The Block 2015 in Sandringham

Montage of The Block NZ 2015 in 2015, a very popular home makeover challenge reality show that took place right across the road from me.

It’s mainly the house moving – I didn’t want to film the contestants like some gawker, though theres footage from the opening day and a funny encounter I had with a security guard insisting I wasn’t allowed to film the properties because I was using a DSLR.

Might follow up with a vlog – the renovation itself was ridiculously unimaginative but I found the post modern aspects fascinating, especially the point at which the show begun airing where I found myself watching the contestants houses imagining them watching themselves on TV.

The clash in perceptual evaluations between reality and the black mirror of the media artifice.

To me while it was going on it seemed just like some pretty couples doing ridiculously safe, boring and unimaginative renovations with armies of builders at their becak and call, but I never watched more than a 30 second promo because it was so trashy and filled with breathless, hyped up non events staged to be milked for dramatic effect, I couldn’t take it.

Often walking past I would hear a director type person yell “can we shoot that again but this time try . . . ”

Brooke and Mitch my direct opposite neighbours seemed very determined and focused though Brooke obviously enjoyed herself meeting with fans outside the property.

I indulged in maximum schadenfreude when the open day was an utter failure due to the rain and other reasons that can only be speculated . . . as featured in the video.

And of course the loudest work on site was all was carried out from 8am in the morning as the site had to be reasonably quiet while filming . . . I am really happy to be getting a much better sleep these days!

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