Homeward Bound

by Matt Romantech on October 28, 2017

It’s time to think about what I’m doing when I get home.

Fasting, meditating,weights,running.

I want to get super strict on my weed use so it is strictly at night as a reward for working. It’s mainly because I don’t want to be spending money on weed, I can’t justify it.

Yes I’m going to get back involved in my music and all my creative projects but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

The freelance thing is what matters because as long as I can scratch that $200 together, I can travel towards girls and experience life in a more meaningful way, that appeals to girls, I have had to get my priorities straight, I don’t want to spend my life waiting for this trading to start happening, I want to live my life, chasing girls when I can, pursuing girl related goals, and other goals too when the it’s not a girl related thing.

Doing art. I need to be able to get focused.

Getting some freelance underway is most important, my plan is to simply open up the kurb blog again and start blogging about it.

Blogging about the research I’m doing, upwork, fiverr etc.

Doing guest posts, you’ve also got to learn to recycle posts, and rewrite posts as original material. Basically I write a shit tonne every day anyway, and I can do 5000 words a day. SO just start going to it. Writing and thinking, thinking and writing.

I’ve just started to think about what I could do – forex writing, of course. of course I could do 1000 words on forex each day, of course I could. That could make me $100 right there.

I already have a video of myself talking about forex which sells myself perfectly. What we need to work is how we create the frame and the platform so that it’s expansive, one thing leads to another, one opportunity creates more, rather than smashing 1000 words for a measly $15 and moving on to the next.

Again it comes back to an umbrella concept that covers all the expertise I have – so that when I start networking, guest posting, and freelancing off sites, I can point these people to my website and they can see all the stuff I offer – content and consultancy. $20 p/hr, $50 for 3 hours.

I’d say we basically make freelancewriterhire.com freelancepimp and mattturner.info all the same, so we can direct clients to different sites depending on whether the “freelance pimp” brand is appropriate. Maybe the freelance pimp site is more skewed towards matchmaking and global lifestyles for men – not explicitly, but we don’t mention it, mattturner.info is more of a cv site.

Mind you “freelance pimp” isn’t a good brand for the ukraine stuff either. It’s a bad association.

I think you have to think about what you enjoy doing also.

Writing, consulting are good, because it flows freely, working on something technical like graphic design or video or a site is really pretty boring, and you end up with clients wanting to get free revisions and free consulting and I have to let people know this is my time, in fact, you don’t even want to have to have that conversation, because you’re wasting more time.

You know with a design, video or site, the client will be umming and ahhing and messing me round.

I have to get really good at telling people I only charge cheap rates so if you need me to explain stuff you need to pay for that too.

I just saw a freelance site in NZ where i noticed some dude charging $120 an hour? Mad. Yudoozy it’s called.

I think the situation is that there will be work, but you have to accept some weeks there will be no work, and some weeks you have to work for several days and only come up with $500 or so, but that’s your work done for three weeks.

I’ve still got this list of sites I’ve got operating.







So let’s just run through that list of concepts you’ll be sitting down to when you get home.

Kick off on the kurb blog to start talking ideas.

Blog about signing up for various sites and making assessments on what’s going to work and why, talk about your process.

Get onto all your other media properties, get a grip on what’s going on there and what you’re doing, what’s the way forward? Use the content your working on to ignite the content and branding process.

Talk about your understanding of business, social media, content, online marketing, and how you’re applying these ideas to your properties and to work you’re actually doing.

start making connections with people – doing guest posts, linkbuilding etc. lay out a plan for how to network and how to make a simple exchange of links that will work.

From here you should start building contacts, building jobs, and building service offerings that are forming a direction you might take.


It just occurs to me that come october if I’ve taken darya to helsinki and belgrade and beyond, of course she’s not going to want to go home and go back to her job in minsk in the snow, least of all because if we’ve been boning she’ll be all bonded to me.

There is a partner visa, she can get for october to march or whatever 6 month period. The fact that I can prove I met her over a year ago and i’ve visited minsk and we’ve travelled together since july when i took her to tallinn should make it pretty straightforward.

It’s just good to have a plan so that I can outlay to her what my plan is, so she doesn’t get all fearful, but also, once she sees I have the clout to pay for her to fly around the world this will seal the deal and will slot her into the role of being my little wifey who follows me around unquestioningly as afterall, her only other choice is to go back to being a single secretary in the freezing cold, when it seems her whole end game is exactly what I’m offering: nice husband, pays for her to travel around the world, she just has to clean up after me, do a couple of hours admin work, and leave me alone for a few hours while I smoke pot and focus on various projects and trading.

And even freelancing if that should be how it is, but I guess if I have to freelance than she has to freelance. That will be my policy, that I will pay the bills but her own costs – make up, girly stuff, etc, that’s on her if I am not absolutely rolling in it, but it will be my job to coach her in doing what she needs to do.

Obviously she speaks russian, and can do russian translation, in that she does the translation, and I tidy it up.

Also we have the power together to really sell a successful matchmaking consultancy service. Remember she’s russian, she’s used to having to work hard all the time, and cook and do everything else.


Well here we go then, a few tentative moments around the ECB meeting but it’s all come up sweet. The turkish is holding and the USD has reversed to new highs not seen since I left.


So why isn’t it back on $45k? Why is it still on $36k – Well the turkish must be responsible for at least $4k, and then there’s the NZD. The rest has to be what we’ve left on the otherside and that is certainly sizeable also.

But what a beautiful range we have on the USD pairs now, the NZD is now certainly the only one outside the turkish representing a risk and I have a lot of confidence that will start to to rise again soon enough.

But the relief is incredible, all I asked for was to come home above $33k now I’ve coming back not just over $36k but so deep into critical ranges.

The last time I was on $37k was the day I woke up to the election result, last thursday, it’s been a long week. I am also still down on $15k margin so it’s full steam ahead building up those positions again.

AUDUSD, CADUSD, are almost back in the middle, we can build on that. The middle of EURUSD will now technically be 1.13, but the belief that we will see 1.25 next year means I will start middling out around 1.15-1.16, and we are so almost there. I will middle it all the way to that level that was mention 1.143 or whatever.

So now this situation has emerged I am probably slightly more reluctant to take freelancing that seriously. The less likely we are to push the edges the more likely we are to head back over $50k and to a place where we’re getting a serious earn on.

We will work on it, we will follow the plan laid out, but we have to watch the trading also, to see the turkish and the nzd come back would likely push me further away from freelancing, but I also want to start following this up just to feel it out.


Well that’s it, I’m home. I was so worried about my trading and it all came right, I win again against the play and I have discovered the turkish have dropped over 9% just in the last month.

That of course includes the hit we took in serbia, which reminds me, the swedish ferry, the bus to riga, how many times we’ve had to take wild ride into the unknown with the trading giving me hell and rattling my nerves, but this one feels like a big victory, we have truly gone over a lot of territory that’s been crossed again and again, and we are getting on top of the numbers again.

Now I’ve woken up in the morning to see the sweet stuff has continued to flow, I am back baby, I was on that plane praying to hold above $33k and now the turkish have reversed as well, I open up to $38.7k, unbelievable.

It’s not the $50k I need to believe I can go forward with my next trip without worrying about the freelancing.

But it’s now so hedged in the middle, I know how safe I am, I know I have the potential to build again.

It is hard to get motivated to do freelancing when all the old logic is coming back into play.

The fear we had was that the euro would go loose and bust it’s banks again wildly, that’s not going to happen, the worst it could do is go to the edge again, and we are so ready for that.

I am ready with a few grand to shore up the turkish position on my fxpro account but I have now noticed some of the carry money is starting to swell, some of those guys could soon be cheap to get out of at the right time because we can cash the carry, then not only are we less vulnerable, but slip $100-200 into our capital also. We can escape and defend ourselves from trouble, but a big reversal for USDTRY, and euro weakness means I would say this little escapade that reignited the drop in the turkisj this week since the serbian smack down, is

You see we could write forex, but we’d have to get back into every position so that we can feel the movement and write about it. My style is only loosely technical or fundamental, I feel the movement, and that’s what I write about.

I feel it, I can write notes and bang out a daily post that’s 500 words or more, and a weekend post that is 1000 words, and that’s 3500 words, and that deserves me $US50 or I could sell it some local outfit like newsroom for $100 a week. It’s so cheap. I have achieved my first $100 p/week, watch the trading, you may not need the second. To have established $100 is probably all I am aiming for now. I am feeling confident in 6 months I will be able to raise a few grand from trading to help my trip.

So let’s say the trading can cover the meager budget I set out, what comes next? We can’t invest.

Rewind the dancefloor. Go back to where you were, run it one more time. Basswave.

Design district belgrade. Telleskivi. Roll in and open your own digital agency. November to March you would be shut.

The thing is though, once your trading starts making some money, there’s no turning back, you will have conquered it finally and though the old goals have been pushed right out, it’s still going to start gaining money fast.

What we have to remember is what this means the next time the edge gets broken – we’ve seen what happened with the NZDAUD, what happens when there are several other pairs have gone $1m+?

I think we’ve learnt now about keeping big positions in and waiting for them to retrace before even touch it.

We discovered that even if we’re at $50k, having $300-400k worth of gap across one currency means if it moves 5% you’ll get wiped for $40k, even $35k will knock you out.

Moving 5% is not a huge amount in the bigger scheme of things. You have to keep the gaps to a maximum of $100k on all these big pairs you’re going to grow




I’m just going over a lot of trading stuff here and realising that my position is very strong. Being in the middle means the edge is so far away now, but not only that, it’s the furtherest it’s ever been because we were never this stretched. Most of these pairs need something really massive to push them to the edge, and it might not happen this year. Even a fed rate hike, couldn’t take us under 1.10, and that’s not a dramatic move, it’s only halfway to the edge.

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