Lightning Moments

by Matt Romantech on October 24, 2017

I spent half the day trying to write about why I’m so uptight about money, when the point I was trying to make was about how I turned the vibe around here in Bangkok.

When I got here, it was a stinky and hot and I was thrown off by that, but when I moved to switch up my sleep, and got a chance to explore the city more, it started to grow on me, there were things about Bangkok that I liked that as always weren’t quite as simple as simply saying, well the food is awesome and cheap – I needed to break it down a bit more.

Things were going badly with the trading, ever since I arrived and got that message from the broker, it wasn’t really about the NZ election move, it was more existential, was I fundamentally wrong? Was I slowly declining, managing a debt that could never be paid off as the interest slowly grew?

Well anyway there was a reverse move in the Canadian, the currency that had smashed me just as I was leaving Kiev, which threw me back in such a way that I had by no means completely recovered, but it showed the system working, the highs unwinding.

I was able to wake up and go for another wander and see more parks and malls which again clued me to just how vast bangkok is.

I underestimated the place and I feel there is something here, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Then, just as I headed out for some dinner, another encounter that had me thinking.

A beautiful blonde with long legs and an awesome peachy ass walked past me and it laid it all down like bangkok has, white girls. Thai girls are cute but I like white girls. I’ve seen white girls, western girls, I check them out, but this girl looked like she was kiev quality, she was damn hot, and that was the vibe right there. I like white girls.

When you’re surrounded by hot girls, you want to get into action.

Like I’ve said, kiev makes you ask what you really want, and this is one thing I like about bangkok, it’s not filled with hot white girls, so I don’t give a shit how I look. Kiev makes me want to up the game and get in the play.

I want to be in kiev but I need to work the angle.

It’s about your priorities. Well we know what those are, getting back to kiev, and possibly, darya.

I guess I just saw that in bangkok you can get kitted the fuck out with everything you need, I saw bangkok as a pit stop where you get tooled up and then move on to kiev.

But the thought that solidified today was that if you’re rich you can live anywhere and you can pull girls, but you’re not rich.

So the next question becomes at what point can you leave the farm, and we’ve been over this, it’s all down to the trading.

Realistically the trading may not allow for much, but I’ve said, when we get back to $50k, it’s time to start thinking about it.

Okay let’s just assume money is not an issue – without being too crazy – no, let’s start by being a little bit crazy.

I would probably head to bangkok and ho chi minh because your money would buy a lot of luxury. Seeing those malls today made me realise with just a bit of money in your pocket, you’re away.

My fitness and music is very important to me, and thailand rates because it would be easy to barely do food prep at all, just do juices and never cook, basically.

I tried to do a comparison of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh but it seemed pointless –

Oh wow, I just worked out how to tether my mobile and suddenly a message from darya popped up on facebook. I just felt this crazy wave come over me.

I was really worried that she hadn’t responded at all.

Now it feels so good, but it makes me think, just like I said to her, it’s important to be sensible.

Mainly because I don’t want to hurt her by chasing around 9’s when she’s only an 8. It’s like I said, she doesn’t deserve that.

That’s kind of buzzy for me and it’s hard to focus.


Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh, wait no – Hanoi.

Hanoi is MUCH MUCH cooler in april.

Oh my fucking god now there’s this mad, mad, maddest lightning kicking off in the sky in bangkok, I need to get some sleep this is all too mad tonight.

Realising I could tethered my trading all through ukraine, how easy it was. Getting that message from darya and suddenly realising this shit is on for real, I just crashed out, had to be done.

I had to make sure I got my sleep, there will be time to go over all this, but now in the morning I am feeling ready to go to it. The final mission before home, my sweet darya is waiting for me to return, my trading has once again failed to break me, and I am ready to come back in the game.

My plan for today is to catch the train around 2pm back to where I left off yesterday and see if I can’t cruise to the mall where its cool and then to the park at 5pm as it gets dark then to khao san rd around 7-8pm, ending up back at the pick up point about 10.30, it’s 2 hours at least until the bus leaves.

I will need 1500 bhat just to be safe.

If I get into trouble at the border, I have the cash on hand I need.


I am catching up on where I was with in terms of just paying for shit. Afterall, I can pay for shit in NZ, but I can’t leave NZ.

As we’ve said a million times – but to confine the conditions – I seem to believe that by march we will have crossed back over $50k in tradimg, will be similarly placed that we can draw down the $300 we need, but be more accepting that there isn’t going to be some massive growth in our trading, making $5k week on week just tells us we are way too vulnerable to having the edges burst out.

Having some clues as to how we will scrape that $300 a week together means we don’t have to plan for things to go well before we can start making detailed plans for how we make moves next year.

My idea is basically that I can offer consultancy and services related to

online business – global lifestyle – international matchmaking – forex trading – marketing and management for creatives.

I was even thinking of targeting left wing clients. But really the idea is targeting 40 something mid life crisis guys who have got some savings and convincing them to pack in their jobs to live internationally

But the whole idea is not to go big, but to go small, just try to bring in a few customers on the basis of not really selling it as much.

Look at the hustlers in ukraine and bangkok, approaching, pushing, pushing, I sit there saying it’s a joke, your customers should come to you, but I am no longer trying to build an empire, I just want to make $200.

The idea is just to start writing and fixing your websites and then start approaching people with the ideas you’re pushing, and seeing who responds.

Talk about why you’re choosing to do whatever you’re doing – CD/DVD is dying, the work ties you to one place . . .

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