Threats and Promises

by Matt Romantech on February 4, 2018

I have made good progress on the video last night having smashed the motel, boat and german girls sequences.

These are the 3 key action sequences really.

My strategy now would be to start from the beginning,

It occurs to me that much as with the kurb archive vid, a bit of archiving work might be necessary to bring out all the stuff we need.

Now that I have seen that the motel and the boat and the german girls are actually amusing little stories I am feeling better, but it doesn’t last long.

I keep negotiating with myself to push me through it’s not like we’ll have to do this much work on a video more than once a year.

Then I thought about it, well, this is true, the work and struggle of this video is reflective of the work I’d like to do on later videos, if I got the chance – other than the myspace movie, it’s supposed to be a little episode that’s done on the cheap, not something hugely grander than the tour videos we’ve done, just shoot some shit and hammer it together.

It is good to be training myself to get into these spaces where I smash on something for two weeks, I didn’t do enormously well this time, but that’s a matter of refinement.

Like I keep saying there will be time in europe for massive archiving projects, because I’ve smashed this out, and what the hell am I going to be doing given I’d rather go to $40k and have my archiving basically completely done than have to do work freelancing for peanuts.

And once the archiving is all done, I would have achieved so much, I’d have so much time on my hands, I would have to be coming up with business ideas, or ways to make my own business stuff successful long term.

But I keep coming back to the fact even if I was only making $300 from trading, I could still make $25k a year and that means I could afford a girlfriend without trying.


The strategy now is to start hammering out the video from the beginning to the end, linking all the parts, with the weakest part right now being, the first section following the intro.

The scene between the boat to dipton, ipad dj, scenery / road movie – to barrier, is a bit loose too – that’s really where all the footage start to join up.

Meatgrinder will need editing, all the segments need editing, the end scene also will need work.

Then comes the process of slashing it done as much as possible.

That is where I hope to be tomorrow, and it’s also where I can begin to relax knowing the biggest task is completing the narration. It will be 2 weeks from when angry fruit drops to when the video will have space to coe through given there are supporting videos to lead – in fact, it may be weeks.

We should switch back to angry fruit as soon as we can make some space.

We are still going to have to make the next push to do that. But then we can make heaps of space. Which means by tomorrow we could be pushing the angry fruit video.

Angry fruit video goes up, now we’ve got to charge on these tunes, that’s what will be happening, charging on these tunes, sorting out bullshit that’s flying around, and getting stuck into the archiving videos, so that we can truly start to relax with things and manage it all.

There’s little goblin tasks to manage, I am trying to look forward and look forward, and hammer out what we’re moving towards that doesn’t involve the same mistakes we’ve made here with this video.

Not so much mistakes . . . but lost opportunities.

What should I have done? Yes, you should have gotten on with it, you should have tried to get it done earlier so it wasn’t like this, but all the time I had to get it done, I spent despairing about various shitty shit I was going through and now all I can see is thank fuck I am not going through that any more.

I guess I feel this lack of common sense – the things you are working on every day should connect you with your goals.

I really wonder if this is really connecting me with what I want to do, when outside my door there is my farm and it’s all ready to happen.

This is why it kept on coming back to the fact that my goals are really just to bring a little darya back and just do my little plan, so i can have a little pop up shop where I can do a lot of things I enjoy and use it to bring people back here to do all the work building up my situation.

I still think I’m going to get rich but it’s going to take 5 years and I don’t want to spend the best years i’ve got left like I have the last few years, I want to live some.

Because that’s the case, and I believe it, things have had to be amended to that – for the next few years, money will be a bit of a juggle, but I have savings and it should be fine.

What it means is because I can’t get the money sooner, I simply have to go without it, which means that a lot of stuff I was hoping to use my money to push through will pretty much turn over pretty slowly, and we have to adapt to that.

We have to get this old stuff pushed through ourselves, that’s the struggle we’re in right now.

But there’s another struggle, everytime I try to look closer, it just seems that’s it’s all becoming easier and you have to feel things are hard to get things done – like john, who waits for things to get really bad before doing anything.

Kind of, it’s just I get nervous, anxious, I check back to see what the issue really is underneath it all, why am I rushing to get this done? Because there’s so much to do. What? What is there to do?

Get darya? Write your music? Do basswave? Do your sections?

Well, yes, basically. I wanted to get some projects we started, finished. This was important to me, and it is much like the old songs we’ve struggled to finish, the concept is from an earlier era and doesn’t really help us a lot in terms of looking forward from our new perspective, it only charts what we’ve learnt from this development and so it ever seems, we’re going over old material, the new, fresh concepts don’t have room to become established, that is still a process we’re in, but will inevitably happen.

But this is what it comes back to – you’ll be rich in the end, so you have the luxury of not needing to care about your art as long as you get to do it.

You need to look across to the other stuff you need to manage, are you going to auckland to get some more weed and sort out your dole and car? You have to do this soon.

Are you finishing angry fruit, dragon fly and surface tension and incognitus?


The hard question seems to be what I’m trying to get these videos finished so I can move on to.

Music yes, training, trading and of course, tunes, that’s the mantra.

But that’s not a specific task, let’s talk about the projects and the tasks you would want to smash out to get to where you want to go.


But videos, well, after the kurb archive videos are done, we agreed after all this, it’s time for a break and to just focus on only doing music videos to support your tunes and produce something from your archiving, the only serious video projects you will be thinking about this year are maybe riffing on kurb stuff or pirate matty stuff.

BIG MAYBE, after all this nonsense.

Usually any video project I had planned that was a 15 minute episode with half a dozen supporting episodes of 2-3 mins well, that’s months of output.

And if this video was the result of months of output, well I guess I would be disappointed. But maybe not 4 years ago. We are still trapped pushing through crap built up over years, and it’s a hard pill to swallow.

I think we have to accept that this project is a one off challenge that has come to make things difficult for me to move forward.

But I am reluctant to place my faith in the idea this is all going to change when this one damn video is done.

But yknow the songs are sounding good. Even angry fruit, and they progress nicely, from angry fruit, incognitus, dragonfly – which we now have 2 months to work on – and surface tension.

I am smashing into incognitus to get it done, ready to release in a month.

When the video is done, this is my main task, so I am beginning to distribute my efforts more appropriately.

I even got back onto the angry fruit video – a few tweaks adding some photos and such.

It leaves me going around the same circle. What project are we moving onto after we finish these next 4 songs?

Well it would be the archive videos, commencing a project that is take a few years, the only imperative currently is to secure all the footage ready to initiate the next stage, but it’s a long term project, and other than that task, it’s not a priority.

So we go around, back to tunes. The next four or 5 . . .

I have pretty much got incognitus done, we can bring these next 4 in now, a few nights smashing it out should do the job but it’s the back and forth thing, we have to get that pendulum working. A few nights smashing it out with regular back and forth on top.

The next task after this video is getting done, and the next task is of course the next video, but as we just said this is a progression, this isn’t meant to be finished now – continuing to follow the archive project is not what my plan is.

I will follow my tunes obviously – I have almost 3 months to get them done.

Well it’s taken almost 3 months to do overrride protocol and angry fruit, but dragonfly and surface tension we worked on too.

But when we came back we didn’t have such a solid plan to roll out this line up – and you’ve forgotten you finished see change as well. You can’t claim whispers though – you did hardly any work on it.


I have completed the angry fruit video – I reckoned it would take a night and it pretty much did.

I am just angsting out about it, an average song with an average video that no one will give a shit about, I saw sam from primary school on twitter, okay so he’s a writer now, but he looks so old, I can’t believe he’s younger than me, he’s fully bald and looks like a grandpa. But he looks happy, it was a nice photo of him, he has nice teeth, but he was such a weird kid, that weird kid who’s always whining about some bullshit they’re obsessed with and nobody gives a shit about it or them or their whiney nerd whinging.

Nobody gives a shit about me either, which is sad, but I’m not even a writer because I’m always doing these weird fucking videos nobody gives a shit about.

But I gotta do my shit, the shit I do, is the shit I do. I have a faith somewhere in the backdrop that it all fits together somehow.

I’m a trader, I sit here and trade, it’s been a hard few months, but today at least, I’m doing better. I do my thing because I can do it while I trade, while I chill at my farm, it’s my whole thing.

Trading, Tunes and Training, that’s my whole thing.

Incognitus is now there with dragonfly and surface tension, we have 3 songs almost ready to release. They will need a couple of weeks to pound them out, but that’s really only an hours work a day.

Round we go. Archiving vids, you know the deal.

I actually learnt some stuff that will handy for doing the “animations” for that also. I won’t say more than saying there’s no doubt that project will be a much easy finish compared to the tour videos,

I know the answer is the tour videos, but now I am geniuinely interested – if I’m not going to slow things right down with the archiving project once everything is locked up, what am I doing, I am focusing on tunes yes, but . . . is that all?

Well yes, this is why you had the whole mantra of trading, tunes and training, you felt if you stuck with that, you wouldn’t ever be even slightly disorientated toward life as you are drifting toward now.

I am still trading, I am still doing my tunes, I just need to run around the block again and I am good.

The thing you’re chasing with the videos, I’m not sure if it’s even real, you haven’t come yet to the understanding you have with your tunes – that there is no end. You do tunes. You do video.

What’s after this video? The next video.

We need to step up a tier in our thought model.

Remember what we were saying before, essentially, you’re just bringing girls back here to NZ – because you can, they want to come here, so they can do all the work, I need to meet them. That’s all.

You job is to go to russia and meet lots of girls and find out if they want to come to NZ to live and work.

Getting ready for your trip maybe your next big job, the job that you’re trying to see needs to be done.

I am concerned about the DJ controller situation, but if my only issue when I get to kiev is that I don’t have a dj controller, I think I will be fine.

I am reading back trying to work out what I need to sort out and it just seems to me it was only so hard last time because I was organising the move, and dealing with all kinds of other bullshit, the trading starting to fail, my computers fucked out – both of them!!!

Heavy blows. There was nothing I could do. I had to push through.

Luggage is sorted, vaccinations are sorted, no big issue with house settlement, it’s not the same as it was.

The three heaviest things are now gone – DJ controller, big hard drive, and there is no blender now, so make the list.

Johns’ DJ controller
2 x laptop
small hard drive
3 x shoes
1 suit jacket
1 hoodie
gym gear
2 jeans
2 shirts, 1 polo
t shirts, undies, socks

big laptop
dj controller
3 x shoes
jerseys + shirts

– book tickets
– book accom

The ukraine visa is looking like the one that’s going to be a hassle.

We should get onto it.

2 weeks for processing and I have to send my passport to australia and back and get some kind of invitation from a ukrainian person.

What I am doing after the kurb archiving and what I am doing when I’m travelling are related questions.

Part of my trouble is I can’t seem to capture what the big project I’ll move onto is.

I will do my music sure, but I’m already getting a grip on that. It’s 6acwave. I won’t be rolling out the full business model but rather beginning to push the pivot.

THe things that are murky that I’m trying to grasp is that space between 6acwave, RC, kurb, pirate matty where I will just be floating around not really kicking off a big project at all because I am consolidating the scraps of what I have into a new direction.

Kyiv models is obviously the way. I abandoned the idea because I thought that getting the girls to the farm is the whole idea and it is – but the model thing is so much easier to work, just recruit models, these girls know what that is, they know australia and NZ, the concept doesn’t need to be explained.

In fact this is what I see – I am not a pimp, but I am not a modelling agent – what I am is someone who sits down with hot ukrianian girls and says, look. I can only marry one of you girls, and that is what is guiding my thoughts.

I am here in a business capacity to help you get the most from your looks, and to form a partnership where they work for me, and I create the opportunities for them to leave ukraine and marry a rich husband.

It’s only then I introduce the idea of working their way to NZ. I say to them there are opportunities in NZ, I don’t say specifically modelling opportunities, but the whole idea is to sell them NZ. That they will work for me to pay for their trip and work for their board while there.

So I can put them in a video but while I’m doing the video, be saying to them, well, you should come and live on the farm and we’ll find you a nice NZ husband and you won’t have to be poor, and you can bring out your whole family, it will change your life.

It’s so exciting that business and pleasure now intersect so that my main activity will be chasing girls.

make the kyiv models site, then just go around, posters, cards, etc. once you get one, you just say look, help me build this thing, you help me, I’ll help you, that’s how we work. NYL.

It makes me think how we can use the brand to disguise what we really do. We help hot girls get opportunities so we say we are a modelling agency.

We help western guys get themselves set up. So we say we are “lifestyle consultants” but something that works better, more casual, but can still be explicitly defined by the value proposition.

What is the value proposition? $US20 per hour skype consultation, which is like $27, consultation, and whatever else I do. I don’t want the money, I want the business.

All I need is a handful of girls working for free to come to new zealand, and a handful of guys who put $200 in my pocket each week for a days work, I am connected with dudes who are in these countries making moves, even if they are behind me in the game,

The fundamental thing about basswave is that you are in europe or are going to be there – whether its matchmaking, startups, forex, music, it doesn’t matter –

This isn’t getting the video done, but at least I am focusing on the things that are coming in the future.

I wanted to see what it is I’m moving forward to work on – basswave, it brings everything together, the music, the travelling, the girls and creating a business concept that doesn’t set out to make money so much as

That is what the consultation gig is all about, just don’t do anything unless you want to, and charge peanuts, because it’s not a drag really.

Much like this place, I can’t really guess what it is that people need – ukrainian girls or western dudes. We need to find the clients then meet their needs.

You use kyiv models to sell the girls on what you can do and you use 6acwave as your more general brand targetted at the end user – western dudes.

Global lifestyle consulting – Eastern Europe / South East Asia / New Zealand

Start ups – Matchmaking – Forex Trading – Promotion Services and are both available.

but globelifer and globallifer . . . well, globelifer – is shorter and snappier.

the search words are still there. it’s just to “l’s” next to each other in globallifer isn’t so hot.

It’s a parallel brand to 6acwave, where I can sell a vanilla version of my product pushing the value proposition rather than my personal trust – the product you’re selling is the lifestyle. So you can be much more

A lot of the content will be repeated on basswave and globelifer

basswave is a hipster brand, for people who want to be cool in eastern europe, globelifer is for dudes with money or some ambition to seek a new life to get on and get laid. Business model is the same though.

It makes sense to set these up once we’ve shown commitment by completing the old tasks, so we can start developing content strategies.

Again basswave for the hipsters, globallifer for dudebros. Basically.

kyivmodels for bringing in the girls, NYL to pimp them out.

It seems costly and drawn out, but you have to get the brand aspects right – hipsters aren’t going to like the matchmaking and forex stuff, and dudebros don’t care about the cool factor, they want to live the lifestyle and bone the babes.

I am building my mannerbund, that’s my main focus.

It’s all very well to have a nice darya with babies coming out of her, but then you need a loyal network of militant support, to protect each others acquisitions.

I don’t much want these guys’ money that’s just a start – I want connections with top guys who bring something to the table, because what I bring to the table is my knowledge of global lifestyle, business and trading, and gigs and promotion.

Both basswave and globelifer have to be built using my personal brand, but globallifer is more like a clone of me, I don’t push that brand publicly but I don’t hide it. I just barely link to it or overtly claim ownership.

It has it’s own promo that isn’t reliant on my social media brand, but you go on there and it’s me and I’m talking about forex and girls, because that’s my selling point, although I’m not pimping – I am providing matchmaking services and that’s what I will insist.

the stuff I link to and push on social media will be basswave because that’s far less incendiary.

you know how it is, the idea of eastern european girls enrages ugly kiwi women and the stupid men married to them.

They will attack at the thought of hot slavic girls hauling into NZ devlauing their status by being far hotter.

The only reason kiwi women get fat is because they’re still going to get boned by a hard man, there’s no incentive, the moment you introduce hotter girls into the pool, their status as simply possessing a hole to put it into plummets – you cannot expect women, like men, not to push back against any kind of threat to their status.

It’s why men reflexively attack feminism, and women reflexively attack hot chicks.

It’s a threat.

I can develop basswave as a cool pc hipster brand for woke dudes – I can push this personally and develop this along the direction of my music ideas.

And I can develop globallifer as a hard value proposition to dudebros, knowing this will connect me with dudes who are bringing something to the table.

This is the simple reason I have brands facing in different directions.

I need a whole different brand for the girls.

In fact kyivmodels could be upfront – we provide free services for ladies of kyiv – agency services, photography and online media management, english lessons, work opportunities, matchmaking services, opportunities for travel, advice and romance and work in the west.

I just had this idea that it will probably take almost 18 months for solid ideas to come together because it all depends who I am working with and what they are trying to do.

In that time, I just have to bang out content that talks about europe for the audience of dudes, and talks about my farm for the audience of greenie revolutionaries and the ukraine girls.

My whole thing is that I only need a handful of girls and a handful of clients.

What am I trying to extract from the clients exactly?

Well money is as I said, just an abstract of value. I value loyalty.

I want dudes who will put me on.

Other guys who have learnt the opportunities in eastern europe and forex because I have taught them some of what is being played.

They are committed to making things happen.

But it’s not a good strategy if the goals are not defined.

Well if they can’t help me to get gigs or to meet girls or to bring more girls to the gigs, or have a lot of money to spend on gigs or getting girls in our orbit, then they will simply have to pay me in fees.

You could get involved with a local venue:

Networking Event:

Freelancing – Matchmaking – English – Talent Services and Promotion

You can’t charge, but you wouldn’t charge initially anyway – you’re building your team.

You don’t need a whole bunch. You need a few hot girls, a web designer, a video editor, a couple PA’s helping with management, admin and social media, that’s it. Maybe only half a dozen people.

You keep coming up against this concept, that you have a big idea and realise that a smaller version is going to work so you don’t need the big concept.

We don’t need a huge push to find a few girls and a few staff.

What I need is a little website – or a few – so I can show them my concepts.

here’s 6acwave – it’s a east meets west networking hub focused on freelancing, start ups, matchmaking and talent promotion around the music and entertainment scene.

here’s globallifer – it’s portal for western guys interested in business, girls and lifestyle in the east

here’s kyivmodels – it’s a portal for eastern girls to acquire advice, services and exchanges seeking opportunities to promote themselves and meet decent western men

here’s NYL – it’s a portal for western dudes to whack off over the girls from kyiv models who we could potentially match them with.

The other thing about basswave is that it is the second face – the kyiv models think they’re meeting guys through basswave. the global lifers think they’re meeting girls through basswave – they don’t see the other side.

basswave is the safe brand.

It still feels like you’re focused on western dudes for no purpose.

I think when we meet dudes, or are reeling them in, we need the site to provide that legitimacy where we explain what it is we’re offering, and the partnerships we can build from there.

the site provides legitimacy to the business but the ultimate legitimacy is when the girls and guys and freelancers can all connect and create the value.

Girls and guys see it as legit and are on board – now we have parties we can connect.

I have girls who want dates, I have dudes from the west who want the life, i have freelancers

I do nothing on my video, but I have written to darya – well what’s really important?

Yes of course, fuck the video, this is what has been making me so messed up, if doing the video works, do it, if it’s fucking you up, then find what else there is to do, to what has to be done eventually, do what has to be done now, try to push through.

It’s good to get down to fundamentals as I was explaining some of what I’m trying to do with my plans to her.

Keep the main thing the main thing – you know getting a nice little darya for me is now pretty much the key to everything.

And you are going to be tested – there will always be a hotter girl in ukraine, that you want to bone, and you can go off and do that, but you’re still going to want to go back to darya, the girl you know you want to be with because it’s not just about how hot she is, how hot she is doesn’t matter any more once you’ve come.

A truer statement than when first uttered.

It’s not whether darya is hot enough, it’s not even that she speaks english or is a lovely sweetheart, it’s that she’s wifey material no doubt, you’re no going to regret it – like this house.

I didn’t want waihi, a grand project with half it’s side hanging open and nowhere to go, a broken girl in a beautiful body.

The freedom to roam and grow and be out here, that’s what I want, your little darya will back you to the hilt and always be there for you, like a mum, she will always want to hear about the spaceship i’ve built out of lego.

I don’t want kamila, a girl so hot she drives you mad, and just a little bit too innocent. with darya, you feel this mama bear vibe off her, she may be the sweetest little thing, but you know she’d rip your face off with her hands to protect her kids, she’s got that russian vibe about her. Like you don’t even know where the edge is, piglet, I’m from minsk, bitch.

I don’t resist where life is taking me, darya was nice to be with, dating those other girls made me realise, too many girls, you just put up with them because they’re hot. Darya is hot, but in addition, I like being with her, she doesn’t make me anxious.

She’s not too hot for me, I will always say, rolling with camille is like driving a porsche, you’ve got to be able to pull off the swag or you just look like a knob.

How was I ever going to hang on to camille? I wasn’t and I damn knew it, and the rest is written in a history that won’t ever be read. I would love to know . . . I will have to ask her, what was even going on, like, you were way too hot for me, it was confusing for me. But what’s the point, why will these things ever matter?

The point is, don’t be stupid with your little darya, and blow it because you’re chasing floozies.

remember what she has written on her facebook, remember those ukrainian girls may be incredible beauties but my darya is beautiful inside as well as out. When you’ve blown your load and stopped being horny, it’s your wife you want to cuddle up with, not some teenage girl who barely understands what’s going on in life.

my darya is my darya, I was on the tinder, she was the hottest girl I matched, I asked her out, she said yes, we had a nice date, she’s a nice girl, the world is full of nice girls, but darya is the one that I met first, and there’s no good reason to keep looking if she is what you want, you’re being blase.

Don’t be dumb like the western girl who dates so many guys thinking there’s always more guys but she can’t get any of the decent ones she feels she deserves because all the girls think they deserve the best guys and it doesn’t work like that.

holding out for a kamila is something you only do for your dick, for your ego, for shallow reasons.

Kamila is a sweetheart but she is a trophy.

Darya is by definition a trophy also, but because she looks like a wifey type and not a porn star, it’s not so explicit.

Darya and I look like a couple. That is huge, darya doesn’t look to young for me because she dresses like a wifey.

Again she seems so rehearsed for this, and to me, that’s what you want, darya wants to be a wife.

You go to minsk, this costs you $500, because this is the one time you can’t be cheap and you’ve got to buy her an expensive gift to show her you’re for real.

And you might be going out with her four times so you better not run out of money.

Bringing her to kiev will likely only be $50-100 more for the airbnb, $200 for dates, $300 for flights etc. – It’s easier for her to visit me. Honestly.

Or we could go from kiev to tallinn.

Or I could end up boning her and saying well, you should quit your job, because I want to bone you all the time like as if we are getting married so I can see what it’s like, and I’d rather enjoy these places with my own little translator who I can bone, rather than constantly being distracted by ass everywhere.

We’ve been over this, in europe, it only costs me $100 extra a week to have a girl because the extra food and airbnb costs are marginal.

Now you definitely need $350. $250 rent, $100 food, minimum. But we have our little darya. We have it, we can afford to relax a bit. She should understand that I can’t save a lot of money while I’m supporting her, but she can help out.

I am getting some good stuff on basswave understanding the brand.

Belgrade has everything good about kiev – cheapest costs, quality food, vibes, beautiful women, few tourists, not so commercial – but it’s not in ukraine – or eurozone, so you can chill on your visa situation, and cultural aspects aren’t lagging behind like in ukraine

why is kiev better than belgrade? because kiev has near 4m and kid, it HEAVES. and ukrainian dudes are way uglier than serbian dudes.

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