New Lease on Life

by Matt Romantech on January 10, 2018

Rather than working on those songs, I spent the whole of yesterday writing – other than going to town for groceries.

I smashed 7k words, that is a new record, which reminds me I need to find a way to converting this to more accessible content.

If I was doing 7k words a week of accessible content, let alone a day, I would be building something seriously real.

But at the moment I am just looking for the angles I can work.

The main thing right now is to finish some songs, to start some new songs, and get a video done for dragonfly so that I can establish myself as officially 6 weeks ahead of the game.

3 months is the max I am aiming for. to have surface tension finished with a video right now knowing it’s not dropping for 10 weeks, means there is still an opportunity to sit down whenever I feel like it, to pool some tunes together, and make another few rounds of tweaks.

I can’t help but think we have so many tunes that would have just benefitted from a few more weeks of tweaks, back and forth.

Then we are back on the video projects, then, we want to have the other 6 tunes getting ready to finish.

That’s our workload before we go, it seems doable in 3 months, with not too much else to manage.

It seems like it’s time to start building our routine again, but I just want to squeeze out the last of what is coming through, it seems like we have some ideas to move forward with.

The coffee machine has made our life better. Spraying the flies on the ceiling before I go to bed has made my life better, like it was in sandringham I have the space to ponder each day, what makes our life better?

Smoking up weed, I love, but we need to get our routine back in order so that we are performing efficiently – earning that smoke with a decent work out.

It seems to melt into a larger theme that it would all be so much nicer if darya was here.

I have been out in the field mowing, somewhat purposelessly because it doesn’t seem to give me much mulch.

But it is pushing me toward getting back onto my routine, and keeping busy, aware of how it is I like to live my life. What makes our life better?

People are far too thoughtless about what they think they might want. Often I think I want so many things, but am always surprised to find out later how much I really just want to go home and relax and smoke up.

I love, I have always loved getting high and working on something and then checking back later, getting high again, and checking out the new work you’ve done.

I accept I need money for coffee and weed because I love it and

The trading will make the money if I only allow to

It’s as if I’m john, and the trading is me, and I am always squeezing and pushing, and pressuring for the break through and never allowing things to simply unfold in a way that build momentum without complications and obstacles, building up speed so that snags just get pushed through, pushed aside.

That’s what I’m doing now, just allowing the passion in the tunes to express itself, getting my motivational toolbox together, knowing much more effective it is when I work on more than one tune at once.

So I sit down and listen to all 5 songs.

Surface tension is also an easy finish it’s almost done, it just needs what dragonfly has, another round of extra sounds worked in. All dragonfly needs is some rim shots to funk up the loops.

The next three are a bit of a headscratcher.

See change needs work to reach it’s potential.

Incognitus has the least potential and is quite developed.

Whispers is actually damn near finished but it is a quality tune and should be held back on that principal, that we shouldn’t put out the better tune first.

To me I’d like to see incognitus come out in april.

Then in may we make the same decision again, but now, path and jazz rave have joined the party, I am still waiting maybe for pause and sugardaddy.

I don’t see how whispers can come out before see change, because see change has a demo like quality to it, that the samples will never be patched up right. See change in may. Whispers last, I have figured this out because now I know that whispers is not the one I can see that see change is the one to be working on so it is ready in april we’ve got at least 3 months to kick it round, that’s enough time.

you don’t have to be so lonely girl
i been round the block, i been round the world
i been down on my luck and i been up all night
and i know my stuff, ill make you feel alright

I’m known to roll im not known to mince words
you know my sound so I guess you heard
that i past the test and hold the licence
so lock it in
at the lab with the soul science

I am absolutely keen to record the vocals for work the spread and call plan so we can then go about finding a proper singer.

The thing I’m circling around of course is the idea of leasing farmland to put temporary accomodation on, knowing that if things switched up, I can just take my buildings and such back over to my land which is very nearby.

Either I’m not considering the drawbacks and the hassle if the lease was not renewed, or I’ve opened up a big major, because we have extracted some of the ego out of the situation and managed to isolate the part that is exciting and interesting, and this is where my next level thinking is kicking in, taking actions where I’ve isolated a result that I see as pure and less tainted by my own selfish indulgences that are not really justified.

Buying a section is awesome because you own this section and you’re going to develop it into a base, along the same lines as this place, the same ideas. Russian girls. Pigs. Organic stuff. Weed.

That way the people in these places can do all the work and I don’t have to.

As with most things, it doesn’t matter much whether it makes money, it gives these people something to do and I get lots of food out of it. I get food and the loyalty of these individuals.

When I have provided you with a home, a woman, and a job to do to keep them both, I better have your loyalty to my mannerbund.

It’s not that I provide a home for these people or even the food. It’s that I provide them with a job.

I only pay them for that job in accomodation and food, but they only work so long and they can freelance and get the dole, yada yada, have a share in a room in auckland used for work.

Of course there are sales commissions as well, there’s no reason the married ladies can’t help the single ladies with their market stalls and food truck, but there’s also no reason why the married ladies can’t sell product on commission, it’s just they leave the single guy market to the single girls and focus on old ladies or whatever.

There’s no reason why the wives can’t take our base product, develop their own product and brand and launch their own thing, as long as they realise it remains 50/50. Half of what you bring in you owe to me, because you live on my property and I pay all your bills and all your business opportunities to create and sell your product come from what I have built. You’re kicking 50% back up to me.

You have access to my resources as they are available, outside of that it’s on you to invest into your concept.

Once your concept is bringing in money to me, I am going to much more open to the idea of capital or labour investment into your idea.

Unfortunately I can’t claim ownership of their brand, so they can just get up and walk away once it’s successful. But I know the old tricks, I will claim ownership of their website. You better play nice, I own the site.

This of course is what russian girls love, home business. mumpreneurism.

They will be at it like a machine, once there’s a group of them.

Then they won’t leave. Then you’ll get some real bolshevism. A bunch of russian wives building up an organic food company and knowing they’re making you money and wanting to see what they want happen.

We want to open a shop. We want to have a special event that is a big deal for russian girls.

They’ll be going at it, and you can be like, well, girls, just run the company but think about what you’re trying to do. Basically it would be my wife running the thing, that’s the thing about russian girls, they’re tank commanders, you put these girls in charge and they will roll across your perimeter like nothing and subject your bases to sustained assault.

So I would talk to her about what the thing is meant to be.

This is a big question, when it was all about getting rich off the trading it was crazy fantasies.

Now it’s real and what is it meant to be?

You want to get another section because you can get more russian girls and couple them off. You can put a house on the property and it vault up in value. Then, I can begin again, building a new base.

I love building bases.

Yes we wanted to do the relocation thing. But why? Because of the value, sure, but then it becomes a house for a couple. They are doing the work.

Getting the house on the land is hard but can be doable. Getting a couple to live in the house might be easier.

You see you have to own the section, and pay for the house. You have to put the house on a decent section to get the best money for it, houses aren’t going up every day, sections are.

To get a couple, you have to bring the russian girl. That costs a lot less than a section. Both a section and a russian girl bring value with them that can be converted. But once she meets a guy she needs somewhere they can go to.

Why don’t you just put it down the end?

Because we can make it further away, as well as making it a satellite, as well as opening up new territory we can play with that has a different scope to what is going on down here, and gives us options. The pigs are likely to be a phase that only lasts a few years before it is simply exported to the colonies so that they are treading the same path, using pigs to build the capital improvements on a basic property.

We have two paths ahead. We decline to renew the lease – either party – and we have to pack up and go back home.

Or at some point we offer to purchase the land, it’s the same process as with this place, issuing the title and all such nonsense and here’s where it’s at:

I’ve already been able to develop the property. That’s what I wanted.

I’ve already been able to use the property.

I haven’t needed to pay for the property, except rent.

The reasons farmers don’t subdivide their land is it costs $25k and they have to know they’re going to get a decent sale. This house was worth subdividing, because it has a house and a barn and such on it, it would sell for a fair price.

A field up a hill with no road access is not going to be bought by anyone, so you wouldn’t pay $25k to have it done.

When I get a spot, the farmer knows that I am paying rent and that I want to buy the spot and I will pay him a decent amount for it – he knows he’s getting paid so he doesn’t mind wearing the $25k.

He knows he’s getting $200k out of me. He knows some random guy buying a random field is a blue moon event. I am buying it because I bought this place, and I needed MOAR.

I needed a separate property with a separate title so that I can put a whole house on it and

So all I need to do is level with these farmers and say look man, I want to put a villa down, but I haven’t saved all the money. I want to lease a hectare off of you for 2 years – cos this wouldn’t happen i’d say til the end of next year – because I will do a subdivision and buy it off you if after the 2 years I think it’s good.

You are not getting him excited about the $5k rent you’re giving him for 2 years. It’s scoring $200k for sawing off a tiny little piece of his farm. That’s what farmer joe wants, to play property guy and put a big smacking $200k in his pocket for a tiny piece of his farm, which is worth millions, that he can’t get his hands on until I come along. He can pay off his debt or just be even more rich holding hard cash money.

And I become focused on getting to know the farmers around here to find out who wants to pocket $200k and you might find that people get excited but there’s just one thing – it’s the same farmer you bought off that owns all the land around you and it’s him you are more than likely going to have to deal with unless you want your spot to be 1km+ away.

SO we are reducing it. We want another property to develop the title, not the space, the title is essential or what do you even own? Some buildings that are a huge hassle to move around. It literally costs you thousands of dollars to move your stuff.

Subdividing the spot is what also motivates the farmer, he wants some more money, I gave him $387k, now he can top that up with another $200k for the family trust if he sells me the old house site, and he is completely aware of the process, he has already been through it, I am essentially paying for it, because he’s done the maths and worked out

So I am basically approaching him to buy, but I want to lease the land for a couple of years first to be sure I want to go through with it.

I want the land to be close to me for both outcomes.

But he might not be keen and that might be that.

I am looking further away. It still costs about the same to move, the truck will only have to drive a few km. the loading and unloading is the time consuming and costly part, and that will be the same whether it 300m away or 3km.

Having it 3km away isn’t all bad the main reason to be so close was convenience, initially they may have to come to the house more than once some days to get what they need – a decent shower, food supplies, recharge, well they’d have a car. And it would cost them $1. And they would come to “work” each day.

They would have electricity and internet but only for light loads, they would do all the heavy stuff here. Laundry, cooking, work with computers, online, they’d charge their laptops, download movies or whatever, so they had entertainment at home.

Again why it’s important to have the depot vibe, the petit cafe vibe, because people are coming in that drive to collect things and to move through the area to where they can do laundry, cook up a big feed, grab some ingredients,

You’ve got this whole other space that’s been given a different purpose.

At first it’s the attempt to make it livable. Then it becomes a space for someone else. At that point I am extracting some kind of value.

I am paying $50 a week for the property, the person living there is giving me 20 hours. I am paying $2.50 an hour

I am estimating to spend at least $20k on the movable parts and other needs. up to $10k on the initial stucture and $3k for a worm toilet. We would want some kind of shower and cooking facilities set up but that shouldn’t be more than $2k on the bodge. $15k for 2 structures instead of $10k for one should get you a nice set up, they have a bedroom and a lounge.

We know this drill – it’s the bush section in coromandel, remember?

except now it’s 500m away and we’re leasing it and playing the temporary game until we lock things in.

But this is where I was working through to. Now, for every new couple you don’t have to buy a new section until the couple has locked in by doing their time at this place. Now you have a place to send the guys who don’t want to leave.

It’s good to establish stations also so that people can clearly see what their goals are and where they are headed.

The russian girls know they can leave the house and work less and live in their own space once they get a guy, and it means they can stay in NZ longer term. Once they’re settled and advanced in their work and ready to get married, they can get to pick where to put their house.

It’s just she has to convince him to come there because otherwise he will have to support her – she can’t get a job.

The more I think about it the more I see that the colony is for the guys, not couples, because when they’re a couple, the dude will want to take off with her.

We want them coming to live here before he’s nailed her down and I can work on her to convince him to come and stay, we make him start committing to the place before he gets the prize.

Now as we saw, we have the guys up there working on improving the place and paying for the privilege, just to be close to the girls everyday.

But by the time we actually do have a real couple ready to take the reigns of the whole operation, I would expect that I would be committing to investing at least another $20k in making the place awesome, or have already done so.

So you don’t have to buy the section until you’ve gone through this enormous process of the girl coming to NZ meeting a guy here, and moving in together, which would generate me massive labour and investment.

Also remember we said they can go off together but I haven’t paid for her trip home, she is his problem.

But there’s no reason she can’t apply and they pretend they live together wherever and life goes on.

I still get my labour value as long as she’s there, all through the months it takes them to work out her work visa so she can get a job and he doesn’t have to support her or whatever their plan is – although I can’t help but think they will attract dudes who have money to look after them.

I don’t think this is an issue, if I paid a one way airfare super long haul budget flights for $1100 and some girl spent months working for me then disappears with some rich guy, I don’t think I got a bad deal, and there will be another girl.

Don’t hold on, there’s no point. Let it flow. Don’t be about greed, be a place in the universe through which good things flow, couples getting together, having the option of this life I am creating, or not, there are dudes with money who will take them away, but some things may come back that are unlikely – every girl will want to maintain their involvement with the other russian girls.

Dudes with money who owe their girlfriend to me, will be favourable to my efforts. They will become involved with russia, they will become involved in the lifestyle, why stay in NZ for winter when it’s summer and cheap in russia and your girl is russian and knows her way all around?

Why stay attached to the city when it’s just your job keeping you there and you can easily live pretty good on the farm or in russia with your girl and not really work that much at all?

We will get some couples who shoot off, and some couples who buy in and some who shoot off only to come back to buy in and the the reverse also, there will be comings and goings, the more people come through.

So again, no section until there’s a couple already on the leaseland, this is years away, 3 years away.

You need $5k-10k to front the rent, $20k to develop the land, that’s really all you need.

Here’s $5k, another $5k in a couple of years if we don’t buy, I am ready to sink $20k into it, so people can start making it work, however.

It could be arranged in months if you went after it, given you’ve got a couple of years to sniff it out.

But it comes back, what do you need the section for?

Only for something that isn’t pigs and all sorts, which is your coromandel spot.

The lease is a dummy run of course for what you would do elsewhere, you are running this test in view, in contact, knowing you will execute in exactly the same way at a further location, coromandel, piopio or wherever.

But why would you go all the way out to wherever, this is the whole idea, you pick where you lease and you lease where you buy because the farmers are happy to have this money walk into their pocket, you just need to make the connection.

Why on earth would you send people off if you didn’t have to – if you are free to choose where to send them, where do you send them?

300m-500m down the road. close enough to walk, but not so close that you expect to have to see each other every day. They have their own little world over there too, and soon enough they won’t need to keep coming over for everything and that is what we want.

They will have their own pigs, they will have their own gardens, but they still have to show up for “work” what is work? There is a lot of food to prepare and grow and not all of that will have them on the new property, but the new property is likely to have a lot of gas cooking going on.

They will take advantage of the opportunities to come along on trips to hamilton or wherever else, market days.

hamilton friday night market, pokeno and pukekohe markets, 3 days, 3 markets, surely you could get yourself organised to make a play to make yourself $100 each day. See what people want to buy!

It’s not my issue, my issue is getting my satellite spot up to spec – the point I keep delving at is that it changes the whole thing, I will never get as far as pukemiro, it’s too far, everything – my world just shrunk.

The golf club just became important to me because that’s where the local locals meet, we don’t have a pub. But we have a community.

$15k would get me two buildings, a bedroom and a lounge, with $5k for the worm toilet and a kitchen/shower set up.

$20k will get you on the board.

These toilets and showers are already moving ahead, I feel confident we will sort this out.

What I see is we are learning to do the sustainable house before we get the money to do a relocatable house.

If a $5k solar system pays a retired couples power bill, than a few grand should be fine for what I’m thinking, where it’s just like I am here but no laundry, no showers, no hot water at all.

We’ve been through this – it’s so funny how things loop around.

It was the bush section and the squats where I checked all this out.

Now it’s leasing the paddock down the road.

It is all doable so certain hard facts come down – my world just shrunk, ohinewai, huntly, hamilton, is a passage way, but outside of that, the glen murray idea just died, the idea of raglan died. Pukemiro died.

Even if we get rich from trading, we will still follow this strategy.

It means my world just shrunk to within 5km of here, I don’t need to get on trademe, I won’t find what I’m looking for, what I’m looking for is in these here streets, outside my door.

contact with the local community.

It may be that all the property we develop is up and down this strip. and you might well run all around, looking and working out where the best spot might be.

Next to the big stream where you can put in a big hydro unit.

I already found a little charger box for $700 that charges with solar panel in 5-6 hours – that’s enough to start with, a marine generator, and the rest. 2 marine generators, one at the house.

It’s a lot of extra kit, but still.

$100k+ and we’ll be marking out the neighbourhood.

We can forget everything else completely aside from our move to coromandel.

There is a beach up there, there is bush up there, there is the great barrier up there, and yet we are not further from auckland, we are connected to the right spot.

We are headed in the right direction without going fully to the barrier too soon when there’s no need to overstretch.

The point is you’re not really saving for anything.

I would tell the farmer that I am putting temporary buildings on the property in order to feel out the siting of the final concept. Which is true, and if it takes me a few years, this isn’t some staggering incompetence, it’s how these things play out.

I have the years to trade and do my thing in europe but I have my plan.

I know how I’m coming at these farmers I know I want to lease a little hectare of land and it’s really best if I am honest with them about what I’m doing, I want to do an experiment with sustainable housing in proximity to my house so things don’t have to be too rough.

If he’s not keen there will be a farmer who will be. Hard cash is walking and talking to you.

It could be years before I buy a section because I’m not buying for business needs any more.

Business needs, which is mainly my whole thing, is all covered by this leasing. we’ve got a few years up our sleeves to come up with the money if it’s something that’s really happening.

basically when I have a couple locked in to manage everything knowing I am going to put a building on the land they’re on and they will get to move into it under the same conditions, and a couple will live in the eco house.

So I am seeing I barely need a couple of these.

I mean I was going to do it on this property anyway but now I realise, this path leads me to the relocatable.

If I do the eco house here, I get the couple in there, but if I do the eco house down the road, I get the couple in there, then I relocate a house on there and there’s already a eco house there too.

The whole reason for doing this is to leave the option of the relocatable on the table because that adds huge value, people want to live in a nice house like my house.

And that Im sure 5 acres would cover my need for food yield for my business, otherwise we really are massive and bringing in enough income to pay to expand, so it’s not an issue.

The distance is important. You need real space. But it’s more important that it’s close, why did you not think of this before? I didn’t think the farmers would sell. It wouldn’t be worth it, they wouldn’t be interested.

A lease is different, they retain ownership, they aren’t stuck with you.

But this farmer is already stuck with me and likely doesn’t care, yet has shown already that some cash income is desired

But I might still put anothe eco house at the point of the property anyway.

It’s not for me to hang around.

I too would likely find a new spot in the neighbourhood to do a monster villa, and then to barrier finally.

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