Return of the Mannerbund

by Matt Romantech on October 15, 2017

A new post to clear out the clear out.

I see myself in these posts wrestling with the old ideas I had about my business ideas and my music and now I feel it washed away.

When you walk down the street in kiev in an ocean of honeys, what of business and music, what about it, who cares?

It suddenly hits me, the pleasure principle, a million ways to get a hottie on your dick.

A million hotties for your dick, well who cares then. In the morning, renewed, a new hottie?

Why bother, why be greedy and gluttonous. Live your brand. Live your lie, it’s not up to me whether you choose to believe it, if you don’t understand, it’s not my job to teach you.

This suddenly launched me into a discussion about the latest gender politics flash point, the sexual exploitation of hollywood boss harvey weinstein, the discussion seems so one dimensional and shallow, those concerned want to have a conversation about it, but it’s pointless.

The conversation is all about how to create a conversation about this terrible phenomenon. What’s the point? It’s just another effort to co-opt power.

The reason I diverted back to this here is because the political comes back to the personal. Impregnate your wife. Protect her and your offspring, life isn’t that difficult to consider once you see the answers so simply.

I came to russia for a good woman, a pretty girl who makes me happy. Now it’s up to me to fulfill my end of the bargain.

Maybe I will do some music, and maybe I will do some business, but really all I care about is my sweet wife, my happy little family, my little farm.

Maybe I will get a gig somewhere. Maybe there will be a business opportunity some where, but it’s not really of consequence. As long as I can do my best to protect my family and provide for them, that is all that matters.

It seems a bit silly that I did the kyivmodels thing, just so I could be like this asshole weinstein – it’s not pointless, it is excellent to extricate this horrible man’s strategies in order to apply them to an ambition that has honour.

To find one sweet woman, who has endearing beauty, to raise a family with, but again and again, it just comes back to darya, it doesn’t have to be darya, but darya has already given me an idea of what I would like, and that the fact that she wasn’t too beautiful is actually something good, she’s beautiful enough for me, but not so beautiful that it creates problems like girls like camille and kamila would likely create.

Like I said, being with camille was like driving a porsche, it was silly and conspicuous. Darya is beautiful, but it’s her inner beauty that draws me to her, camille wasn’t beautiful inside. Kamila was beautiful inside but her outside was so sexually perfected it was hard to see anything else, and that is the reaction most men will have to her, you don’t want a wife so beautiful and sexy it creates problems.

Darya was a sensible girl, I admired her, that’s what you want in your life.


I suddenly get what bothers me about the weinstein thing, y’know, women want to be adulated for their beauty and then are shocked when men want to exploit them.

They want to exert the power of their attractiveness without having to defend it, I don’t think that life works that way. It’s not for me to say that is wrong or right, but as always, that all things are in balance.

You want attention, then you will get it.

All those who seek to mobilize morality seem to be asking someone else to do the work of defending their position of power, and I’m not sure what the transaction is. To me it seems like alpha females want society to protect their ability to choose alpha mates.

Again, I don’t judge it, I just see through it.

You don’t think women should be beautiful? Of course they should be, but we’ve discussed ukraine before, if you want something of value you have to be able to protect it.

I accept the manner in which feminists mobilize to protect their interests but sometimes it seems like a pyramid scheme, ugly girls don’t need protection from hollywood sleazebags.

So often it is an alpha/beta competitive scenario, where betas are manipulated to defend alpha interests, and so many situations seem to come down to that, like I keep being turned towards, that when there’s so many morons walking around, competition becomes a matter of who is best at manipulating stupid people towards the individual goals of those most skilled in doing so.

females only seem to be pursuing the same goals males are, securing high quality mates.

Of course powerful men use the adulation high quality women crave as bait to exploit them sexually, just as women use their own sexual quality to exploit mens resources. It’s hard to see the moral dilemma.

If you don’t want to be sexually exploited by powerful men, don’t use your own sex appeal as a power play for attention to secure resources.

I’m not condoning the behaviour but it always frustrates me how people are somehow surprised that this is the situation that emerges.

How should it be? How can women protect themselves?

There is a reason why women like tall men, and this is why. It isn’t some fucking mystery. Is it fair that powerful men exploit women sexually? Is it fair that your ability to attract a quality women, is forever bound to her attraction to a man who can protect her?

It seems these things should be so obvious. But there is so much to be gained by obscuring them, because it means that weak men and physically unattractive women can be mobilized to support your interests and that seems to be all it comes down to.

That’s why I don’t care. I protect my wife, and my daughters and my lord I will destroy you if you harm or threaten them in any way.

Don’t you want to build a society where your wife and your daughters can be safe? What does that society look like?

A monogamous one. Where the black pill of biological oblivion doesn’t turn men into violent nihilists, but rather fight for a society where women and children are safe. Men have to have a stake in this society, and if they have no woman, they have no stake. In the ukraine there’s a girl for everyone.

A feminism of empowerment I support. A feminism of serving capitalism needs for a hyper competitive society is bullshit. In that I mean pretty much a neoliberal feminism that favours women as an economic unit who’s labour can be exploited.

I think as in ukraine girls should look hot, and they should strive to look hot, but it’s not all that matters, it’s not the only meaning in relating to men, a woman should be nurturing and maternal. If she doesn’t want to be, that’s fine, but why encourage her to be a man?

Everyone should strive to be more attractive, but capitalism diverts the frustrations into mindless distractions that are disempowering, and the disempowerment breeds more frustrations that erupt into destructive competition.

Much of liberal feminism is about preventing such distractions and frustrations from being disincetivized, which simply becomes more grist for the capitalist mill.

It is as always so complicated, and all I can see is that my personal incentives in relation to what is least destructive to society is all that matters.

Find a nice wife and impregnate her, and make everything nice for her, and protect her. Form bonds of loyalty with other men who agree with this concept, that it’s men who trust one another who are the best able to protect each others wives and children.

Those are the only practical considerations, that society is built on trust between men who share values.


I seem to be losing the thread, the more I wade through these old posts, at one point I was just crazily piling on all these mad schemes, I have this thing about the mad schemes, mad schemes for girls, mad schemes for DJing, mad mad bloody schemes.

And now I am just trying to fold into the knowledge that if I am careful with my trading, I can make it.

It’s that same thing again and again. Your trading has to work out, this week, after two weeks of doubt and frustration that although we had been relieved of danger, there was no progress, we finally had a breakthrough that there is hope.

from 10pm on monday night, til 3 or 4am we will have no access to trading, and then, again, from 6am to probably 3 or 4pm – it could be worse, but it shows, next week won’t be so easy either, though I have just over 13 days until I arrive home, a good 2 days I will be travelling.

I keep trying to do all my calculations, like there’s a revelation waiting for me there, some promise I will be okay.

You say that one day the EUR and CAD will rise, the

The more I see, the more I see we’re not in that much danger, we just had another spook with the god damn turkish, our only weakness.

We also can clearly see how much trouble the AUDNZD is causing, it is costing us $200 a week just to have this pair on and it’s not making that money back, we are waiting so long for the gap to be filled in.

The more I see, the more I see that we’ve been too afraid to put numbers down, because of how bad we got spooked by doing it before. We but the hedges up, but now it’s drawn back we’re afraid, and we’re are getting hammered in the middle because we can’t keep up – we are making progress sure, but it’s been so slow, we need to put things into action.

What exactly can we do to deal with this?

AUDCAD looks fine to push into. EURGBP as we said

Studying the charts here I can see that there was a 50% retracement of the whole move down in EURUSD and EURGBP, this is the move that took us down to $28k, and this time it only took us from $42k down to about $38k, that’s with the turkish thrown in, so where you were at $28-29k before when you were in trouble, this time it would probably only be $34-35k and this is not the same kind of scary danger, we could go to 1.23 and only then see it drop below $30k and that’s not going to happen without some extreme action, of which we will be prepared for this time.

I think you have to remember that the hedges protect us from extreme moves but also mean that if it falls back off that edge, you remain with numbers that suggest you’re not moving forward, when the reality is, you are protected to some extent from the big move. The problem is, if it returns to the way it is 80-90% of the time, little moves in a range, which it has, you’re going to feel what you’ve felt these last 3 weeks, that nothing is happening, you’ve been thrown back to where you were over a year ago, struggling to make a grand each week.

But it did retrace 50% of the backdown after the push up.

Again and again, this turkish thing threw us this week, just when we were ready to make a recovery, and I believe we could easily be trucking along on $3-4k a week again by the end of the year.

Not that you shouldn’t be humble.

Not that you shouldn’t realise that the USD will eventually sink against the EUR, CAD, and AUD.

But in a risk situation, the USD would smash the the CAD and AUD.

But it’s safe to say the USD isn’t going back to it’s highs. The GBP is certainly not going back to it’s highs.

Even if the AUD went to highs, that risk move is never far away.

I look at those gaps and I see the risk where there’s canadian strength and USD weakness.

I see again and again the risk is the euro returning to it’s strength but that only threatens the USD.

CAD is also one that could break out.

I don’t see the pound breaking out either, it’s more likely to collapse.

EUR+CAD could soar, USD+GBP could collapse


are our headline increasers, to put $50k on each of those would be $300


$25k on each of these is $200

This is what we’re looking to do when we get to thailand.

We have a list of pairs that we don’t think will breakthrough, we don’t think USD will breakthrough, we can be almost certain the GBP won’t, and so that’s what’s made this an attractive pair.

Risk is the only thing that can put a major move on AUD or CAD and that’s why together they make a good pair also, but they don’t pair well with USD, which could be thrown either way through the course.

The CAD looked to be vulnerable to rising rates but I think the central bank overplayed, and the market responded to a long term possibility that may not play out, whereas I believe the EUR cycle is much likely to do so.

Again with the AUDNZD, we went in too hard too fast, and it will take some time to fill in the hole there, that will take longer than a few weeks, but a relief rally on the election would be welcomed. We are stuck in a frustrating range, and we simply have to play it out while we pay through the nose for it.

The rise of the Euro, and a faltering USD or GBP is the only major threat, and so we hedge there. We know while we’re tightly hedged on these two EUR pairings, we’re protected from the move when it happens, if it falls off, then we’re not likely to suffer much at all, and what we gain, is even more insurance against that eventual move.

What we lose is that we continue to pay the high carry costs, but of all outcomes, this is the least threatening, however frustrating it is.

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