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by Matt Romantech on January 2, 2018

So what it is, is that we do a video for atomix, so that content is on my youtube, and it provides a break that’s a throwback which fits better going into dropping NENB, because their might be a little bit of . . . well what is this?

DJ Romantech presents Lean Hogs – “Noob Eats New Beats”

Introducing the lean hogs, 2016. Losses can exceed deposits.

I reckon just say nothing. Let the art speak for itself.

Now that I’ve done all this deep work, I am ready to get into the business.

The original narration seems a bit whack now.


hey yo this is the DJ Romantech bringing to you new sounds from the Lean Hogs new tune right here it’s called uh “Noob eats New beats”

that’s “Noob eats New beats” that’s what it’s called, bit of a tongue twister there – I’ll of course be taking you through, lots of goodies comin up for ya,

what you got right here is actually my house, featuring me, i’m standing outside it.

Clothes I generally tend to wear pretty much every day. I try to get my look right. An effortless style does take a bit or work.

This is the street. People also, in the cars. You can see.

My shits about the streets.

These are all the houses but no one really knows who is in them, but they all have lives. All have stuff going on with their lives.

the girls who are young and beautiful, they listen to their favourite songs wondering if their dreams will come true and I don’t know. I write my beats.

I stay healthy. I maintain my well being. if you eat shit you’re going to look like shit and you’re going to die. well you’re going to die anyway so until then why go round treating your body like shit?

you’ll have plenty of time to lie around like your half dead when you get there.

Apps are tools to manage modern life. keep up to date with important trends and news, find friends, network and share interests. with the latest information at your finger tips, you can make the right choice..

This is my BMW. I like to roll in BMW in the streets, and I’ve got my camera, but I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

I don’t know.

I only really wanted to be somebody.

But I can’t ever stop wondering if it means anything or if there are questions that i’ll never answer about why i felt a certain way about a certain thing and then I didn’t.

And that’s why the only real meaning the only real answer is in what we create, how we can express what we barely feel that we understand. and so I open up my music software and I start working on a new beat.

This is DJ romantech saying thanks for listening and it is my pleasure to introduce to you the Lean Hogs.

And always remember. Losses can exceed deposits.


I am getting stuck in to NENB, I want it done.

The footage we got is good, this will work.

The problem is momentum, I’m left wondering what the hell this video was supposed to be all about, what am I saying to people in this video?

I’m really trying to find the right tone.

It’s supposed to be modesthaus, stripping the content right down to what is the easiest possible thing to do.

The vibe I’m getting is it’s supposed to be very origin, it’s supposed to be about the content that is coming this is simply another attempt to create an introduction to the concepts I’m developing, it’s introducing a start point from which to move forward from.

Most of the videos I’m making now are all supposed to be discovered later, so you can trace back the themes.

Can’t you see that this precedes basswave and a lot of the stuff that comes later, you’re supposed to trace the crazy stories and skits back to the genesis of just a guy who is some DJ living in a house, confused, sort of . . . well this is an origin point, a genesis point.

I am getting super shitty about it in anticipation.

I first thought of this video years ago, and only started shooting it 2 years ago, and it was all about trying to do something simple and it has just been such a nightmare, it’s not this video in particular, it was the whole thing, but this video shows that we are moving beyond where we’ve been stuck, we are learning to push through.

I feel pretty excited and that emotion is exciting through anger and rage, a bad habit of mine that I get flares of rage when things start to look good for once.

It pains me the effort it takes to lift something up to the level of being not much more than a joke.

But then the exhiliration of seeing the path forward, that your next project will be easier and better each step forward, is a step along in progress no matter

Here we go, now that we see the cd/dvd video coming into sight it corresponds with that surplus money – we are sweet to have extra cash for our projects, least of all any new video ideas.

Don’t get too ahead of yourself.

It feels like we are going to need to adjust to being able to cope with tackling our content goals.

We’ve struggled for so long, we need to simply embrace the idea that we can work on projects and get them done.


We will get it done.


We have got jobs coming in for kurb, there’s $250 here, and $250 from christmas. Our kitty money has grown to $1500, almost suggesting we have $1k spare for spending money overseas.

On top of my projected $350, which relies on $100 from trading and $100 from kurb or trading, I am already building up a little surplus.

Things are going well and I am feeling as if I am ready to start doing some work on lots of other things I need to do, like seeing that much in the way that content funnels into business, promo funnels into rebuilding my situation socially.

starting with facebook, and being more onto it about my phone, getting back to people, staying on top of this stuff.

So I can be a normal person.

I have been pretty frustrated all day, but it’s that good frustration, that frustration you get when progress you’re making is getting push back.

I am going to need to deal with these emotions because it’s something that is starting to hang around and develop into a bad habit, I am getting anxious because things are going well and too often I’ve just seen it all fuck out.

I mean this in regards to the content, the music and the video, I feel like I’m finally getting ready to breakthrough,

Basically the meat of the issue is that I can move forward. I have worked out how to record the narration with that device I bought – it seems clear they are making laptops crappy for audio now and I’m going to need to think about this going forward.

But I can finish this video, and use the atomix video as a good place to do a big clean up of what’s lying around from the last few videos and get it good and smooshed up.

What’s coming after angry fruit in march? Dragonfly, and the tour videos would be good.

Because the tour videos and the kurb videos are the only ones left to come.

Your only other task this year is to do some kurb and pirate matty stuff to pad things out. And come back and be aiming to get some girls. Imagine being on task and being able to do more of what I can do now with angry fruit, I’ve got a few weeks at least in which I can do some edits to make it better, because I have enough content to keep things ticking over.

We have two big tasks to tackle which is our main thing to get done before I leave, so given, that I really want to get it nailed.

The music I feel is coming right it’s coming back to a good place, but video still has these two unfinished projects, I want to be more free to do more structureless stuff that has room to reconnect with the massive narrative I’ve constructed.

I can see archiving providing inspiration, because we can connect it back to this grand narrative and the content is going to feed out through the music videos we’re doing, these two video projects will feed into the next music videos as will the next round of archiving work which we will nail.

We know we have to start rehauling the kurb site, on a basic functioning level. Chip away.

I can do it, it’s just a lot of work. I believe that doing a lot of this work on stuff that doesn’t matter is actually good, it means nothing I make really gets any traction because it’s shit, but that’s the thing, I’m learning, my stuffs not supposed to be any good. I am developing.

It’s going to take a whole lot more effort to get better at writing music than it is to get better at video and which has the bigger pay off? I don’t I will ever become a serious drum and bass guy no matter how good my stuff is, the fact that I write beats isn’t my main thing any more.

But that’s the thing, it’s all the same thing.

I have to confront the fact – again old problems that disappeared behind bigger, newer problems – that soul science took away the platform for me to do my own thing. And I crave that.

But I wanted something to tell my own story, there is more to life than drum and bass. I wanted to create room for other stuff I wanted to do, and I have, I can still act, I can still write, I can still do indie. Having to be stuck doing drum and bass would suck.

But it’s all the same thing, I knew the only way I could manage everything is to basically make it all the same thing, and it is.

The reason I limit the amount of music and video I plan is not only for practicality and morale, but it also says, learn to distribute your efforts so that you can hit this level across the board.

Knowing that your video tasks are now limited, makes you more aware there is going to be room to write more music.

I am just realising that the kurb archive video relies on some archive stuff that needs to be done, all the old footage, it’s a lot more work, and there are some politics with the other tour videos.

I am thinking I am kind of tempted to leave them as long term projects

The tour videos were the intro, the chains one, a franz josef one, a dunedin one, an invercargill one and I thought there were 6 but I guess maybe there’s something else there.

I’m kind of thinking of taking a different approach, way less structured.

It starts with seeing what we’ve got. If I could put the archive vids aside for the moment, I could focus on getting these tour vids smashed.

I think it makes sense, especially following NENB – because that’s how I will be doing some of these newer tour vids – with narration.

The channel will fit into themes in that content is being fed back into the music videos.

tour stuff, cd/dvd stuff, and what we’re processing for the archive, it’ll all swirl in to fill out the next few music videos, but of course the rebirth of kurb also.


So it’s about a plan. If I can NENB finished off with the narration, I can begin a clean up for the atomix video, and by the time that’s done, I am ready to to assess the kurb archive vids and the tour vids and go in on another round of archiving.

DJ archiving pushes me towards my next podcast.

Video archiving helps me arrange stuff so it’s easily accessible for use on new projects.

Song archiving helps me pick music for the tour videos.

Like I said the tour videos I am going to follow the NENB format of just cutting the images to a song and narrating some random shit over the top.

Once I’ve confirmed all the details I will just go with OHC3: Christchurch/Arthur’s Pass/Franz Josef/Invercargill/Dunedin

and whatever else.

Don’t forget I’ve got at least 3 other tour video sets.

It just made me realise the indie storyline could go into a short circuit storyline because the ratchetness of the tours will mirror the ratchetness of the club gigs. It certainly doesn’t have to be major.

So it shows how actual footage from the tours connects with the grand narrative.

It’s just I did all these tours and it was so meaningful to me how fucked up they were all around the remoteness of the south island, and now that I’ve got to europe and asia it doesn’t seem to mean what it did any more, and that’s just growing older.

I have been trying to come up with good ideas for kurb but not really making much progress.

I may need to get on with what I’m doing and let some ideas come to me. If I have the money, I can look at paying girls and moving on lines I was at before.

Right now, I am trying to draw a thread from the end of myspace to the beginning of rctv

I think I’m getting it now. They are parodies of my videos and it threads back to problemantech. It threads back through the archiving I’ll be doing this year and the cd/dvd archive thing, it seems we’re going on an extended retro tip. It’s good to manage this stuff, we are lucky we came with ideas that still allow us to execute most of our ideas even when I’m in my mid to late 40’s, using animation etc., stylized techniques.

All I need to do is establish certain points in the narrative.

The idea is good because we deconstructed what we were trying to achieve in the plotline and padded that out into a more casual structure.

It threads back through problemantech and maximizing explosions. So it’s like we’re picking up that theme and moving forward.

We’re forward to the point of introducing new people and the idea of this talent agency and this corresponds with the pirate matty stuff

Which is really good because we can be doing the pirate matty stuff in the same way – being more explicit about what we’re establishing here. Then we’re doing the fairy bit and that feeds into the tiger penis bit.

Then we pass through the girls stuff and we connect that to the russia stuff by introducing a whole bunch of crazy conspiracy stuff. Now the channel is completely russia with shades of tiger penis – it is getting closer to basswave material. dugong vs manatee and sexy forex.

I love how its coming together, because the NENB stuff really connects most closely with the compassion fatigue stuff. I’m doing everything right, I’m checking all the boxes, when do I know I’m winning, why can’t I ever be sure that I really enjoy life?

I also love how I’ve managed to make this surreal parody into part of my business strategy, I feel like I’m like star wars – embedded in the story is everything I need to sell my business.

So do another vapourwave tune and do another NENB but this time it’s the RC kurb tiger penis version.

This isn’t coming until after atomix, NENB, music videos, tour videos, RC throwback, cd/dvd archive, then sometime closer to when we’re looking at coming back, then we’re dropping kurb stuff, then we’re going all out to get the girls on board and nail all of that stuff through to when we next go to russia 2019 – dugong manatee and sexy forex.

I think it’s still going to take a year to truly get on top of things but in that year not only will your skills improve, but you will have more time to craft exactly what you are doing.

It goes towards basswave. Most of my content becomes related to basswave and carries the basswave brand. Beyond music videos it’s just any video that highlights the basswave lifestyle, and talks about tiger penis, it’s companion content to the podcast. From dugong vs manatee and sexy forex basswave would have split one way, and NYL the other – where it’s sexy girl stuff.

Basswave and NYL are carried forward separately by the contributors. If I contribute, I’ll probably post it to my channel. Otherwise it’s just music videos and whatever other random recycled content, I’ve already started work on the myspace thing.

The pirate matty trajectory is we have these mall character studies, the 6 mini episodes and this comes together with the tiger penis origin, which might feature captain romantech in a foreshadowing moment

At this point captain romantech is in his trundler having adventures which may not be a story that ever gets told, or it’s like the narrative – because we know certain parts of the story we can do them as stand alone skits, and only ever refer to parts of the story that were never shown – pirate matty reconnects with dugong vs manatee and there’s the challenge for the next part of the story, that captain romantech and pirate matty are both on their adventures and meet.

remember pirate matty ends up working for kurb. He could end up working in the same way for basswave, as an unwanted mascot who is a content vehicle,

This is the moment that the trundler journey ends. That way when we get to agents of soros, pirate matty still exists – and it’s acknowledges, it’s just me, dressing up, acting strangely. Why?

It just adds to the whole thing of . . . is he a basketcase or is he a political mover.

I will often act quite mad as if I think pirate matty is a separate person, and everyone else is to react accordingly.

It adds to the madness that no one knows whats real. Are the missions real? Well they must be. But who funds this where is the money coming from? The guy who dresses up and pretends to be a pirate?

The guy who continually slips in and out of character of a hollywood movie style bad ass, uttering lines of dialogue that don’t make any sense.

I am quite clearly mad, and yet the fact that I am well resourced means you have to turn to my back story to comprehend what must have taken place. I am always refering to the mythical episodes.

I am doing those scenes where it’s funny and then it’s not so funny. It’s just like puppet where I’m there with little toys pretending it’s fu bar.

It’s on some utter mental citizen kane shit, im all mental, but i’m always causing trouble just doing what I always done.

I was young and broke and mental and wanted attention and girls. Now I’m old and rich and mental and want attention and girls, the whole prompt is to ask if he’s so mental and so freakish how come he’s rich, how come he keeps on talking about the tiger penis and then actually pulls shit off?

How come he is jetset?

How come A squadron of ukrainian bikini assasins turn up for a mission.

The witches and feminvest and all those crazy plans I came up with now constitute the crazy operations of my fictional character

I don’t know, I love and adore this narrative I’ve built. I’ve built it so I can just thread on little pieces for the next 15 years and build it out and out and out. I am telling my story, but it’s full of plenty of telling.

What do I expect to gain?

I just feel thrilled that there’s a concept by which my creation all adds up to something massive, like voltron and how it takes you through this journey that builds up, the myspace thing was a huge jump up, and now the russia thing is the next huge development that has changed the

I love the idea that a story that turns out to be full of politics and conspiracy begun as a story about teenagers that were drunk and horny and depressed and destructive.

That the political marxist stuff in evil robot will connect to culture war stuff, if I take the years of work to make it fit nicely.

It seems absurd how I sit here drawing satisfaction from knowing I know how my whole body of work is supposed to play out.

It’s good to have a main plan, it means you know what you’re sticking to, that’s what I like about darya, it’s good to have a good plan.

I like it how there’s writing and z-grade youtube vids and music and it’s all put together.

That was an idea I had soon after I decided to go to russia – you don’t want to be a pirate and do kids parties or teach forex techniques, that’s boring, I just want to do art and girls, they are the best things. But you can still pretend to be a pirate and a savvy investment guy because it works for your story.

The break through in deciding to pursue pirates and my own forex investment agency as a facade, a narrative, rather than a fully fledged business concept was an important thought initiative.

It’s just a reminder that once, all these things were new information.

We also realised just recently that trying to build an empire for everyone would never work.

Just make it about the russian girls and nobody else.

It should be easy to say that the russian girls were the tiger penis all along but of course that isn’t the case, but it would be a nice red herring.

I realised it was dangerous to dream. Big dreams were getting me into a trouble, a lesson I should have learned by now because it’s all so familiar.

It’s not that I don’t think I’ll ever make $20k in a week trading, it’s that I don’t want to think that way any more, it opens you up to dangerous thoughts, that work better as a story than in real life – that old fantasy vs reality thing. You focus on trying to keep it $1k-2k for the next 2 years. You get real. You be happy you’ll probably get rich and have a few little spots like this with russian girls running round.

Don’t expect you’ll ever get rich enough to be influencing local elections and filling barracks full of some garrison you’re building.

Just continue with the russian girls and forming their husbands into a mannerbund, a group of men who accomplish things together for the benefit of all their families.

Before I had all these ideas about stratifying my recruits, now – just like the way the pirate and forex businesses were abandoned in favour of facades – it’s so much simpler. Let the russian girls build it with their pussies.

I only want more money to buy more land to do more couples. It’s not an end in itself. How much power do you really want?

Well I want farms to run themselves so they make food for everybody, and places to stay, and I want my content team, in my basswave set up. To be like jean paul and have a big party in each town I’m active to promote the brand.

Other than your narrative video stuff, it doesn’t require that much money. I mean I don’t see I’d need more than $50k to hold this down. $100k a year so I can do a new section every 2 years.

You only need $150k a year for those dreams. You might want to go for a set up like ohinewai, but somewhere around $4k a year you will have enough for everything.

Again this tends to make me sad that I didn’t realise before I fucked out again on my trading, if only I realised I little I really need.

Or maybe I would never have realised it could be all so much simpler if I didn’t insist on aiming so high.

If you say $4k is enough for everything, well how much could you possibly be making outside of trading – maybe a couple of grand. I mean even if you struggled to make more than $2k off your trading for whatever reason, within a few years you’d have other incomes.

Here comes that vibe again, when I need boredom to starve out the vibes, to bring them to the surface.

I already feel the call of the harshest routine yet growing closer.

Just training – physical and russian – and content and trading. Because that’s all there is.

I need to strengthen my grip on my content so I can apply pressure, that’s what I’ve been doing, really getting back into this narrative again so I could see how we would move forward, when each day I have to wake up, check my trades, practice my russian and get focused on this content – especially after my run, but also just jacking the whole thing up so you’re more focused.

You’re more in there. You have to stay quite obsessed in there, deep in there, you have to go in on this material, these tour videos and just go hard, cutting it together until it works, but it could be months before I find the right music to go with it, do the right narration, find the right moment to roll it – I have to hold back this material. The vids for dragon fly surface tension, whispers, are all likely coming first.

Get with it. We’ll be writing new music, that will likely yield demo songs we can’t take any further, or we’re basically going to dredge up some crusty old music we made to go with these tour vids.

The structure and tone is built around my narration, just cut the visuals together, leave the sound you want to keep, pick some music then do your narration.

My narration will be really personal and mainly comment on things from a position of discussing the whole concept of these tours, without being too specific as to details of this tour, really using the concepts of this tour as a jumping off point to make ponderous comments about the state of the whole thing in ways that hint at how it came undone.

“why was I still doing these tours at this point?”

Then I can be honest and we’re in the NENB mode, modesthaus styles

There’s a couple of ideas for songs. What about the RCTV stuff, well I actually I want a more emotionally heave vibe so I can stay on one tone.

And this tone is of course setting up vibes for following this type of storyline in compassion fatigue and in the road movie. Tour where it all goes wrong. It’s awesome the way I see it that there’s enough different angles on these tours to get a pretty good picture of some of what went down.

We are basically beginning to slowly circle this content before we go in and attack. If we can butcher up the segments and episodes, we can pin a song to each one, and start concepting the narration.

all the segments i know have stories so subject matter – the intro is the intro – is no problem. It’s just a matter of getting it right, which may mean planning a big songwriting binge soon.

After NENB is finished because we’re not really – I mean dragonfly is the next thing. that’s at least 6 weeks away we can put some business down. We can begin to work up a set of songs for these videos, maybe. Just think it through.

It seems smarter to go into it but be fully aware it might takes months for the right music to come along.

Our channel will be a bit quiet but for music videos.

We need good music to move forward with the tour videos. We need kurb archival footage to go forward the archiving vids. And I see no reason to bring forward any new stuff we’re planning unless you’re jumping on star now, which is an idea. If I’m coming to auckland for kurb then I’ll have money and should hit it.

I won’t be too ambitious, it’s just an option. there’s no reason we have to do the tour stuff now.

I just want to be clearly aware that if I’m writing new songs or archiving videos I’m getting through it indirectly. SO you need to get this atomix done so you can use the dragonfly and surface tension videos as projects benefitting from the next round of archiving stuff.

Basically straight to work on new music videos after atomix.


Finishing off NENB has just made me so furious with rage having to use the old premiere it is absolutely blasted to fuckery, I can’t imagine the hours I lose committed to this stuff.

This is why I have to take a day to chill out and dream away, because the rage just fills me so full of negative emotions and this is what I carry around, poisoning my motivation, my deep psyche knowing it doesn’t want this miserable frustration and pushing me away.

It makes me so frustrated to think I could of got somewhere if I wasn’t always on the back foot with technical stuff, and wears out my emotions until I’m too angry, and I’m exhausted.

But I can’t help but feel at least without my dad here, I can fight, when he’s here, I just hang suspended waiting for things to happen. When I have the space to gather up a full steaming rage, I have to push through even if I need to waste energy getting highly emotional.

Part of the process is throwing your rage out in futility, to understand without focus you can’t attack the problem.

I accept that part of pushing through is that I have to fight a bit of a battle with old demons that have beaten me before, the challenge of the technical aspects and effort of these videos.

But I had to have NENB finally done, so I could push out all the scraps through this atomix video and start again approaching dragonfly and surface tension for more concept free video action.

Easy stuff, playing around, archiving.

It is in the tradition for me to work hard on new years to get content done.


Reading back I could see a lot of my greed being driven by how badly I felt I’d been treated and how badly I felt about myself, that’s why I so desperately wanted to be powerful.

That isn’t really there any more. My trip squeezed it out of me by making me doubt my trading completely.

I still believe I can push towards $1k by the time I’m leaving.

We know we will never quite abandon the old way, and we still harbour the same thoughts – if only we could get to $3k. Now I believe if $3k was as high as we got we’d still live a lot of dreams.

What’s most imporatant is that you progress in a sustainable way. Even if I can’t make more than a grand next year, if I can hold the trajectory we’re on, it will be enough to develop.

But $3k is the new $5k and $5k is the new $10k, I don’t expect to get there in a hurry and I know that getting there means a big win. What if you’re still wrong?

I don’t believe I’m wrong. The new system is a brake on the old system, it stop the extremes from killing us.

The old system can work if it is wound down and we aim lower $700

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