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by Matt Romantech on January 29, 2018

The new tunes are starting to roll out.

Don’t wanna forget is the one – I sampled slow love, 32 bars, it will be a little hard to wrangle but the tune is quite obviously there.

Fissure is the back up, it’s coming in stronger than cavern and journey and that’s where we’re at.

Now there’s maybe, which might be the first one to go straight to soul science, the idea is the more tunes I put up for soul science, the more I can get down and make my 12 solid as, the idea is is soul science isn’t doing the business, I’ve got my best 12 tunes held back and if they get to the point they are being signed, then I will go under the name of selves which will be like further, a mystery that’s me pretending to be a loose collective.

Back to reality compound styles.

I’m stuck being romantech and soul science, but with selves and further I get to fade into a group that doesn’t exist, and like reality compound, I will use visual inference to suggest that darcy, shane, dave, aidan are the guys who make up the “band” – whoever is standing around.

It means I have to consider the selves tunes – man this is a concept that I haven’t flexed in awhile – in terms of getting them finished.

When all twelve selves tunes are finished, and soul science has 12 tunes, that means it’s time to release the worst selves tune. I will do this by approaching labels first, I don’t see why I would put this stuff out myself, if no label wants it, it’s not good enough.

Even a shit label is okay. Eventually basswave will be it’s own label so it’s just part of the process, put your worst tunes out, get some content happening, move forward.

This would have to be when soul science has 20 tunes stacked up and has reached dysfunction. How long would it take me to finish those 12 tunes? I reckon I could smash it in a month if I went monk-like at it, but now I see that is what my life is likely to become – just like the last week or so, every month or two a new epic campaign against a task I want to grind into the earth, whether it’s a video, or a set of songs, or a new building.

Do without has clearly reached the point where it needs to be in the soul science pile, it’s not as good as the tunes I’ve written more recently and belongs with the tunes going to soul science, where it will sit with work the spread and call plan waiting for a vocal concept while it’s worked on and we can have this thing where we’re building a lot of tunes, the next dozen lined up and these others building up in the pen.

They don’t really count as a tune if there isn’t a chance to release it, but they are on the bench and if the opportunity comes, we’ve bought some more time.

I believe that I will lay down the full vocal and then we will find a singer with a proper voice and we will say, sing it like this, play around with it, do your own version, but do our version too, and we’re gonna make the track what we wanna make.

I cannot schedule these tunes for release we’ve just got to bench them and either wait for the vocalist to come along – I don’t think finding a vocalist will be that hard. You have to record your ideas and then convince john to front them. Eventually I will do this myself for my own tunes but none of these tunes are good enough.

Needs is the obvious one –

Sweet Candy is for a girl, so I would definitely be looking to sort myself out. Find the vocalist, get her in the studio – there will be girl in europe who can sing in a western accent. Finish the mix down in the studio. Sweet Candy I might possibly make an exception for an release as Romantech because it actually is an old romantech song, and I am pretty much doing it to test the boundaries of how john would react to me doing my own tunes.

Because I don’t want to release poppy numbers as selves unless they’re smooth. Sweet Candy fits better with Romantech’s vibe, gonna getcha, darling darling, cheesy party liquid.

But needs is definitely more of a selves vibe, it would come down to the same question as further – is the vocal more ambitious than my talent can manage? If it’s easy to sing, I could do it, but if there are difficult bits that have to sound really nice to work, then I’ll have to step back.

It’s funny, with do without and needs I see a more white indie boy crooning type style than black soul, so again it’s about what voices we have available and that will also come down to money – we might be able to spend money to get someone with a name, in fact, I can do my research into singers on the scene and see if they fit.

So I will pursue the same strategy across both directions – record the vocal ideas myself and look for opportunities to get the best person on the track.

These instrumentals count as selves tunes but not as soul science because the outcome is uncertain, but we can still use the instrumentals on the mixtests, and put them in amongst to get churned over, john can work on them, and run them through any chances he comes up with to get someone on it – once the tunes has gone to soul science, it’s not my top tier. It’s more important that the tune comes out than we nail the killer vocal unless it is like darling darling and we are working this as a single, our top material.

That’s why when a tune gets too old and raggedy just sitting there, it will have to go out.

The hope is that soon enough the tunes go onto proper labels and we stop doing free tunes as a deliberate strategy.

So what I’m saying is that by putting up do without, it will likely find it’s way to the same bench as work the spread and call plan where it can sit for a few months and get worked until it becomes more apparent if the tune will be that good and how much priority should be assigned – is it shitty and needs to come out asap without a vocal, or is it the bomb shit, and we can just let it ripen nicely.

I don’t think you need worry that you’re missing out on the chance to do a big vocal tune on your own.

You can’t sing, you don’t know any singers, you don’t have the money to pay someone good, and you can’t barely concentrate on this – putting effort in is bound to be a waste of time.

Unfortunately it’s not fully finished, it needs all the finishings done, like cavern and journey.

So what’s the strategy on new tunes? keep banging out ideas until you get tired of it, and you’ve got your little pool to work on – you know that tunes like cavern and journey are important to finish, but we’re also looking at our top tunes too – there’s a reasin we hold them back, not just to avoiding rushing them but because we’re also getting better and we are probably better able to finish stuff.

We will probably be aware we don’t really have to write any new tunes this year, and if we finished every tune we’re working on now this year, that would a major step forward. So that’s what we aim for until june when will need new tunes for soul science, and it’s tunes like electric dude and this new one fissures that are drifiting towards there.

I’m pretty much sure we should follow the same strategy as with the websites and say we’ve gone in and tackled the thing and made some progress, so let’s leave it for now and come back in a couple of weeks and write a few more things and begin assessing what we’ve got.

Which songs do we want to finish and if a song goes straight to soul science is it even worth it? Another session, I come up with my final set of 4 new tunes.

There already 2 sketches I know I want to finish as tunes, and 3 good samples I know are good enough to build a whole song around. big time and maybe may not be great tunes, but they already have a bassline and it means they can be on the bench but get a consideration, to me, maybe sounds like so good or angry fruit, just a lil old tune we put out. this is the whole thing, in a year or two, you round up all the tunes that didn’t make it and you often find one or two that get a second chance.

Darya has messaged me back so I guess I’m still going to minsk.

And she’s still talking to me so I guess I’m going put babies in her if she lets me.

I mean I just can’t help but think that she’s like this house, it doesn’t have to be fireworks, it’s already awesome, I knew I’d never regret this place, and I know I’d never regret darya.

And I’m not so worried. I am still writing off a little bit of debt, but I feel that combining the certainty of my more of my old system with a less exposed approach will see me through, maybe not in the next 6 months.

That’s what I’m saying, if come october my trading account is still under $40k but I am earning enough to pay for my travels, and I’ve still got $45k in the bank, then it will be successful.

I would not have made a lot of money but at least my lifestyle would have become sustainable.


It seems like I might need to take a break from the schedule to deal with other issues – dole, car, kurb . . .

I am not really going to have a surplus to play with when I leave,

But the thing is also that I will be in places I’ve been before, you wake up every day like you do here, except there’s no farm, you have to trade, you’ll be doing your blog to make sense of the work you need to do writing your tunes, doing your training, and working out content and business ideas.

This is what I’m starting to notice, it doesn’t seem to matter if I don’t do that much, it takes far longer for things to start sliding now – back at sandringham I couldn’t get absorbed in some bullshit for a week or I would have some other bullshit chewing my ass.

I can fuck around quite a bit and still get everything done.

It’s a very old strategy I’m using now, stare at my to-do list until it gets done. It’s not efficient but it makes things easier to manage you can do one of two things.

Do what’s on your to do list, or just keep staring at it.

I seem to be wandering around the farm again today, I’m in a thoughtful – more thoughtful than I have been recently – mood. I know my subconscious does not want to do the videos because it’s so hard and such a pain in the ass to get any momentum happening, I know the rewards a very scant, and my subconscious is telling me I could be doing something more rewarding.

It makes me think I just have to push through, simply to regain initiative over what I’m trying to achieve, or I won’t get a grip over my tunes and my travel like there is a chance to in the next few months.

It makes me think of the basswave stuff I began to work on the other night – and it is working, because these ideas are so valuable – My interest is in the girls, and bringing them back to new zealand, yes I want to do my music and such, but that’s secondary.

It’s simple. You do 400 hours for me and I will bring you to new zealand and pay for your ticket home and you can have board at my place for free if you do 30 hours a week.

I will have to pay girls to find other girls to do their job for free.

So suddenly I have these girls turning up for work.

How am I to realise the value? It depends what they can do. An ordinary girl? Content.

Ukraine girl content. More girls coming to want to work, I get to choose.

Again it’s this thing, I don’t need a lot, I just need a few I can trust.

Again, taya. Connections with certain girls, that’s all I really need.

What exactly do I need minus all the bullshit?

2 girls to come here and do all the work and look after any guys that stay so . . .

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