Introducing Romantech News

OK so I started this new blog which is for Romantech content and news.

I already have another blog, but it just became too much about the personal side, the tiny details, and the arduous processes of producing the art and living as an artist, and I just don’t feel it was becoming something that anyone would want to read, unless you were my girlfriend and looking for evidence I was fucking other chicks.

Why I started a new blog was because I had no doubt that what I was doing on the old blog was helping me with my mental and artistic planning and processing, I’ve called it my “second brain”, and I really feel dumping lots of stuff onto that blog helps me process my understanding and perspective on many aspects of life. But like I said, it’s not interesting for most people to read, and most importantly, get access to information about the finished content i’m producing – music, videos, gigs, etc. – rather than having to endure my obsessive internal monologues surrounding the process of creating it.

Of course I often have valuable insights and observations on my other blog and I will most likely try to condense that down for republishing here, so you get the point of the argument without having to delve into my personal madness.

While my old blog is more of a journal, this is more like news, information as entertainment. So I also get the opportunity here to practice writing clearly and concisely for consumption, editing posts on the blog to have a more interesting angle that is engaging and compelling.

I can link from social media to this blog because there won’t be anything on here that is too edgy, that way I can create an opportunity to attract people to my writing and ideas, rather than just backing up the dump truck and tipping my load out in a pile.

You are welcome to follow my original blog because I will continue to ramble indulgently over there but I do suppose it gets rather tedious, anything important on the creative content front will be covered here, as well as any interesting ideas in an effort to practice communicating complex ideas more clearly.

But yeah I’ve got a tour with Open Heart Circuitry next week, lots of tunes coming out with Soul Science and hopefully some new vids too. So you’ll be hearing from me again soon.


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