Budapest Bass Wave

by Matt Romantech on October 1, 2017

Why are you so driven by this bass wave? Because I want to use business to deliver value to me.

Value to me, isn’t money, I have my trading which will deliver me the money I require, I need to leverage business to deliver me the value I require – absolute model hot girls I can get to know through working with, and opportunities to build a musical movement in kiev bassed around chilled bass beats.

The thought to revisit is that instead of helping taya, I am scaling her business model, and seeing her weaknesses – she doesn’t understand how to cross the cultural barriers so that men are happy to spend their money. Taya’s got the product, she doesn’t have the business nous.

Much as I said to shane, I am bringing value – the girls – to where the money is – auckland.

Auckland is so good because not only are the guys missing out on beautiful babes who will look after them, but it has all the things ukrainian women crave – decent men, solid government services, free of corruption and other threats to the state, and an opportunity for them to build something industriously.

It’s a perfect match really. The kiwi guys are starving for good lovin’ women, and the ukrainian girls are starving for deep security.

We provide value by providing the access. I give the girls a way to make money and leave ukraine for a better life, in exchange I get access to the hottest babes who are the most motivated, I don’t need an elaborate scheme to meet girls, here it is.

I don’t need an elaborate scheme to build my music career, once the bass wave concept is established we can do it in tallinn as well, and from there do one off nights in amsterdam, copenhagen, helsinki, prague, budapest etc. which sell the brand. minsk is another place we could have a pop up venue over summer, as well as having the girls operate out of there too.

In tallinn we would skew it more to the telleskivi vibe.

I’m thinking we only have to succeed in shipping a dozen extremely beautiful girls to New Zealand to benefit greatly. As these girls couple off, sure we’ll lose a few, but the majority will continue to support my organisation.

The music thing will just grow organically around the girl thing, mainly as a way of camouflaging the true nature of the business. Local guys into the music and random western tourists who heard it was a good time for hipsters into that music will come down anyway, they won’t realise the kernel is half a dozen hot chicks each inviting some friends and a few guys down

But, we have a crowd which we can build on, which means getting DJ’s down, which means doing the same thing for the DJ’s that we’re doing for the girls, building their rep, establishing a label, until a clear line up that can support me in holding it down forms. When the line up is strong enough, then we work it to hit the road, it’s a crew thing, much like short circuit not everyone has to play every night, there’s an improvised element.

Again it’s just hard branding, the concept is that we fuse this sound

For Connoisseurs of Deeper Beats: Liquid funk. Vapourwave. Chillstep. Trip Hop. Dub.

But we give it this hard brand of kiev. Why? Because it’s unspoken, this is where the honeys are at, it’s so widely known we don’t even have to mention it. Everyone says why you think kiev is all that and you can laugh saying, well you don’t know.

Everyone else is like London, Paris, New York, i’m like fuck you, you don’t live in kiev boy. Kiev? Yeah kiev, if you don’t know, you don’t know.

I just get this where the wild things are except all the hairy monsters are mega babes. No it’s like, I’m this petulant king being waited on by literally dozens of honeys.

I’m sitting in a park by myself in a hoodie in ponsonby zooms out, and I’m in a bed with all these naked babes looking bored and despondent, as if is that it?

Here it is, because the babes are in such abundant supply you send that message, look at my money, look at my babes, so what? Are you still impressed, this is kiev. Feel the vibe. The share volume of babes is indisputable, if you don’t know, you don’t know. Say no more.

You just need to reload the same style you took to your videos before, except now the theme is always kiev.

It is all an advertisement for our brand, come to our bar in kiev or tallinn.

Bass wave is like hospital and I’m tony coleman – I’m not the main act, I’m just that old guy who holds it together, and by grace of that, I get sweet gigs, I tag along with the tour each year to drop some tunes.


A serious thought has to be thrown down for media. We have models, we can do whatever, these girls should be able to make some money selling footage.

But only if the models themselves can get some cut through for their brand. For what? What a drama. We’ve got to actually tell the girls there is work for them, and there is – in our videos.


I woke up pretty down this morning, I had a bad dream about my mother not helping me when I was trying to get these signatures from this random meeting of people so I could get access to doing this special course.

I woke up sad and wishing I had a nice darya to cuddle up to, and I realise the whole experience is to remind you, when these feelings arrive, youre not thinking of that hot hungarian girl or that hot girl in dnipro, or wondering if darya’s hot enough, you want your girl, the girl that’s your girl, that you care for because she cares for you, and not just because she’s hot and she does what suits her, but because it’s real between you.

I was frustrated that the trading seems to now, having released the pressure, just isn’t doing the numbers, but then I get the good news that second chance is charting on the RDU christchurch student radio, nice.

It’s a nice day in budapest, even though I’ve done little more than stroll about again, it mellows my mood.

Then I find out LTJ Bukem is playing down on the river but it’s sold out, I don’t know what to feel, of course I would’ve gone if I could get in. Maybe I’m glad it’s sold out, so I don’t have to go, I feel ponderous like I can’t quite grasp the feelings or the thoughts I need right now.

I think it comes back to achieving something, I can’t get anything done, I can’t focus.

What would help me to focus, to feel at ease. Priorities.

Priorities are girls, girls like darya, that’s what you want in your life.

I’ve just had such a poor week in trading, numbers wise, even though it has wound back. I have to take the moves in my stride, it just leaves me feeling like this, I’m not sure how to feel.

I started looking at the possibility of scoring more weed in belgrade, and ended on some pua page again and it just depresses me, the thought of other dudes out there living the life, scoring babes, and I’m sitting here, down, confused, not really able to focus on what I’m trying to do.

You need priorities to understand what you’re doing – I have become orientated to the fact that I want to head home because I want to become more focused on developing myself, developing my training and diet, and my music and art. You can’t just chase girls around all day it becomes meaningless, there’s no connection, it can just go on and on until you’re dead and for what? You feel good, but it all goes away again.

With darya, it’s not darya herself, but the concept of darya, trying to accept that when you have a good girl, you accept what you have in life and you don’t ask for too much.

Will I sit around glum and confused like this when I have a wife and kids? Probably, but a good darya would understand that’s part of being human – just feeling sad sometimes, and not so sure, it’s feeling not so sure that allows you to find the shape of the things that count. You got to have a girl you can turn to.


I should be going out and seeing budapest, but I’m so tied up in this idea I’ve got to lay down a strategy. It’s gnawing at me, because I’m not getting the result I want in life, and I am strategizing on it. I need to go to kiev and get my game on there. This is an acknowledgement that you are not soley – unrealistically – focused on darya, because darya is not your main priority. I want to invite darya to come to kiev.

As usual, you know what the strategy is, you just haven’t fleshed it out in a way that makes you confident enough to head out the door and go see the city.

You know that kyivmodels may not even happen, it’s just a strategy so that if we find that we are dealing with loads of babes in the manner of how in trading we sculpted plan on the possibility we could get loaded with cash, well what I’m saying is . . . we go into kiev with a strategy of what we’re trying to achieve.

How do we capitalise on the sheer volume of babes? How to we extract the value from this resource?

The girls want husbands. I want a wife, that’s what I woke up feeling. You are helping people.

I’m not even doing it for money! I am doing it because I walk through the streets and I see girls I want to get to know, because they are beautiful. Now I know what to do about it, see a beautiful girl as you walk around kiev, and go up and give her the card. You probably don’t need to work on a spiel, because if you look smart and you’re obviously a westerner because even when you speak russian your accent is terrible, then you’re going to generate a reasonable amount of interest.

A reasonable amount of interest is 4 or 5 girls, once you get more, bang – wow, things are moving.

But you’re still reliant on the trading to set up your scene. But you need a strategy, so when you walk around the streets of budapest you know what your game is. You know even if you can’t talk to these girls, you have a plan for kiev, which you can make work.

Even though you’re touched by the possibilities that exist here, you know what your plan is, and it’s all kiev and so this is what my head is saying to me, budapest doesn’t matter right now.

It doesn’t matter about such and such cafe, I prefer to drink coffee at home. it’s cheaper and easier. I need this time to work through these concepts, I would go for a walk now, but the market is open and it will be closed for the next 2 days and monday will be slow. 3 full days for budapest.

I expected the trading to be working by now, but 3 weeks ago I expected the trading could destroy me. Now I know I will spend months hobbling back to where I was in june.

But I discovered something so fundamental about myself, that here and now, I feel a yearning to get back to work, to get on with it, to have goals and dreams which I chase.

It doesn’t matter that what I’m talking about is physical training and writing music, because these actually have little bearing on the outcomes of my trading or girls.


I went out for my walk and ended up feeling that feeling – girls, that feeling when no gf.

Hungary has girls. Budapest has girls. There’s no doubt about that, outside of ukraine it probably is the best because the baltic girls and the belarus girls, they just weren’t that responsive. That doesn’t mean they’re not interested or that you can’t make a move on a super hot girl, but in ukraine and hungary girls give you the vibe, which means hungary has my special attention for gigs and visits, but at the end of the day, they don’t speak russian and I am determined to impress girls by speaking some russian if I plan approaching them in the street.

The fact that budapest clearly has girls is good data. I might get sick of tallinn and want to leave for budapest instead, for a gig or a thrill or whatever. I can’t go back to copenhagen or amsterdam or those other cities I like because I don’t have the money. Kiev and tallinn, odessa and helsinki, that’s where I’m focused, I don’t really think budapest features unless we jump in the car for a cruise for whatever reason, I don’t see that I’m motivated by that any more.

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