by Matt Romantech on October 7, 2017

Belgrade is definitely grabbing me because the girls are hot and the vibe is gritty – even though the girls are not giving me a lot of love.

I jumped on the thought that I would definitely be back here and my overall plan is belgrade, kiev, tallinn, kiev, belgrade.

I am interested in the girls. That’s the main thing. Except my trading is making me think a lot, what I’ve begun to do is try and manage me expectations, and take it back from some of the big dreams, just mainly so I don’t feel disappointed like I do.

I tried to come back to reality land and assess exactly what it’s going to cost me to have a wife.

This is what darya does, she provides a practical model of what it would involve if you do actually cash your chips.

You have to fly to minsk, you have to fly darya to kiev, then I’d fly to minsk again, This is costing me $300 a pop, but the accommodation costs would be the same, though I would have to take her out some, which would also cost.

But this isn’t more than what it would cost to support her anyway – housing, food, travel.

At what point are you seriously able to propose to a darya that she quit her job and travel with you?

It’s not really related to money, it’s related to whether you want to make that commitment.

The bonus in fact is she would do tasks for you, making your life easier, she would organise lots of stuff for you, least of all, food and laundry.

Sitting here right now, living the life that I am, how much easier could it get if I had darya here running around doing things for me?

But then I’m making more money, we can stay somewhere nicer, we can go out for dinner somewhere nicer, I think what it comes down to is you have to experiment with different girls, you have to say to darya, look we should start spending more time together so we can see if we can last 20 years, because we have to.

This is what it’s about. Testing these girls to see whether you’re sick of it after a few weeks, they’ve started to nag you about something, and whether it just bums you out too much to have to put them on the plane.

Every day you wake up and you bone and you have shower, and you go for a walk and have some breakfast and then sit down to work, i’m trading, and she’s organising all our affairs, like a good secretary, and then it’s time for our work out. Then it’s time to bone again and maybe relax and check over business before heading out for dinner.

After dinner I’m keen to hang out by myself and trade and do music and such, she must have her own thing, but of course at some stage I get either tired or horny and that’s that.

It seems like having a serious girlfriend would be awesome and I’d say it is until you get the chance to bone some other young hottie and it’s too much to resist.


Because this is the thing – as long as you can afford a girl, you don’t really have problems, I don’t anyway. I’ve got my money, I’ve got my art, I think my trading will work out in the end but it will take years to ever be what I thought it would.

I’m modelling trying to get to $5k by the end of next year, I’m modelling trying to bank $2k when I leave in april and still being able to pull down $500 each week off it.

This is based on me trying to find an acceptable low point but it feels to me as if what is more likely is that we will have to wait weeks and weeks for the thing to jump start back into it’s old flow but once we get above $3k, you will find because we remain hedged bigly on each side, and the account is growing again beyond $50k, it is easier to go to new highs of regular $4-5k positions and earning that much a week, which then fills in the holes that push us past $60k, and considering if we might be able to siphon off $300 or more per week.


Girls, girls, girls. You need to put a baby inside of them. It’s the whole idea, that’s why it’s so exciting, the whole thing.

I got two new matches on tinder – one was this gorgeous hungarian girl, and it makes me realise that I need to keep as many doors open as possible, as a good habit, it’s not that I am worried so much that I will be disappointed if darya isn’t still interested in me, but that it might not be wise to marry the first girl you meet without accepting it’s at least two years away, and it’s a healthy state of mind to have a few other girls you’re talking to.

Of course it has been my intention to sign up for some of these sites and I only just realised I got confused between the site taya was promoting and one of the bigger sites.

The big site could be a scam, they want almost $200 for 3 months, but they offer free exchange of details.

The small site doesn’t offer free exchange of details, and it’s a small site, they only got a handful of decent girls on there and theyre all photoshopped to shittery.

The free site now wants a text code confirmation.

It’s all for later, we have to get strategic, I can feel all the effort I once put into house hunting and also trading now comes to rest on girls.

You’ve got to see, it’s not about being horny all the time, I have to impregnate one of these girls. The operative word being ONE.

One. Only one. Yes you can sneak in a few flings here and there, but you need to find the right one, and that’s not going to happen unless you get strategic.

I also keep going back to these feelings, how do you not try to bone other girls. There are so many girls to bone, and you just . . . I think as you get into your 40’s your lose the energy to bone lots of girls, you feel that feeling, it’s as much energy as you can muster to bone your main girl most days, and so you don’t really feel the need.

It does seem sad to have more than one young girls who needs to be boned, but be too old in your 40’s to satisfy them both. But the other side of that is that when you’re 40, and your wife is 25, which is what I am seriously now looking at, you don’t have any problems, because boning your hot young wife is enough to keep you happy, aside from the occassional short fling that is just silly anyway, it’s of no meaning and doesn’t take much effort to hide.

I am having a nice moment where I reconcile my feelings, utter horniness towards these serbian girls, with strategy, I am here to find the best cities for girls, this is not a waste of time because now I have a baseline of money, going and impregnating a girl is probably the way to go.

I have done incredibly well in confirming what is spoken of, that kiev and belgrade, are absolutely packed with honeys and they don’t seem too fussed about a guy who is 15 years older than them.

I just went out again, and again, at dinner time, you see some absolute stunners. I couldn’t help but think of krauser and think, how many of these 9.5 blondes have been fucked by guys like him? There’s enough to go round. But I am looking all like shit out here, I am stumbling out of my cave, but something is changing.

The trading is slowly working out, as in, I am starting to crawl out of the hole I’ve been in, and I can see just enough light at the end of the tunnel to realise that’s what the problem is here.

When all these hot chicks are everywhere, and some of them are ridiculously hot, you are nobody because your trading is going nowhere and the energy and the vibe is dead. You’re not going to mix it with these incredible honeys unless your trading is working, and so you need to go back to new zealand and sort that out.

Sit with it like you used to squeeze every damn dollar out, because if we stay within the bounds, and the chances of it are very good, we should overcome this whole mess.

I was about to go on the tangent that the problem is that I can’t focus on these girls because I don’t have my game and my vibe tight, and then it hit me that this will never happen until the trading is right. You are best off to go home, and begin the work it’s going to take to set the trading right.

The work is waiting, like we’ve waited for so long.

It’s all waiting for the money to do all our mad plans like we’ve had, but now I see, when I’m in belgrade, when I’m in kiev, it’s girls. Whether the trading is happening now and allowing things to unfold or I’m just sitting on it as I am now, it doesn’t matter really because your focus is on the girls.

Yes you need more methodical means of attracting girls and these wonderful schemes about kyivmodels and such gives you a concept to build around, but the fundamental point is that relentless waves of babes are at the front door.

You are moving goals into alignment, when you have a lot of money, it’s . . . at some point it all slots together, i live in an eastern european city, babes are walking around out there, your trading is working, you’ve got lots of money, you don’t have to make much effort to start connecting it all together – you feel confident knowing youre making money, you dress well, you’re happy,

What does it matter about the other stuff? You know what you’re doing, your songs and such. it’s the idea you had before – if your trading isn’t happening, then what the hell are you supposed to do about any of these plans?

I simply trade and train and do my tunes.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, you have something to get on with while you wait for the trading, and so you have to raise $300-500 p/week.

In NZ, I can get the dole, which leaves me a shortfall of $100, which is only a matter of raising $2k. It will be $2k for my flights. I have $50k left.

We are hoping that by then we can safely remove $400 or more from my account each week.

This seems daunting and yet, follow the logic, if you can get back to $4k by the end of the year, the gap will get filled, and by the time you reach $70k, you probably begin to draw down.

Even $60k presents the opportunity because it will present truth of the edge we have come back from, that our tactics worked through the crisis, and we must surely be so much further from when this happens again.

If feeding money onto my credit card starts to feel like I’m taking a risk, then don’t.

I have at least a couple of years of funds to last me, we have done the numbers and because of my lifestyle, it’s not going to cost me that much more to have a girlfriend stay with me – her travel costs, and an extra $100 a week because you have to upgrade your lifestyle for your girl and take her out and such.

But otherwise again the beauty of this whole adventure is that you get a girlfriend who understands it’s her job to make me happy and it’s my job to pay for everything. You’re able to say, are you able to say to darya, I need to work, I need my space?

I think as well as telling her that youre messy, you need to say, look I need to be alone for several hours a day. But then, these girls would understand you need to “work”. I think this is a new angle I hadn’t really appreciated that these girls are going to be happy to do as they’re asked given that you pay all their bills.

What I’m drawing into here is that after trading, the only thing that needs to matter is girls. renfrew and kurb don’t need to matter.

All the plans that come with trading don’t need matter unless the trading matters, think of it this way, remember that you only get one girl, and if you have a girl, then why do you even need all this elaborate behaviour, why do you need it so desperately, you have your girl, you have your life, you have your music.

Yes you want some gigs and you can have your plans to make this happen because afterall what is the first thing you will activate when you have spare cash? getting people to do the work, recruiting content people and hot models of course.

Then you get your music going, with the videos and the websites and all that, you will have your own vibe. Music, video, and writing.

When you get home you will be doing a lot of work to get this on track. Because when you’re walking down the street and you’ve got money, and you’re fit, and you got something you’re building in creative arts, then you’re going to have the vibe, and the girls are going to feel it.


I went out for a walk around belgrade, and I knew what is was going to end up like, these feelings I’ve been having for weeks now, go on, go ahead, walk around the city, and make yourself miserable looking at all these beautiful girls everywhere.

If your trading was working, there would be a way to work this out. But it’s not.

And so it slowly dawns on me that I am being forced into game, that it is simply a matter of going and talking to all these girls knowing that most of them will brush you off, and your ego will get hammered, and I am sitting saying, but I’m a trader, I’m special, I don’t deserve to get my ego hammered, I feel I’m too old to cope with it.

I just don’t want to end up in that player mindset, that you harden yourself so much to rejection that you become this total asshole just looking to use women at every opportunity, again why darya appeals to me so much, because I didn’t have to put up any pretenses, I was just being myself, and if she likes that, I like that she likes that.

I like it so much. I know that thought that it’s on me to pull out whatever it takes to pull one of these model looking chicks, and that these girls that look like this are so easy to love – camille and imogen and kamila, they drive you mad – but how could those heels, those lips, that hair be worth more than the pure deep vibes I get from a girl like darya, who is so real as hell.

A model looking chick, is just a chick that looks like a model and that’s nice, but it’s about being real, that is, not saying, oh, well, I’m not that tall, or young, or particularly good looking, so I’ll settle for darya who’s just an 8 and not a 9, but choosing darya because you want to choose the best life, that you know that choosing russia because the girls are gorgeous and family orientated, was a brilliant move, but to attempt to squeeze every last possibility out of it and only settle for 9’s is bordering on foolishness,

But also, it’s that my brain goes to darya, because it is simple, easy, and even saying that, it doesn’t make it so bad as I was trying to illustrate, it’s just been one of those nights where I don’t want to wander the street, I want to be with my nice wifey.

But realistically, as you’ve said before, you probably won’t marry the first girl you met. Pursue darya by all means, but be realistic that something might come up.

Also be realistic that you made a connection with her, and that a lot of girls like her would simply settle for the rich husband who takes her around the world, once you add a real tenderness, you can seal it up.

I was wanting to write about how I need airtight strategies to meet girls, but ended up going gooey over darya again.

What I was drifting towards is that game is inauthentic, they talk about “inner game” – feeling positive and confident in yourself and your life, and that’s all very well, I know when my trading is hot, I am on top of the world.

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