by Matt Romantech on September 24, 2017

In Vienna it hits me, this is where you take a girl, the whole point of a place like this is this is where you’d bring a girl like darya, to the art gallery and the museum, and to the theatre or opera or ballet, and then you’d have lunch and dinner in these fancy places.

I don’t want to use that up by going and doing it myself, it’s pointless, you see I already knew this, I said I wanted to go and find out what it’s like, what is the life like there, the prices, the girls, the weed, the music scene, etc.

I’ve seen enough, nowhere is like ukraine, and maybe when I’m rich I’ll do fine anywhere, but I’m not rich yet, and what I got in ukraine is what I want.

But the trading, it’s totally and completely reversed to where it was at the start of the trip, $45k.

It’s just so . . . of course. It wasn’t just a trip, it was a test, remember how far down you got, those days you had to be realistic about the reality that you might pop your account again, but all you could think about was that this is ukraine and even a guy with the money you’ve got now would pull major babes.

This is information that all has to be processed, because now that you see how easy it is to get girls, but the problem is going for more than one is a waste of time, talk to darya and victoria because you met them, and don’t really worry about it because you’ve been in ukraine and you know what it’s like – there are more babes, you’re not going to run out.

One thing I got wrong was thinking I had a chance with girls in prague. Forget it. Vienna, forget it, I wonder if it will ever recover, even in serbia.

I don’t really care, I think the nice girls may be north of ukraine.

Your trading, by the looks, should be working by next year. How amazing the reversal. You should be able to plan around spending the same budget, $100 a day. Wait, why shouldn’t it be less? I think we have to accept that it is what it is, and manage that. $500 we said.

You get 90 days in ukraine, and 90 days in schengen, and thats that. you can go to minsk, or serbia, or turkey depending on the weather – I can go to minsk for 5 days over and over again, and I might do that just because no one goes there except to chase girls and so it’s a perfect destination. Girls are the only thing it really has going for it. You’re only in minsk for 5 days at a time, but you can go again and again, especially if you have the money, why not. You want to go to sankt petersburg as well if victoria is keen.

You won’t really be able to get fully settled. But it won’t be mental like it’s been, moving every few days.

What I need to bring together is the day to day of what I’m trying to achieve, trading, training and tunes.

As my trading improves so I can unlock those goals, but until then, I can’t do it, I have to focus on girls, which is more important anyway, and also not focus on girls because that’s the best way to do it.

I’m not going in for the fasting and yoga and weights and music for some girl, cos I could just impregnate darya and be done with it. I am reaching for something more yet I don’t quite know what it is, all I understand is that little hotties are just like chocolate bars and the sugar is for your ego, getting so high pulling in the little hotties with your big money. So what. Get yourself a slut and forget it, stay in love with your wife, and your girlfriends earn their money for just one night.

I don’t know. The point is that impregnating a sweet girl like darya matters, chasing around hot ass doesn’t, and maybe you just need to see what it is that you truly want to get on with?

All my dreams for trading, all I dreamt that it could be. Well yes, keep dreaming, but you can’t hurry along anything, what can you do except what you’ve already mapped out?

Sure. It sounds good. But the frustration is there is no way to begin expanding, you wanted to begin the free rent thing but you can’t afford to get a place.

I wonder how much I should care, maybe I don’t and maybe I won’t, it’s just something to get on with at the end of the queue, in the meantime, I’ve got things to do. Clear your mind, and focus on this.

There’s time for all your dreams, and there’s money too, so focus on what you can see in front of you.

Nothing else has to matter right now.


I am reflecting on my trip to see what knowledge I may not be seeing yet.

I focus on kiev because of girls and now I realise the girls thing will be a different path, there’s definitely one there but you have to see your new life with a girl.

there is a reason being married sucks and it’s because you have to stay with one girl, and you can’t go off and chase other girls, you have to stay with her and raise your brats.

That’s my attraction to darya, she is proper housewife material. That’s really what I want, I don’t need all this contemporary romance bullshit. Basically, I have my own life outside my marriage. It becomes a bit don draperesque I guess, as long as I’m actually there, having a girlfriend is just a little treat.

Is there something beyond all this? Of course, it’s art.

What’s art? Whatever I’m doing. You know there are things to do.

But it’s meaningless? Not really, I’m doing it, the trading is happening, why should I push it any harder than however it’s going to roll?

It sucks we can’t make it all happen now, I don’t even know about all of that free rent stuff, what’s the point?

My ideas will just have to happen in their own time. Things just have to happen when they’re going to happen.

It’s a hard idea to get your head around.

We know we can’t be focused on training and music when I’m jumping around like this, I can’t do it. But at least I’ve caught the vibe, what do you want to achieve musically?

Get gigs in amsterdam, copenhagen, helsinki, tallinn, minsk, kiev, odessa, prague, vienna etc

That’s all. You’re going to need to put out some songs and you’re going to need to do your podcast. Your podcast and your songs and your video is your content, and that goes on your website but how do we get people connected to the content?

You have to take the lesson you’ve learned. Put top guys on, put yourself on support, make the gig cheap, promote the shit out of it.

Again you need money for that – but that’s all you need. I feel like why would I do anything else but do my music, my podcast, website, and just take it from there?

Wouldn’t it be easier to open some kind of pop up venue?

Like rather than trying to have 2 gigs while youre there for 3 months, just have 1 3 month long gig.

rent a space for 4-5 months as a pop up space, do everything from there. Basically you just sit there and make it work. First you get tonnes of girls coming in for whatever opportunities you can offer.

Sit them down with a tinder app and tell them to start messaging the guys to get their whatsapp.

But they can also tinder local guys and say, hey come down to basswave if youre a tourist, a kiwi guy runs it so honest guys can meet local girls, or some such tacit suggestion. Just get them down here so we can find out what they want and sell it to them.

Well you start with charging a door fee of 100 hryvnia which allows you free fruit drinks, and to consume your alcohol, charge your laptop or phone, use the wifi, toilet, storage, get advice.

There is things for sale, things westerners need – not just food and drinks, but maybe clothes, haircuts – again offer a package – a haircut, clothes hire and a stylist, $20. Have flowers guys can order. Date planner, wingwoman, russian tutor,

Why wouldn’t the idea work in auckland, other than not having the girls there? The girls aren’t there – hundreds of guys come in to see 2 or 3 girls we have, and the girls say, look at all my friends in ukraine. And the guys say . . . we’re not in ukraine.

Dudes help pay for these girls to get over, but I say, you girls owe me work for the board, you have to repeat the process, bring all the guys in and put the guys you don’t want onto another girl back home.

When she eventually hooks a guy here, that may be the end of that, but I say to them, remember what I did for you. I made this happen, now lets get you a house.

Remember the girls will have to go home, and thats an advantage because they will have men chasing after them, that’s where we organise our own packages.

$1500 for 15 days, you get accommodation, basic food, guide, intro to girls, haircut, clothing, etc.

Now we’re having ideas – what’s the fundamental change? It’s what olga said, forget the juice.

Get the girls to come to the venue and get on tinder and mamba and get guys down here so we can talk to them, if you’re good at getting guys to come down and use our services – or even just you manage to get guys down here, because they do pay $100 just to get in – then you are set up on pledgeme and given access to a tinder account where you can fish for dudes.

Now the girls have access to guys overseas and locally. How do they make their money? guide services. If they make $50 in a day off some guy, that is the jackpot for them.

So basically they just sit there, they don’t actually have to come in to the venue, trying to get guys to come down. when the guy comes down and pays his $100 its over to her. she should be able to get at least 10 guys to come down each week, and 1 of those guys should be willing to pay $50 for her to take him out, borrow some clothes, get a haircut if he needs it, go over some date ideas, russian phrases, introduce him to some girls,

Basically if you pay the $1500, you get this everyday.

But dudes might be encouraged to pick a girl they dont have the hots for because that girl maybe able to open up an angle with the other girl. The thing maybe is that I have to have a private talk with each dude if he is hiring the girl about what he is getting. We don’t deal in whores, my business provides guides that introduce sincere guys to quality girls.

What you need is the worlds most tacit and inference laden website. The whole idea of basswave is that it’s supposed to be, come down and experience modern contemporary western trends.

contemporary trends. strong coffee. real music. romance and innovation hub for english speakers and learners.

BASSWAVE. opportunity destination.

See? I’m branding it as a romance hub for english speakers (dudes) AND learners (chicks)

See the hidden message. The girls say I come from basswave, heres the website check it out. The website makes clear that it’s a hub that has a whole bunch of services that cater for young male tourists.

– free fruit drinks, tea, and to consume your alcohol, charge your laptop or phone, use the wifi, toilet, storage, get advice.

come down for a drink ive got pictures on my phone of all my single friends.

Dude comes in from tinder to meet my first and only girl, her english is patchy, I explain to him, olga here is trying to get a job helping single guys meet decent girls, and she’s going to help you. She’s just getting started so if you can give her $20 for 3 hours, that would be awesome, she’s going to help you out.

If you’re not interested you’re most welcome to sit here and have free fruit juice and tea, enjoy the DJ, enjoy the girls company, but they are not obliged to discuss any aspect relating to their work, I will have to train the girls how to tell the guys “if you want to know about that you should pay the $20, it’s really worth it”.

After all, if he’s staying there and drinking tea or juice and not paying the girls after having paid the house 100H, the girls have every right to work on him.

But after all we want a regular crowd of guys who come back, pay 100H bring their own drinks and maybe buy a few things, because they know there’s girls and music. For the girls who are full on, they are in the venue, waiting for guys to walk in, tindering local tourists to come down, and working the NZ guys to give to her crowdfunding, or pay for the $1500 visitor package.

There’s no juice to sell, not yet.

There’s no free rent pad, not yet

We don’t need that. Not yet.

All we need is to rent a space and then get the girls to come down.

Why don’t you just let the girls feed the guys? drinks are 100, food is 100 but it depends on their being a girl there to make what you want, it’s a completely unregulated market, except that food is 100h per head per helping.

coffee, beer(only available to regulars) etc, we will make 50h, there should be other items also that suit our market.

I’ve got nothing to do with it, I just collect the 100h per head, which means I probably need only 30 people per week to pay my rent.

profit isn’t my goal, I just want a dozen single girls down at my place convincing their friends to come down and all these guys and theyre cooking for them and rubbing egg on their faces and getting them dates and they come back, and suddenly i’ve actually got a scene for the music and 200 people pay 100h and we even have to start charging the girls who are new – word is spreading and western guys and ukraine girls turn up spontaneously.

basically I need to rent a space in town, it could be $300+ at least. But you budgeted $150 for accom. So your weekly costs are still only $450, maybe $500.


Nice move, you cut the juice out of the equation. You’re still dependent on trading but you’re shaking it down on all the angles.

Do we need to do anything like this in NZ? Well we have to wait, and if we wait, we are waiting. We have to wait for such a time as the trading makes it possible – there isn’t much we can do about that.

Again it circles back, I am dependent on the trading.

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