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Soul Science – “Kingsland Dawn” – DNBB Recordings

Soul Science – “Kingsland Dawn” – DNBB030EP

Lead track from Soul Science “Dawn” EP out on DNBB Recordings.

Dawn in Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand and esprit d’escalier . . .

I had just finished my first Drum and Bass track and I was walking by Kog up in Kingsland when I saw Evan Killjoy from Concord Dawn, and I told him about my track – being the good guy that he was, and probably not quite at the stage where every bedroom producer was all over him – he offered to master it if I brought it up on CD . . .

Awesome! Except it was the year 2000 and I didn’t have a CD Burner. I couldn’t fit it on a floppy disc! Would cassette be okay?

A few years back I lived in the flat with the green window.

But what’s behind the green door? I descended the stairs from a girls house and left through the green door into the emerging light of the Kingsland dawn, stepping forward through a moment and into a new life, an old future, beyond . . .

Akira/Wishes – Soul Science on Monochrome Recordings

New promo clips are up on soundcloud for “Akira/Wishes” forthcoming on Monochrome Recordings.

Wishes is a blissed out dream bass rollerscape, Akira is the latest in the Soul Science repertoire of dense and pensive minimal drum and bass explorations.