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by Matt Romantech on November 5, 2017

Well the trading has convinced me it’s time to pause the freelancing plan. I will still plan to get the dole, but I will leave it until I’ve exhausted my other plans as far as getting set up here until next winter.

There is not enough confidence to make solid plans for basswave, but that’s where money will be directed if it becomes apparent I can dip into $500+ a week.

Business that is girl orientated. Open the space and you’re trying to attract girls who are wannabe talent as well as freelancers, get down here ans be my tinder honeytrap. Build the brand through social media, innocently.

Get a speakeasy vibe going on, with a DJ, get food and washing going on. Build the basswave brand. It’s a club where the focus is freelancing and start ups and hot girls make food and do washing.

I need to pay the rent, then I need to attract girls down there who are interested.

New agency / Help wanted / Situations vacant

Freelance talent / Digital talent / Creative talent / Model talent

Develop english, travel, gain experience and exposure

Hot girl comes down with some kind of skills, yes I’m going to put her on a trial. Soon you’ll be paying the best ones while others hang around in trial mode trying to prove their worth.

The idea is to basically start fraternizing with girls, digital skills people, DJ’s, and westerners and others who get sucked in to coming down to hang around talking startup freelance lifestyle shit, getting into some bass wave sounds and the scene we’ve got, and spending their money on having the girls make them food, do their washing etc.

Remember haircut too, everything that you need while you were away is what you provide.

Basically there’s nothing in auckland that overrides the priority of this, until we have the money to rent a place, and even if I did have that money would I do that right now? Of course not, the whole idea is a waste of time until I’m rolling big bucks and who knows what my priorities are then.

It’s possible that kiev stays where it is, and the belgrade tallinn set up is a pop up with the same core people repeating what they’ve done in belgrade up in tallinn.

Then finally, turkey, we have to target turkey because of what’s happened there. The currency is in the dust.

Also turkey is much more favourable in the beginning of the year than bangkok. But then I don’t get to go to bangkok and buy a new wardrobe. But maybe I could stop for a week, I mean afterall, the airport train makes bangkok very stoppable.

rent a hotel near the end of the train stop, which is also close to the clothing zone, so even if it is a bit hotter than before, you only spend a week there in march, and then head to hanoi or turkey where it’s even cheaper to live and not so damn hot.

It’s just the whole idea is to get a bunch of clothes to kiev by the time I arrive there in may, probably after I visit darya! So it will be bangkok, hanoi/turkey, minsk, and then to kiev, where I will use this case to store stuff I am keeping in kiev, when I leave for tallinn, and when I return to bangkok, where I might just take a cheap carry bag and buy new luggage as well in bangkok.

The DJ controller can probably also be bought here. I leave my big mungus controller in auckland, of course, and buy something lighter. Which I still have to take to these other cities before I can drop it in kiev. When I am heading to tallinn or back to bangkok I will just have an extra sportsbag with my clothes etc.

No, I can’t, I HAVE to buy new luggage in kiev to go to tallinn. I need my controller, I need extra shoes, suit jacket. All the other heavy things in there, other than the camera, are gone. No speaker, no 3 extra pair of shoes, no big hard drive, we should be done to a nice little 2tb easily.

The little laptop won’t be in my case it will be with me, and the other big laptop is gone altogether so both pieces are lighter.

I took too many shirts I just didn’t wear, you where a jersey, sweater, hoodie if you’re not in a tee shirt or polo – just take a couple of shirts for your suit jacket. You still have to take your stovetop.

But the basics are 2 shoes, 2 jeans, 4 tee shirts, 2 polos, 2 shirts, undies + socks, a jersey, a spare sweater, a suit jacket, and hopefully have room to buy a few things – 1 each of everything, and stuff it in, and carry my camera in carry on if I have to really squeeze it in. It’s just clothing so it won’t weigh more than 20kg, so I won’t get trouble.

But when I head to bangkok, I will just take one change of clothes. so I can fill the rest up.

The point is, my case will be way way lighter than it was so it’s not a big drama, rolling it 500m. The places I’m going are all cheap if I have to replace it, and the fact I don’t have the big mungus controller means it doesn’t have to be sized up.

I have more room for snacks and such food basics like coffee sachets, so that I’m not caught short – but again, I’m not going anywhere I’m likely to have that problem again.

It’s not about saving $10 on a taxi, it’s just eliminating any element of drama from the transit, making it worthwhile. There’ll be less drama because I know exactly what to expect, I know how to manage, and my case will be lighter.


I am back into archiving and content.

The documents are on the master drive.

The new songs are in dropbox.

The new samples are on the hp laptop.

The songs we are sampling are in the main “sort stack” of the “still sorting” folder in the listening part of the music section on the master drive.

All my music folder are in the same listening part of the music section divided by genres under DNB, and “sorted” – everything else.


There is a moment coming where much like my yoga I have to force my priorities back into place. I have accepted that the freelance thing isn’t a priority while we wait for the next chapter in trading to unfold.

Even if by march we can’t grab the $100, but promise is being shown for the future, that’s enough, but honestly, if we go back to $50k, then we should be able to take the $100, it’s not much. We weren’t taking the $100 last time we were at $50k, but we were nowhere near as hedged up in the middle.

Priorities obviously include tunes – a quick look at override protocol, yes we are ready to go to work here.

Only the big laptop has fruity 10, it has to be moved back. We may need to put fruity 8 and our best playlists on there so it can be the audio computer, and the little laptop here is connected to the big screen for trading and video.

I think we slowly have to hammer it out based on what we need to do. Come monday we’re trading, I think you’ll find you want to put all the music on one computer, so you don’t have to move things around, and you can always face the speakers.

This is because after income, finishing old songs is the next priority. So you have to be set up for that. Next is continuing the work on other projects, including new songs, and new videos. New videos stay on the small laptop connected to the big screen, but we need fruity 8 on the other laptop so we can leave it connected to the speakers to face the speakers when working on all music.

we can leave our playlist music for now, because we don’t have to be facing a specific direction when we’re just jamming tunes. The next priority becomes video stuff. That is rolling the NENB vid, and the cd/dvd archive vids

The NENB vid needs more footage apparently and the CD/DVD vid definitely needs to have the strategy revisited.

But reaching the CD/DVD thing is the end of our immediate list. The other goals are a bit more nebulous. Russian, and archiving music and the kurb archive which is basically lazy stuff you’re doing while you’re maintaining the build up and release of efforts to hammer your tunes.

Then you get to the bottom of the list and what do you find there?

RCTV, website updates, tour vids, the 27 chapters, and then further down, “fashion” which we have already made a plan for – stop in bangkok and buy a new wardrobe.

It seems very bound to a range we can manage, it’s not like it used to be, endless goals heading beyond the horizon of what we could ever imagine.

Having accepted I will shut down a lot of my dreams for auckland, and the furthest reaches of my tiger penis empire, makes things easier to digest.

The songs are sounding good. I’m actually smashing it, so let’s damn do this.

I don’t think doing songs and videos is going to be that hard. Then we’ll be looking for the next and noob eats will take a plan, and finishing the kurb archive vid will take money for fiverr.

You might see me getting into that kurb archive myself I might get right to it, so I’ve got new material for the next music videos.

But you will be looking for more. But if the trading goes good, we need to recognise it’s the 3 T’s, and if I’m smashing that I don’t think you should force yourself to look for work, I did not expect to come right back and be hitting top gear in my healthy lifestyles and smashing the tunes, and the trading coming back nice too, of course, but the argument here is all about contingency in case it stops getting nice, and gets nasty again.

Are you going to update your websites? There’s lots of loose ends.

First would be to get my phone going again so people can ring for jobs.

Tomorrow I will go to huntly to get some food. Weed then becomes my next priority, which means gardening and growing in general – I may have to spend a couple of hundred bucks on pursuing this.

But it feels like we need some more mindless tasks to get on with. This will be the kurb dvd archive. Getting 1 or 2 archive reels to go with our video parts reel should give us a nice base for new vids for the new songs.

garden. weed. video archiving. songs.

It’s good, but there’s just one thing. Money. So I should start taking the steps toward the dole.

Once I have the dole, there’s just the situation with kurb, at renfrew, and these late payers.

But I’m also smashing my fitness and tunes right now, and given that my trading is looking up, I don’t want to spoil what I’ve got going since I came back, I’ve been hitting it.

I will gradually pick off tasks such as going for the dole, one day at a time. I am doing things every day to get more organised and sussed out. The fact that I’m killing my 3 T’s is what matters. Everything else will come from that.

It seems I could rush everything out and along all the way to RCTV around january, even the tour vids done, so I really haven’t got much video stuff to actually do, just my latest music video for my latest tune, or I’m actually giving RCTV another crack.

I might start looking at opening up a new direction, frontloading my plans for overseas again, basswave stuff.


Life is very relaxing, I’m not so worried. It’s like the old one when kurb all slowed down, maybe we are losing money each week, but if in this time and space I can find more momentum to get huge amounts done, then I can cope with it, knowing that the future inflection point is one where we don’t have so many tasks all backing up, folding over each other.

If making some maneuver to get cash becomes necessary, lets wait for that to arrive.

You’ve got to remember being able to download $2-300 from your trading is an absolute game changer.

I’ve got to remember that each day I need to do something business like, to take care of business, tomorrow?

It has to be to smash the video. You will end up on the dole because there’s going to be nothing else to do. You’ll run out of tasks and move onto that. Then it’s back on the weed. The weed, like the freelancing, is something I can definitely make happen if I go at it, I’m just not that willing.

The days are going by and I find myself not so much unmotivated, but at a whole new level of nothing happening, the way I used to fight craving but simply doing nothing. But there’s not even work to do to pay the rent.

But you use the emptiness, the vacuum, the boredom to slowly summon the will to get that thing that’s on your to do list that you’re so unmotivated by, you just end up doing it out of boredom and raw desire to not be burdened under monotony. Doing the videos seems boring, but what’s way more boring is simply waiting for something else to distract you.

Then suddenly you’ll have momentum to start doing video stuff every day. Just like the running, you’ll find it easier to engage as you do it each day, and you get fitter and more adapted to it. You get more focused as most of your energies aren’t being used to sustain your motivation.

Soon you can bang out videos and music every day, and you’re less worried about making money because you’re charging hard and killing it, moving forward now for once. I seem to feel as if – if I’m getting the dole, and I’m doing well non-money areas, I’ll be doing well, I’ll be focused and moving ahead.

But then what happens next year when you come to book your tickets? I’m saying if you’re on $50k and have the confidence to draw down $200p/week then start paying for stuff, break off $3k and move ahead.

Agree that $300 p/week is all you need to survive and your savings can cover your costs in a worst case scenario.

Travel is only $3k anyway that is counting 2 visits to minsk I believe.

I feel like I’m going to end up on the dole out of pure boredom, it’s something to do, like building that garden thing out there. It’s a step forward towards where I’m going.


Frustration around the trading is gripping me, why is there no assurance now I can even make a couple of hundred bucks? It seems mad. All these plans and schemes and hopes I had, and now I’m struggling to even hope for a couple of hundred bucks a week.

The more I mull on it, the more I realise it has to come through, I am still nursing the wounds of the latest turkish and NZD bullshit, we can be happy that there latest antics over the last night seem to have very little effect, it’s getting harder for them to cause an impact.

Now I’ve started calming down from that, it just circles round to the same stuff, the garden, the dole,

I know I’m going on the dole not because of the money but because I need something to do, something to work towards, knowing I’m suddenly at a point where I’m no longer losing money. It’s like the garden, and the videos, I’m slowly getting there, I’m finding my groove.

What matters is a keep training and I keep my diet good, because that’s being locked in right now. If it’s locked in that I train and my diet is completely lean then it’s a huge asset. I am still trading, I am probably trading too much, too absorbed in it during the day when I could be focused elsewhere.

This makes me think I need to be focused on the garden – veges and weed,

I am being slack in applying myself but I see myself as I said back in that space – a room with one door, there’s only one way out. I have to start doing some content sooner or later.

I have to go and get on the dole and grow some weed, there’s no other direction for me. It’s not that I feel forced, it’s that it feels natural. Freelancing ain’t natural for me. Going on the dole and growing some weed is the life for me.

No freelancing,

Renfrew we have to think about, we know that it is no longer necessary. Your hope for it is to use it for some action when the money starts flowing, that I will convert those guys to the free rent life.

In terms of kurb the business, I accept bringing it down here and telling people we just don’t do jobs fast any more unless you pay my gas to auckland. I can makes some money once a month or so.

As for kurb the brand, it only lives to be reincarnated, kurb is still a digital media business, that’s what it will remain. Either I or somebody else has to get into the mode of recognising what it is that kurb can do that’s still relevant.

We don’t need renfrew but we don’t need to resolve it if shane pays the rent.

We get the dole, we grow weed, we don’t do freelancing, we tell darya that we live off the proceeds of my investments, which is not a huge amount, when I’m in NZ I can pull in about $350 a week on average, which is fine by me because I can live on $200.

Whatever would my concerns be then? Building my container bedroom around the corner, slowly doing stuff with bricks, then you need to start creating some boutique products, hummus, pesto, etc. – baked goods, you only need to sell 20 units a week or maybe 50 wholesale to make $100. $100 is now money.

So the idea is to cover the whole place in gardens. You may as well grow as much as possible so that you can then sell it, or even trade it.

It becomes clear and it’s so simple. You just grow your food, and eat it, and grow lots of food and weed so you can use it to trade for value. Again, the idea is to find someone with chickens and swap.

The thing about freelancing is it means starting on a whole new thing, cooking up some treats to sell or trade and growing some weed is just a continuation of what you’re doing anyway. You grow for yourself, you grow more. You have the dole to cover your groceries and bills and gas, if you can make a couple of hundred extra you’ve got some extra money coming in you can put towards things.

I may not be able to save a few grand for my next trip this year, but I can do it next year because I’m more focused on what I’m doing.

When I’m in NZ I am able to save money to cover my costs overseas, I don’t need trading to be working while I’m in New Zealand, In fact I can budget for 20 x $200 = $4k to come off my trading account before I leave, and draw that from another source – credit card, etc, – if required.

You are short a grand still. But if savings cover my travel then I just need $250p/week.

Am I going to quibble over $1k when I know I can pretty much replace that when I get back?

So that’s what it is, you’re going to hold the line at $45k next year, pray that you get to $50k by the time april gets here, and come home to save the money to hold $45k after paying the rates.

If you’re bringing a darya back with you, then of course you can reach into savings. But this is in almost a years time, I hope we could pray that the trading moves to at least offering us $500 pretty smartly, once of course we get back and I don’t need to draw on it.

You can’t be mad with $45k this time next year, your trading giving you $200, you’ve had another awesome trip, you go back on the dole, you grow some weed, you wait for the trading to really kick over, once you start compounding profits so you do get over $70k again, you will be so much safer, so much more in a better place, the old highs as were imagined were fantasy but there’s still something possible.

I’ve struggled with this but you have to put down that extra margin to resuscitate the profits, and get them solidly above $2k again, and not every week, but some weeks you’ll see a push up happen, you’ll head back above $40k.

today is good. The NZD is winding back again, if only the turkish would play nice I’ll be back over $40k soon, and that’s a huge symbol of safety now. It means I can carry through $16k once I reach there, I don’t seem to be getting there in a hurry. It means igniting the profits up to $2k+ or even $3k is possible, a few weeks running $3k without adding too much debt is all I need to get me out of this mess, and set me up for the next move, going beyond $50k, that should make me bold enough to start thinking about $5k a week again, provided we can still draw down $200 p/week. We will be thinking about proceeding to a $20k margin once we get to $50k.

It seems harder and harder for those turkish to create trouble. I feel more and more like we will make it eventually, just as the french election and the last two regular event risks rounds have paid off for us, we went through a series – the euro rebound, the canadian hike, the latest turkish debacle, and the NZ election – of a nasty smackdowns and we are still recovering.

We let our hedges on the USD disappear to nothing and we got rolled on by a $400k unhedged monster. this happened through august and we are still recovering, but it’s unlikely to go that far again, we are going to be ready when it pops 1.21 and heads to 1.25 sometime next year.

As long as I’m realistic about the looming dangers, I will be fine – what about a serious risk move? I’m just not holding NZD like I was and the AUD is riding high now, I don’t have too much to fear there.

I just keep staring at the screen thinking if it’s going to let me go to europe without pain this time.


It was time to do my money. the gap in my paypal and in my savings where I had to prop up my trading and pay those rates was looking pretty bad, I don’t have $50k, so holding the line at $45k until I get back next year doesn’t seem so easy. It’s as if I need to work out where to make myself a grand at least.

That way I have the extra money I need for my travel, I will back my trading for $200 p/week, and I will scrounge the money for my rates somehow, and my car costs.

But if you’re saving $100 a week for half the year, that would cover it. If you get on the dole, then you can save $100 for 3 months now, and cover the $5k you need to pitch in for your travels.

$3k for travel, $4400 earnings, $1100 . . . This is still only giving me the $250 lifestyle.

Well you at least need $500. And you need to pay for your car.

$175 pweek, $25 per day for accom; $10.70 pday, $75 per week for food and transport. That’s actually pretty doable.

When I come back I will be back able to save and earn, to pay the rates – or hold the line by filling the gap.


Somehow my account has closed this week with the spreads still on low liquidity, and there’s $2k missing from my account that makes it look like the turkish went on a mad tear after I went to bed, and dropped 2% but it’s not so, but it still looks ugly and I am waiting for open on monday to see that gap filled.

I spent an hour lying in bed wondering how this could happen, the turkish only dropped another half a percent.

But it gave me some perspective, lying there thinking I would have to fight the turkish, it made me realise, if I had to, I would buffer the $1500 I can scrape together against further drops. knowing it can’t drop more than another $20-30k and that would take months to unfold. And so, if it doesn’t drop, then all I need to do is keep to that plan, and eventually there comes a point, maybe a year from now, where I’m scratching that $1500 like I did the last few weeks, and I am keeping all of it.

The only real danger is if the euro or canadian or USD did something mad and moved 10%.

I don’t know, I’ve been so frustrated by all of this, I wonder how long it will go on for, I want to focus, but I can’t get any peace around this, that’s where I’ve been the last few days recognising that in 6 months I need my trading to work or I have to start making serious sacrifices, I can’t spend more than a few months away.

Are you going to accept that you have to start freelancing if you can’t make the trading work?

It makes me so mad that this is what it’s come down to. It also makes me mad that I can’t control this and I’m unable to focus – this is what I’ve begun to realise, half the reason I’m so mad is not my trading, it’s that I can’t focus on anything else. I just keep thinking I can’t afford my next trip without it and there’s no guarantee I won’t be all in the same dilemma next year, being pushed to the edge, reaching for the credit card, I just want to have a few hundred bucks to spend each week and i can’t dare hope for more than that.

$5 muesli-
$5 yoghurt
$17 coffee-
$3 crackers
$3 hummus
$4 feta –
$3 eggs
$3 meat-
$2 pasta
$3 milk-
$8 cordial + soda-






It’s not likely I will ever drop my grocery bill under $80, but look how I’ve eliminated bread from my diet. Yes eggs on toast, yes tortillas in the burritos, and it seems I will inevitably go back to pizzas on pitas, but I don’t eat cakes any more, I’m reluctant to start with the scones because it opens up more bread eating.

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