by Matt Romantech on September 27, 2017

Because I am sick, I have to stay here, I don’t have the option of anything but a little trip, and maybe I get the chance to analyse some stuff.

I was so mad, I was getting mad about having to go back to NZ.

All I want to do is train and dedicate myself to tunes. No distractions. I need to seek purity in that way.

I need to learn routines that will keep me making music and training.

Why do I care about building all this empire? Because the rest is easy. You get some money – you have money – you get yourself a nice russian wife and away you go.

why would you bother with free rent in NZ? Because you have to come back here, and you’ve got to operate from here.

It is no longer foundational, as our operation in kiev becomes the cornerstone, but it is only pop up. We collapse and withdraw again.

I’m bothered by the girl thing, I think you know deep down that if darya is a true sweetheart then you’re better off with her than holding out for a 9 which will confuse you, like kamila, you’d be driven mad by her body.

a true sweetheart who will hold it down for you no matter what is what you want. Russian girls can be bitches too, so if you find one who really is the real deal, you marry her up. You just keep talking to them and you play it out.

you need a way to talk to these girls which makes clear your intentions, without suggesting explicitly you want to marry them up. Darya is a test case.

I’m just worried I’ve only got one little blonde to talk to all summer and i could easily get completely obsessed with her, then be stuck in kiev with some 9’s blowing your mind. I can’t help but feel that darya deserves a special chance, because it shows humility and acceptance of what life really is. Don’t be greedy like the dog with his bone. when you’ve got a lovely little honey, don’t go ruining it.

You will have to inevitably test this situation anyway. Again I don’t want to marry a kamila. I want to have a nice little piece on the side. Kamila can have her boyfriend, johnny captain of the football team. I just want her for a night when I’m visiting. Girls like victoria, sure I like them. Sure they may get the impression I’m seperated but I will always encourage them to have boyfriends.

I can’t let darya down. I don’t mean actual darya, I mean the concept of darya, if you’ve got a good girl who is going to stick by you, like darya, and bake cookies and raise a family, and clean up after you, then you don’t break her heart by getting obsessed with some little floozy. Girls like darya aren’t floozies and you can’t treat them like that.

That’s what makes me different from some pua player motherfucker, I realised life isn’t a game, and if you want a girl to honour you for life, then you must be prepared to make the sacrfices involved. No getting tied up with young floozies other than mindless flings, you’re getting too old.

It’s as I said before, take it as a relief that you can focus on other things. music, art, I mean . . . if there was no need of any floozies in auckland, how would that change things? Free rent becomes based solely on merit, the honey trap of honey pie is something you allow to happen organically, but it’s not something you’re trying to do, you don’t have to have as sexual exploitation agenda in fact it’s better for the girls in kiev to recruit guys who will work their asses off.

It makes serious money outlays avoidable, and so I can have some confidence, knowing that anything that goes wrong i can withdraw.

It keeps coming back to the idea that I’m going to be focused on training, art and russian, but how do I know if I’m getting anywhere? I mean in music I started to become goal orientated again – what is the goal here?

When I left I had this goal that I would have certain cities I cultivated, and I think that goal has merit, but not on the scale I planned. What I like about my kiev idea is that I do it my way, it’s not a traditional club, it’s a place where DJ’s play vapourwave and chillstep and liquid, but its not designed as a club – its a hang out with a dancefloor. It’s designed to foster a social atmosphere where people can dance if they want to. It’s not a loud volume thing, but you have to keep driving toward the point.

What’s the point of the place? Well I want to be able to have gigs and play sets, but I don’t want a huge sweaty club.

Trying to organise a big gig and make it happen can be stressful, so you have the venue all ready to roll, when you want to have a gig, you have one. Who cares about auckland?

Again and again it comes back to what you want. I want to be able to have some gigs, but doesn’t it all change when your need for women gets removed from the situation. I don’t have to have massive status.

I used to dream of having status in auckland, but now that is meaningless, who cares about auckland?


Bratislava, it simply goes back to how it was, vienna is another stockholm, it’s too expensive and it’s no fun.

What’s the point in going global lifestyle if you’re just going to be trapped with a whole lot of career dongs, you want to be where the babes are principally, why would you not, well there’s all this and that – oh you could get with this or that but really, what about the girls?

Maybe after girls, the priorities change, you see I go on tinder and it’s not frustrating, it’s simply a cue, it’s not like there was much in ukraine in terms of hard evidence you just picked up the vibe and the fact that there were so many hot girls and they were dating some pretty funny looking dudes, and it just seemed like it was all on, while in prague, vienna, it’s not happening. It’s not happening.

Walking around bratislava I kind of get down, I’m still feeling sick, I still look and feel a bit ragged, and yet here we are again, all these beautiful ladies are walking around here again, and I know that they notice me, even though I look like ratshit, what is that?

It doesn’t make me feel better, it makes me feel like I’m missing out here, I’m not settled in my game play to make moves on these girls, I’m getting older, I lost half a life not knowing it was this way, these countries are full of babes and they want to get to know you, it goes around and around, and then it comes back . . .

You can only have one.

What it comes back to then is that you’ve got to be doing something.

You’ve got to have some kind of play going on, I think women are attracted to men who have something going on, who are involved and active in their lives, I don’t really feel that when I’m just wandering around in an old hoodie looking at stuff.

I don’t believe that it’s truly a strategy to go back to NZ to immerse myself in training and music, just so I can come back with a nice haircut all healthy and focused and start doing what I’d be doing anyway, just simply talking to girls.

Right now if I was talking to girls what would I say? I can’t speak slovakian. I’m not going to learn. I’m leaving in 2 days and I’m not sure I’m ever coming back.

My old plan isn’t flexible to new developments. I feel frustrated moving around pointlessly. I see the buildings, I see the girls, I move on, so what?

I don’t believe that going back to New Zealand to train and do tunes and even learn russian is something that is fundamental to meeting girls, it’s about focus, I feel unfocused, when you’re focused in your life, you’re going to have girls wanting to connect with you anyway, this is what I’m doing, injecting all the solid knowledge I have into a ukrainian situation – the dating app is still going to bring mainly trash, being focused on your own life is attractive to girls.

I need an opportunity to form a proper plan for schemes as well, we need some concepts to really get moving – whatever we want to achieve we can use business to achieve it.

This is why I keep trying to use the visualisation – project dream scenarios, so I can begin to design an awesome life.

trying to understand where gigs fit in is a good start. I can’t work out the girl thing, it’s much like trading, I know my game is tight, but it’s dangerous to project outside of striving to do your best.

I have to go to my tasks, I book all my stuff, all my trips, and I’ve already looked at thailand and it’s even cheaper than europe, but remember thailand is hot and the girls aren’t hot like ukraine, I don’t go for thai girls.

Kiev is where it’s at.

Imagine running all your game you made up in NZ, but in kiev – modelling shoots and all such things, my god, you have to understand this shit.

You have to start a modelling agency in kiev, it’s the best idea ever. I think you can still talk to darya and still plan a modelling agency knowing that you’re not going to end up with both. It just reminds me to be careful with darya because she doesn’t deserve to be crapped on. Maybe I will just have to tell her I’m seeing other girls but I’m only marrying one. She can do what she likes with that information.

If I don’t want to pursue her, then that’s the end of that. I think you have to accept that there are many possible futures and two of them are that darya is the only woman you’ll ever sleep with again, or that you start a modelling agency in kiev and you manage to bed dozens of spectacular beauties just using the same bullshit you played in auckland. It is possible that you marry darya and do the agency because there is absolutely no way she would ever know and that is how it has to be.

So yes, we have a plan forming. As for NYL? Go ahead with it as planned, the only part that would upset your wife is

Again I realise, if you feel a passion for a girl, you should let her know, but just be sensible about what you say to these girls. Also be prepared for darya to get a boyfriend or whatever, and then you can happy that you can focus on your modelling agency. Like I said, I can just pull all the shit I’ve done in auckland but on such a more wonderful scale.

In fact I can build the website and then go after the girls, because in ukraine fronting girls on the street isn’t some big offence, you just do your spiel and tell girls you’re a talent scout or whatever your little story is.

You can spend whole days just going around giving out cards. Just doing that would be enough.

I mean in NZ youre so burdened by feminism, the biggest shit test of all time, shaming you into not approaching beautiful women, when it’s as simple as what I learnt, girls want to be approached by high quality men. The shit test exists to fend off low quality men. It’s a filter that’s been erected that basically strains out a lot of decent men who have been sexually shamed out of being motivated to talk to a pretty girl.

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