Base Wave Dreaming

by Matt Romantech on December 7, 2017

Instead of messaging darya and getting on with finishing these videos, instead I spent the whole night going on and on about basswave.

It’s because I wanted to get a real grasp on what I am trying to do, and what would make me happy.

I said a darya here would make me happy. I said every year travelling the world to these places that are different and interesting and really cheap to do things would make me happy.

I said that if I did my basswave project I would have a platform for business, doing my art and gigs, and having people come around me with their own ideas.

It keeps being about looking at my life in 10 years time and being happy. If this is the life you want, try and be sure.

Yes I defintiely want to be able to hit it with young 19 year old girls, but you’re going to have a wife and kids. You can’t go off on tour for 2 months. The idea I’ve come up with is better, because it’s business, it makes sense to me, going off on some tour, you’re always going to get the idea at some point, what am I doing this for?

My ideas for business, the matchmaking scheme, are good, but it’s about what I really want. I want to do my music in a way I get joy from, and I sort of realised that curating a party is pretty much one of the highest art forms, it is more real than art.

Music, video, web and parties are my art forms because they feel important to me.

I feel like I am reaching some good realisations and arriving at a good place with a lot of this stuff.

But the trading. All my gains from this week are almost gone again and I have to be gripped with doubt about whether my new system is any good.

But the new system is based on the old system and when the ranges are pushed, it goes down, you have to deal with that.

Except you’re safer now because – what if the range never ends before my money runs out? You will have reversed the play long before then. The catastrophes that used to happen can’t happen any more. Some weeks you may loose a couple of hundred, but you’ll never lose grands in one move.

The idea that when it stalls in it’s trend, we replace with a smaller number, means if the trend actually does reverse into a frustrating range, we only enter a deleveraging cycle, where we are flushing out the debt. We still cash out the small positions, but we still lose money, we are realising the loss, until the next trend forms.

Any trend that forms will find me making profit, but if it stalls, well it goes back to hedged. In a hedged mode you’re not losing or making much money so you play the range until a trend forms, and then follow it.

It swings back and I take comfort. I so badly want to see what the future looks like now.


I wake up just in time on saturday to catch the market close. I will end this week $750 up. Now my carry costs are only $21, that’s something we can work with.

I wanted to take the opportunity to work through the system again

When it reverses you take the loss, it’s okay to take this loss because if it then continues to drop, you’re losing less money than you would have been. If it starts to rise, you begin to add more than you’re taking away anyway if you’re on the shorter side, if you’re on the longer side, you’re still making money.

So, it drops down, reverses, you take the loss and replace with a smaller position, it rises slightly, so you add more, then it drops down again!

What this is saying is that if you do get stuck in a range, the losses won’t be that high, and you will be deleveragning. You can’t escape the fact that a loss is a loss. But after the first hit, they won’t be so bad,

On the other hand, when a trend has opened up, you are replacing with smaller positions until it crosses over to the shorter side, and you’re replacing with bigger positions, until you cross over to green, when you’re just adding bigger positions – all profit. When it reverses, the loss on one side will be matched with taking profit on the other you can reset the hedges.

It keeps coming back – this is not a way to make huge money. But it is a way to keep safe and stop any mad bullshit going on. The concept of the edge has disappeared – it’s still considered, but it’s not what the system is based on, you won’t be sitting there with a massive top, not knowing whether to cut out, you have to pick the reversal.

Look at my EURNZD and CADNZD positions, because the tops are so high, they are quite stumpy and the whole position has been deleveraged from pro, but the fact that it’s a big top, we are ready to pivot when the signal is given.


I keep waking up concerned that I don’t want to get anything done. Sure I work out and everything, but it seems day after day, the same things are there.

Message darya and get these vids done, so you can focus on NENB and then move through to the new paradigm where old projects aren’t lurking.

I become frustrated, why am I not able to get things done? I can’t get my video done because I know it seems to be leading nowhere and it’s so hard to get motivated.

Kurb and darya, I’m just sick of bad news, that’s how I get, I’m sick of bad news, I want things to go well and I won’t face up to what has to be done. I felt so happy when I came up with a new way of trading, but once again, I recognise the pattern, that I am holding onto something,

But also I came up with the pigs idea, and then I sort of went meta and started thinking big picture.

What if stopped trying to “help” people and build your little empire?

You think you can control people and give them what they need, but you shouldn’t try. You shouldn’t try so hard. If they want it they can come and get it. You were fantasizing wildly and that’s where it led you, I can’t say it was a bad idea, we took a lot of time to discover what might be possible and that was valuable, because now we meet the reality that trying to mobilize people on that level would be a nightmare.

What are you really trying to prove? If it happens, wonderful, but if not, accept it. Something good will happen by the time you drop dead, don’t worry about that. Are you okay with that?

I just want my girl, and to have a smoke, and work on some shit. Trading, a business idea, music, video, a gig, do some writing. I’m all good.

I know that when I’m on the farm and then when I’m travelling to my favourite cities, I’ll feel stimulated.

It’s kind of a process of accepting that all those big dreams need to be packed away and what the new dreams we can actually work toward look like.

When NENB is done, and you get on the archiving and put through the CD/DVD archive vid, well then you’re looking at redoing websites, I don’t plan to need to be here for 6 months. But what does that mean? Rehauling kurb and introducing basswave. Redoing soul science. You need an assistant, for all the social media stuff.

Of course it means this site, but we have to re do it with some concept of what the content we’re introducing is going to be. We have to content up to even get to this stage. Meanwhile there’s the tour vids, so I guess . . . this could take me all year, but I think that might be okay.

It’s starting to seem like things aren’t a big deal. But we have to push on, there’s more to discover and recover.


I was able to push through to get the override protocol vid done, now I am hoping to do the same tonight to angry fruit.

It is as elementary as I described, we simply need to wait it out, wait until it just becomes so natural to hit it and kill it.

Once these are done we can narrow our strategy down to hit the NENB shoot – it’s just me asking a bunch of bums and old timers weird intense questions about life, and maybe a pretty girl if we see one, it shouldn’t take long or be a challenge. Then I can finally finish this video, 2 years after I started and many years after I first got the idea, and hopefully enter a stage where ideas don’t become so stale.

It wasn’t even supposed to be a major concept, it was modesthaus, just doing what was simple and streamlined and basic, a basic communication of ideas about how I’m living, what I’m doing, how what I do, how the way I live is reflected in my art, my music.

That’s what the video is supposed to be about. This is me. This is my aesthetic. I train. I trade. I write my tunes, and I wonder about what it is that life is meant to be.


I have suddenly got a strong concept about this carport idea.

sleep outs don’t need permits if they’re a certain size. Carports don’t need permits if they have no doors and only 3 enclosed walls.

Do I really want some loser hippies hanging around paying $70 a week? Well you could get them to pay $100 including bills,

The idea is to get 3 or 4 people living here, now you’ve got $300 or more, what is fundamental is that they still pay in winter when I’m not even there.

But why?

Because if I can farm pigs, why wouldn’t I want to get money from pigs and humans?

Because it’s too much?

No you see it’s like this. Russian girls come to stay in the house and then maybe the sleep out if we even got two before the first villa arrived.

Now it’s up to the girls to get guys down here.

We have 20 pigs to look after. We are no longer doing weed at the house, it is hampers next, and the remnants of kurb. As I said, the girls will likely have guys lined up to stay before they even get here,

Now, we see honeypie reimagined here – it’s the same concept except we are dragging guys down here for $25 a night or $150 per week, instead of $20 for one session. We can’t charge as much because we are not in auckland anymore.

But it is a tight market, soon the price would be heading up, or we’d have a lot of dudes around here, but maybe that’s okay. You’d get guys who wouldn’t leave, you’d get guys who are hooked on russian girls and are now chasing the next one before they come here, they are ready for basswave.

You’d get some trouble from butthurt dudes, we need to watch they don’t report us. The girls aren’t getting paid, if they fed the pigss or did the guys washing and made them breakfast, it was out of love.

So much like free rent, honey pie has been improved by cutting auckland out of the equation.

In the old version, in basswave the sold juice and hampers to get here, but in that reality, there was no work for them to come and do. Now we’ve got gardens, pigs, hampers, and boys who are staying.

It will depend on the internal market, but much like the pigs, I may have to spend some money to stimulate the enterprise, soon we have a lot of girls who want to come, and we need to tell them they need to sell $2k worth of hampers AND have at least 3 guys ready and willing to pay to stay.

I think this may be better than honeypie because honeypie had higher overheads and lower value.

Now instead of doing their washing and cooking a feed in auckland, we are getting them to pay to come and stay on a fucking farm.

Before we had $700 rent to cover – you girls better go and work it!

Now there’s no rent to cover, we’re only engaging with these top russian honeys, and they are luring guys into a huge value proposition because not only will they be motivated by the honeys, they will inevitably wonder why they aren’t staying here permanently and working out a way to make that happen, and our girls are there to guide them gently toward getting on the dole and selling our product.

A lot of guys will have no chance with the girls but simply get absorbed into the life.

I am going to need to have that villa on that land promptly in order to dangle the prize.

Otherwise these dudes are going to straight up take off with my prize mares. But again, we need to get through to these girls that they need to be sensible and let us check these guys out

I guess if she does 13 weeks at 30 hours and he pays 13 weeks at $150 p/week, then if they want to go off, then why stop them?

The idea is to be able to dangle the villa so that they don’t take off – we help them get the partner visa and they get into the house – now they

If they have actual skills well that may be a different matter, we want to ship them to thailand of kiev where we can extract 20 hours from them in exchange for board, and they are installed at the local basswave, where I’m paying $500 a week, but I’ve got 3 guys and a place, if 3 guys in a decent space can’t break even or even fall short but add heaps of value, then that’s on them clowning it up.

If we marketed it as a real life game show, it would blow the fuck up like mad, but we have too many issues with immigration to consider that and more importantly, the russian girl thing would stir up problems with feminists. The official marketing is as a lads respite, a chilled out spot where you can live a laidback life when you’re between opportunities in the city. the girls are never inferred towards in a suggestive tone, they are only mentioned to implant the idea that the staff are girls.

Once again the standard of my ideas is so high, I can’t reveal the concept, it relies on too many insights built on top of one another, it would blow most people’s minds and they would be angry about it because they are too stupid to understand anything other than the fact their world view was built on too many lazy regurgitations of acceptable thoughts and they become enraged.

The marketing has to be driven by the girls themselves on dating apps and social media. They are encouraged to get to know the guys and let them come round to the idea of coming to stay – this is a long hustle.

Once the girls got here, they would get a commission from their hamper sales, so they would have an income to pay for tampons and make-up, clothes and such. It seems only fair they should also get $5 a night or $30 a week for each guy they bring in – it’s their job to look after him.

Or my darya can help them work out how to make some extra money freelancing, or helping out in her beauty parlour. But again, whatever they were doing to make money before they arrived, they can probably keep doing.

If they were really going hard, they could make $200, save $2k, they are going home seriously with some money, but of course the goal is not to go home. We dangle the villa – your own place for 40 hours, she is working 10 hours less and he is now getting to keep his $150.

At that point I don’t need to offer any more than I need to keep them staying – they will want to get married eventually so she doesn’t have immigration issues. I don’t need them to stick around. I will bring another couple in and reduce all their hours to 15 hours x 4 then it simply becomes about leverage.

If I need them to stay I can go forward with the leasehold plan. But if there are other couples lining up, I simply just need to do a hard comparison, 2 x 20 hours vs 4 x 15 hours, which group is bringing the most value

These weren’t new ideas.

It simply sparked from the question of who these pavilions were for, these dudes, these hippies, loser gamers, some dudes gonna pay me $70, $100 just hang around like blobs. No. The young suitors are on the girl farm.

I recognised a fundamental thing about russia – the girls are the asset and they are so valuable. But how do you realise the value? Western men are sad losers who are too dickless to ever go to find out what is in russia, and also too stupid to negotiate the huge cultural barriers and that is before they get anywhere near the girls.

These dudes can’t leave their comfort zone, and we provide so much value by bringing the girls here, we just needed a business model that forced these guys to pay up for being too damn lazy.

We don’t want to tell them that russia is full of hot girls, we want them to believe they just got lucky they found some super hot russian girl who lives on a farm just out of town where they can go to stay.

I, menelaus, I enforce the oath that will bring your odyssey to me!!!

When we imagined the possibility of this before, we didn’t connect with the cheap accomodation, that we could make it so 6 guys could be staying here, and we could be scoring $900 out of them, while these russian girls cook food out of the garden and clean up for them, look after my pigs and my hampers, as everyone is being pushed to sell these hampers, with lots of pork of course.

I’m making $700 off accom if you remove $200 for bills and extra food, the pigs are giving me $10k+ a year of labour so can continue to improve the property. Weed I will no doubt be doing somewhere else, the new villa site.

Leaving hampers and the remnants of kurb to bring in $200. That’s still $900 hard cash. I could still be on the dole of course, you can put me on $1100 while I’m here, and sign the other half year up to what I can do with weed.

Of course this is in years to come when my trading should have done the business, but what I am pointing out here is a totally viable business model for a good business, that would make decent money even if the trading was going nowhere.

Of course there’s the basswave too that may not make a lot of money but would certainly allow for expenses abroad to be minimzed and a steady supply of girls provided.

How many girls could this extend to?

You could rent a place in huntly for $200 and put 3 or 4 of them in there, and you’re getting your 90 hours work, that’s a powerhouse really, once you had 6 girls you’d need space for at least a dozen guys and they would be putting down $1800 a week, serious money,

It just occurred to me I could do one for thai girls that was completely hush hush and nobody knew about it. I just would find it so hard not to fuck the girls which would be really very bad.

But anyway, 3 girls might be all we can handle because then we could easily get 10+ guys here, money is rolling in, but it’s going too far, I need more space to do this, I have to suss out a rental nearby, no I couldn’t.

The boys have to be onsite to get their food and laundry etc. the girls have to be onsite to charm their boys, so it goes, so it grows, we simply have to be able to expand to cope. 6 girls, 20 guys, their cars all parked up, I’m bringing in over $2k just in accom, and how much organics are these guys moving? Well the pigs and gardens had to make room for all the people.

Some may be coupling off, then you put them in huntly – they are focused on other parts of the business, they are not single, they do not need to mingle and it’s better that they don’t.

At this stage, once it gets to 10+ guys and 3+ girls, it will be a bit of a mad house and I would have bailed out – in say, 5 years – I’ve probably got a little kid and a pregnant wife, we’re in an apartment in auckland or in coromandel or wherever, while we sort out a master plan for waiterimu, the first couples are in naike where they’ve taken the pigs and weed to. This all runs itself, I am still trading and we are planning our new place up coromandel ways. The money coming in from the suitors and the hampers goes straight into developing the first villa and our second development we’re planning.

I am figuring out how to do things without the trading so it follows that should the trading kick in at all, we are going to monster this.

I did say something about it being a gameshow yesterday or something, but it was only tonight I connected specifically with the idea that the suitors would pony up to stay here with the girls, I thought they would come to work, and they probably will do that to, but it’s only tonight I realised they would pay and then when they realised the deal was so sweet, many wouldn’t leave and would work hard to keep the guys there.

The guys least likely to impress the girls are most likely to stay, the ones with decent jobs would be trying to get the girls to leave with them, but, the girls are on a visitor visa – he has to support her, and we don’t buy them a return ticket, the only way he can keep her here and she can work is if they get married.

Fine, but we retain that curse over him, she can always come back to us, she will be replaced, and yet always bring something back to us as there is no need for her not to continue her connection with us, she might even keep selling the hampers or build things in the city for us.

I didn’t connect with the idea that dudes would pay to come to stay with the girls until tonight. I realised that the value proposition was good, but I didn’t connect it with the ultimate motivator of having the girls actually here in the country.

I always knew that the business opportunity derived from the fact kiwi guys were too lazy and that it was still taboo to talk about the fact that kiwi women are shit. Why talk about it? Design the business model and extract money from the value delivered, that is, your shot at happiness with an awesome russian girl.

So many smart guys have gone to russia and figured they could make some money from the fact russian girls are awesome wives. But they didn’t connect with the idea of bringing the russian girls to the lazy western men, because they had no model to recoup the cost.

I have a business for the girl to work in, and a business model to extract profit from the men.

There is no reason to open basswave up next year. We can continue simply sounding lots of girls out and looking at how to engage. I want to bone them, but I also know that following up with girls like darya is more important so if I can’t do both I have to prioritise the daryas.

I said it could be a game show and their could be more than one, but I didn’t connect with the idea I could charge them, which feels like I’ve finally connected with the value. The pigs eat and get eaten by the guys who build the structures that house all the suitors who pay all this money to be there. Ukrainian girls come to find husbands who will run my business and farm all the pigs, so it all continues to run without me.

The next step even kicks in – forget about your stupid commune fantasy, we need a bigger processing plant for these girls.

Free rent is now gulag style – 20 guys living in a warehouse, waiting to be able to move on to the farm. The older plan, is the outer ring now, girls in ukraine sell juice to raise $1k for their air ticket – kiev to bangkok to auckland on shitty long flights, to guys they are trying to get to move into the warehouse, to sell enough juice or impress the girls enough to earn a place at the farm. Afterall that’s what it will be – ladies choice.

Or that I would find workers with skills worth more than $150 a week to me and they would be chosen by me, we want the best people on the farm, the warehouse is for people who have to wait for that opportunity. Usually young guys or broke guys who have bought into this, and are scrambling for it.

But how many hampers and such do you want to sell? Rather than tonnes of useless people, you bunk up those russian girls in auckland. In an apartment where you can jam 4 at least, so you can have 6+ on the farm and up in auckland, luring more guys down there – the girls who are best at sales are up there, but of course they have to rotate.

The girls are the resource, the more girls we get, the better, but again and again, there is no need for lots, we only need a few. Ever.

It’s not only the guys paying, but that the girls would be here to motivate them to do that, and they would, afterall they didn’t need to spend a grand on their ticket.

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