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by Matt Romantech on January 7, 2018

I need to get another render of NENB going before I can have a smoke.

Once the vid is absolutely done done we have 3 days just focusing on tunes. It’s a little bit exciting to have to deal with.

We don’t actually have a something else after these tunes to worry about. I mean no major piece of content that we’re late with.

But of course I do.

I have become pretty slack in my routines but I see this opportunity to move forward with content and I want to grab it, I see the chance to do an exercise here – dominoes – how smashing one thing after the other will lead to a progression, and why it’s so valuable to be applying myself right now to making progress in content and developing there instead of steadfastly grinding on my routines.

I have already got my tentacles going out in that I have made a version of the atomix video mix to use as my base for the next two music videos.

I have made a list of songs I will use for the tour videos which broadly fit the criteria – older songs that embrace more of gnarly, outsider electro rave aesthetic that haven’t been released and haven’t had a video.

This is what I saw slogging on that atomix video – my shit is developing. Each video, it is developing. It’s ripening into what it’s going to be. The original shit was unsophisticated, raw, ideas still coming together. we are developing the concept, the aesthetic.

It is arty. Just because it’s my own little arty snobfest with just me being all arty, doesn’t mean it’s not proper artiness.

Should I remember the idea I had to do my album? What’s the point? You can decide if you like, that a bunch of songs belong in a group. I don’t think anyone else really cares though.

You can attempt to exlain it in the most effective way, and I think this is a much more interesting challenge.

It goes back to the 27 chapters. You’re trying to develop a space where people can engage with your content, and that’s what the whole grand meta narrative is all about: there’s a cool story that goes with it.

Just like the story I’m working on now is that I’m the jetset trader intellectual who does beats and parties, it’s part of a story where I wasn’t always this, and I don’t remain this. The story is all part of it, that’s why I take it so seriously, the fact I have created this story to go with my music is what makes me different from some other old guy who’s been making beats that have gone nowhere for years.

That’s part of my art now, is to say, well I fly around the world, I’m jetset. I trade, I’m hip to modern lifestyles you need to get clued up on how it is we’re doing it – not in a bragging way, but in a way that puts the knowledge to the youth.

Again, where did I start this morning? Mannerbund. It doesn’t have to be nazi shit and I couldn’t care less if it is the origin, the concepts are sound. You need to form bonds with other men in order to protect your family and property. So you provide evidence of your value.

Darya’s right, a woman is atmosphere, a man is achievement. She is so nice to be around. I understand what it takes to make something important.

We all have struggles, and lots of guys have beats. But what makes my struggles and beats matter? My story.

I understand this. I will never compete with the best beat makers and DJ’s, I won’t. I don’t aim to. I know that it’s my story that makes me unique. The grey lynn chapter, the myspace chapter, the tiger penis chapter.

I have been the DJ and I have been the internet celebrity and I have been the startup entrepreneur, I have been the children’s entertainer. I just need to flesh the story out – which I have.

I know secretly that the story is the money, it’s what it is. The story is the story of basswave. Needs comes later.

Finish the videos
Finish the 3 songs for john
Write new tunes
new music videos, 3 songs
Rough edit of tour vids with tunes
kurb archive vids
whispers, incognitus, all 4 star team tunes for john

new music videos, 6 songs
finish tour videos / kurb archive vids done
star now/kurb/pirate matty vids
Finish darling darling, call plan
write new tunes
cd/dvd archive done
basswave podcast

NZ 2019

girls for star now, tiger penis
basswave podcast website


basswave shop

I guess I better jot down ideas that come along. The kelly character, the airhead assistant who runs my social media, could be very very russian, this would be excellent, because it can play on certain jokes about russian girls and stereotypes of russian girls. Again, a great way of introducing the concept without saying a damn word.

you never mention the fact that olga is eye wateringly sexy, like kamila. it’s just an ongoing joke that I am exploiting her to do my social media with the promise of meet nice husband in NZ, and she is quite awful at it because she is very russian, and basically a cutie pie who is very russian and doesn’t understand irony.

She provides a foil at the kurb stage but by the time it’s basswave, well can’t you see? All the aspects of basswave are being introduced under the nose. Olga’s character is designed to be developed for NYL which is content that is specifically for the realm where horny dudes are interacting with russian girls.

We can run with the structure we were still talking about 2.5 years ago – a manager, a content person, a business manager

If they were all hot russian girls, they would become the NYL.

It is so exciting to realise that all the ideas I had for girls in auckland I can do in russia, not just because there’s hot girls everywhere, or that they’re desperate for money, it’s that you can do super horny stuff and they don’t see it as “harrassment”. I’m touching your bum in this scene, because that’s the scene.


Still having a lot of issues with this NENB vid, but it’s this old software from almost 10 years ago now, not good.

Soon it will be behind us and we can relax, I am already seeing that I am keen to tackle these tour videos soon, maybe next week.

It’s just hitting me what it’s going to be like when the kurb archive and tour vids are done, and I have the next few months worth of songs finished and waiting.

It’s just not something I’ve known or understand, not having endless projects I’m trying to finish, and feeling frustrated by it.

Yes I get to the point where tiger penis tacks towards russia, passing through dugong manatee, that is the direction towards basswave.

Darling darling drops and we have a minorly credible tune.

This is starting to arrive at the point you can’t see beyond,

But if tunes and videos are rolling, isn’t it time to do the podcast and


NENB is finally done. I will probably do some touch up before I drop it, but the audio is sorted, all the problems we were having with the audio there.

I couldn’t help it, I had to do the final touch up, I just want the thrill of being able to clean all the files away.

Now it’s done, now it fills me, now I watch it over and over again and I see that I done it, I have fulfilled the promise of the modesthaus movement, by doing a new video for a new beat.

I have now done a video using all kinds of skills I need to keep going.

I feel I can do the origin of the tiger penis video. This will be in a year.

The kurb stuff and the pirate matty stuff is headed towards tiger penis, that’s when I can do some tiger penis explainer videos. This is all pivoting to russia.

Pirate matty is on his adventures, kurb has started morphing into a “talent agency” and that has joined the plotline with pirate matty, and that goes to the tiger penis explainer.

The point of the explainer is to explain absolutely nothing, except for tie everything back to ukraine, turkey, serbia, estonia, etc. then I’m away.

I have kept the rctv plotline but thrown out the structure completely which is great.

No episode format, no hip hop video, no bullshit nonsense used to patch the plot up that’s not part of the story just a short trot through this stuff over to where we can start doing more vlogging on the fly mainly related to travels and basswave, we are moving towards basswave.

We are able to join the timeline at it’s present point, I have abandoned kurb for the search for the tiger penis

dugong vs manatee is a one off thing that’s not related to anything except i’m in russia doing it with russian girls and that’s just another thing you’d just have to figure out.

pirate matty’s adventures lead him to work for kurb, i’m not sure pirate matty in russia is a thing that would be a proper thing, if pirate matty is in russia, of course he is, he is an adventurer.

Everything starts becoming a subtle plug for basswave even the russian fairy.

pirate matty works for kurb and when he is in russia he is hiring fairies for magic stuff and that would feed into basswave, we can pick his adventures up later at any point. he should have met captain romantech before russia, but maybe not. No. He works for kurb.

These three songs are going to be easy to finish, I’m not worried about that. I was even sniffing around call plan and work the spread and thinking about the vocals for these tunes.

I think it’s okay for me to put a vocal on them

The trading is kicking a new high not scene since the disasterous lawnmower day. I fell from $35k that week to $27k, It was the turkish, AUD, and NZD all getting hammered at once when I was already precarious from

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