Swing Life

by Matt Romantech on November 14, 2017

I am a mood swings kind of guy. Like the way I brilliantly designed a lifestyle to live in NZ and in europe, riding the swings.

Again I was so frustrated by the trading again this morning but after my run I’m all happy like, I’m going to put down some vibes, right here on this farm, I get confused, I end up spending tonnes of time here writing the same shit over and over, and I now understand the ideas are just starting to form properly and I was in complete ignorance of the process, seeing that ideas are still forming – even now – concepts are still forming.

At the farm, we’re making food, we’re making value. In kiev or belgrade and even tallinn we are making a scene where it’s freelancers and girls and food and washing and beats.

Basically. It’s a freelancing hub where single girls also can meet westerners. There is food and drinks and a laundry service, as well as a DJ set up.

Again I am customizing the ultimate place I would want to go – a place for internet business that had tonnes of available women and an atmosphere, and I could get my laundry done.

You charge 100 entry. You may have to get the first freelancers and girls in by paying them but then it’t their job to get more people in. Yes I may need $100 or more to pay two hotties to get things started. But then I say. Sell them some food, sell them your services as a wing woman, sell them washing.

I’m just trying to make $100 a day by having punters come through the doors. Again making money is not the big idea, it’s getting lots of hot girls into my orbit so that I can access the pockets of rich western guys who will pay for russian girls to come over and work for me for free.

Where they do the same thing, get on tinder and convince guys to buy my hampers and products.

It’s perfectly possible that by this time next year I have russian girls ready to hustle to sell some food products. But even that isn’t realistic – what is strong is that you have a strategy to sell this stuff, once you are producing 100 meals a week, you have a strategy to sell them – you may have two people living here doing the work and paying $100.

What is good about this is that the idea can work without you putting in lots of effort. It is going to be what you want to do, whether the trading works or not.

Yes, it’s hard to get anything happening when you’ve got no money, but the ideas are pretty robust. It means that projecting into the future there will be an income to be made by gardening and chasing girls in russia.

But first you need a garden, accommodation, and to be able to afford the rent in russia. The garden we will build up – we’re only talking about food for 10 people to start with, then we spend $10k so that 2 people can live here and do all the work and I can charge them.

That money has to come from somewhere. The only place it’s coming from is trading. So you are continuing to wait for however long it takes. You had better settle in.

Let’s pray the turkish decide to start behaving. If they do, then we might find adding this margin will pick us up again to $2-3k a week, and before the end of the year we can crawl back over $40k and letting us add to the margin further.

This is our only hope. The turkish won’t rebound. If the edges get pushed, we are in for a struggle, but it seems so unlikely, it seems we will cling on and survive like some mad stowaway and we will just keep scratching away a few grand until there’s nowhere they can get us. Each time the turkish pull their shit, it gets easier for us to take it, because we’re grinding over a decent amount to fill the holes.

I think we need to believe again, our faith has been shaken by just how many times we’ve had our ass kicked.

It happened 2 weeks before I left when that first drop from $55k kicked off. Ever since then I’ve had my ass kicked every month.

I believe we just need to keep the thing alive long enough, without radically jacking the margin so that eventually our sins are erased and we win.

Our best idea is to try and get on with life.

I got a moment there finally like it’d all work out. I won’t make $5k a week any time soon because I know now that jacking the margin creates unforeseen problems. The margin has to be pushed when we settle into a range, but never ramped suddenly, always eased in. A sudden move never catches us because we are always just easing it in.

It is then again a deeper realisation and acceptance there is little to do.

do my garden, cook the food, freeze it. My training is already fine. Then I have to do content and russian.

As long as you accept if your trading doesnt work youre going down to $40k. You need to go at it. Just absolutely do everything and see it get done.


I wake up to another reversal in the trading, I have breathing room again, and hope for $40k, being above $40k is the sign I need that I will be able to take $200 a week down when I go away, the $3k for travel from my savings, and the extra I will save from the dole.

My new thing is smashing this video, smashing these tasks, let’s get it done so that the road ahead is clear.

The thought is that once the garden is growing, and the freezer starts filling with food, I will have nothing to focus on but content.

I have nowhere for my guests to sleep, but if I put my container in position, I can make my room available. Seems like a joke, and you’re better off growing weed, you can make $200 growing weed easy. You’ve done it before in way more challenging circumstances.

You could actually put on a $500 earn this year and save $3k for your trip easy. That’s what you should be focused on. Growing half a pound, and putting in $50 from your dole. And still having an extra $50 for some garden shit, or whatever. I don’t think it matters, Mower, freezer, greenhouse, car costs, there are costs.

But it seems like I have a straightforward money plan which involves me doing very little. So definitely forget freelancing for now. You’ll have a lot of time on your hands and money won’t be an issue in terms of being able to afford to go away again.

It’s hard to believe the only thing to do is music and videos. But I have to get on with it.

The websites are an interesting question. The websites for what?

Whatever content I am actively offering. Romantech, kurb needs a spruce up.

This kind of challenges me. You don’t really need to update your websites? If you’re not updating your websites how are you engaging with people who want to know your shit?

Am I just not engaging any more? I guess the website isn’t the thing that really matters. Yes I want to do a website for my music, and my business and my co-op and the ideas I’m launching, but that comes later.

I am slogging away through these videos, it seems very pointless, again this thing, doing this work for a video that fuck all people will ever see, but I feel like I have to progress through my shit.

The trading is just bogged down again, it’s going nowhere, but when I get high, yesterdays good news is still with me. John will set up my whole grow situation so I’m ready to go, so I can be earning this year. In that case I don’t want any randoms hanging around at all.

You can make a lot more money and save a lot of drama, then you can have somebody stay down here for a few months to grow the weed and it means I should get half an ounce a week. Which is starting to become a lot of weed to sell.

The idea is if I can dip into my savings for the travel, save $3k, I only need $2k from trading or freelancing, $100 a week, that is doable. Just to get to $50k or $52k is enough to give me faith.

I have lost a lot of faith.


I was thinking about the websites how it’s not worth having a website unless you’re doing something really awesome.

If you’re not doing something really awesome, do that instead, don’t build a website for your thing that’s going to be awesome after the website launches and everyone thinks it’s awesome.

Then as I’ve gone over these video archives it suddenly seemed silly I was trying to keep my little business dream alive, make it seem oh so important by making a big deal out of it.

But it starts to make you wonder what is important.

The websites aren’t important. The video for my business which I did isn’t important.

What is important? A more fundamental creativity. I will still do those things, you have to play it out. But it’s a bridge to somewhere beyond – a more raw concept. As if doing the business and then doing the video and then the art project was an induction, a journey in to the process that would then become further developed.

Music, and visuals, and narrative. It was supposed to be important because I was a trader, but now that can’t really carry any weight behind it. I need to be more into the art.

I’m like I’ve got to make my story work somehow, even the RC stuff, you’ve got to tell those stories.

You want to DJ, well start researching more music, listening to more new music. But I don’t think I do.

I just want to make my songs and make a video to go with them because it’s kind of a vibe. There’s no need for them to even be popular.

If the trading works, I get popular, if not, whatever. I play my sets at basswave.


It’s a confusing time, allowing things to settle, it’s much like the yoga, that even after 20 minutes and you want to stop, your muscles and bones are still finding their way back to where they want to be.

I have to write and write to thrash it out and see what has to be seen in order for me to progress forward.

I am lucky to have finally seen a decent move down by the NZD and I am getting closer to that $40k mark that tells me things are moving in the right direction and by april I will be back on $50k and ready to set off on another trip knowing my trading will kick in to give me the $200 a week I need.

$50k is more than I left for europe with last time, except this time my hedges will all be up, and we won’t be on the precipice of the edge, a huge move would have to kick in to send us there.

Our margin would have increased also suggesting we should at least be making $3k, and draining $200 p/week shouldn’t impact things, meanwhile my weekly spending is $350p/week meaning I can get a flasher place or spend a little more on something cool.

This development kind of took over my thinking especially after watching the turkish fall and seeing it really doesn’t have much rev, a 10% fall is less than $10k, and I couldn’t expect that to happen more than twice in the next year. When I have some wiggle room, I can ramp that margin so I can get an earn on.

As I keep saying, we are in a place where we can build bigger positions, and any place we’re likely to shift to from here should also offer those opportunities, that’s what it means to be deep in the middle.

Back to real life, it was that garden concept that is motivating my thinking – we don’t want a huge garden because we won’t have lots of people coming here, because there’s nowhere for them, and I will be growing weed, I don’t want anyone I don’t trust hanging around. Weed would provide more income than 2 people staying here and be so much less hassle.

The concept is accepting that you get the dole, you sell a dozen ounces, and you have an income and that’s about it.

There’s no point having some ambitious plan going to hustle up $100 out of somewhere. It’s a waste of time. Part of that is accepting that there’s no scary costs or bills arising out of nowhere,

There are further lines of thought
– what we need here after the mower, freezer, greenhouse set up
– content and brand development

It seems to come back to that thing that once you’ve gone and got the dole and set up your grow op, there’s not much to do except focus on content, because extra earnings are pretty much pointless – more effort than they’re worth, your training is pretty much already topping out, you need a productive outlet for your efforts.

Russian is one thing but it seems you need to go deeper into your concepts of why you’re doing what your doing and what you’re trying to achieve.

It kind of boggled me to think there was no need for a website or even to DJ, if it didn’t make any sense, if it didn’t align with something you wanted to create or achieve.

Now I’m getting fitter, my run is a good time to think and tackle some of these concepts.

You don’t need a website unless you’re doing something worthwhile, that people should want to know about.

There’s no real aim behind it, I’m not trying to get gigs, if I want gigs I will organise my own after the trading starts working, whenever that is. There’s no gig I want that I have to hustle for, it’s not my vibe.

If you’re not trying to get gigs, and there’s no point doing a podcast because you’re not winning and no one wants to know, then what’s the point in DJing, am I just going to stop DJing?

No, when you have lots of tunes to test, you want to do a mix for them, since you’ll be mixing them over and over again anyway. And each mix will likely include several tunes you’ve already released, a few that aren’t finished, and a few journeys playing some broader stuff, it’s meant to be a real showcase, lots of drum and bass, but also other stuff presented in a connected sequence, it’s basswave, you play vapourwave, and all sorts of shit.

But you have to be making tunes and you have to be listening to tunes, and if you’re not doing it, then you’re not doing it.

Much like your trading, it’s not happening, you don’t have new tunes yet, and you certainly aren’t making time for new music so you just have to think about that.

I do my videos, I get some new tunes happening from the pile, start rolling some fucking tunes, you can put out a “mix test october 2017” mix which is just you mixing your new tunes into other old tunes, then you can go with the basswave podcast which has talking and other music not just drum and bass, and still has discussion of politics and trading more on the post capitalist digital nomad tip. It is so you can start building the basswave brand in advance, when the shops open, it doesn’t really have to change it’s content, I will go back to mix tests, but once you’re playing gigs, no – you will always be niche. But you will have other guys working on basswave, once you start performing you will want to save all your tricks until theyve left your set, so you’ll put up old live sets or mixtapes

Or I’ll then set up a podcast for needs, the NZ co-op, and do the same thing. The point is you will have to be not only committed to writing new tunes, but listening to music as well, and you’re not doing that.

But this is another thought I had, you just have to focus on what you’re not supposed to be doing – obsessing over the trading and focusing on it too much – and eventually what you’re supposed to be doing will get done.

You’re going to write some music, and it’ll take ages, but you’ll put these videos together for them, and slowly the music and the videos get better, and you put out mix tests every other month to showcase tunes, and then you can think about DJing. Or maybe your trading will pop a bit and you’ll feel you can shop for tunes again and you want to mix, and you’ll do that but, you know, it’s all down to trading, it’s all down to doing it, just do it, or wait until you can do it, then make the move.

Focus on tunes. It’s hard to settle into the simplicity of it without getting restless.

Just get focused on tunes. Your training is going amazingly well. Your trading will turn around in time.

Tunes are what comes now.

The videos just go with them as a form of presentation.

But then it comes back round again, nobody is impressed by your tunes. It’s all about actualisation on a higher level.

You may have to delve down into deeper levels of it until the point where you’re just here bored.

Your trading can’t go any faster, your bills can’t be any cheaper, you’re saving money every week anyway, You can’t do any more weights, you have to get some more tunes going.

In fact it’s all three isn’t it? Trading screen up, weights out, roll the beats.

It is the one thing I am clinging on to that my training and groceries have peaked so quickly. But now I have to find focus on art. I don’t have to push any harder each day to get my training to a new level, it will just naturally progress now.

It means I just need to keep my training where it is, my trading is obviously getting enough attention, I just need to let music and video fill all the gaps and the weekends really allow for this as there’s no trading.

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