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by Matt Romantech on September 28, 2017

I feel like I should walk around bratislava, aren’t I here to be here? I’m trying to stimulate my thoughts to get that focus I want, I follow certain avenues that are clear to me, but never sure where they’re leading.

Girls, they’re there, you talk to them, you have to learn russian and do this in russian speaking countries.

I was like . . . you could run all the game you were running in NZ in kiev to much more devastating effect.

Music, I just don’t know, I’m not sure. I wonder about auckland and I wonder about all the old dreams, are they any use to me now? All the old dreams were based on an old idea of what I wanted to be.

When you know you can have girls, status is suddenly not the prize it was in Auckland, all these thoughts confuse me.

I look at auckland with disdain now, why participate in that? To bring that mutt to heel as a matter of personal accomplishment.

I return to NZ to retool. There’s nothing I want except the space to find focus, so I can return to europe with full focus, focused on what I’m doing and the niche I’m trying to enter into.

We need to understand the goals exactly so we can build a refined strategy. Why build a strategy to play gigs all over the world if that’s not what you want? I remember what I want, to be that trader DJ guy who doesn’t care about DJing because I trade, the music is incidental.

It’s about understanding new takes on girls, business, music, the framing of the fundamentals have all flipped and I need to recalibrate to all of this.

I was in the caf catching the vibe and feeling it, yet still confused, unable to focus. I can never get a decent wifi connection to trade with. But I’m trying to look beyond trading to see the goals beyond it.

God I had the weirdest dream this morning, with eamon, faith, dominic and andre, that thuggish dude with the birthmark from school.

What a weird group of people. It speaks to me of unfulfilled potential and that even darya doesn’t matter when it comes to this, what matters more than girls – that’s what it is, I have to ascend and it’s like that rave in kiev, I didn’t realise there was a whole other main room and it’s disorientated my map of proceedings.

The girl thing doesn’t really matter, you pick a girl and you knock her up, it’s . . . one of those things you just can’t see until it becomes so clear, no, it’s probably not wise to make girls the priority in your life because it’s a dead end – it’s a dead end you have to drive down – it is ultimately the beginning and end of all things, but it’s an end all the same, having brats is the thankless task one has to fulfill.

and the children shall inherit the struggle!

It was a thought I had that I have to travel and DJ and trade and not really care about the DJing part because that’s my image . . . it’s my image I need because that’s what people want to see, they want to believe it, they want the real deal, and a DJ and a player is just some fake piece of shit, but if you’re a DJ and a player but your also the man in your operative situations then you get respect because you can be as straight up as you like and people will respect that – so . . . you want to live out some image?

Well you’ve got to DO something, you HAVE to create VALUE.

That’s what I was walking down the street thinking in Bratislava, thinking about reproduction and postering and shit and just realising it is nothing. Trading is what matters, how else are you able to create value?

The modelling agency works because it creates value beyond money – it creates girls. Girls have value.

You have to understand value. How is your music going to create value? I don’t think that’s up to me to decide. I can’t help but feel that most gigs are just too much effort.

What are you trying to achieve? Tallinn, Helsinki, St Petersburg. Kiev, Minsk, Odessa, Even Kharkov too.

And yes, bratislava as a base? No, because you’d stay in the cities you’re playing in, you’d hire a car in romania, and drive it around, coming through from odessa in late september – you’d do prague, vienna, bratislava, budapest, belgrad, sofia and bucharest in or 3 weeks, make it the basswave tour featuring a line up of artists from ukraine, new zealand, estonia, etc. underdog challengers, we’re building a brand, based on what we’re doing in ukraine.

Again we may need a headliner to back us in places like prague and vienna where we need to have cut through to get it happening. But it’s likely there’s going to be clear parameters to what I’m doing, and adding a new city is going to mean we have to lose an old city.

We’ll be active in these mini areas, and it’s as simple as going with the gigs that work and forgetting what doesn’t, tallinn and kiev are our main focus, and building something around that.

Does auckland even matter? Maybe, but I don’t know. It seems like something you’d do later when the money and status is all behind you so it just happens. In fact the whole thing really should be done that way, your focus now is on building the brand and the content of basswave.

Again you are simply taking your place amongst the line up, it should never be made explicit you are the leadership who is bankrolling it. The club should be close to closer, so we can draw off people

You see that I feel that music matters, but does it? Well I want to be involved in music, listen to a lot of music, and do the DJ’s duty of bringing excellent music out to be heard, and get a situation where people are into dancing, that’s my idea.

But what about playing to 500+ people in kiev and getting that vibe that you came and you conquered, you run the dance.

See that is a vibe, to start bigging up kiev, the most beautiful city in the world, and talking about our style as if we’re bringing it. We represent basswave, and we will bring basswave to tallinn and through an eastern european tour, and whatever is after that is after that.

You can still do this and marry darya if you like it kind of makes me into that settling guy, but I’m not getting younger and if I was impregnating darya I kind of feel I have license to dick around with my music stuff.

I met darya, she was nice and blonde, very sweet girl, I impregnated her a bunch of times, and she never knew I had a fair few young women going on the side, I was doing my music stuff. I do my music stuff because I can’t make my trading stuff happen and that’s what it all comes down to. I have to always wait for the trading to offer the opportunity to do something, and so I have to have my own agenda.

Girls and music. What else really matters? Your little videos and various art projects, yes, I guess, I suppose.


Just getting to budapest has somehow woken me up – it’s the girls, I saw this one girl at the bus stop who was the most stunning girl I’d seen since ukraine, and I’m still thinking about that girl in dnipro I followed for a block she was crazy hot. But again tonight, I was checking out this complete babe while her boyfriend was in the burger joint I was leaving, and she fully fed it back to me, I couldn’t believe it.

I have never had a hot girl in NZ give me the eye while she’s with her boyfriend, who was hunky as hell, I just couldn’t get it. It doesn’t mean anything as an isolated incidence, all it means is that the window of possibilities is so much further open.

For some reason, girls in eastern europe – not central europe – will put you the hell on.

Where I’m pushing to is that I already have a source of income, what we need is business that generates other outcomes that can’t be directly purchased with cash.

Most of those outcomes relate to music and girls. When I am working on music and girls I am working on a business idea that generates opportunities in music and with girls.

That’s what bass wave is.

Before I got the big glade eye from that complete babe, I was just going over the same shit – I’m not coming at this situation unless I have a plan, and you know what that is, that is will work in hungary just as well as it works in ukraine, girls being sexy is not some kind of exploitative concept here.

You have to set up a website so that when you hand them a card, they can look at the website and see that it’s legit.


I need to get my modes of thinking straight, it’s not what I think about, it’s how I think about it.

When I think of girls, I think of darya and impregnating her, and that’s not really that useful. I’m not seeing the angles across it, it’s just . . . damn I did it again.

It’s this concept of value. What is valuable to people? Ukraine is valuable to me specifically because of the girls. The other things are nice, but the girls are what seal the deal.

What matters to me is not the point though, it’s what matters to the end user who we are trying to provide value for. The ukraine girls? Yes, in New Zealand, white guys still make good money, and they are the ones who need to have access to the girls. It is completely a stigma to get a russian girl, and we need to shatter that completely in a strategic way in order to deliver the value.

It’s still a long way from a business model, but we are straining out the right the threads. Ukrainian girls are valuable to me and so they are valuable to other men, and this other point I keep hitting on.

You can only have one. You can’t be greedy and have too many more, it’s not right. You need to try to not cheat, or manage it in a way that it doesn’t do any damage, I feel confident I can avoid falling in love with a girl like kamila in fact I think I’m way too smart to think that when I’m 50 I can have a relationship with a 19 year old prostitute, am I going to fall in love with these girls and walk away from my family? Don’t be ridiculous.

It’s that don draper thing, it’s that tony soprano thing. You just have to take steps to make sure your wife doesn’t know. Your mistress should barely know your name.

You just have to be explicit, this isn’t love. I have a wife who I love. I just like to run some hot young ass around the bedroom, and prostitutes are too low rent for me, let’s be real, girls who sell their ass have no fucking class.

It’s like you can play at being 40 forever with a wife and kids at home, and you can play at being 25 forever with a string of haphazard affairs with hot young babes, the thing is when you’ve got money, coming up with a classy way to make your overtures can’t be that hard. You have to front or else it’s evidence.

When you’re rich and married you can run beta game. I really like you, can I take you out? I’m married btw.

Most married guys who have affairs are guys who got trapped when they were still incorrigible pussy hounds, and they can’t help themselves and they’re always trying to bone the girl down the road, and they get caught.

I know I can’t resist 20 year old ass. So I come up with a strategy to minimize the damage.

Again this is not valuable discussion about creating value. I said value was important, girls are valuable, but should girls become business? Do you want to be a pimp?

Value is defined by what I want. I keep thinking about girls, if your girls situation was the best . . . you’d only want more money and more art, but don’t you already have this bass wave concept that is designed to push everything you value?

Just do up a website pushing the brand,

But what about the modelling agency? How do you legitimate it?

Well I become my own client. If you can pay the girls $20 for a few hours, and you can, then you are giving them work.

I just ran off and bought 2 years of, what better could there be? searching kyiv on google already brings up kiev, so I think I will dominating it, and of course my target is the girls, who know it as “kyiv”.

Now we build the website, mainly so that if everyday we manage to give 2 dozen girls a card and a handful go to the site, then they see that it is legit. That’s before we start with online advertising.

Then we get these girls coming in to do the photoshoots and such, and we are trying to steer them over to basswave.

At basswave they sit on tinder trying to get local guys to come down, and trying to get auckland guys to donate to her crowdfund.

Basically much like I thought of cloning chloe, now I am thinking of cloning taya. These girls don’t have to be that original, they can just copy taya.

Most of these girls don’t have what taya has to get their youtube and paypal and patreon organised – we do that, but of course, we take 50/50 like we would with the artists. Our girls are single and have every intention of coming to NZ, but if the guys lose interest after theyve already wanked away $100, that’s not our problem, my business model is not based on suckering dudes.

If dudes want to pay $10p/month for bikini pics that’s on them. If dudes want to pledge $100 to crowdfunding for a guaranteed date with the girl when she comes to NZ, that’s on them.

I’m taking $5 from the patreon and she’s going to do 30 hours a week for the 3 months she’s here to cover her board.

But let’s be real, if she has 10 guys giving her $5 p/week and 10 guys coming down to bass wave, one of which gives her $50 to do the guide and style and she’s make $100 a week, she is making good money.

The business model works, but how do the girls survive in the time it takes them to get started? I will have to do the free rent and groceries thing.

But obviously bass wave will need staff and this is where it starts, 4 hot barmaids on tinder trying to get guys to come down.

How do we tell girls that it’s better if they’re single? I think we can explain the audience and the target, but we can’t expect them to stay single, we need to have other things they can do if they want to have a boyfriend.

Well we don’t have them do the tinder stuff, which means they don’t get guys coming down, so they can’t land the big fish.

What happens if they decide not to go to NZ? Well everyone gets their money back, and it’s a wasted effort for me.

So I need to hire a space for bass wave, get my website going, then basically I’m bringing down girls who I am encouraging to come down and pitch in to get some content rolling. It’s here we start taking them through some ideas – would you like to come to NZ for a free working holiday and meet some boys?

Let’s set you up with a crowdfunding page that lays out the premise. What do the company get? Agency fees. We will have to add agency fees – a pittance – so that the western guys don’t work out that their whole work revolves around having a whole bunch of guys on a string.

Yes the westerners know that the girls work for bass wave or for kurb, but they don’t know that their full time occupation is talking to guys online. They think that the girls work at the club or in media all day, maybe they grasp the patreon concept that she has to go out at least once a month and take pictures of herself because she has all these guys on patreon drooling after her.

We have to say to her that when she’s gets married we have a new business model. But that’s not necessary now, what we want is to be able to paint a full picture for this girl, of where all this is heading, that there’s a future beyond milking these guys for cash because we do it the honest way.

So what are their income streams?

– bass wave
– patreon
– crowdfunding – although this isn’t technically income.

It just occurred to me we could run the whole thing as a pyramid scheme, where the ugly girls manage the social media of the prettier girls in the hopes that even uglier girls will manage their social media, so that they have a facebook, a twitter, a youtube, everything all set up, funnelling to their website which of course, I own, I own their brand, I own their content. It’s just a way of keeping them on a leash and not running off with ideas of their own.

I am totally moving in to disrupt the ukrainian matchmaking industry, because I see a valuable natural resource I can profit from refining.

Men are just too scared to do what I’ve done, they would rather sit on their asses and have their princess come to them, and so we will provide.

Profitability isn’t the aim, the revenue only exists to motivate the girls, the girls exist to motivate the boys back home to bring them over, and I profit from the fact that I am bringing all these hot girls into my orbit, my own little army of babes who can exert influence over men.

to join free rent, to walk off their job and go get free rent and live in a juicehaus to embrace some ukrainian girl.

Honey pie we will still do, but it is the most cost intensive and so we won’t get the opportunity to

Basically, you are still all about this empire building even though the trading doesn’t seem to be offering that.

But it does, eventually, your dreams are just a year or two behind the pace now, which is just something that happens, when you’re old as rats it won’t change, all these dynamics, men will still want what ukraine girls offer and ukraine girls will still want what nz offers, and this powers positive development.

My opportunity is to basically put this couple into a house I’ve relocated on some land and ask them to do the work, just as I set out. Man and woman as a family in a house. That’s positive.

30,000 hours to pay off the house, that’s $600k. I spent $150k on it. I wouldn’t bother, just put them in there and tell them they have to do 40 hours and they get a whole bunch of food and such obviously, solar panels, the full network basically, theyve got plenty of opportunity to bring in their own cash on their own time and save for what they want.

I am connected to the plan back home, by the land, relocate the house, put the couple in it.

Honey pie is the missing link now, bass wave is now priority, in a years time, we pack up and go home and that’s when we drop honey pie. Even though I probably have a girlfriend in russia I’ve pretty much decided I will marry.

It’s part of it.

Does the juice still matter? Yes because it’s something harmless to focus on. When you need people to fill those hours, that’s what they’re doing. If girls in ukraine are convincing young guys to move into warehouses, then that’s what they’re doing.

I still plan to take this damn thing full scale. Why? I want to build my own empire, like sim city, it’s so much fun.

To command the power to make the world a better place because you have mobilized a network of influence, like I want to be an actual warlord. I want to command influence so that I can use it to change society into something richer and better for people.

Unleash innovation in the way people operate in their lives, it’s like fixing an old engine, you want to make the world work.

Imagine bringing 100 women from ukraine and they all have kids and live in houses I relocated onto sections, imagine the influence you would wield over these people’s lives, your people, you’ve said it before, if you never have kids, but you did this, what is really being a leader and doing your duty?

Your duty to what? Your duty to leave the world a better place than you found it. Better for who? Better for those who believe what I believe, that there is a better way and people are living like morons and there’s no excuse for it.

I know who I am, I know that young babes are the finest thing in life, I can’t pretend that’s not real, but I understand why hot babes are the finest thing in life, because life wants to go on, and so I am pushed to bone all these girls, but I understand, a world full of fatherless fuck ups is no world you want to live in, kids need a dad. My kids need a dad, and every kid needs a dad, and instead of me, some other dude will have the privilege of impregnating hot girls from ukraine.

I think you have to do it and find a girl who wants to go along with all of this.

It’s all one thing, do the matchmaking, find your own girl, play a bunch of gigs, relocate some houses and be done with it all.

I mean we are just skinnying it down to the raw essence now, the juice, the free rent, it’s just something to do as part of a communal effort, I came to kiev and I opened this club and I met all these beautiful women, and I boned a few of them, and then I sent them all back to NZ where they got husbands and lived in my houses and we made it good, we built a little ukraine in New Zealand for all the wives and kids, and the wives bringing out their families, we cloned taya, and we cloned chloe, and I played games where I tried to have more influence.

Well that’s another story, let’s focus on what’s ahead of us, and now I think we have an idea that synchronizes what we are trying to do in the next few years.

Start a club in kiev which is a cover for a new kind of matchmaking that brings the ukraine girls to NZ. We also grow the brand which, using the same staff that build a platform for the girls, we build a platform for the DJ brand.

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