Soul Science – “Dusky Sound” – Beats for Gaza 4 Comp

Soul Science – “Dusky Sound”

Released on “Beats For Gaza Sampler Four (Peace Thru Technology Edition)” compilation – all proceeds to Oxfam gaza appeal through the Unity Breaks label and artist collective.

Release date: September 28, 2015

Empowered Moon Goddess #1

Enter the empowered moon goddess grotto and allow the healing power of crystals and naked chanting yoga massage with the maharishi Yojaja to manifest your inner warrior princess and embrace a lesbian lifestyle fighting the oppressive gaze of the patriarchy!

Soul Science – “Positive Vibes” (Remix) NCMR010EP

This Dub’n Bass feel good crowd pleaser lit up Auckland dancefloors as a demo in 2006. Later to be brought back by Newclear Music for a host of multi-genre remixes from the Newclear fam including NSU, Nikolozi, Sentient and Juan Tellez and this new liquid funky party version from Soul Science – the remastered original is a freebie available also with the NSU dub.

Illiquidty Podcast Episode 1: Soulful Bass Music, Markets and Radicalism

First edition of my new thingcast – “Illiquidity” – Soulful Bass Music, Markets and Radicalism!

Covered on the show today is the illiquidity move on the british pound Oct 7 2016; George Soros, tiger penis and right wing conspiracists; and trading the turkish lira.


Timeless – Goldie

Warning – Firefox & 4-tree

Innocence – Tamsin

Rachel’s Memory – Kid Loops

Last Straw – dBridge ft. Steve Spacek

The Panties – Mos Def (Zero T Bootleg)

Rejack – Calibre

Your Mine – Soul Science

Commix – I’ll Take You There

Unknown Artist – The Worst

NSU – Speed of Light