Eastern European Girls

by Matt Romantech on October 4, 2017

I am still thinking about my life in eastern europe and how the basic mechanics work.

My rent is $200 but that gets me power, internet, and cleaning. I can still airbnb a real flash place for one or two nights if it’s strategic, ie, I manage to get things happening with a major babe.

$100 should cover my food, because I will be eating less than I am now, and I won’t have the expenses of being transient.

I may still need to pay $50+ p/week to cover operations back home.

Back home, my costs are $125 for food, and $75 for bills, and we need $50-100 for misc costs including gas.

It’s slightly more expensive for me to live in europe than it is in waikato. But for that $100 a week, I get to live in a relevant metropolis which is absolutely jam packed with girls. Girls, girls, girls. That’s what matters right now, I am going to where the girls are. When I’m married, I probably won’t be so worried about girls any more.

The other european cities already have hot girls in them, it’s not crisis like it is in NZ. In fact european cities are culturally advanced and so providing something relevant to them is difficult but then I have sophisticated ideas, so who knows?

The main idea is girls, I feel it is imperative to impregnate a good russian girl and so that’s what I’m focused on, it’s only $100 more to live in kiev, by god I will do it, I will find $100.

The only thing stopping me living there all the time is the 90 day limit and the fact it gets freezing cold in all these places and even the winter in spain and greece is as bad as auckland. I have a farm I can go and live on, back in my home country. There are good things about it, one is that it costs me less money and there’s less stuff to distract me so I can focus.

I’m already thinking I go back to belgrade as soon as it’s warm enough, the end of march, because there’s girls there.

There are certain priorities: I don’t want to be moving around so I can focus on training and tunes.

The facts are that I can’t do free rent and I don’t even know what the deal is with the videos I’m working on.

Are you seriously still going to do RC? I’m going to try to do something, but it’s not worth staying in NZ for.

I sort of am taking the approach in a lot of these things, that you just do the work as best you can, focus on that, and allow the results to set the pace of which new goals can be pursued.

the big goals we have can’t be unlocked without the trading, more serious video concepts can’t be unlocked until we shifted and got progress on this backlog. If it’s not going to happen, let’s not pour energy into it, just allow things happen in their own time, and stay focused on what matters most, head to europe and meet lots of girls.

There’s no reason not to. There’s nothing we’re staying to organise, we may as well go.

We were going to come back and organise free rent and honey pie, but we don’t have the money. All we can do is wait and focus on other goals that aren’t so tied to cash – music and content, training and girls in europe.

We need to come back ready to focus on making sure our routines are tight in this area, and more realistic.

We’re saying, we are only moving around month to month now, if we take the same case we’re using now, it won’t be a stress because we’re not paying for taxis and such crap and dealing with a heavy case every week any more – it’s

belgrade – kiev – tallinn – kiev – bucharest

Those are my bases, any trip I take outside of these places, I will grab a storage locker, because I will be returning. So I can go to helsinki and st petersburg.

So when I arrive in bucharest in october, I can rent a car and drive it all around everywhere but serbia, until I drive it straight to the airport and fly to vietnam, or home or whatever – vietnam doesn’t matter right now because it’s not girls.

half march – april – belgrade/balkan
kiev – may, june, september
tallinn – july, august
balkan – october

The point is there are only 5 times in 7.5 months – once every 6 weeks or so – that you have to move your case and you can pay uber. What I’m saying is, take your damn DJ controller and such. But the thing is I want to have stuff in europe – clothes, speakers, belongings, and I have to store them, and it will cost.

You will have to pay $10 a week or some such for storage in kiev if you can’t make a friend who will look after your stuff – that’s what we’re aiming for.

In tallinn we will try and get a rough speaker set up, so there’s really only 2 months we’re forced to work on headphones.

I notice I have stopped going to cafes and such not really because the coffee is bad, but because I’m sick of not knowing the language and being mystified by whats going on, how can I get what I want at a good price?

It’s more I suppose as it’s become – it’s less hassle just to make stuff at home. I’m set up ready to get into what I want to get into.

My trading, my music.

What matters is the solution I’m proposing – I need to get into my routines of doing my thing.

I’m getting up early because I need to have time to train before the market really gets pumping. Then I’m sitting down for 5 hours to mainly trade and do other stuff, after dinner, there’s no point trading, that is my main time to focus on music and girls. There’s no need to walk around for the sake of it, you came to these places specifically because you could commit your excess energies to girls.

You have a girl strategy so when you want to, you can follow it. It mainly consists of actually approaching girls, or going with a variation on the hiring concept.

I like the idea we have certain strategies we can push along, maybe street approaches, maybe job ads, maybe advertising the website. We look for positive feedback signals.

We look to establish certain goals – getting a gig, pushing something locally . . .

Well it all comes down to you being able to afford to hire people for jobs. And going with that, to make things happen, knowing that when you make things happen you will attract hot girls into your orbit which is basically my approach in tallinn.

I may have to start by building the basswave brand as a “clubbing concept” it’s a vibe without a venue, so it begins as a brand, a club night brand I use, and then becomes a pop up club.

the media promotions only exist as far as I can prop it up so you may as well forget it for now.

We’re focused on concepts we are working on now – kyiv models, bass wave gigs, soul science, romantech, and kurb, getting a web designer and video staff and working this stuff.

We continue to require $200 to pay staff. That’s what we need next. Without that, we’re stuck on our own. We’re stuck worried about how in the hell we can ever get the trading to make this work.

Thoughts are coming, trading, I have to focus. Training and music, it’s not to impress girls, it is a mantra.

I have a plan for girls, start talking to darya and victoria, start building my new websites and pushing through content I am archiving.

It is most likely worth paying for some of the matchmaking services, especially if things don’t work with darya, it’s a nice way to get things moving. Any service that simply allows me to contact all the girls directly after paying a fee are probably worth it.

Having a peak at the dating agency has kind of shifted my expectations – even making me think it will be surprising if darya has lost interest. Seeing all these girls on the site, and then contrasting with what I’ve seen with my own eyes, it now seems like I could get dates with a dozen of these girls and be narrowed down to the final 2 both of which you are boning within a month.

It’s possible darya could be dating someone else, because these girls obviously want to get on the train.

So it begins.

Just keep 3 or 4 like victoria or darya, girls you actually have some hard evidence they are decent and hot, and focus on that. You can’t be emailing 50 different girls in far flung parts of russia that you’re never going to meet.

I think this will be inevitable and even if you do end up with darya, you’re still going to have to let a good girl you got close to down.


Going over my trading I feel confident that within a few weeks we’ll see bigger numbers building up again, we start putting down $3-5k positions again within a couple of weeks, and even if it does burst through, we are hedging this time to meet up with what’s already established, if it does get to that stage,

pairs we favour expansion on:


pairs to keep cool



Again I woke up pretty bummed out again this morning. I have to do the transit, this rates bill that jumped out, is shane paying the rent? If these clients paid, the rent wouldn’t be a problem. If my trading was damn working, none of this would be a problem.

I’m here on my big european trip but my trading isn’t working.

The question is auckland, giving up on renfrew altogether, we have to see it as an option, because I don’t see honey pie as a priority because it requires the trading to do something it just hasn’t managed to look like it could do. I would have a pop up club and permanent residence is kiev before I would do honey pie because honey pie requires girls, and girls are in kiev, not auckland, that has to factor later.

in auckland, forget honey pie and go straight for free rent.

In kiev, honey pie can actually have a promoted brand, that is, we can test the idea in kiev first. We can do twice as much in kiev, but remember, accomodation isn’t the huge cost in kiev it is in auckland. But also, that profit isn’t the goal, this gives the kiev girls more money in their pocket.

So what you have is a co-op business model, except I get my goal: surrounding myself with babes.

Why can’t we combine bass wave and honey pie to start, combine the concepts?

We can’t offer girls a cut of the profits if there is no profit . . . we have to pay them at first to work, that’s why it makes sense to hire girls who can video edit and such. Hire them as models, and then give them more work.

This is why NZ doesn’t matter at all, in fact I would be wanting to get ukrainian girls doing the honey pie in NZ.

I just realised there’s a special working visa for estonians. I just think with ukrainian girls there needs to be a cover story – why are they here if theyre not working? Because they are my girlfriends. Yes, all of them.

I mean you wouldn’t have more than 3 at a time here would you? That’s when you start adding estonian girls too.

You only need NZ girls to fill out the numbers and maybe you can pull in some real princesses because the ukrainian girls do all the messy jobs, they strictly do pr through their hordes of orbiters. We land on the ground in auckland with ukraine honeys who already know what they’re there to do – be sweet as pie to sad losers who they bring in, and then set them up with ukrainian girls back home – their “friends”.

The profit I receive is when they come here and work for me, 30 hours a week.

In ukraine, I make money from the club, but of course making money isn’t my main goal, it’s to have lots of babes working for me, trying to come to NZ, trying to convince guys in NZ to live in a free rent house.


This is good, I came up with an idea, and I went for a run, it’s finally working.

Shane is paying the rent, the clients are going to pay, and even the trading is looking at least partially decent – there is evidence that my intended strategy will work, it just will take a few weeks to pick up, we are into $46k, we are far away from danger, we are safer than we’ve been at any time on this trip.

We had a good idea that got kind of broken up, because I refocused, but I started to see auckland is becoming useless to me other than having guys who make a decent amount of money who can fund the girls trips and be encouraged by them to bunk up and sell juice, we should put pictures of the girls in ukraine up in all the rooms.

I mean it’s that thing again and again, why would you pay more money to do in auckland what you could do in kiev, with hotter girls.

Let’s focus on the resources auckland does have – lots of horny dudes, who have half decent jobs and no hope in hell of meeting hot girls.

The places we rent out still serve the same purpose – to encourage people to make money, to cover their rent.

I don’t need any money, I just need to implement my concepts and ideas.

Now when the girls come for the jobs or filter through the modelling thing, they have another set of things that they can make money from.

Again the whole concept of a target can exist at which they get paid.

Does it really matter whether it’s a guy or girl, as long as they hit their targets? no of course not.

It’s just that ukrainian guys aren’t worth jack to me except as packhorses.

You have to cycle through the concept again. Get the space, get girls feeding in through street approaches for modelling or job ads or something, get them on tinder getting guys down here for whatever services they can drum up, be honest, it’s their business.

there’s the modelling angle and then there’s the:

“single ladies – get paid, learn english, meet single men – honest work for honest, attractive and decent ladies”

and honest way to present the situation is good. Then you get the girls down there and I say we’re going to teach you to make some money, so get on tinder, get on mamba, get on whatever, and get some guys coming down here because you are single, you want them down here, and they should know that there’s all kinds of services that you offer.

It’s basically a co-op but for babes, much like with taya, it’s my role to help these girls turn what they offer into a business. The idea is to get as many men down here as possible, they are spending money to eat, to have their clothing washed, theyre basically paying these girls $10p/hr to wait on them.

The economics of the situation is something that has to be worked through, it’s up to the girls to make the money work. I’m not there to make money. I’m there to make the thing work. The benefit I receive is meeting tonnes of girls and also foreign tourists who are guys who are spending money. It’s from here

I think we do need that 100 hryvnia entry fee still and that goes to paying the rent. we need 40 guys through that door each week. But it doesn’t matter really, we pay the bills, and then everyone keeps what they earn.

The bigger prize is that these same girls have their crowdfunding going for their trip to NZ, they understand that if they come to NZ, they owe me 30 hours p/week.

she’s not going to get away with not doing it because she has no other income, or source of income. She understands her job is much as it was in ukraine, bring guys down, get them spending money, get them connected with a chick, get them spending more money, except the’s got 10 guys she’s got to go on a date with because they paid for her ticket here.

Again we can run the joint 24 hours, that means the junior girls who do the late night shift have more time to talk to guys in NZ.

It’s their job to kick off the honey pie vibe by coming in, cooking and cleaning up a storm, and bringing hordes of horny dudes in through the door, so soon enough we need more girls to handle the load.

Again the thing can be scaled so 50 girls work their and there’s up to a dozen at a time, that works for us.

New girls can be coming in all the time, get them on tinder, mamba and all the rest, the girls who get the most guys through the door claim seniority, and get the walk ins, get the opportunities to build their brand.

We own those brand properties they are used to promote our brand, the girls have their own brand by we possess the assets, they can’t walk away from us without leaving their assets behind.

This way I’m not involved in what the girls do, I just take 100 on the door. I just take 50% of any online earnings. I just expect 30 hours a week if they do make it to NZ on donations.

Of course it may cost me $200 p/week to support them in NZ, but I get 30 hours for that – it’s $6 an hour. But we may be able to set targets for them so they can earn some money too. I mean if they are moving into a place and getting a bunch of local girls revved up and ready so that 20 guys are coming down each week and theyre making $400, well that doesn’t even cover the rent.

I guess she’s coming from kiev where she’s done the same thing and is good at it, except now she’s charging twice the price and hordes of dudes are on their way because she is now smokin’ hot property.

remember airbnb is also an income stream. She may be running the place, getting the other girls to do all the work, while encouraging literally dozens of dudes to come down. Once we make rent, we’re happy.

The ukrainian girl is our secret weapon – a super sexy girl who is super capable cooking and cleaning who throws it down and gets the other girls falling in line, because she understands I’ve brought her here to make it work and she has the opportunity to meet a nice rich guy.

So now it makes sense we don’t even try to get honey pie going in auckland until we have some girls coming to spearhead it, one of whom is probably my actual girlfriend.

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