New Year

by Matt Romantech on January 5, 2018

I didn’t get time to do any more work on the video before I had to go to town to get supplies, and by the time I got back john was almost here.

Suddenly I started to feel awesome again. I had a little spread going for my guests, and I had my music playing through the bluetooth speaker I got, and shit felt like it was working out, I was cleaning up and taking charge of the place.

I could finally feel how awesome it is to be here by myself, focused on my shit.

New Year’s I just had to get out of the way, and I have, except it came with a whole lot of nice vibes I wasn’t expecting.

It all started playing my music, and imagining some nice cruisy, jazzy downbeat and the yard all lit up like odessa, and I was there with darya and we were dancing together.

I’m just amazed how I don’t care at all about darya being from the other side of the world, she’s not only just hot, but elegant, a real lady – I forget that when I’m just being horny – and she is top grade, special reserve wife material. Because she pushes those buttons and pulls those levers, I am able to slot in the final piece of the puzzle – having gooey feelings that makes me want to only do babies to her and not other hot girls who would make excellent wives.

I just see now how nice normal life can be, when I’m here with my darya, and we can put on food and hospitality for guests we would like to have, we can put on the nice music and enjoy ourselves, our lives.

It’s nice to be here to focus on what we’re doing, but we can also enjoy having a social situation, I am excited to curate more social situations.

I see the pieces of the puzzle coming together, you want your little darya here, and then together you can build a nice little situation you can enjoy, because you’re making it nice for other people to come except I’ve finally learnt you need quality people or it’s absolutely no good.

This is every day fascism. There’s nothing to be gained from including people who have less to offer, cut them out.

John has a lot to offer, he not only gave me this blissful moment that carried me, about the possibilities of basically leveraging the best things in my life – this house, more or less – to get started on the work that needs to be done to make things much more right and happy.

It starts with the major part, a nice little darya, a nice little russian girl who is so sweet and lovely and happens to also be very sexy too, and there’s nothing to fault about that.

From there you can build a nice little vibe, you’ve got a space, and a nice girl who can do girl things that are really good. But it’s more that in the same way as being organised with your house, you’re organised with your girl, so you don’t have to think about too much after that.

You don’t have to, but you can.

John also gave me this awesome coffee machine which I really love – it saves me hassle because there’s no coffee grinds, and there’s no use of an element so I’m not going have issue with burning things – myself, the equipment, or anything else. Oh, and it’s quick, like now there’s no hassle with have a nice hot coffee ready to eat with a cafe style meal like bacon and eggs or a bacon sandwhich or a bagel.

I realise I really like how I was eating in europe, how my mum used to eat, deli style, salad, hummus, cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and of course salami. She’d have grapes and mandarins too. I’d have nuts. The thing is in europe, you can get decent bread, cheese and salami cheap. Here, it’s expensive and poor quality.

But on shopping day I will definitely go euro because it’s the only day I can get fresh bread even if if it is shit and pricey compared to europe.

The thing is, you don’t cook, and you don’t clean, you don’t have a meal, you just peck. peck, peck, peck.

Dinner, is breakfast, is lunch, this is an airbnb strategy, that in tallinn and kiev and belgrad, I find someone awesome who will do me a room

Well actually it seems the better strategy is to go out of the cbd, there are apartments I’m seeing $120 a week here. Problem solved. Just like that.

I was worried that rent would be at least $200 and if I had girls and wasn’t really focused on saving money, I could be needing $400 a week and that leaves me needing $250 from trading and kurb every week.

Totally doable but we’re creating pressure, when a $120 apartment, $80 for food and costs, which is plenty, well I need $50 from kurb and trading. An afterthought.

Got a second, third date with a hottie, $100, you’ve got the date and rental of a real nice place covered, and you’re still under $400, in fact, you could do it twice a week if you were squeezed.

The point is you can change gears. You can stay in a hostel if you want. But what’s the point, why try to save $70 in a hostel or like $20 by taking a private room? I might try different stuff just to try different situations, different neighbourhoods, make different connections. But a poky apartment in a suburb that’s 2km out from the centre, still closer than I was in copenhagen which is fine for public transport – 2km town is still walkable for me, and I’m still to learn all the ways to get around.

You’ve got uber. I forget that. $5, and I am anywhere.

The way I see it I won’t be chasing girls every day, more like every second day, so I don’t see that you

I just feel deep down that if I just stuck with darya, I wouldn’t have to waste my time! There are lots of hot girls, and they’re all sweet as pie, but darya is money in the bank, she is a great girl. If I just put my babies in darya, it could mean I could focus on other stuff. We got the house. Put the girl in the house.

Life’s not that hard. These things have to be done. But I am still in kiev because there’s lots of action and the action isn’t just girls. And girls are the only reason I would need a flash apartment in town even if trading wasn’t happening.

In tallinn, well that’s the priciest place I want to stay.

In bangkok, well it’s too damn hot. I have just discovered that the flight to hanoi is $400 and of course it’s much cooler, it’s a 29 degree high which is way cooler than the 35 highs in bangkok at that time and better than when I was there and it was generally above 30.

Found a place $120 p/week, April 22, exactly 2 weeks after they cut my dole off.

$120 means I can bring it in under $200. I start spending my money but I only need $50 to put in the pot so if I have a $1k surplus and am doing $1k in trading each week, there’s no reason I shouldn’t just roll.

Of course there’s the focus on my content, but there’s no weed, the only reason I should stay is because I’m getting my dole. And I should stay for at least a week – to the 15th – to not set off any flags in their system.

So the 22nd is good. Let’s have the next best reason to stay. To save $60 p/week?

Stupid. That’s not good enough. If content and dole are the only reasons then forget it.

I’m not even that wild about the pigs, in terms of needing to see it happen. I seem to have my money okay, so why with the desperation for pigs?

I’m not quite sure what happened with the money. Kurb reappeared, re-entered the scene to bring the cash money action. That gave me the boost forward to cover my ass. But also the projection forward that I’d have money coming in.

Allowed some from my savings, because it was too important and we’re moving forward. Hoisted in a decent run with kurb that locked in enough savings to get a start and we’re already on the front foot.

Trading is good but we’re not banking on that in this equation.

We have been lucky to have our suspicions confirmed – if you go just a step downmarket in these places, you’re going to be able to live on $250 a week pretty easy. $200 in a lot of cases – we’re just looking at it now, hard.

If I’m only saving $100 by being in NZ then forget it. Even if my trading is only at $500 and it probably already is, then I should gone from here. The content focus is the only real issue.

Priority 1 is darya, then content, then training, after that, I can’t imagine what really matters. The pigs?

Russian? Archiving? Man I launched into archiving tonight, I have got stuck into this place and I am rolling forward, because I’ve got myself based down here right.

But wait. $670 flight to minsk is cheaper and shorter than belgrade or kiev, it is also once again, sealed and dealed.

Minsk is not cheap for a place to stay, but maybe it’s the 5 day thing. I can’t get a discount for a week, and I need an apartment if in any case I get darya to come and visit.

It’s $180 just for my apartment for 5 days. Plus I’ll be dropping some cash on darya, I have to. You should feel ashamed if you don’t drop at least $200 on her. You know the game is real, don’t be cheap.

So expect each darya visit to cost $500. It’s actually cheaper if you get her to come to you. Honestly.

When she comes to you, you only pay for her airfare, like you would pay for yourself. but my costs are cheaper and I don’t need to drop a lot of cash on her as long as I cover basic level flowers, dates, etc.

The honest cost of my travel short of the ferry too tallinn, which you can add I guess, is $2900 – that’ doesn’t include daryas travel. We have got about 29 weeks.

Only the 2 weeks in minsk see us needing more money than $250, even in tallinn.

Break it down. The trip will cost $10700, this is all travel costs, accommodation and food, $500 extra spending on darya – all extra costs, airport taxi, internet, etc, go unaccounted.

You have also other costs – passport, health insurance.

You have $3k, now $6k from your savings. you are projecting $2900 from kurb the whole time you’re away – I don’t think that’s unrealistic. well now that’s $8900. We need $1800 from trading.

Forget the surplus projected of about $1k and forget the unaccounted costs of taxis and various fees and charges, passport renewal and such. $1800 to raise from trading in near 7 months.

Come on you have to be able to manage this.

When I get back to new zealand I get to get back on the dole and get $300 from this or that, and kurb is in there too – you know the equation, I’m adding $250. When I’m away, I’m losing $250.

But if you’re not making $500 from trading in 11 months from now, then you are really in trouble, that’s all it comes down to. Then, again, once again, maybe you already are. We can’t know this like we used to think we could.

$500 isn’t much. We will pull through.

I believe if $500 was all we could make, we would make it. We would have to be nearing $40k by the time we left, and to me this says, the situation is fine. from september you will need to download $200 a week and that will be doable, or we come home.

It’s a long trip, come september, we might be disorientated again,and decide to spend 2 weeks in belgrade and 2 weeks in thailand, and come home a good 5 weeks early. Now, instead of needing $1800 from trading, you only need $550.

Not ideal, but you have to be realistic that being away for 6 months is going to make you feel things about being disorientated and wanting to come home to focus.

The stuff I modelled the other night, was that I only need $3k a week, $100k a year to develop more properties, and $1k for my personal expenses – travel and bills would only be $25k at most but there would be other costs that come with having a family.

But it seem realistic that if you can make $2k trading you can scratch the rest out of this farm, and darya can make her own money if she wants more.


I am still full on pottering, I didn’t realise I had such an urge to potter but the potteration has just come gushing out now.

This is how I love to get focused. Just going on everything, I didn’t realise I had so many tiny changes to all kinds of everything I wanted to start getting into.

Fucked up feng shui for a start. I want to tweet that, that’s kind of my brand isn’t it, the hidden angle, the blind corner. Blind corner could be

It’s like the feng shui, it’s energy flowing, my brain plays with ideas like lego, joining weird blocks together to make weird ideas, weird connections, it’s got to connect.

Big ideas, small ideas. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Look after the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves.

I am on the laundry I feel it’s too orientated toward storage when it could operational. The freezer is the main component of the room, which is storage, but then there’s the laundry, it has to be a laundry, but everything that is not the laundry and is storage must go.

It has to be an internet room for the girls and guests. It is a forerunner of the entertainment centre in the barn that it’s a place for internet and movies, but this one is just as much for the girls – internet means not only entertainment, but freelance work and online work, and also skype, which is important for the russian girls and increasingly important to me, that people can feel we have a real international portal going on.

But that’s not what’s up right now.

We are able to recognise that there’s no need to push on with something that’s not something that’s happening now. We know what’s happening there now, but it’s not happening now, so we just leave it. It is also then a space for old computers, phones, technology to depot so they can be involved in what they’re going to be involved in.

The niche is open for technical people – in the same way the garden is open to be expanded on. Of course the barn is where it is to all get expanded to. I’m going to do 2 bathrooms in the laundry and set it up so the outside is a big outdoor kitchen, laundry, thai style den of outside activity.

They need a washing machine, fridge and freezer out there. Cooking can be with gas. the juicing activity will be out there also.


But we need to get on with the content and social duties.

What are the most important tasks? Check off NENB so we can get atomix done to upload asap. Then NENB can go out.

Then we turn to dragonfly, honestly. This could be tomorrow night if you wanted it.

I’ve had a hellish wrestle with NENB in the final stages, stupid technical problems coming from me moving my computers around.

But I see the process, I get angry, and then I get willful, I get fired up to get things done, because I’m mad, and some shit that was entertaining me before that I was dreaming away about isn’t enough.

Soon we will be on to dragonfly and it’s a really major step because this is not old stuff, I wrote this I think about a year ago.

I just went in the room and jumped on it and it is actually sounding fairly solid. I’m pretty stoked because it proves again, if a song is at least okay and the concept is quite complete you should be able to cook it up into something.

All my tunes end up this textured journey, I think they’re good.

It means I jump straight from atomix to advancing on the dragonfly vid from the same place. Dense texture, building up.

Surface tension is ready to come in big behind it, then we drop whispers.

I just started hitting sea change as well, that can join the queue, which means pause and path are forming a strong rump section with sugar daddy there too.

We get rid of our worst tune.

We write new tunes.

Good old hitler comes in with an order, we pocket $500. If we come back in early october and only spend $250 a week except for in minsk, we will not need any trading money.


I get up with still these faint tones of anxiety, but they’re coming from facebook now.

It’s darya and everybody else I ignored.

You can be concerned or you can remember we were making progress on dragonfly, surface tension and see change last night, tunes that will put us through to the mid year.

The way I see it, if we can push through this work to dragonfly being the next thing, it will be easy to hit facebook.

Our mission today is to try and hit these two videos and facebook so we wake up fresh tomorrow to dragonfly. Moving forward.

We have the tour videos and the kurb archive videos, they are really our big project for the whole year, but think about it – moving to dragonfly and facebook means . . . I lost the thought, but it means we’re moving forward.

It means for the first time we’re not really behind in any concept – we have two unfinished projects to do this year but I know that the videos are the most important thing, because it’s then facebook, and then dragonfly and then you’re not under any pressure to get things done.

The way you’ve been living these last few days is probably going to be fine.

You can dick around in the garden and smoke some weed if you are able to continue to meet your other levels, if you can get a song out each and every month,

The NENB vid has crossed the mark, we can stand down and get stuck into the work for atomix.

NENB is not finished – we still need to do some work with the sound and pulling back the image mashing insome spots but I’m happy with it, if we can create the opportunity to craft the delivery of the content a little we will pass through this point and onwards – that’s what the real reward is, accepting this is now, and now it’s over, and we are moving on!

Working on atomix will be on the new software, so shouldn’t actually be a huge drama, its wednesday today, we aim to drop atomix on monday, and maybe NENB a week from tomorrow or perhaps the following monday.

There is time to get on with my get on.

I am in the flow. I need to message darya, and then turn to working on dragonfly and the other songs at least until these videos are out the door, then the following music videos are all I need to worry about for months.

It seems pretty amazing. You can see why I get so worked up. Just to have some of this stuff out of the way is now opening up the doors. I can chill for a bit get back into my fitness and my russian, and slowly chip away at the music and video tasks.


The atomix mix is a bit rough in places – just trying to squeeze too much out of it.

But it is pivoting me back to social media where I am confronted to try to step forward.

Hi Everybody I hope you’ve had a great christmas and new year.

I’m going to be back on facebook a little to post creative stuff I’m doing as well as what I’m doing on my travels or down here on my lil farm.

While I was in europe this year we had our song “Second Chance” voted to #3 in the christchurch student radio charts. I will be leaving again for europe in april.

Hanoi. Minsk. Kiev. Tallinn. Helsinki. Belgrade. Bangkok. Home Octoberish.

cam on ban, spasibo, aitah, kiitos, hvala vam, khop khun, thank you!

I think I am going quite well because instead of forcing myself to do the social media, I am just easing myself into it with my content which is working out.

I think the atomix vid will be done pretty smartly, I am slotting all this content i’m finished with back into it’s place. We are ready to archive more video footage.

The conclusion we came to while wondering about was that after dragonfly and the the next two songs, if we hit them this weekend, we would then be onto new songs.

Whispers and see change are for april and may, 3 months away, we can definitely cook up some new tunes, and while we’re doing so, get an angle on the music for the next tour vids, which means we can do some quick cut ups to make sure the 5 or 6 part narrative concept will work.

This means 2 of these 4 tasks for the year are underway.

I have messaged darya. Once again her message was just a one line christmas greeting. If it was a western girl I would be reading the signals as not good, but it’s not a western girl. You have to play along, this may be her game, you don’t know what the deal is.

She may be shy about her english, she may be just shy because she’s belarussian and they are not know for being huge extroverts who wear their hearts on their sleeve.

I don’t really care, I mean I would prefer darya to kamila, but if I ended up having to stay in kiev and find a kamila, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

This is why I love kiev. I knew the moment I got there everything, everything was going to be okay.

There was a place with beautiful, sweet, sexy girls everywhere who were intelligent, good hearted, loyal and prioritized money. As long as I had money, and I already do, I would always be okay here.

All is as it should be.

I know that darya is worth pursuing and all hot chicks like to be pursued.

It’s not even that. It’s because darya is so good, it makes sense for me to utilize my resources even if this is a practice run for what it’s really going to be which is meeting a girl in kiev because that’s where I am.

I have jumped on this atomix vid pretty good, with the new software there is a lot less angst. It’s not perfect, but it’s not the ordeal it has been with old CS4.

I will certainly have atomix done over the weekend which means we are right onto these tunes. Right now, I am perfectly confident we will get in and bring them up to mix down level

Next week we’re writing new tunes and possibly moving to check out the tour vids.

Work the spread and call plan are the outsiders to round out our dozen for the year – for the tunes on the list we need them all but one. Incognitus, maybe the politics is too much.

Work the spread and call plan are just I feel honestly not hitting the mark without the vocal.

Maybe we continue the angry fruit technique and release them as soul science tunes as instrumentals, then re-release with a vocal later if it’s what I want to do.


It starts to seem as if waking up with anxiety is just a habit I need to kick, what is it, what is it?

I jump back on the atomix vid, it should be an easy finish. Then we can focus on finishing NENB, because we have a little content bomb ringfenced – it gives us the rest of the next few days to then go in and finish these tunes.

Dragonfly, Surface Tension, See Change.

Call Plan and Whispers will be waiting off camera, these will be the 5 tunes we’re focused on now – the 4 big boys aren’t ready, darling darling is last, work the spread is in reserve, while incognitus is the big question mark.

But we have 12 tunes for this year and that’s what I’m committed to.

Dragonfly vid is 6 weeks away, we can focus on these new music videos perhaps coming up to angry fruit.

We know the sequence, that will unlock the opportunity to do new tunes which in turn unlocks the opportunity to find the right music for the tour vids.

The tour vids and any archiving we can manage will feed new material into the music videos.

By the end of february when we drop dragonfly, we could already have the tour videos ready,

Remember the technique, if you have 12 songs to finish for soul science, you need to be focused on your own tunes. Whenever a tune drops for soul science, an opportunity opens to fill that slot with a discard from your personal reserve.

These are indicators.

you’re supposed to write songs and when your dozen fills up, put the worst song out for soul science.

If I’ve got 12 of my own but am short for soul science, I need to write new tunes. If I’ve got plenty for soul science but short for myself . . . uh well that’s not how the system works.

If soul science is short, write new tunes until you’ve got more than 12 and have one to spare.


We’re on the last renders of NENB, which means we’re on task, 3 days to focus on tunes.

Dragonfly, surface tension, see change – next men up

Call plan, darling darling – long term prospects

incognitus, work the spread – outside opportunities

Path, pause, jazzrave, sugardaddy – star team

So what this tells you is once these three have been worked up I have got call plan and darling darling to work on until john puts down something else, which means we will inevitably be writing new tunes because those are not easy tunes to finish.

We only need one tune for june, and we have the choice of call plan or incognitus.

We know we want it to be incogmitus, and that whispers and see change can be ordered by merit.

It’s hard to decide which tune is best – they are all a bit odd.

It seems to me, whispers is the best. See change isn’t polished, it’s a bit rough in places. But that’s all the more reason it should be held back. We will just have to see.

The best choice will make itself obvious the more you work on the tunes, the point is, you know what you’re going to release and when, working on these tunes is priority. To have tunes pretty much finished for mix testing 3 months in advance – you know you can afford to spend a week or two just focused on new tunes, which is where this shit is at.

New tunes will unlock archiving vibes for these tour videos. Tour videos matter more than the cd/dvd archiving because it’s my original contnet and we need to kick it off.

If we write new songs

So far the candidates would be:

RCTV, Acid Jam, NENB, Problemantech, Innocence, Dragonfly, Surface Tension, emo disco

Acid Jam, It’s Hardest on The Kids, young dolphin, past tense, come2understand, problemantech, innocence

The idea is I want to use songs that haven’t been released so if they never get videos, this is it.

So that puts problemantech out.

It’s hardest on the kids would be good for invercargill.

Acid jam maybe for dunedin.

so past tense for franz josef

I’d definitely like to get young dolphin in there, we need hip hoppy one which could be that darkie track, or maybe the tempo could fit innocence better.

The idea also was because it was older footage, I wanted to use older songs.

The intro video. Young Dolphin might be too trippy and suit a more deconstructed vid, we need something with a more active vibe.

I think we will still end up calling on dragonfly, problemantech, RCTV, or a song that doesn’t fit the brief completely, but I see that we have enough to form a decent selection under this criteria.

rctv is too emo, as is emo disco. acid jam, its hardest, past tense, are all psychadelic electro rave.

Innocence could be the one. It fits with the vibe and is an upbeat tune.


More trouble with the video software. More lacklustre trading, I am starting to get a bit fearful again, but I absolutely believe you should be able to make up to a grand fairly easily simply by playing $500.

It was just a bit of a swerve. I am back on it.

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