, this is only 500gb.

This is still the most important thing that cannot fit on my laptop, nor is it on either of the recovered hard drives, this lives purely externally and though we have an older version, we need the backup.

Then it’s just about preservation and I have to preserve the stuff with the short circuit and graham in it.

17gb, nothing.

The raw footage file is 140, there is plenty to still be ripped from here.

The thing we have to worry about is that it is all only in one place, we should go back to pbtech and buy another 3tb. We have a 3 and a 2 with us and we have a 3 and a 2 here – in 2 seperate locations.

We also still have the 1 and the 2 500’s, these will not have the kurb archive on them. They will not have the tour vids on them. They will not have the mp3s on them – they will be on my laptop

what will they have?

songs and samples, kurb vids, art and photos, my other videos. That’s only 150.

Stuff from my content comes in then, then you can add process footage, listening, video parts, raw footage.

What we are hoping is that we can get the kurb dvd archive on the 2tb. That means 4 copies in 3 locations, 2 that are with me, it’s the biggest lump.

If we even buy a 2tb we could fit it on there, but why save $20? by next year you’ll have whittled down what you have, and replaced it with more shit, you’ll still need 3tb. Bite the bullet and never need worry again, all your stuff is in 3 locations.

Get on with the job of consolidating all these masses of raw content folders into actual primary content items so you can finally say, let’s just forget it, this raw footage, we got what we need so forget it.

Once we unhook the hard drives, we can get the DJ set up going. Get fruityloops going, get premier going.

We are in the business of it.

Our last goal is to try and finish one song and one video in the next week.

The archiving project vids will be slightly harder, I will be working on that long term.

Override protocol I will do a video for using “video parts”.

This, and the tour videos, and the archiving are just my jobs to do whenever. Finish angry fruit, do a video.

You do a song, you do a video, you work away at your archiving. The kurb archive and the tour videos.

I just want to get them mainly done before I come home, because after that is RCTV and I can’t start on that until I’m back.

I would like to see angry fruit and work the spread go out.

We have whispers and incognitus we’re working on and whatever else.

You can work on some new stuff. You’ve got enough to get on with.

We just had to be more resourceful – I was able to open the tunes in fruity 10 on my trading laptop.

We are on.

The negotiations turned utterly hostile – we are crawling through shit again now with this technology.

The songs load up in fruity, great.

The video projects wont load in the new premier, and the old premier, has that quicktime issue. In the end it’s good old mpeg clipstream that converts me over.

I can’t get a line in on the laptops at all, but . . . I can get a line out to the ue boom, and I record in-program with the dj controller so . . .

Although I have crawled through shit . . . I’ve got there.

I can finish my tunes. I can finish my video.

I can reference tunes on the ue boom because I have the headphones to give me decent monitoring and the ue boom simply has to be a reference I can’t do detailed work on that. At least it’s better than nothing and it allows me to do DJ mixes.


Today I smashed the insurance leaving just the settlement as the last major thing.

I have accepted I will not get noob eats done and I will just have to deal with it the same way I dealt with RCTV we’re just going to have to review what we have and what we can do to make it fit with what we’re doing

It seems like in terms of my youtube it’s a stage where the lights go down, and I just keep putting out music videos, it’s music with a video it’s delving visually into a spiralling timeline where we’re mashing up everything over and over into whittled blobs of meanings, we are emerging into the new era and we are shaking out the content that has been before into a prelude of what comes next.

We have to make noob eats make sense in terms of that. The tour videos are in this mix.

Noob eats could be part of the arc back – through the past, tours, a tour, my trip, noob eats, moving on to RCTV

No no, the tour leads to cd dvd archive, business leads to RCTV, so actually noob eats should be earlier, so it is part of the downwards arc, as we go back – we go through noob eats, we go then further back to tours, further back to graham then we come forward through cd dvd archive to where RCTV is and we plan to have the season of rctv we planned wrapped by the time we leave around april next year.

The point is that it’s all very murky and these themes are appearing as the only loose narrative, it is about dissolving the old into something new and consolidated.

Override protocol, angry fruit and work the spread are about to become part of this narrative of cleansing it out,

Override protocol I can throw in europe stuff with the old stuff, angry fruit can combine stuff from noob eats, europe and the old tour, as we go into work the spread which is more strong on the tour stuff, and bring god back as he was of that era.

It’s bringing it back to nimbin even. Then we got new songs likely to come in where we go business, we go archive, we are heading into RCTV where we get that very business montage vibe coming through.

SO the music videos are going to be themed to match the content that I am also releasing from the past, it’s about the streams coming together, it’s about everything being dissolved and resolved and consolidated.

It’s about the minimalism, everything you have is on it’s journey, help it on, get it out.

The journey here will represent that, with noob eats, the tour vids, override protocol, angry fruit, work the spread, cd dvd archive and the beginnings of RCTV, the business themes coming through the mix to segue into.

Though I may be preparing this content I am not trying to keep pace – if it is not ready by the time I’m back, it doesn’t matter, I can still slide in some of the original concepts for microscope which also help transition to business and get on this thematic retrospect that is circling back round to the beginning of RCTV

Remember we have grahams footage that comes in after the tour as we go right back but then has it’s own episode as part of the RC story.

It preludes the search for graham, and my anger that graham is not at the picnic and that theme of clutching onto a whimsical past as it fades into a harsh and austere outlook.

This is great – see I told you, a good storyteller works with what he’s got. If my content is bad, it’s because my story is not doing enough to animate the content into a context that engages people.

What does this mean for now?

Override protocol is next – the archive vibes of second chance, rehashing our own work through polyps, and adding sprinkles and twists of noob eats, with a steady serving of what we can produce from europe. It is likely to be a glorified home video of my trip up until baltics.

Noob eats will be modest and not have any more street scenes, I will have more time to develop the concepts and see if I can record myself.

Atomix will come in here too – where? between noob eats and the tour of course, yes. Angry fruit is related to europe and the tour so those could go either way, knowing that europe goes with angry fruit more than atomix, and we need a channel for that, then we are into the tour and work the spread works in there working us over to graham, and business RC foreshadowings, work the spread is an ultimate jumble at the centre it is likely that work the spread would follow angry fruit because I could keep doing whatever knowing when I get back, I can dump down the tour vids and talk to rachel if need be.

We can already see from there the path through grahams stuff to archives and business RC and proper graham episodes before we head into RC, if we don’t do a few business style skits. basically we are joining back up with maximising explosions, and we have hamlet to, so the fact i look several years older kind of reeks of stagnation which is also a theme of the pretty ghosts microscope project, haunted emptiness and the home as a protective womb and being trapped by my own need for security and fear of what I don’t understand and am unwilling to cede any convenience to finding out.

I am confident now we have good concepts to move forward with our content, with out video supporting our music and other ideas, and no need to force the noob eats thing to make it work, it will find it’s groove amidst this fuller more rounded, consolidated concept of using this period as an intermission to do more stylistic stuff that is retrospective and allows us to introduce new content from different eras, as we head into a less conceptual and more linear narrative.


Second chances is good to go. I’m not going to dwell on it. Let’s get override protocol done and out of the way.

By the time we get to the baltics we should have a nice video for it with ideas I mentioned earlier.

You see now I am getting on top of it I don’t feel the need to drive myself to imposing deadlines, drive myself to do it all, it is time now to relax.

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