Actual Situations

by Matt Romantech on February 14, 2018

What is hitting me now is that you have to manage your actual problems, your money situation is not great, but it will be a lot worse if you lose your dole.

Dealing without weed is just part of my punishment for spending the year fucking around, and I accept it, I am thinking about a fast.

I am thinking about lurking around vilnius to do my ukraine visa because it means I can see more of darya.

I learnt that there is a holiday region in minsk that is also 5 day visa free entry. Kaunas is also worth a visit and is only 100km down the road.

Why are you doing all this?

Because locking in my little darya is kind of my priority, as in I should find out whether it’s all on with darya, and proceed from there.

Because I’m going to have the same problems I had before, orientating myself toward what has to be done.

It’s the same problem I’m having now, and it’s the same problem whichever girl I’m chasing, that getting the girl is now the major priority because that is also the key to the main business, thrust – getting lots of russians here.

I can still meet girls in vilnius. I can still change my tinder location to kaunus, that way I can cover 2 cities –
almost a million people given I don’t have the huge pool you would get in kyiv or minsk.

This is good, what makes ukraine so good is that the girls are into you, the girls in belgrade are just as hot, but I didn’t notice huge interest, there was more in hungary really.

It keeps coming back to this thing, that you can’t collect girls, if you want to be a player, then, sure, whatever, do what you want to do, but I just want one nice girl for me, so I can enjoy my life, with my nice girl with me taking care of me.

It pressures the point that I am loading my eggs into daryas basket so to speak, but I keep coming back to things about darya that make it so sensible just to stay the course if that’s what’s offered.

It’s that thing that I keep secretly thinking I’m rich and I could get a kamila, a hottie that makes other men’s jaws drop, but it is a silly fantasy. Reality is that darya speaks good english and is so admirable in her faultless demeanour.

There’s such a difference between sitting there cuntstruck over some girl like kamila or camille – neither really were models they just oozed that 19 year old vibe that makes guys go bananas, so skinny and young and hot – and when you actually feel feelings for a girl.

Kamila I think about her gigantic tits. Darya I think about when I’m stuck in an alley in bangkok at 3am in the pouring rain after missing my bus.

What really matters?

Kamila is ridiculously hot and has big fun bags. Lots of girls are hot, you saw for yourself in ukraine. Lots more than you ever imagined.

Remember when as a kid you thought models only came from the states? Well something like that.

Lots of girls are hot. After you’ve come, exactly which one is hotter than which is not so much of a consideration.

But my darya cares about me. She sits and she listens and she makes me feel good.

She is also probably really nice to pound, and to cuddle after you finish pounding, and always looks so nice, and acts really classy wherever you go.

There are things about darya that make her a special person, not just a special babe, and that’s money in the bank.

The way she acts, the way she is so nice to be with, the way that she can be quite assured and direct when she wants to be, although is she mostly quiet and defers.

I want a girl who follows my lead, but not one who is helpless without me.

I am also allured by such an old idea – who could I be with a girl – a hot girl – backing me to the hilt?

I am so used to propelling myself forward that when I had another person who made me feel strong and supported, with the confidence of knowing everything is fine because I’ve always got my little blonde darya, and isn’t she so sweet.

I like the fact that although she is quite clearly hot, it’s more her I’m into and what a good girl she is, it means I don’t dwell for a second on what I might have thought several years ago – that I have a mail order bride.

But also it’s because I understand that this is just a shaming tactics by rightfully threatened women. They should use everything in their arsenal because any sane man would choose a slavic girl in a heartbeat and those who don’t are really just cucks.

Everyone has their reasons, but the most common one is that these poor sad bastards do not have the balls to go to the other side of the world and front these wonderful chicks there, they will tell themselves anything.

Me, on the other hand, I won’t settle for second best, I want a mint chick, I want a hot chick who any man would want to fuck. A hottie. I accept explicitly that the beauty of the girl on my arm is the clearest and most singular representation of my value as a man.

The harsh cold facts of the world are as such.

The money and relative power of the man she’s boning is the clearest representation of a woman’s worth.

She speaks english. I relate to her, anyone can relate to her, anyone can see she is sweet as pie.

Again and again – she is wonderful, I know the value of such things – but she’s not unique, and if it doesn’t work out, we know there are more of these girls.

There are thousands of pretty sweet blondes in russia, yet only hundreds of horny western guys of means for them.

But it remains, you only get one life, you can always do a roll call of horror, hazel, volita, gemma, imagine a lifetime of that, and sing praises to the heavens for your sweet little darya.

That is why instead of doing my videos or whatever the fuck – I am reorientating to my actual and proper priorities.

Instead of going to belgrade to get your kiev visa, go to vilnius.

Except you could end up blowing your whole $350 just on rent. Though there is a cheap place here for $225. $75 on food, $300 . . . it’s doable.

As I said, if you’re unwilling to run over budget by $100 a week you’re going to be miserable. I am slowly accepting things simply won’t be happening in a hurry.

To have my bank account at $40k and my trading at $40k in a years time maybe all I can hope for, but if by then I am making near a grand and can look forward to drawing $400+ when next in europe, well I will just have to learn to be patient.

It might feel a lot like it was in sandringham when business would slow down. Not a lot of money, but not really too many demands on me either, other than that frustration that if I just had stacks of cash, all these girls would belong to me.

You’re going to have to cope with that frustration, and I think going down to $40k is somewhat inevitable, and not the disaster it could be considered given I really don’t need to underwrite my trading.

Blowing out a grand or two is not a disaster.

Also, If $350 is about what it is for a decent apartment, it won’t be much to have darya come to stay, especially if it’s only 3 nights she’s here and i book the next night as well so I don’t have to shuttle her out.

That should keep the weeks she comes under $500 which is acceptable given these are courtship costs.

By the time she is actually travelling with you’ll spend the same but start to extract some labour value out of her.

There are always jobs she can be doing for basswave.

Because she speaks russian, she can be handling that side of things.

Let’s make a site that attracts the girls.

The thing is if I’m with darya, then kyiv is already half out the window. I will still be wanting to go there, and still talking the same talk – never mentioning the girls – insisting it’s all about costs and business opportunities – but these are hardly lies anyway. Like most older guys I’m simply just not about chasing round hussies – even in ukraine, it’s simply the attraction of the opportunity.

My business focus becomes minsk, using what darya knows, and that she will have a connection with these girls

What about darya’s hot friend? I don’t think these are problems, I’m not stupid enough to drop a good girl who’s hot for an okay girl who is hotter. If her friend is hotter and I feel a vibe for her, than bye bye darya.

I feel a vibe for darya, I can’t deny it, all the other girls I meet, they’re not the first girl I met, when I was on that fateful trip, at that fateful time when the ass was falling out of my trading.

Thinking of her gave me a lot of strength that I had to keep fighting because the reward of the sexy hotties was now just within my reach – not just sexy, but so sweet and so classy; just killing it on every measure – and nothing has changed. Those girls are all still there for me, but like I said, it worries me slightly I will feel that same frustration that I can’t move on these girls simply because I’m not made of money, I’m not able to display value.

The best way is to tackle the situation strategically – I am not doing my videos, but I am focused on moving forward, that’s what I need to do, focus on moving forward.

The videos and the songs are things, but I know secretly it’s not moving me forward like darya. If it’s not on with her, then I need to get my visa to the ukraine happening, but also again, vilnius. I can visit darya, and date other girls in minsk.

I feel like I am the master of odds and in belarus I am competing on an equal footing with americans and europeans who all are subject to the 5 day thing, but in ukraine, I’m at a disadvantage!

There are simply less western guys in minsk competing for each of the girls wanting one. That’s why in minsk I get a date straight away with a high class girl like darya, while in ukraine, it won’t just land in yout lap.

And as I insist I think the belarus girls are better – quiet, modest and traditional and more stoic, the ukraine girls are hustlers, that’s ukraine.

So rather than kiev I just fly bombing missions on minsk from vilnius which is possible because like tallinn and helsinki it’s one of those ones where it just happens to be close.

Pushing along I felt that I should say, you should come with me if you’re prepared to go back to minsk when I leave. Which seems sad, to say that we should find out sooner rather than later if there’s a future for us.

And I remember russian women want their men to take control and to take the lead.

I can’t help but think I am in control, and the more I think that, the more I realise I need to know how this is going to work, and I got part of the way but I didn’t really think it through.

It’s not up to her when she leaves her job. That’s up to me.

But I can’t send her home after that, unless . . . well there is no unless, she’s russian. Once you got to that stage she is working for that ring. She is dependent on you, but without the obligations of marriage, it’s almost as if getting her to leave her job is the pivotal point really, not the wedding.

I have to decide if she’s right for that. In order to decide I must have my process. Firstly it is to spend time with her.

Then for her to come and stay with me.

What I’m saying is you may have to spend some money to find out quickly whether darya is right, and again I think it’s a smarter focus than trying to organise my ukraine visa now.

Do the ukraine visa then, at the same time as focusing on darya. Then if the darya thing doesn’t work, full steam ahead for kyiv.

I will be disorientated in my first week anyway, best to arrive kyiv fully ready to do it.

I have to fly – I may as well fly to warsaw, which appears cheaper than vilnius. Bus to kaunus $20.

It’s like this can darya visit me? Is she happy to take the bus to vilnius?

More and more it looks like the same deal as before, if I have to fly in, why not fly to wherever is cheap, like prague? Well warsaws cheaper and I think polish girls should be followed up.

Then if darya can do it, we can meet in vilnius.

So you can definitely get your visa sorted out in poland. Whether it takes 2 weeks because I’m a NZer is another issue and one we have to deal with, but I can get multiple entry at the same cost.

I think you will have to wait 2 weeks. but the good news is you don’t have to stay where you apply, as long as you come back.

So I could fly to warsaw, head off to kaunus and vilnius for a week, fly from vilnius to minsk again 2 weeks later, and then back to warsaw to pick up my visa – but then I might have to leave my passport behind, and therefore could not leave!

What is being said here is that if you turn up in person you might get a break, which would mean if you flew back to minsk, you could fly on to kyiv from there.


you book your flight to poland, not knowing how long it will take to get the visa, or even if you will be feeling like darya is what it’s all about. She might not be it for whatever reason – she might not be that into you, and is too polite to say it, why would she?

You might get to warsaw feeling that you’re not going back to minsk and it’s onward to kyiv.

Whatever the situation, you’re going to warsaw, because the flights are cheap and the apartments seem cheap.

If you get your visa quickly or your passport back, you can go to vilnius if you like, or not. Maybe darya does want to go to vilnius and meet you and do some boning there.

But as I was saying before the most likely situation is that you can take it as far as you like, you just need to take responsibility for executing that.

This is what you would do if you were doing that, you would go back to visit her again two weeks later, and then you would be saying well, what’s happening.

She’s not going to quit her job straight away. I’m going to kyiv. You can’t do this thing with russian girls where you leave it up to them, that’s not how it’s done. Personal responsibility, no. If you want her to come with you then you have to say. You visited her twice, if she wants to take time off work she can come to kyiv or tallinn or whatever, I’ve come to visit her twice, if she doesn’t want to come and see you then, what can you say?

I think this is right. If I come see her twice and we don’t bone, then yes I’m expecting you to sleep in my bed when you come to stay in kyiv or wherever I am.

But assuming she takes time off and comes down and you bone a lot, well I will probably let her go home before I start telling her to quit her job because the best place to make that decision is in kyiv, considering I would’ve already started dating other girls.

Then you’re golden, these things matter, go to kiev to decide whether darya really is the girl.

Walk down the streets of kyiv after you’ve spent 3 days boning her silly and put her back on the plane, and ask yourself how much you really need her with you, and you’ll know.

I couldn’t possibly know right now, but I think in the end you understand, there’s 100 million hot little asses in the world. choose one.

You only get one. Choose now, choose later, choose one.

This is my plan. If I pay for her to come and see me in kyiv and we aren’t boning, well it’s not the 3 date rule, this is the 3 trips rule, come on. It’s on her then.

Maybe I will need to spend some more money boning hot ukrainian whores to help me decide because the moment I tell her to quit her job, it’s on me from then.

It is likely I will spend the time in kyiv thinking about that and encouraging darya to join me tallinn.

So the extra costs will be my flights to warsaw and back, less than $250. It is the same price if I go to kaunus and vilnius if i put up with the bus ride.

This australian site . . . okay now we’re getting somewhere – the company I went to chernobyl with does the invitations for $US40. Sweet as.

Because I was just going to hang around warsaw until they told me how it was, but now I can see I can get all the documentation – I will head to warsaw on the thursday, sort it on friday, and then wait til I get my visa, then off I go, either back to minsk or off to kyiv.

What would be the best option for spending two visits with darya? This is it. Rather than waiting until july to find out if she’s going to let me bone her, we speed things along.

This is good, this is what I did today, I worked out I would go to poland to sort out my visa instead of belgrade so that I could visit darya again. The whole thing will cost $200, I still get 2 months there until I head to helsinki, and I don’t have to go back to minsk, my travel is still $3k, and I’ve added an extra city.

Mainly it’s about sorting out darya, because the reality is, if she’s my girl, I better get used to it.

Or otherwise – if she’s not the one, let’s keep it moving.

I might meet a girl in poland, I might meet a different girl in minsk. Poland has girls, let’s just be smart and say that’s what it’s about, going to places where I can turn my tinder on and meet some girls, and just focusing on that, not tiki touring round some cities.

all the ticket costs are the same, but in a couple of weeks I will need to start moving. I only need to book to poland, so that’s tidy.

Again the money issue comes up. It’s not costing me a lot more but I am practicing what it’s like to go in on a girl, to really strategically work out what I am going to do with darya.

In july I’m going to tell her to meet up with me in helsinki or tallinn.

Helsinki is expensive. Tallinn, you’re already going to $350 just for your accom if you want darya with you, so you can assume your bills are hitting $500 a week.

You’re overdrawing $150 a week. But this will only go on for 3 months, you will only blow $2k, and to have your girl with you for 3 months, that’s no issue. Accommodation should drop in belgrade and bangkok, so you should get that down to $1500.

Then there’s her travel.

Belgrade, Bangkok, Home. That’s $1200.

So so far, I am down $2700 if I get darya to come with me, after visiting her twice. This doesn’t count extra money I’d spend on her including the cost of bringing her to kyiv which could be $500-$1k.

This is presuming my trading or kurb don’t fail, but I wouldn’t be expecting as much from my trading at that stage.

The whole thing shouldn’t cost me more than $4k, with extra costs, I should be able to stay above $40k

But that’s the cost to take her from minsk to helsinki to tallinn, to belgrade, to thailand, 3 months holiday, probably something like she’s never had. Yes I will be expecting her to help me out, and I need for her to find ways to help me but she is a secretary.

Again and again. I don’t mind spending $5k of my savings on bringing my darya back not because I get more value out of her from not only pounding her ass but getting her to do a few hours work for me each day, but because look at the life I am introducing her to, just for a couple of hundred bucks. Even I get to stay in nicer places, which means I’m getting even more value, it doesn’t worry so much I will barely be saving any money.

I will be communicating to darya, I don’t save any money when we’re living like this.

When I get back to New Zealand, again it doesn’t cost me more than $100 to have her here, I will inevitably get more value out of her than that, it is so little issue, that it is likely I will not mention it at all, so that it makes an impression on her that I do not even mention the fact I cover her accommodation, food and bills.

SO basically once she has come to kyiv and sucked my dick and let me spank her ass, I will put pressure on her to come to helsinki with me and I can splash some money knowing it’s a bit of a celebration we’re a serious couple now. Maybe after a week or two I will put her on the plane back to minsk where she can have a few more weeks to sort herself out, I will travel to vilnius where she can spend some time getting her ass pounded, and then I will go on to belgrade, she can join me a couple of weeks later, and a week later we can be headed to bangkok where it’s very cheap and we can head to the beaches, she would like that much better than belgrade, and thailand being so cheap would stretch further for two.

But life in thailand is probably still $400 a week, life in new zealand is $250 a week, and we can make some money.


IN warsaw, if I’m staying for 20 days, I will look for situations more like I had in prague – there’s one here for $170 a week which looks good. You can do that thing where you book it on different nights and leave your main stuff behind, and just wander into town with your laptops and a change of clothes, just stay random place like that!

Mad. Meet a girl, book a nicer place. Feel like meeting girls, go hard, feel like hanging out low key, obviously, no trading during the weekend you want a flash place in town for a couple of nights.

But this is what I’m saying is if I booked a nice apartment for 2 nights for $40 p/night, and then a hostel for sunday night for $12 and then 4 nights at some private room suburban spot for $20 pnight, that’s still $170.

That’s still $170. What it means is you can find the right spots for you.

Some hostels, rooms, apartments – especially rooms – would have advantages over others, you just need to sort it out.

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