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by Matt Romantech on December 2, 2017

I am getting more focused on what has to be done. Finish these two new videos, get on to the Noob Eats vid, that’s where a new big challenge lies.

Get that video done, and it’s a big hurdle. It’s because it means there are no old songs and no old videos waiting to finish, there’s only one other project in progress now, my CD/DVD vid, which I have decided I will put a few hundred bucks towards finishing.

Because then, although we would have liked to do RC, I don’t have the money, so it must be stop and think time. We do music videos. I can I do dugongmanatee, and selected concepts that are one offs.

But I can’t commit to RC without a plan. Video is a way to put a message out there, you’re communicating. Mainly I’m communicating vibes around my music right now but I also do these vids that are kind of about my lifestyle and communicating that.

In years to come I hope it gets more sophisticated, so you can track the style.

I will always be able to use these skills in whatever I do. Build a website, put a video on it, advertise it online, it’s pretty straightforward.

Otherwise it just becomes a secondary channel of artistic output that reiniforces the fact my music is about something, it’s not just stuff.

I’m conscious of the fact I want people to see what I’m doing now as the prelude to something bigger, not in terms of video, video is just the media, it’s not the subject.

It’s the ability to express a concept. I don’t know what concept I’m trying to express because I am accepting the because the money through trading has not arrived, I have to be more realistic about what it is that we can achieve working together.

I walk around, there’s lots of room. Streamlining my business plan is actually extremely easy.

Buy a section, relocate a house, get another russian girl to come here, to encourage men to compete for the prize of the girl and the house by adding value here.

The idea is the girl and whoever lives in the house is responsible for running the business with the pigs and the organic hampers and the weed and the accommodation around the farm.

They do everything I would do otherwise, I still own the house.

It should bring in $600 a week at least, as well as feeding everyone, and create a rolling progression of improvements.

It’s not just about the $600; It means we can go away every year, back to russia.

Where we have the same thing going on. Business going on that is run by someone who lives in a place we own, or looks after our place over winter.

In terms of opportunities in music, we just have to see what happens. In terms of opportunities to bang young hotties, again, it’s not something I would focus on but rather, just let happen, because it’s not all about the big scale any more, that dream is to be put away for now.

I want to meet people to help me with my videos, websites and music, and that’s what the basswave freelancing thing would be about, and people who want to put on parties. But I’m talking about quality people with resources. I do my thing, I look for opportunities working with other people with the right ideas, I can only do my ideas.

That doesn’t mean I won’t meet other people with resources who want to do videos and parties and music. Other people into co-ops, into backing my ideas.

What do I need? A space, a sound system, an audience. Once I do basswave I’ll connect over that.

Do you want to be 50, married with kids, and doing your pop up parties in

helsinki – tallinn – minsk – kiev – belgrade – bangkok – brisbane – auckland – hamilton – coromandel –

The difference between needs and basswave is that needs is in NZ and basswave is international so they have different functioning. Westerners and well to do hip locals wanting to get a leg up in the west are the target of basswave.

Needs is more of a true co-op. We want you to progress from being a customer to working to living and working within the structure. The couples living in the houses are the permanent structure. They would get a shop. Getting $600 is just a figure.

Basswave, my party brand, I do 10 parties a year, I have certain tricks and themes I pop at every party – it’s a branded party experience, but it’s all just a branding exercise for the website which is basically saying, come to our worldwide locations!

Freelancing! Matchmaking! Workstays! Speak and Learn English! Music and Food! Tourist Services!

It would be hard to pin the brand down. It’s a networking hub for travellers, freelancers and singles – Business AND Pleasure!

Do you want to be 50, married with kids, and doing your pop up parties in

helsinki – tallinn – minsk – kiev – belgrade – bangkok – brisbane – auckland – hamilton – coromandel –

Isn’t that good? Having your curated party experience you take around the world? I just want to be like ohm, but take it next level by going international.

I’ve got my party brand that’s my podcast, and my tunes, and my videos, what do I need to do else?

I’ve got my pop up shop in kiev, tallinn, minsk, belgrade, bangkok

This is what I think is still possible if the trading can bring me in a couple of grand a week in a few years, which should be possible.

I can do these shops. What’s the point of the shops? You meet people who are into freelancing, and girls into meeting a western guy, and western guys who have their own shit, the idea is ukrainians or whoever is going to come in and you can help them, you can help the westerners.

But I just need some ukrainians to start doing what I need them to do. Come in pay 100 grynia, i’m just trading and making music and doing weights and that, practicing my russian, if you want advice I will give it to you if you help me with my projects, and the girls will make you a drink.

I am trying to get these people to basically work for free. I pay the rent on the premises, the rest is people who are both working there and using the services – it’s a co op.

I need to find people to help me with my videos, websites, music, and my branded parties. I need to find girls who want to move to NZ and who will hustle my stuff.

I would have the main basswave shop in kiev that is open may to october, but the others would be pop ups that are only open a month around the party in that city.

It’s just an idea of what I’d like to do that’s cool. You just get a space and start doing it.

My wife would get into it too. It’s not like it even has to work, we just get an airbnb near the space, get our stuff out of storage, music, food stuff, beauty stuff, you’d only be going hard where it was working.

What’s working? Having a good party, getting some people on board to keep the thing going.

I’m not doing this for the money. I have an income. I think it will make very little money. It’s designed to graduate people to my situation in NZ, meeting awesome people who can help make my websites and videos and music and parties real good, bringing better people to my orbit.

But also it’s about when I come to belgrade, or kiev, or tallinn or any city I love that’s cheap, I have something I am doing, I am doing some business and some music.

The idea is to get heaps of europeans into the idea of doing a workstay in NZ, or even thailand, that if they pay their airfare they can work off their stay.

Providing accommodation and food for a ukrainian in thailand would cost me less than $100 per week and I would be expecting 30 hours from them.

The idea is take someone out of their country, and put them into one of my set ups, and make them work for their food and accomodation, because they don’t have a work visa.

This way the joint runs itself, because everyone works. I just need to pay the rents.

Ukrainians, Estonians, Belarussians, Serbians, come to the basswave joint or party and find out about the deal, if you can get to thailand, you can work your way to new zealand and away from the winter.

If I have the labour, then the business must be able to cover it’s rent.

But what is the business if I’m not there? I – we – will teach the girls. The point is though I will be there for at least a month, it’s just when I step up to having people in the shop, freelancer guys and matchmaking girls, they will want to go to thailand and NZ.

That’s the whole reason they are there. We shut up shop, off we go,

basswave pop ups are basically UFOs that land and abduct freelancers and wifeys.

We attract them in then we leave, we want to take them elsewhere, where they will work and freelance and attract men for us in exchange for board.

I just need to rent a big place and a shop and fill the place with ukrainians.

May – sept – kiev // oct – feb – bangkok // march-april – belgrade

The joint moves around. All I need is $500 a week because there’s no overlap. This money covers my rent also for when I’m there.

$4k – rates insurance car
$8k – food and bills
$3k – travel

$25k – basswave international


I’m making $18k from the farm – weed, pigs, organics, kurb, accom
This could be $30k if there were workers installed

I’m making $6k from the dole.

So the moment my trading says I can afford it, I am getting myself a big place with a open space in podil or somewhere. It’s $5 to get in, but we can exchange value if you’re prepared to do some jobs for me.

The employees never realise they are the customers. I don’t care what they do to make money in the space, all I care about is selling them on the idea of leaving for thailand, NZ and serbia.

Once they leave the country they owe me labour, at the moment I still have to earn it,

They are trying to earn $1000 so they can go to thailand where I will pay for their rent and basics, but they owe me 30 hours. They are already trying to earn $100 a week in their downtime, that is the basic concept.

I just need to find out where I can rent a shop and space for 4 people for $500.

A shop with 2 bedrooms for $3-400 for 5 months, then my airbnb for the 13 weeks I’m there is $200.

It’s seperate. You may as well budget $4k for accom and $17k for a shop with 2-3 bedrooms.

Now my full cost is $36k, the shop only needs to earn $12k per year

But again if those two people come to NZ for $2k and stayed 3 months – jan-march

it would just be 5 months in kiev, 3 months in bangkok and 1 month in belgrade. Closer to $14k.

The shop still has to earn the rent at the same rate though – $250 a week.

Of course $250 a week in exchange for 60-90 hours work is peanuts. It doesn’t really even need to work as a shop.

All their needs to be is a social space with music, so when you come in you can sit down and be served.

Freelancing! Matchmaking! Workstays! Speak and Learn English! Music and Food! Tourist Services!

It doesn’t really have to be a shop at all, just a space, with an apartment nearby for accom, food prep and laundry. The main space is for meeting, drinks, work, matchmaking, DJ,

The point is, once again, I only need $500 to do what I want to do.

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