Turkey Penis: Still Rotting in Hell

by Matt Romantech on November 25, 2017

Sunday. I’m still a bit rattled, is it really so different this time, that I believe this time I’ve got it right to win in trading?

In the old system, I could win if I stayed within the range. In the new system, I can survive building new ranges, I even believe I shouldn’t need to prop up my account ever again unless a currency seriously spills out of it’s range by more than 10%, but even then, any massive move we should be able to swing in behind before it goes too far.

Shane is casual about what happens at the house, now my anxiety shifts to what I need to do to get my dole.

This is probably biggest challenge I have to face before my next trip, the weed set up won’t be nearly as hard, I am simply facing the fact that I will be lucky to hit my goal of growing $2-3k worth of weed by then, even if I am only just harvesting at the beginning of april when I’m about to jump on the plane, and calling it an unrealised investment.

It is still 22 weeks away from mid april, I should have time. But 10 ounces is the absolute ceiling, you can’t make $3k from it, maybe $2.5k. Then you only need match that with either trading or freelancing. Freelancing won’t be so bad overseas because there’s no farm vibe where theres gardens to do and simple thoughts in your head, you can spend a couple of days or nights whipping up $200 to live it up a little.

The most important thing is your trading won’t need money, so you come home with $40k no matter what.

It feels like a luxury to suggest this, but only 10% moves could force us to need to do this, and it’s just so unlikely. We still can cover our ass, and the pain will never be what it might have been if we’d never have re-engineered the model.

I feel the need to remember some humility after friday night, my hopes were just destroyed and then came alive all again, remember what it was like to see it all coming apart.

It is amazing to think it all came down to that one mistake I made closing that whole EURAUD position and seeing, so obviously, nothing has changed. I’ve still got the same equity, but now my position makes the full profit when it moves forward. And I have full control over exactly where the hedge is set, I can deleverage at this opportunity.

I finally grew up and accepted capital gains are nothing if your equity is dropping.

you get on the dole, you set up your grow, you try your new trading strategy and you don’t ask for more.

You chill out and get ready for your next trip, where my only goals are to continue to develop my concepts for basswave and needs, and write music and do test mixes, and mainly meet girls.

You will have to be making some money to take girls out, but I think you’ll get very focused once you’re there.

Once you get on the dole and you’ve got your plants growing, your trading is your only real challenge. Yes you want to push forward your content, and get your girl situation readied with weights and russian and more.

But there’s no real barrier. The barrier is organising the next trip.


Monday – there’s been a bit of a curveball with the bank statements in regards to getting my dole, but the situation in sandringham seems strangely and hectically sorted.

It seems . . .

I sorted the dole. I sorted the dole, and I walked around the old neighbourhood, I kind of buzzed out on shane’s set up of the old renfrew but I don’t give a shit.

It’s all erratically arranged but it’s kind of cool because it works in it’s own way. I can do what I want too.

I got the dole, I sorted out shane, I walked around the neighbourhood on a nice vibe, but then I’m on such a short trigger with the trading, I hate it running my life.

I should be happy I nailed my visit to auckland.

Instead I’m mad as hell about the trading and going on and on about it. I lost all that money, again.

I’ve put all my shit in europe and all my plans in jeopardy.

I had $700 in august 2015. I added $10k once or maybe twice. I got to $67k by the middle of this year, I was flying, I was on $55k when I got here in july, that was 4 months ago, what in the hell has happened?

Remember what you said in europe, that the harder it gets and the harder the edges get pushed the easier it is for me to live forever. And so as I turn to the new style, the next generation strategy, I remember that, the grand range, I seek to integrate both strategies, slowly removing large positions that are far off on the edge, and allowing the smaller positions to stay in order to give me cues about resistance levels.

Suddenly after being mad about it for hours and on the drive back down here, I feel like we can do it, we can turn it around. I can make $500 a week at least, and be ready by april to draw money down.

More than anything now it revolves around getting the carry costs back down to $200 a week and earning $150 a day.

At the beginning of this year I was so frustrated I couldn’t earn $2k. Now, I was forced to consider any way I could make $200, and I was already paying $900 in carry costs.

I just need to do what I do, but pay less carry costs! Just whip it all off, only have the hedge left.

Carry costs could come down to $250, and therefore, $150 a day is all we need. default positions of $1k would cover this in the old days.

Just remaining on the current tempo we’re on should reveal the nature of things under this new strategy at this fairly innocuous rate of position sizes.

This way we have the choice to shut down any pair that is becoming crazy in it’s behaviours, such as these NZD pairs started acting. We shut it down by making it a $10k vs $20k hedge, $10k is only going to give up $100 per 1% move so we still stay in the price play.

Now we no longer have a middle, except conceptually, the number of moves a trend makes determines whether the hedge gets bigger or not. where it is in the range determines how quickly we switch the hedge. We may have allowed an aggressive trend to gain the higher hedge, but knowing its breaking highs, only a few drop moves will see the hedge switch and youre basically back at a standard edge situation.

A retest makes them equal, whoever loses is coming back smaller, it begins again.



I get out there, I mow, I mulch, I do my run, but the jobs up in auckland are going fucked again, these people, the same old shit, no one has their shit together, they fuck around, they don’t pay, the bullshit it interminable!

I blame shane, but I realise, I just want to get money. I just want to get back to europe and I have to get money.

I wasn’t desperate for this money, but it seemed fine to me to go halfsies. If a good job comes in, then I get half, that could be $300. Putting $300 in my pocket now

I’ve got nearly $80k! If you add what’s left of my savings to whats left of my trading.

I was just thinking, I could go on the dole in huntly and if I say I don’t have a car, I won’t ever have to do jack shit. They couldn’t force me to go anywhere.

I could always get the dole. I could always grow weed.

Even if I was completely honest and told them that I was going overseas to look for work, and then came back, it’s still no reason I can’t go on the dole, and it’s not like I will have any cash assets.

You would take your tax in to the benefit and say look, I only earn $5k a year. Which would be true because most of it would be cash, and I would still be using

Basically, I can not only ALWAYS get the dole, $212, but I can still run my business at the same time, writing off all kinds of stuff so that I only just meet the income threshold – $80 a week – before I get my dole docked. I might make it $5k and let them dock a wee bit, just to go along with it and not look too suss.

It means I get to tell Darya I receive investment incomes from government schemes.

Realising I can still get the dole without being on sickness, and having my russian girl here, and be earning $20k+ still

I can then tell them I am going overseas to pursue work opportunities and I need my dole on while I’m overseas.

Can you believe this? I think they may only give you 3 weeks but still that’s $600. But then they might give you a grant if you can convince them you definitely have a job but need the money to get there.

That is very very nice.

The point I’m making is that if my revenue comes from weed, organics, accom, kurb remnants and most of it is obviously cash and tax can write off the rest, and my revenue from trading is basically untraceable.

It means when I come back I will be on the dole, growing some weed, and probably getting $200 from my other schemes and scams, perfectly legally, because it’s all written off at tax time. Without even talking about the trading I’m making $600.

My costs are $3k for the house, $1k for my car, $3k for air tickets, and $8k for my weekly costs. That’s $15k.

Also I count $100 for each week I’m overseas so you can make my yearly costs $17k. That does only give me $250 a week, but this does not count trading or the $1k I now suddenly seem to have spare, or the fact that some of that $600 should still be accessible while I’m overseas.

You see my trees bill, my water bill, and my car bill that I have come back to, and needing to buy some weed, are all one off costs that like so many other things, trail back to the fact that my situation has not been organised – they are not representing regular costs. I will not have to pay for registration and wear and tear for half the year on my car.

What I am seeing is although my next trip seems a little bit uncertain in terms of funding, the trip after that will be paid for. This makes me feel that paying for the next trip isn’t a huge thing.

None of all this is actually unsustainable.

What’s the difference between now and then?

Now my weed set up isn’t right. By this time next year I should have 30 healthy female plants

I will have somebody who will get some seedlings going so when I arrive in october, they are already going, some of these plants will get a full 6 months and they will be big bastards. The main thing is harvest mid february through to mid april, 9 weeks, 3 plants a week, a good ounce a plant, a pound and a half, The early ones probably less than an ounce, the last few weeks, definately an ounce and a half per plant. You’d have $6-7k worth of weed.

You could cover $150 a week. But realistically if you budget being here 32 weeks then $200 p/week is pretty much right.

32 x $600 is $19200 and $17k is my cost out, that’s without trading or freelancing.

It’s true that when I get back it will take some time to get my weed and business income running but where there’s a shortfall, I should be able to make up by having some income available while I’m away – rent, and products like weed and organics I only have to meet a sales quota as long as I produce enough to sell while I’m here.

As long as I produce 24 ounces to sell, and $1600 worth of other organic products, I will recover the $8k eventually. the dole should give me $6k at least, and rents and kurb, at least $5k, $19k. Even interest from my savings could be $1k a year, reinforcing this.

My new trading scheme should mean I can draw down what I earn sooner – the system is designed so a big issue can be resolved quickly by shutting certain pairs down, which may be advisable at multi-year highs.

I don’t have to keep more than $30k margin spare in my account – around $37k if I keep my margin around $7k everything I earn I can leave there so I can experiment with larger positions and gaps,

Where the turkish is now, for example, jump out of the trade and leave it to establish it’s top and then get back in, knowing you would never place a trade to back a new top,

The thing is, even though my goal is to make only $200 a week, we won’t see whether it’s really working for months, I mean it will take months to work through the issues, to see if it does work, if it is capable of raising a few hundred bucks, just rising so gently.

Often going backwards, but over time, trending up so slowly.

I am having weird emotions today, like, things have been challenging lately but working out a few things like I have has made me much more confident, seeing that my baseline is tolerable and can get me to europe.

for the first time I’m not worried about the future, that somehow the plan to get a russian girl back here could fall over. I can sit here, and things should work out.

It becomes about whether you can be patient and wait for your trading to develop without obsessing over it. I just want to have the mad manic faith I used to have.


I pace around and around it.

Another big realisation, just like before I left, they don’t stop coming.

I will always have enough money to travel. I will always have enough money to stay right here. All I have to do is grow a bit of weed and do a bit of this and that.

I keep coming back to the trading but it’s not about the numbers or the money, it’s about just letting it be, letting it happen, and getting on with my life. I just want that faith to believe it will happen so I can just drop it and stop obsessing.

Now it’s Friday, I am ill and I can’t quite focus.

I get back in the yard.

At least in the yard I can work away on something that is simple.

I am frustrated I can’t get on top of things even when I have the resources. The kurb shit has become an ever more outrageous fuck around as the earnings have declined,

But even earning $100 from some stress out will probably buy more vegetables than I could grow, but I’m going to spend 20x more effort on my garden.

Well you have to do something with your time.

It’s about complexity. When you deal with complexity, you offer a higher value and you get paid.

It just ends up coming back to how much money you need. I had the realisation I will always have enough money for the things I need, to go to europe, to have $250 spending money in europe and $150 spending money here, to pay my bills, even for the car as well.

I ended up going back into the garden. It’s a place where the process is moving forward slowly, I see this,

We bought the mower, we make the mulch, we plant our plants, we do compost, we do seeds, we plant the seeds in the compost, we put mulch on there, we do greenhouses, we do our weed

We often fuck around when we need to get focused, that is what I see – get that weed growing.

Songs, will just get done. Songs and videos will get done.

It will all get done. Even the trading will get done.

I feel like I have to see through it.


What if you jumped out of all your positions every weekend to save on carry costs?

the cost a $1m position would be like, $200. the carry cost is like $20. So, no.

Except . . . the commodities.

Commodities should be traded just like normal. Look at the chart, pick the profit and loss points.

I’m talking about the turkish, one day it comes back. What then? Trade it like a normal thing. Because if it stays on, it covers your carry costs.

So why bother even trading commodities. You can’t hedge them, all they have going for them is that they’re volatile.

You have to do it the basic, unhedged way. If it goes up, take profit, replace with a bigger position, if it goes down, knock out the oldest, biggest position and replace with less. Entirely trend based. If it goes up one, you take profit, replace with higher, it goes down, you take out the highest again, which has lost more money than you made, so you’ve lost money, but what it does is deleverage.

This works, but it’s so basic you can only do it at very low leverage, again the same problem, do it with too much invested and you’ll get stretched fast.

But why can’t you set it up so that you dip out of the side of the trade that is not good carry, and then have it set up on a limit order so if it drops past a certain point, only then does the hedge trigger.

Well, it’s a gamble, it’s not strategic.

Somehow – well theres 21 pairs I trade, and if each one ends up with $60k on it on average, you should see my carry costs heading back down to $30. We may discover we’re being charged carry for every trade we place that day.

And that’s why it jumped. But then it would be less on weekends.

We can still trade the way we were, but with only $30 carry a day, instead of $130, giving you back $700, which is enough on it’s own – not having to pay the huge overheads means you’ve already got an advantage.

All I need to do is do what I was doing back in hungary. small positions, tight hedges.


Is it on the other side or are they on evens?

Profit on profit – shave profit
profit on Loss – knock out older positions and replace with smaller position
Loss – tiny position

This way even on evens, it reduces naturally.

Is it on the shorter side, but in the red?

Profit on profit – shave profit, replace with bigger position
profit on loss – knock out older positions and replace with smaller position
Loss – tiny position
Loss on Loss – tiny position, shave profits

Is it green?

profit on profit – add a bigger position
profit on loss – replace with bigger position
Loss on profit – less tiny position
Loss on Loss – shave profit, less tiny position


Saturday. I wake up to see the turkish have taken another smack, I’m down under $26k now.

I’m still being hit for $90 carry.

I’m $500 down from where i went to sleep, that’s $280 turkish and $90 carry – it’s only $130 down otherwise, but another kick in the guts from the turkish.

Writing it out just makes me feel better, because it makes me realise that these are not new problems that are out of my control, it’s the same old problems playing out, and even though we are being punished, we will deal with it systematically.

if the turkish keeps dropping we will keep writing off the positions, remember we’d be probably almost another grand under water if we hadn’t started bailing out it’s dropped another 3% since then, in a week and a half.

We will not ever have to add more cash if it drops another 5%, that’s only $3k at the most and we will have jumped out of more by then.

Even if by next april we are only just struggling back to $30k, if we can learn to access our money, lock that $200 in each week, we will be okay.

I believe I can get it down to $50 a day, I believe we can go back to how it was, just making a grand a week from the back and forth.

We ramped it too much again, somewhere along the line. Yes the turkish. We have to accept it was a situation we let get ugly, and in the future I will likely just trade it normally,

$50k position

The reality of making grands a week is now years away and that is pretty hard to take.

Not much will happen here at the farm. Don’t plan a big wedding, don’t plan for mistresses, don’t plan for free rent to ever happen, don’t plan for all those videos and movies you wanted to do, it’s just not going to happen because you don’t have the money.

Oh well. I kind of feel excused from it, it’s not my choice, I tried my best. I can always be happy I have my house and I can go off to europe.


But I look at these old trading screens of when we were first just coming back, 18 months ago – we had a fifth of the equity we do now, and we were making $700 a week, on tiny little stuff, we were making money.

We can always go back to how it was.

Always. You will learn to love the weeks you make a grand.

We can’t be as obsessive as we used to be. We won’t be making money off every small move, we have to simply leave it to do it’s thing, and that will be very hard work doe mw.

The difference of course is the new technique where we realise our losses and pick up and move on. That’s where you won’t be making a grand for a fair while yet.

But we must have paid $10k too much in carry trade this year, what if we did everything the same except without the enormous carry trade, on old positions, we’d be $10k richer now.

I believe we can get it down to $30 a day and go back to making $150 a day. $550 a week.

The cash value of your account should be able to tell you whether you are keeping pace – the account value will always fluctuate in the same way it has, and be low when at the extremes of a range as you would have gone through losing trades – it won’t represent well what you are actually earning in terms of your activity that week.

Just look at christmas before last, I had $300 margin and made $730 in 2 weeks.

In March and May I had $900 and $1400 margin, I was able to make over $600 a week – I can see a $400 here in april.

In september, we took that $700 and started making something. We almost had a major spill in january, and april looked dodgy too.

But we still have $25k, not $700, not $7k, but $25k, surely if we just pretended we went bust and started again, on $1k positions we would be making a grand?

How did we lose the path so badly? The turkish of course, but turkish or not

Perhaps the turkish have allowed me to realise something I never would have understood.

Open positions are positions that are making money now, not one day, otherwise they are costing money.

Then why hedge at all? Because what if we’re wrong? My strategy relies on making money both ways.

If it goes the wrong way, and then reverses again, I make that little bit of money on both sides.

My system is now really 2 systems, the old system operating on $500 max positions so I make $100 a day, but never get a snowball chasing me, and the new system, a $50k position and it’s hedge, so I can weight the pair towards the trend, not the range.

In the middle the gap might be small, but the positions large as they go over.

on the edges – and this is trend bias based as well as the broad range – the hedge expresses most of the bias.

small positions get added to a topping pair moving up, because nothing is being taken away. Bigger positions get added when it goes down to hold against reversal.

Bigger positions get added on both sides because the stretched position is primed to reverse. Whoever is wrong is likely to be replaced by a smaller position anyway as it goes back on trend.

This eats your short term profits, certainly but it means no snowballs eating everything you painfully make.

But my point is carry costs snowballed too. There should be no such thing as an emergency hedge, an emergency hedge is a slow death. Just deleverage and take your medicine.

That’s another gift from the turkish to realise, I can always start again, I can always call time. Praying is not a strategy. I can start again now, I can start again once more in a month or a year from now.

In fact I can even integrate that with the old strategy – the turkish got too rampant and we had to get out. We had to prune the whole thing back.

But the old strategy is not only about hanging onto losses, but paying the interest on them too! No, it can’t work.

What happens when that $50k vs $10k hedge reverses? You go bigger on the side that is trending. When the clear trend tops and reverses, you clear out the profit and go evens.

A big gap should never build unless somebody was making a decent profit, when that reversal happens, that’s when you cash out the profit for evens, and wherever you are,

All my euro profits should have been cashed out for even at end of the weekend, then I’m free decide my bias on monday.

I should be starting monday with EURUSD $50k vs $60k or even the even hedge of $20k, it won’t be making much, but when a trend appears, we can start adding.

Mainly it usually just settles into a range. trim profit and replace, add a small position on the other side. If it keeps trending, yes, we’re losing money on our gap of $1k or something. When it reverses replace the sinking position with something smaller. It goes up, yes, once again, we’re losing money.

We’re adding some profit but not enough to beat the cycling losses as each range move shortens the opposing hedge.

But eventually it always breaks the range, and the green side grows, while the red side is growing slower and then when it reverses is cycled down again, now we have an actual gap in play.

If it reverses again, yes, we lose money. but we still take a profit and when the other side reverses, we’re back where we were. This is losing money – but we’re talking about a very little amount IF it keeps hopping from tiny tight ranges. But these are about $1 at a time.

When it is in a full blown trend and a $40k gap has broken out, it will make $40 on a 1% move.

Ranges drip back and forth and don’t do much. Trends can be driving and relentless and swing violently, it’s moved 1% before you could respond, what then?

trim profit and replace, go small on the other side. But if it does reverse, you’ve only lost the money you just made. but you did make money on the small position. and now your hedged again.

No, we deleverage the other position. If it ranges tightly, we deleverage very cheaply.

What I see here is the walls we talked about in the past stay very close and shadow you.

When there are 2 profit moves, yes we lose money again, because the range response is to delverage on that side, but from then on, we will be adding more than the hedge.

when it reverses, the position is collapsed again, but deleveraged. If it then reverses again, yes, we lose money.

You then trim profit and replace with a bigger number.

Here you can see a market stuck in a range can be very frustrating, and again it prefers a long term strategy that allows ranges to be worked through, again recognising I need to spend less time engaged with hour to hour moves. It’s likely that if the market became range bound we would swap strategies.

We would lean more toward the old strategy of not deleveraging, but riding the small positions back and forth, until a break out occurred. We would lose money on the break out until the trend established itself.

But I think primarily being responsive means that we lose a few bucks here and there when trends are fickle and step in and out of ranges. But when a real trend kicks off, we can make some money.

A large gap that’s made some money indicates an extended trend – we are quick to hedge up when it reverses, wherever we are, we are waiting for the next trend to be established. We may allow $10-20k bias for where it is on the range, as we would with EURUSD.

But the usual game would be as we said – waiting for the reverse signal and then snatching the profits in favour of the hedge. The hedge is unbiased against the next forming trend other than the range bias.

trend reversal – hedge with range bias – extended reversal means making money on both sides – wait for next trend reversal which is likely to be a true hedge, waiting for the next signal.

We don’t always lose money waiting in a range, but it pays not to fuss over it, or wait for the trend signal.

If it is ranging, take the profit on those little $500 positions back and forth within the hedge for $100 a day. Well $5 is more likely, but over the 21 pairs, the yen and the swiss.

How is the switch signaled? a longer chain of small positions signals a downtrend resuming. SWITCH!

Two very large positions within a tiny range signals a range. Wait for a chain to signal a switch.

Two large positions can only exist together where there have been reversals. Trim profits and replace until the trend resumes. This means in range bound conditions that don’t move much, you tend to sit on smaller positions, making life easier in terms of carry costs.

After a big move like the EURUSD, you take all the profits, sit on your $20k vs $20k position, it will probably cost you $2, maybe $1.50. 20 positions are $30.

We can begin again.

It was the turkish. My old system can work, but my new system is ready to take on what the old system couldn’t.

Gigantic hedges were all that were going to result from the last system, it would have worked if I had never ramped it with the AUDNZD though that wasn’t a critical blow. It was just an example of poor thinking.

It works in the beginning because you’re dealing with a small range. We just have to keep resetting it back to the beginning again and again, or else the hedges build the carry costs soar, you have to invest more to create enough money from intraday volatility to battle back the carry cost.

This wasn’t a problem when I thought my system could earn me grands, but now I see, it takes years to build up the capital, if I hadn’t had ramped, and instead prepared for the inevitable big move, making my little grand, I would have won by now, instead of once again, just like last time, rushing it, and not withstanding the big moves.

My new system is responsive to trend moves. You see that trend move, you’re kicking out the other side. But it’s also sticking with older ideas – smaller margins, smaller hedges, using hedges but not like nuclear extreme hedges.

My trading style is evolving.

That’s todays big realisation, that we can simply go back to where we were 18 months ago, and stop blaming ourselves for making mistakes. We’ve made mistakes, and before things went too far, we’ve found a way to fix things.

March 2016 to March 2017 I went from $5.8k to $58k and I only added about $15k of my own, absolute tops.

I really made $40k actual hard cash in a year with less than what I have now. Believe.

You can do it. Go back and start to trade properly, realise your losses, trade like you used to, accept that you’re not a bank you have to trade tiny positions to make your old system work, but it does work.

You can build up again, but you have to accept you’ve been hammered and learn.

Most of the time it just goes up and down in it’s little range, but every 6 months or so, big shifts happen and you need to reposition. This system allows you to do that.

That there is enough, because it’s true. It hangs around one area for weeks or months then in days or weeks has shifted completely.

The average trade that moves 2% I will be reducing the other side drastically so it is possible for us to even make money when these moves happen instead of consistently losing money and having to wait for things to come back.

We know it will come back, and so we are positioned for the switch, to start bringing the weight on the other side once the price action bounces.

When it becomes range bound it will be fairly obvious I think, and we will quit knocking out the positions, and simply play it by the old rules until it breaks out.


I’ve been in the garden again, trying to grasp onto that feeling that everything will be complete in it’s own time.

Everything will simply get done because I’m just sitting around otherwise, every day, I get up and it’s a new day, I start again. Every problem I manage to solve is another problem I won’t ever have to solve again.

Set up the mixer and test the mix for override protocol. Get back on with the video.

I still feel a bit empty from the trading like I’m a bit purposeless trying to take on how much expectations will have to readjust. It’s okay, but I thought things would be better.

I thought it would be awesome and people would care and I could matter. As it turns out, not so much.

I’m not bored. I guess it’s hard for me to accept that I shouldn’t do that much. It’s a bit pointless. Go get your girl. Write some beats and do those sorts of things, wait and see with your trading.

That’s what it is. I’m smart enough to know I don’t know quite how to approach things.

The obvious answer is that when I’m less focused on trading I can be more focused on other things such as girls and music, which is appropriate.

It’s hard to accept I can’t build up my empire. That it will have to wait. I am trying to find a focus that works.

It was possibly all too much anyway, I want to become a bit more focused on what I can do each day.

Stop focusing on what you’re going to do and focus on what you’re doing.

I know music and art should be the focus but I can’t focus on it, I just keep thinking if I had all that money I was dreaming of, all the plans I had.

You’re going to have to work harder to stop thinking about the trading and refocus on real shit.

I mean what do I have to do? Organise the grow room. What do I have to do? Christmas. Think about it.

I feel there might be a way through. I can sense it.

I am having problems with simplicity, but I think I can slowly adjust.

There’s going to be no big trading money for a few years.

Thoughts go through my head, you know where it leads, always back to art.

Yes your girl from russia, a family, but then what? Tunes. My videos, my little projects.

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