by Matt Romantech on January 11, 2018

I am dealing with that feeling again – I didn’t spend the weekend working on my tunes, I am not on my training and russian.

I am not trading, tunes and training.

I am just writing on my blog, and nothing happens in real life if you just sit there and write your blog.

Darya seems like such a good idea, but where is she, she’s in minsk.

Leasing a small piece of land next door to develop and buy eventually seems like a good idea, but is this going to happen?

Is it the same as with darya, that darya is simply a model.


This selection of loosely associated local favourites and rarities is now available on my soundcloud and on youtube with a brand new video art/VJ mix.


I am getting ready to make my moves on facebook and here you have it, all those feelings you get that you don’t know what to do with because you were on facebook and you saw some stuff

I’ve got to drag through this whole process and it doesn’t really make me feel that great because there’s too many feelings I’m not sure of or what to do with.

I had to just check some stuff off for the atomix mix vid, that all the branding stuff was right so it wasn’t

Yes I noticed hazel had made a little comment about ukrainian wives but that’s not really anyhting, it’s just usual facebook shit, people ragging on you, it’s not worth getting snitty about.

It’s more that feeling that you get from so many of these things . . .

Was it really so hard? Was it really so hard to try and stay on top of all this stuff?

Well yes because of exactly this reason, you go online and everybodies got something to say about something.

You always end up feeling some kind of way about these things and I’m never sure if the emotions are really that useful to me.

It’s no use to me to wonder about what hazel thinks.

I went back up the road to contemplate the land situation some more, I was frustrated that I can’t seem to get through to the point.

I see it now from both sides.

What is the advantage I gain, on this side and on the outcome?

Owning the land is all about capital returns which I have no interest in, I will never realise the capital gain in my lifetime there’s no point.

In fact a leasehold is the only solution in many cases – Once I’m dead, what do I care?

No, I can’t do it, I can’t accept the idea that once I’m dead my children will be faced with whether to update the leases when they’re over a barrel. It’s a bad idea.

The only way you can go about a lease is to be ready to roll the fuck out when the call goes out.

There is a strategic way to get the gains here, but first we must understand what the gains are.

When you come to know and accept that the extent of your aims are 2 relocations and 2 eco houses on 2 more sections – one here and one in coromandel

you realise you needn’t aim so high.

We need $200k in 2021 because that is the first point it would be conceivable there would be a couple even wanting a place.

If I leased from the end of the year it would be 2 years before the end of 2021

basically I want to make $50k this year, $100k next year and $200k the year after that, given that I will probably spend 10% of what I make, it might be slightly optimistic.

I wanted to spend the weekend on tunes but I keep getting caught in feelings, and as usual I smashed it out on my blog and out came a diamond – this leasing concept, which is powerful because I can see now my nature is beginning to clash, I want progress and development and it’s making me realise a lot of what I want is for the wrong reasons, that I just want more for the sake of it.

The last solid jump off is that you want a couple to run your business and they need a couple of helpers – they have their own place, the helpers are single girls still coming from russia or others staying.

To get a good couple I need a good place. What’s better than one couple? 2 couples, 3 couples, soon you’ve got 6 russian girls here including your wife and 2 singles. It is already getting a little unweildly.

Why would you want to expand so much? 3 couples is a lot of labour.

Okay if you can’t think of a good reason to exert yourself to expand beyond that, I think this has been an awesome philosophical challenge.

I can see why I want some people to develop my business ideas, because I want to see the potential without having to bust my ass on making money, it’s designed to give these people a living.

But if it has no potential then I don’t want to break myself over it, I just want to give it the opportunity to live, I will always know I wouldn’t sacrifice too much if my trading was ultimately a failure, or never grew beyond $2k and now we are getting down to business.

This is what I’m saying, what if you really just don’t need to make more than $2k a week?

Like you just coasted there, instead of making $200k in 2020 you just made $100k – saved should I say.

So were only just drifting toward $300k, you still have the money to buy the property.

Except now you only need to buy two properties. EVER.

You can buy more, but I am challenging myself, why buy more?

Must you really have and possess more to the point it drives you far too desperately?

Isn’t this what has happened to me in 3 years trading, I could never stop and accept that I was making enough and it was good?

$2k is all you need, and if you think that you’ll definitely be making at least $2500 in about 18 months time, you can accept that you don’t really even need to be making a grand right now.

That’s good, cos I’m not. But I haven’t even started pushing, and I will. I will add a grand to the margin as an experiment and it will show

I am delving deeper into it, if you don’t want to buy, you want to lease, why not just do it on your own property, what’s the real difference, there’s lots of room!

You’re doing the section and the relocation later anyway, why do you so desperately want to get the land now, when you know you can make all this stuff temporary, set it up here, and then shift the set up.

Especially with the houses on skis. Because this will be cheaper than getting them on foundations.

You want the land now because it means you can do stuff that is permanent as far as you can project.

Doing it here means we will never relocate a house – that is not on the current agenda, whereas if we we are leasing a place, we are on our way. We have some certainty, we can start plotting a timeline, everything doesn’t have to be on skis, wondering whether we might have to move it, knowing it’s a big drama.

We need the scope of the scale. Leasing the land with a view to buy buts the full scale in scope.

Doing it on this property is a start but it can’t ever scale to the relocatable without big costs, that’s why we hunger for the lease, so we can get stuck in.

Are you really just so so impatient? No, it’s the scope of the scale, it frustrates me to be working on something that isn’t taking us toward the final vision of the relocatable.

But this is what it is. You are working on your eco house concept, dragging it around on skis, knowing the moment you get the chance you’re going to drag it over to where the lease is happening, which won’t happen next year because you will be building it up on your own land.

The fact that it is on skis becomes absolutely critical. You may still need to spend grands to move it to the new property but you will already be familiar with dragging it around. You already have decks, you will have all types of lego pieces to build with, I guess, you will begin collecting stuff.

Before, we couldn’t see how important it was to become hardcore in the eco house vibe.

We had to connect to the relocatable. The lease option bridges the gap.

The eco house can be taken to the lease land, where the relocatable will be built later.

If there is no lease land, I am occupied in my activities until I can afford to buy land,

remember it takes them 6 months to issue the title, you won’t have to pay the money until then.

The whole deal with the relocatable is that without a separate title I can’t get a big villa and power and water down there.

If people can’t live in a proper house, then you can’t form a proper hierarchy, because you’ll just have all these low quality people hanging round and the high quality people will leave if they are not rewarded by getting preferential status – getting to live in a proper house.

I like it here and like I said, already feel sad that I would ever leave, but that’s me, I just find my way to the best way, I thrash it out and throttle it to death until I know what I am doing.

It seems in the years it will take to work out the eco house and all the functioning of basswave and the organics brand, I will save the modest amount of money I need for the whole project.

Land: 2 x $200k
villa etc: $100k
Basswave costs x 2 x 6 months: $25k
eco house: $30k

end 2018: eco house
end 2019: lease, move eco house

You see if we’re going to lease, you may as well make it for 5 years.

Well it depends if you get them to agree to sell it to you.

They may want to sell, they may want a long term tenant, we are ready to pursue both strategies because at least if I know the land is leasehold there is a lot that can be done without doing a full blown relocation,

So a leasehold is actually fine, it just requires a different strategy including locking down land for relocation, but this is what I am saying if we got one part for leasehold, we could then find another for relocation.

It doesn’t matter the terms under which you get the land – you will adapt your strategy.

If you can’t get a seller, you simply work with what you’ve got until you do find one.

Now your worst case scenario is having to wait 3 years for something 20km away.

piopio and the likes just sailed out the window.

what we realised was that even the land doesn’t have to be permanent. As long as I can move the stuff somewhere to a place I do own – here – I can use this as the hub.

It makes me realise I will have to leave here because sooner or later I need to be away from here because of the high traffic. minions and lower quality people coming and going.


I have a new facebook strategy. Add my best europe pics. Add my farm pics. Now I have pics for Lorna and Jennifer.

Now I have played the facebook game of bringing everyone up to speed without saying nothing.

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