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by Matt Romantech on October 21, 2017

There’s the girls, and there’s the trading and they are obviously huge areas just in themselves, but then there’s everything else, I mean we’ve touched on it already, mainly business and music, and the main theme coming through is that stupid plans are generally just too stupid.

One thing that comes back to me, is that success is the best revenge and although I have some plans I can not let go for paul and sean, after that, I might want to reconsider my approach, it feels good to allow my ego to draw in some breath that it might only live to make sure all those others who are not worthy of my wrath remember that I win.

Eamon, Morgan, Dominic, Jacob, none of these people are really worthy of my wrath and what does it prove if I find Hemi anyway?

That he’s a piece of shit?

It again comes down to what I say about auckland being a violent city. Why? Because of colonialism. The colonialism we benefit from is the same reason some asshole is going to stomp your head in.

To me I don’t make moral judgements. I just try to avoid getting my head stomped in, and so once again I see auckland as a fucking dead end.

Revenge was more of interest as an artistic project, and the same might be said of the more sexually exploitative themes I’ve worked with.

That has merit.

I am thinking of RC of course and my ambitions as an actor, which was really an indulgence, much like the indie band, I don’t expect success, I just enjoy working on a project and then getting high and checking out what I did, just like I’ve always done.

It’s art. Once you have money, and you impregnate a girl, I think outside of your responsibilities to that, all that’s left is art.

Success as a liquid drum and bass producer would be more significant to me, but the DJ thing is really more just to say, “I win”. I’m a big wheel in Kiev, did you know?

Not auckland with it’s pissy little 1.5 million, but kiev, a city of over 3m+, the third biggest city in the former ussr and the 7th biggest city in europe, within city limits – which is a pretty distorted measure that makes it bigger than paris which has 12m+ in the wider metro and amsterdam which has 7m+

Once again, kiev, that is not auckland, you know auckland, you don’t know kiev, I know kiev, I run game in kiev.

You may not know kiev, you may think it’s a dodgy shit hole but you know it’s big and you know it’s dangerous and you know that that means that the game I’ve played and won is way beyond the league of auckland.

And this calls back on what I’ve said before about kiev that it’s a branding exercise and it slots in with tiger penis and lean hogs and everything else.

You never explain what you’re talking about, that kiev has more babes than you can think of. You just let people work it out for themselves, and most never will. Most will simply do as they always have, and say, gee, that matt guy he’s mad, he’s always talking about something crazy, tiger penis, and lean hogs.


I am thinking about the whole winz thing, and it seems obvious pretending I’m depressed again is going to be easier than going on the dole – they will force me to prove I’m looking for work.

I can’t lie about owning property, so I will just have to tell them I own the property, but I can’t live there or else I can’t work, but I can’t work anyway? I will say I’ve got flatmates, I can’t give up the place, or I won’t be able to run my business at all. I will insist that the situation, as before, is temporary, and I will be back to work.

I can probably get $210 at least, that, is decent, it means I can maintain my finances while I’m in new zealand, indefinitely, really. Growing weed means earn another $200p/week

The problem is neither of those income streams are available to me the moment I leave the country.

What in the hell would I do to make some god damn money?

I see two markers that clear our way to leave again, we either reach back over $50k in trading, safely, or we find a way to make $200 a week online or otherwise while we are travelling.

Not so easy, huh?

How long can this go on? Probably 2 or 3 years.

It seems suddenly like the best idea is to latch on to the richest people you know, and try and give them something that they might want.

Do you know any rich people? My uncles and aunty, some of which I hate?

Doesn’t come back to the fundamental concept we talked about – value?

Maybe I can find some work as a go between? It seems mad. You need to use your business skills to deliver value. I think connecting with taya would probably be more valuable to be honest, pulling some kind of consultation thing.

But what is your core value that you offer? Well I can’t help but think, business, music, and girls.

That’s the problem with business though, you can’t half ass it. That’s why the ukrainian brides thing is a better thing to follow, because you’re more committed to the value there.

That is, how can you provide the most value? I know so much damn shit about this. We need to get into a business mindset. It’s like this, you have to go with what you know, and then sell it, you know how to do this stuff.

Consultation on business, marketing, and global lifestyles.

It just makes me think, the moment my trading pops, this becomes chicken feed. But isn’t good to have something to fall back on?

Find a way to make it fit into something bigger, that’s why I’m talking about taya.

Maybe I need to go down the kreschatyk myself and start hustling? No, because dudes who have already made it into the ukraine expect to receive top service for peanuts.

You can’t provide a service to the girls or anyone in kiev – THEY HAVE NO MONEY.

Who’s got money? Stupid new zealanders sitting on their housing wealth.

Sad kiwi guys hanging out downtown getting into a shitty situation. Maybe I need to talk to that Dan guy who does the local men’s thing. This is what I’m talking about, forging links with taya and dan and opening up some channels.

The problem with music marketing is your selling something to people that isn’t going to work unless they’re insanely talented, and it’s all a zero sum situation.

Selling my knowledge in other areas, through consultations, gives me what I need – $200.

Then there’s my writing skills. It makes me think I need to get in and start hammering some of these sites I’ve got, wasn’t that always the idea? Isn’t that what I wanted the sites for and to hire the little minions to do, start making these sites work?

Get on kurb, and start thrashing these ideas out.

Start with the freelancing vibe, don’t you already have freelance pimp?


Think about who’s making money. Maybe you can help john?


The anxiety of the next transit builds, but my money is still fine, I have asked my airbnb host about the taxis, I have loaded up my credit card for danger in this situation or where I get smacked for overweight luggage.

The overweight luggage thing weighs on . . . me!

I am trying to find a way to make it easier next time, and the only thing I see is . . . just have more money and care less about it.

Wouldn’t that work? The trading betrays me everytime, I try to say . . . as long as it stays between the bounds, we can never fail, surely?

Yes, and as long we hedge correctly

But the liquidity thing has taught is a lesson, a situation can occur we’re they’re giving lower prices on both sides at once, and that’s why we can’t ramp endlessly, why the hedging thing has limits.


I am feeling right now like I have a pretty clear plan and I don’t think we even need to commit that hard to freelancing but it’s excellent to have a plan.

We get the freelance pimp website going, what’s the brand?

It’s me. I offer consultation and support services in online business, forex trading and eastern europe travel and matchmaking.

consultations, written and video content, websites and social media.

I honestly think all I need to do is just start going at it. Look at all the websites I’ve got ready to go.

But my main strategy would be to build the freelance pimp site under this brand, connecting with the likes of taya and dan, and just working with them for a start.

Basically it’s a process of revising all our websites and updating for what we would do, but I wouldn’t slam it, because so easily the trading could turn in your favour and make it all a waste of time, however this is what I’m saying – connecting with taya and venturing into this stuff with ukraine isn’t going to be a dead end should the trading offer a better option.


It’s the flight to bangkok, I was in a pretty good mood on the flight to moscow, but of course you’re cattled through to the next flight, it doesnt last long.

I am still thinking about my freelance potential, but it kind of melted under this idea that the trading was suddenly going to be okay.

It seems like a mood thing, if im in a good mood, it’s going to be okay, or.. not.

All these graphic design and and video and web services seem, like a lot of work to get off the ground, when dealing with that kind of shit is a big damn hassle.

It seems like very specific services are difficult, but very specific customers on the other hand . . .

It’s almost as if you need to head hunt your customers. But how do you do that?

Well at least we have freelance pimp, and at least the other brands are all generic, which means someone else can take over the thing, what I see specifically is overseas worker guys, who after all will do all these web designs.

I just don’t see the old way of “race to the bottom” pricing working, that’s why I’m swapping to hourly rate styles, or per word, something that doesn’t force me to grind to build something up.

To avoid the grind you have to drop that absolute value.

That’s why I see we have to target people who already have the money to spend, or; are desperate to get their hands on that value. That’s why I said, hitting sad young guys out clubbing in town.

Can’t do that, if youre not there. That’s why you need to get social.

I don’t want to do all that work to build a brand, I need to make $200.

I think it’s about the mindset you approach it with, you have to be paid for your time. Per hour or per word. You know you can smash 5000 words a day, 5c a word, theres your weekly earn, $250 a week.

So you set up your freelance pimp site.

Content services –
Business consultation
Global lifestyles and matchmaking

Again you’ve got this problem that you’ve got people who just don’t get it. And if you’re working with people who don’t get it, you have to explain to them, look; you don’t get it. If you need me to explain things to you, well that costs, that’s what I charge for.

But what would I know? It keeps comng back around, find your customers, everyone isn’t your customer, most people are fucking losers. People who are broke are likely to always be broke.

Where do you find these customers?

It comes back to this idea that you take people on your journey. I need to make $200p/week. You need to make $200p/week

Remember internet jobs?

The problem I have is the same problem everyone has, you can build a business, but you need to pay the rent first. If you can’t pay the rent then you can’t build a business.

Again it comes back to the wallstreet playboys, most people are trash and will never make the sacrifices it takes to succeed, and no amount of coaching or business services is going to change that.

So where you start is basically doing things for free, because it will build your links. Go back to work, old school style.

What that means is targeting people who are already successful in providing value, but are failing where I can help, I’m talking about taya for one.

But dan fits this model too, because he’s good at what he does.

Both of them can access people who want to spend money. What we need to do is offer them help to do what they want to do, with their business, without being seen to compete with them.

Taya does ukraine, so don’t compete with her in the ukraine thing, talk about business.

Dan does men’s confidence, so don’t compete there, talk about global lifestyles.

Network, network. Even nate.

Sitting here with all the kids, makes me think again about what people need. They need somebody to entertain their kids. I went on the tourist angle before but the problem with ukraine and thailand is that people don’t expect to spend any money in these places so it makes it harder to earn.

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