by Matt Romantech on February 8, 2018

I have given the video a good smacking.

And then come back on the songs and angry fruit and incognitus are sounding good, the songs are sounding good, february is to finish incognitus dragonfly and surface tension, and then march is to finish jazz rave, sugar daddy and path, while we wait for what the deal on whispers and see change, I am already saying jazz rave will come forward, it’s got that kitchen sink vibe about it – it’s not clean and polished.

Even just talking to john then has made me realise, sugar daddy, no one is going to get into it, we just haven’t got to that point – is it really worth putting out this tune to have no one listen to it?

Better to hold it back for as long as it takes.

Takes til what? I am heading towards a bit of a showdown with the futility of it all.

You keep being seduced into the idea that you are going to get some reward from this – that doing it is not the reward.

You have to come to understand this stuff and given that you are about to probably enter the most productive time of your life artistically, you will be getting intimate with the concepts of how it all unfolds, for what, and why.

I have seen already the way I am able to funnel old ideas into a new concept to make them more robust conceptually.

But I tend to forget that I continue to spread myself thinly, I don’t apply myself enough in one area to get any momentum and that also is – should be – fine, you’re enjoying yourself, if you’re not enjoying yourself stop doing it.

That’s where I sense the videos can’t be pushed, if you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it.


The next phase of the archiving is to sample all the music as well as the video, bundle that up, and then go after what is left physically, we will have to deal with how many songs are sounding messed up and what we’re going to do about it.

this is all what my next video on the archiving process will be about.

Everything physical will come together in last check that we have everything archived, before it starts getting turned into an art project, starting with boxes and boxes of DVD’s because it’s the whole minimal thing, we don’t want it. We got all the content. Now it’s form moves on.

I film myself smashing up the DVD’s with a sledge hammer, and I make that into an art piece too, this is the whole exploration of this art.

Soon enough all physical elements of the business – even the printers and burners are coming together to get smashed up and made into art pieces. It’s all getting deconstructed, but that’s a year away, probably more, 2 years before it’s conceivable we’d give up the money.

So it’s not likely this video will happen this year, the process is very drawn out. The content will be archived this year, but beyond that, I wouldn’t plan for much more, but to start gathering all the remaining material aspects of the business together for the final reckoning.

similarly though, we have to wait to make basswave happen so all my initiatives for that are also tentative, it’s all going to be twice as much work until I have a girl to help me.

The opportunity isn’t going anywhere. Let it unfold.

The business isn’t going to vanish over night, give it time to sew itself up.

Okay so now, DJing, we are really getting down to it, what’s the plan there?

We’ll do our first mixtest in april with

your mine, second chance, override protocol, angry fruit, incognitus, dragonfly, surface tension, jazz rave.

Maybe a few other older tunes thrown in if it works or we need something to bridge two tunes.

We will only do one other mixtest later in the year after darling darling.

I will continue to archive my tunes.

We could just do a mix, but it seems to make more sense to launch the 6acwave brand asap.

Global lifestyles – freelancing, travel, forex,

global adventures in post capitalism – digital hustle, co-ops, trading, travel, vibes, music

“digital hustle” is good. It covers a lot.

Sustainable hustle. global hustle.

But just be aware this “digital nomad” space is pretty full, you don’t want to be some 4 hour week douche.

global hustle. – is available. is available.

6acwave – post capitalist hustle worldwide – freelance, trading, co-op, sustainability, travel, vibes, music.

so 6acwave will definitely be post capitalist hustle worldwide because the basswave brand is supposed to be cool and cutting edge and attract western hipsters as well as eastern freelancers and girls.

On the podcast I want to talk about trading philosophy and general philosophies about how you can get by, and why the lifestyle is superior.

6acwave – new global hustle – freelance, travel, trading, co-op, sustainability, vibes, music.

so this just softened the political angle without selling out fully to digital nomadicism.

What was the old tag? – trading tips and tracks in the mix for tactical radicals.

That’s cool but I want to make it less about trading, less about politics and more about travel, eastern europe and business ideas and co-ops.

“new global hustle” makes it pretty open. It’s much accessible politically, and financially in terms of broadening out from just trading – yes there will be trading talk and politics, but that’s not all because we need to be accessible to our audience.

“new global hustle” gives us a chance to define things a bit more as we go along, and is available.

6acwave is the home for the podcast, but the fact that we use the “new global hustle” tagline and that that web brand is actually my consultancy, well isn’t it perfect.

6acwave – new global hustle – freelance, travel, trading, co-op, sustainability, content, vibes, music.

so you now prefer new global hustle to globelifer?

Yes. New global hustle is both broader in terms of what it could mean, yet more specific in terms of how it represents what I’m offering – everyone has a life on the globe. Not everyone has the new global hustle.

New global hustle suggests doing something in a new way to get your way without disrupting the way things are going generally – only subtly – and sustainably!

And of course the whole point of this, now I just get the two websites, and start my podcast – 6acwave – new global hustle – very little more needs to be said.

I am launching my thing, it’s not required I go all out on the music, I just do it. That’s what I wanted – a platform I can fuck around on.

Kurb of course can also start to migrate to the “new global hustle” brand.

But really, the farm should be represented by “needs”. Kurb represents our capitalist enterprises in NZ and needs represents post capitalism, but I don’t think it’s a thing.

The farm will have a brand which will be dangled out on basswave and kyivmodels etc. to attract people to that concept. But we don’t need a brand for that right now.

What we need is a brand where we can have a little mix, and start laying shit down for when this is a podcast that represents the 6acwave brand, and we can still tie it to the “new global hustle” brand where I am doing my consultancy, which is more capitalist, and more masculine and focused on the not so edifying aspects of the facts of life for those of us with privilege.

given the advantages – what makes kyiv better than belgrade? Both cities have vibes, but in belgrade I feel rich, whereas in kyiv i feel rich, handsome, tall and culturally advanced

that is why kyiv is the greatest city in the world. if you want to feel like a decent sized fish in a nice big pond, go there. sydney is the same size, but in sydney, you just a little sprat.

if women ran the world they’d drop the bomb on kyiv. skinny ass bitches stay away from my man

But anyway.

I get on my podcast and I can talk about travel, or forex, or sustainablity or business, well it’s all new global hustle, so that all works, it’s much like the tunes.

I’m happy with it, then we return to work it over, and it comes up even better, and hey this is good – better to improve already good ideas than come up with a whole bunch of new stuff to try and wrangle our heads around.

6acwave can remain just a site with a link to the podcast, and maybe like a dream vision board or whatever it is, we’ll do a blog up so I can edit posts we may be dumping elsewhere for this brand.

I can freely associate the romantech brand with both new global hustle and 6acwave

This way I’m back in that position of waiting for the swell under me before I do anything else. It may just be this random podcast until I actually have money in the future to do the pop up space.

But again that weird thing, I just wanted to buy a section, then I realised I could lease. I just wanted to do my shop, but then I realised I only required a few people to come on board, investing in a whole shop just to find a few people to move to NZ and help me to some websites and some videos, that’s pointless.

That’s a big drag. Unfortunately stuff like the shop only comes when you don’t need it and you’re just showing off, like I said, so I can play some gigs.

So I can come full circle and bring grey lynn cool to kyiv.

im just gonna cruise to kiev and network hard.

Here’s my site it’s 6acwave, you go there, it’s my podcast, new global hustle – trading, travel, connections, content, freelancing, sustainability, vibes, music.

That’s good, nice good hard brand, connected firmly to my network, and lots of space to grow from me mixing old liquid and chatting to the full deal. It is the official core of which kyiv models and new global hustle and NYL are branches.

I only need a few people. 6acwave. Kyiv models. new global hustle. here’s my site check it out. I’m a DJ, this is me on social media, I make these songs and these videos.

There’s an inevitability about it that I just have to relax into it.

If they are a content person or a hot girl or both, then we will sit down and do this. Build the websites, make videos, promote the sites. So it begins.

You get married, your wife finds 3 people pretty quickly. What then?

It doesn’t matter, you open a space. new global hustle is pointless already now, why would you do consultancy? Because it brings in the suitors both in NZ and elsewhere, the brand.

The shop you’re doing because it’s an extension of the podcast. You want to do gigs and be cool. You don’t really need it, but you obviously use it.

So I see a leap straight from podcast to venue, because getting the girls will be easy, you just want to have cool gigs. The rest is just like the garden outside, either it happens or it doesn’t. It’s just an idea, the only thing that matters to me is having the girls on the farm, doing some kind of market shit, cooking up some shit, and having dudes buzz around here and pay to stay.

I would probably leave it all up to little darya, you pay the electricity and internet, food,

You and the girls can get a little market thing going on hamilton, pokeno, pukekohe, bring all the damn boys to the yard, and get them to pay $40 a night to stay, I don’t really so much care about the profits it’s not on me.

I just trade, collect the dole, grow weed, pay the rates and insurance, and my travel costs.

When we get overseas, I have those costs to meet but not in minsk.

This way a little darya has her own source of income and motivations to work with the girls to make it work.

They work for me to get their airfare, they work for darya to pay their way and get their airfare back.

This way nothing that happens on the farm is my thing at all. Darya has her own source of money for whatever she likes. My trading money, is all free for my leasing land to put temporary houses on, and do a shop or whatever it is I like.

in 2 years, my trading income is expanding, I only need to get $100k in there and I can think about a section, but that’s a way off, how dare I buy a section without having even tried to lease?

I have the money to do what I like. I will do my pop up shop, on top of my temporary houses on leased land.

You want $20-30k to do your leased land thing, you already have it. The pop up shop I think was $13k.

$13k expenses, $6k travel, at home bills, total, $25k.

I think what you will find is that in 18 months time when you’re on $2k, there will be enough to save for a section and do the lease, and do the shop, because there’s not much else.

So yes, the archiving project will unfold slowly, and the archives on my website will be a slow one too, but when the kurb vids are done, I am going to get this basswave site up, to drop mixtest 1 on, and then my first basswave probably when I get to kyiv.

the romantech site, kurb site, any other site, no longer matters, because I’m on my new shit.

Who cares about romantech? basswave.

This is awesome, I can make my website all stylized and thematic because my main brand is my podcast/blog which is 6acwave. My site will likely never be pushed in any way. Nor my brand.

It’s all basswave, the monthly episode, new music, new action etc etc.

Soul science, mixtest, new single.

romantech blog, still me spewing weird vibes up everywhere hoping no one actually reads this. kurb, cd dvd. music marketing management, ancient relic.

It’s all basswave, and all basswave is going to be is a link to the audio, so basically, no website to have to design, there’s no imperative at all.

No you have to do kyiv models, and have details on 6acwave regarding networking and such.

It’s still not a big effort in terms of design, which we can lay back and wait for support with for the mean time.

But it means kicking off basswave is just doing the podcast, and a few other bits, adding a blog, and writing a bit of stuff, kicking off basswave isn’t going to be a big effort compared to these videos.

Won’t it be nice? Your podcast, your flagship content. Your songs go on there, and some DJing. There’s a blog there for your good posts, and some videos, and you can put your crazy videos on your youtube, but no need to mention on 6acwave.

This is it. This is arriving at your final form. There’s no extra thing to do. Do your podcast, do your blogs, do your songs, do your videos. From there, you’ve got to get the gigs you want, your shop, whatever it is.

SO yes once you’ve done the podcast in kyiv, you are pretty much done for the year, that’s your whole deal done.

Of course it won’t be, but it is just staggering to me that I am going to soon be truly on top of everything in a way that is just not known, and you have to understand that these feelings that you’re getting are part of the challenge of what you’re going to go through.

Feelings of boredom and not wanting to do what clearly has to be done.

You reach this point.

You know you’re sposed to the podcast, to archive the dvd footage, to tidy up the websites, to write out those 27 chapters of earlier efforts.

I’ve got to start with the pictures and the docs and just start going through them relentlessly archiving.

All these tasks fit the profile – I want them to be done but they don’t have to be done, and I could be facing this trouble all year, requiring massive motivation to get on with it, because none of it MUST be done.

I know longer get the sense of satisfaction that everything is becoming more manageable as I have finishing NENB, and old tunes like override protocol that hung around so uselessly and frustratingly for years.

I know this stuff has to be done, and I know that sense of mastery over my domain of content and vibes is part of taking on the challenges ahead, with knowledge of self, putting the pieces together of different lives I’ve led into stories that make sense and come together.

The whole thing of the 27 chapters – a task I could have done any time in the last 4 years, but just simply haven’t.

Things that take priority still exist – inheritance, done; house, done; europe, kicked off; a little darya, working on it; these are the shape of priorities, darya is still a priority.

I don’t really have anything else that counts as a true priority.

I can’t help but feel that all those days I’m not in minsk, this becomes my life, grinding on these tasks, but it doesn’t seem right, it should be about infusing my forward direction with these vibes I’ve managed to store.

I want to go to the 27 chapters and pull a chapter and say – this was me, this is what it was about, and this is the music, and these are the pictures of what it was.

I’m looking for the vibe, is it still there? Of course it is, but it’s the wayyyyy . . .

It’s all about stories is it not?

Yes, but it’s very hard to pinpoint the meaning of it all. Only the art can do that, what you have here is raw source materials.

What are you really trying to do, to sell yourself? No, it’s in making sense of myself and my own history by piecing things together that we make stories that have appeal to potential fans and supporters.

We have got to take this material forward as simply what we have to show for what we’ve done in life.

But that makes it sound so much like some stale biography of someone who doesn’t matter struggling for relevance.

But can’t you see that is the story?

The person who struggles for relevance, is able to tell the story of how they struggled for relevance, but where all the streets of grey lynn and the clubs and such come into it, I don’t know – that is why you have to write compassion fatigue, and then go and read dominic’s book and work all of that out.

The fact that I still hate him – or feel that anger – because he spat on me, is as much a story as anything, it makes the revenge story interesting, the revenge story is interesting because of the background of the characters.

I need to delve into this stuff.

That I have the potential to write some magic stories that trace some teenage bullshit to some chaotic acrimony where the stakes have become much higher.

It is all about finding out what it is to become, and the interplay between fantasy and reality – reality is a great starting point, but sometimes needs to be juicied up with the foolish actions of fantasy characters that would never otherwise take place.

Much like my songs, some authentic scenes in these stories may need to be worked on for years to get the tone right.

Nobody cares, but I am on a path to create me art, and perhaps there is a path to relevance and acclaim, though that certainly isn’t assured.

Because I have this central narrative I can always add peripheral content into the mix, I can do a review of dominic’s book, and elliot and anybody else, and give my honest opinion from my perspective. I keep forging my path with my content, will anyone ever care? I don’t know.

Will agents of soros become this legendary thing, because it is the new version of reality compound and those themes should emerge – reality compound was all about me being in a fake band that is half real.

Agents of soros is all about me being a fake clandestine operative, that is half real.

Both stories rely on being an absurdity that shocks the audience with certain details that leave them connecting what they see with what they know and asking how much is fake, this is where the backstories become so important, people want to know how much is real, and so you give them all the details they need to draw their conclusions.

This is when all this material I will be working on becomes important.

I can’t help but feel I just need to keep smashing through this stuff, like I have and make use of what I come up with, these are tools, the content I have created is a foundation I can draw on, I am taking forward what I can use and sealing up the stuff that is just noise in terms of the stories moving forward.

What your saying is all your bullshit content you’re doing now will count for something in less than 10 years when you do the agents of soros.

what if soros dies?

It doesn’t matter – can’t you see that every idea you’ve had comes back as part of the story?

But what do you really want to be doing, do you want to be sitting here next summer slaving on content?

Content is life. Content is reality, stories are all we know.

I think it’s like any process, any ancient process, producing the content, creating the refined story out of the raw material, is a long process.

This video is supposed to capture the vibe of the tours in decades to come where I am physically incapable of remembering that I was there. Suddenly, I’m young again. My photos in europe, my music, I can only ask, play that shit and suddenly I’m alive, I remember who I am, I am the guy who wrote I can only ask, I am the guy who went to europe to find out.

Check this video, I spent over 10 years doing this media business, I bled for it, every lesson I learned was so hard learned, I stumbled through it, after all that, here’s what I’ve learned in 7 minutes, and this is my declaration of my intention to take the concept forward as an art project now instead of a business.

Can’t you see? You’re doing it all for yourself and if you’re not happy with that you have to ask why.

I can’t help but think I’m not getting it. I’m failing to understand that this is life, the rewards from stuffing food in your mouth or cramming your dick into hot girls are short lived, the true satisfaction is to be able to see and remember what you’ve done, what you’ve fought for, what you’ve built.

I hear I can only ask – I remember I can write brilliant music.

I see these videos I remember I didn’t just spend my life slaving over discs and dnb tunes and gigs that went nowhere.

Do you really want to say you spent your life slaving over content?

It’s just for now, a lot of my life will be spent slaving over content. You’ve got to go to work.

I understand it, and it calms me, but the calmness doesn’t inspire me to work.

I know the plan to get girls here and do basswave, that’s a good plan.

But there is another plan, to do the archiving, and do all the story.

Two plans – real life, with girls on the farm, and the story, which is archives and vibes.

I have to keep pushing my shit forward to get to that place where I feel good about what I’m doing. I believe in this, keep pushing it forward, keep pushing things out of the way, get it tidied up and managed, if you want to come back on this stuff you can!

Shadows, if you want to do a new version, do it! Just do what you feel you need to – I feel I need to do this tour video. But it’s taking ages because I’m not inspired so I have to come back here and thrash every thing out a million ways to get why I’m not feeling carried forward by this, and feel so glad that the tunes are starting to get momentum, the tunes sound good again, and these plans for basswave keep spurting forward.

Now we have made new progress on the brand, and we realise a shop isn’t that necessary.

The things I want to do aren’t really limited by money.


I just got stuck listening to meatgrinder and then pure juice – they’re meant to be two of our worst tunes.

The meatgrinder video, both videos, are drawn out, way too long. But a bit of fun, the pure juice video is nowhere near as busy as I remember it, it actually works, and the tune is definitely rough, but it is a nice tune.

Meatgrinder sounds like a solid banger even though the engineering could never foot it with a real banger.

I can’t help but think, maybe there is a life beyond for this content, but also, maybe not – it doesn’t matter.

I am glad to have done it – to have done it, allows me the choice to go back, or move on.

Whatever I chose to do. It’s there to remind me I actually am that thing.

I am a DnB DJ and producer. I am that thing and that’s what I do.

intro – 3 mins
motel/boat – 3mins
interlude – 1.5 mins
barrier wanaka – 2 mins
god german girls – 2 mins
raglan 1 min
dunedin 2 mins
outro 1 min

mic check

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