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Illiquidty Podcast Episode 1: Soulful Bass Music, Markets and Radicalism


First edition of my new thingcast – “Illiquidity” – Soulful Bass Music, Markets and Radicalism!

Covered on the show today is the illiquidity move on the british pound Oct 7 2016; George Soros, tiger penis and right wing conspiracists; and trading the turkish lira.


Timeless – Goldie

Warning – Firefox & 4-tree

Innocence – Tamsin

Rachel’s Memory – Kid Loops

Last Straw – dBridge ft. Steve Spacek

The Panties – Mos Def (Zero T Bootleg)

Rejack – Calibre

Your Mine – Soul Science

Commix – I’ll Take You There

Unknown Artist – The Worst

NSU – Speed of Light

DJ Mix: Atomix 004 – DJ Romantech (Soul Science)

Little mix I did for Newclear Music –  sneakily titled as the unofficial secret history of Auckland Drum and Bass! Wanted an opportunity to put together a themed mix with a real passion for the history and local sound of underground and international producers who came to do it, featuring also a selection of tracks that connect to other producers we’ve connected with as well as a sense of time and place of the young local producers coming up and our regular local radio show of the time “Beat Dungeon” on UPfm featuring NSU, myself, Disha and Nikolozi.

“DJ Romantech of long-time Newclear friends Soul Science delivers a mix which looks back at a over a decade’s worth of work mostly from the Auckland and New Zealand Drum & Bass scene. It is mostly a lush affair, but accentuated by several more intense numbers.”



How Can I love You More? – blue motion
Juice of Life – NSU ft Squeezer (Soul Science Remix)
Your Mine – Soul Science (Unreleased)
Tha Drifta – 4tune (0474:8455 Recordings)
2nd chance – Soul Science (Unreleased)
You don’t have to run – Concord Dawn
Isolation – State of Mind (Unreleased)
Positive Vibes – Soul Science (remix)
don’t let go – Fear (Free Download)
Looking Out – Mercy (Unreleased)
Who Loves You? – HumaNature & Soul Science
LPK sound – Tokyo Prose
Birds Nest in a Banana Tree – Absolute Blazem ft. Morning Steppa (Soul Science Remix)
Last Sunrise – NSU (Soul Science Remix)
BBW – Fat Freddy’s Drop (Tokyo Prose Bootleg)
Move With Me – Shapeshifter ft Ladi 6
Cay’s Crays – Fat Freddy’s Drop (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
Higher – Stray Theories (Soul Science Remix)
Neutron Star – NSU (Romantech Remix)
Lost Without You – Robin Thicke (Mutt Bootleg)
Wishes – Soul Science
feenin – Jodeci (LTJ Bukem Remix)
Hell Hath no Fury – Klute
Empty Streets – Kyren (0474:8455 Recordings)
living without you – James Hardaway
Mutant Jazz – T Power & MK Ultra
Rewards – Soul Science