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by Matt Romantech on November 9, 2017

I need to get on with my videos but I won’t and I lack focus.

I need to get more focused, I’m angry about the trading and unsettled that it threatens my future trips which is unacceptable, all I want is to go back to bangkok and kiev and tallinn and helsinki and belgrade.

I want to go back to darya.

We have to focus on positives – my fitness and diet have kicked off splendidly, I just need to extend my yoga and my lifting but I’m digging the hell out of that garden already and I can see myself just going nuts and digging up the whole damn place like an actual maniac.

At some point you start switching to chickpeas, basil, garlic, heaps of tomatoes, beans for chili – and then you can do chickpea and other vegetable curries, stir fry, chili, a pizza,

SPINACH – then when we swap for eggs we can kick off a quiche. and a vege pie!

That way you have a lot of food to trade, and you can do a food truck, or it’s just really you’ve got tonnes of stuff to trade and if you don’t trade it, that’s okay, because you eat it. Your food bill does go down to $50.

You are able to get people down here because they have no bills and there’s food and weed, pay $50 a week and help in the garden. But more tourists, couchsurfers, airbnb, woofers – people more obliged to either pay or work, start with good people who are passing through.

I just want someone here to do the garden and the kitchen work so it’s not a huge slog to turn out 50 odd meals per week, so we can eat and I can trade the rest for $200 worth of other good stuff, maybe even money, or I give it away with my weed to sweeten the deal. I can see this being a much more successful strategy, you just give food away anywhere and everywhere you need to make progress. Soon enough the missing pieces will start to fit.

you make some rent, you make some money selling weed, you get the dole, so you’ve got money, and you can get by on $100. You can save enough money for your trips and the rates.

Is this what you will do in a years time? Yes. So even if drawing down $5k from your trading over that period retards it so you can’t make progress, you can return to NZ to pick up your little game.

If you come back with $40k or you come back with $45k what does it matter? Neither is a big deal really, either your trading has made it or not, and you’re still waiting, or you’re dead by then. Either way it doesn’t matter. $40k.

I don’t think I will be dead. No way, I just can’t guarantee I can milk $200 p/week off it by then, there’s just been no sign that earnings are close by.

The day I get stretched out again is coming, we use the euro because it’s the obvious candidate, but any currency could be like the NZD, taking a spanking.

I am finally getting onto my videos and as predicted getting hooked into the workflow, I just need to focus on this, and not on my trading, and let the weeks flow by.

I wanted to do these videos so I keep the content wagon rolling, put up a new video, use it as an inflection point to begin reconstructing old content channels from where you left off.

Get these songs ready with their videos, start updating stuff all around. I have the noob eats video and the cd/dvd archive to finish.

with the music you just pick up and run with the next tunes, and then I head back to my personal list.

I am only taking a tune off my personal list if soul science puts out a tune. Some of those tunes need a lot of work – and then what? They are ready for the soul science pile. But first it’s time for some new tunes, because a new idea means an old idea is definitely going in the soul science pile.


Very good day today my food shop was only $86 even though I spent money on carrots, coffee, pastry, tortillas, pitas – all things that will last me well into next week, I was missing muesli and meat from the bill, but I am certain I am going to get my groceries under $80 a week and therefore my weekly costs under $150.

This is just so alarming to me, like before I left I was budgeting $300 to live on – $200 for food and bills, $50 for gas, and $50 for other shit like laundry.

I got pastry so I could try making a fruit pie but the broccoli taste was too strong, so I tried again as a vegetable pie with beans. Nice. The fruit pie should work with just fruit. It’s good food.

It’s turning the stuff come out the juicer into more food.

This all of course started me thinking, the $12 sack of carrots. The vegetables aren’t worth jack, until somebody turns them into something. Growing vegetables for more than up to 10 people who live here is pointless, after that you’re looking at certain crops – beans and chickpeas are pointless actually because they have to be processed.

Tomatoes and broccoli rule because they are ready to eat – tomatoes are fundamental because they form the basis of your gravy in your curries and chili, pizza, salad as well as pasta sauce obviously – onions, broccoli, capsicum and corn we’d grow for this. Garlic I’m not sure. Spinach for pizza and quiche.

You’d have a sack of carrots, a sack of chickpeas, a sack of red beans, you’d go to it.

You’d do a pasta sauce, a hummus, a pesto, a curry, a pizza, a chili, a curry pie, a chili pie, a quiche – basic meals, $5.

We need cheese and pastry. Aside from meat and eggs, what else would you eat? Muesli, coffee, crackers.

The idea is that you’re cooking up 100 meals each week. The idea is that you make $400, but until then, you have to do what you can. Really, growing a lot of weed and giving away food with it, and building a brand for the food from that. I don’t think the costs would be more than what you’d be saving when your grocery bill is $25, but $40 goes towards the cost of beans, chickpeas, cheese, pastry, pizza bases, tahini, olive oil, pine nuts, I imagine twice a week you’d do 50 of one meal and store them, but you can scale down for incrementality – just doing 20 at a time, twice a week, is aiming for $200, but we can scale once the opportunity arrives.

Or 50 once a week, over a 10 week course, the idea is to have a strategy to create a lot of food that is ready for sale or trade, again and again I see it used as a free gift when people buy weed as weed becomes a whole different game. That is the police aren’t able to prove you were dealing contrary to regulations, just simply because you have some weed, the idea of being busted for selling weed is just going to go out the window.

The food service helps build a brand and a service that isn’t obvious – what I see is new laws will have strict guides as to when it can be sold. It may become equivalent to selling tobacco, it’s hardly something the cops would bother with unless you were really running a big operation or they hated you for whatever reason.

What I see is weed is getting more legal and much cheaper, so the more legal it is, the more you can push growing more, and selling for less, I believe you can still get $20 for what is now a 50 bag, and if it comes with a meal, then people will be into it.

It won’t be as nice as the mainstream stuff but you get heaps for $20, and a meal.

You are really creating this ultimate product, farm + weed + food so that people come and do as they’re told, which is to do all the garden and cooking for a start, or tasks in auckland selling this food.

It’s my job to get this process going, so that the food machine goes, so someone else takes it over, I don’t get payment from them, but we are producing 50+ meals a week, that food is going somewhere, we are hoping, that the next people to arrive at the farm bring other skills.

What I am doing is isolating which food to grow and which to buy in bulk, in order to create 9 basic food meal concepts, so I can replicate the idea. I am already creating a product line that is ready to deploy, complete with the “needs” brand. It’s easy to pivot the concept because the core is so strong – it’s food, you eat it, we grow all the bulky, easy items that we can cook fresh here, and bring in the rest later.

If we’ve got milk obviously can’t we make our own cheese and yogurt? Pastry again, we can’t grow it but we can learn to make it once we’re using a lot – but that’s probably years away.

But it’s a concept, it’s why we grow shit tonnes of tomatoes and broccoli and spinach and basil and we have capsicum and onions and corn to support this, we try with avocados, but the chickpeas and the beans and carrots we bring in, they are not worth growing. Now by buying the other products in bulk, a range of meals can be prepared.

It’s easy run it like a fast food restaurant where there are instructions on how to grow all the food, and put it together with the ingredients that arrive. mccommunist. The idea is you know which food you’re growing and which food you get in and all the food we grow doesn’t need any special drying or peeling or anything other than thrown in to the chopper and then into the pot – pasta sauce, curry, chili, pie mix, quiche, pizza – I guess we will have to do an asian noodles dish if we have carrots, capsicum, broccoli, get some tofu in and whatever sauce, get some sprouts on it, spring onion? Other cooks would come and do their own dishes, and grow a patch of something they like for it, and suddenly it gets shipped through.

What it means is that you get to add people with other skills, and building type skills would be pretty valuable but really it’s anyone who goes back to auckland and is able to sell food and weed, or even to hamilton. It doesn’t matter how they sell it, they just gotta sell it, and then I have 4 dudes here selling 20 meals each a week and I get $400 and they do all the work making the food they sell themselves.

Again this is a system I don’t have to be here to profit from. Of course they can pay me $100 and stop working, but then they don’t get any food either and what’s the advantage of that? Each person should be able to click on to at least a couple of chances to get rid of $50 worth of stuff.

You have worked out a clever way to get people to work and pay. What you need is operation they can slot into. Food is growing, ingredients arrive, and on certain days it get made, and then stored. Once they have done that days work, they pay $100 and can basically take a share of the food to eat or sell, mainly sell, as they will make enough to eat as well. several dudes may drive to auckland together to do their deliveries and save on gas.

Of course you don’t have the garden and you don’t have the accommodation. But you have a concept to start with that isn’t dependent on the trading going really well.


My training and my budgeting is going well. My trading and my content isn’t going so well.

I can see that the gardening thing is limited to initially feeding a small group of people, who are paying to live here through paying for the food. That’s not a short term plan because they need accommodation, and I don’t have that for them. I’m focused on keeping my bills down for now, getting the dole and trying to save $150 a week.

I am feeling confident enough to get a lawnmower, a freezer, a greenhouse, to facilitate this, gardening is part of a plan to save money, create food to motivate people, then growing some weed. growing a pound and moving most of it for $4k.

I doubt I can do that this year, but I might be able to store a few ounces and say it’s a grand. What is important is that I can come back to NZ next october with a steady vibe to make $5k growing weed.

This means saving $6k+ for your next trip, when your basic requirements for such a trip are $8k. This suggests you’ll be okay even if it takes 2 years for your trading to work which seems insane.

At least you know at the very worst in 2 years time you will still have $35k even if your trading does nothing.

I feel like I’m just going round and round on this shit and not quite getting a complete sense of focus.

I think that as time went on, especially after I left again, and there was no gardening to do, I would slowly drift into little opportunities to make $100 somewhere. Why wouldn’t I be doing something more awesome?

Where are the opportunities? I have no money. I can’t get something awesome going because there’s no money to make it happen.

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