I am always open to ideas of collaborating with others in regards to events and tours.

The best way to contact me is always my work email: kurbpromo@gmail.com

I have been DJing, and involved in organising gigs for over 10 years and have played almost 200 gigs all over New Zealand and in Australia.

All sides of Drum and Bass - especially funky, feel good party styles - is my specialty, but in my role as a support DJ for bands on 12 New Zealand tours I am always versatile and experienced keeping solid selections of Chill Out, House, Electro, Dub, Dubstep and Trap with a heavy leaning toward showcasing local and underground producers close on hand.

Having played so many gigs in so many situations, I have a keen awareness for what is appropriate musically in a specific context and my experience and performance set up allows me to be repsonsive and adaptive.

As I run a promotions company, my main motivation in performing is not to make money, I am interested in connections and good times, seeing a crowd react to music I've selected for the occasion. I am more than willing to consider contributing my skills and resources - printing and distro, design, where I see an opportunity to perform and be part of a succesful event.

I am mostly interested in performing drum and bass sets at club nights or house parties, but I also have an interest in performing the role as a support DJ on tour for a headlining act or line up, which I am very experienced in, playing suitable electronic music and beats between the acts and finishing with a set of drum and bass for those with late night energy to dance off if that is appropriate.

Having a support DJ adds much value to the night's performance both for the venue and the punters, and stages a setting for the main acts to be the focal point of a full night's performance.

My expectations with any performance is to cover the costs of my travel, accommodation and meals. I am happy to consider any requests for printing in support of the event proposed, but some compensation will be expected where am I required to transport my own equipment. My expectation is that there will be some allowance made where food and/or drinks are available. However I am happy to consider covering my own costs where there is a guarantee of an audience of 100+

I am always interested in getting involved in organising gigs in auckland, more so if they are planned as private events rather than club events, and am passionate about underground and alternative parties and opportunities to contribute to making these events a success.