I am always open to ideas of collaborating with others in regards to youtube video projects.

My youtube channel is here. The best way to contact me is always my work email:


To me seeing a story and telling it, performing it, is really what I'm about, even in my music I am really trying to describe things I've seen and felt, and that's why video to me is an important part of extending my creative range.

Though a late starter, my commitment to producing video content, celebrating and preserving the stories around me is long term, and so building networks of people with video production skills is a priority.

I am interested in producing music videos for soul science but also creating humourous, dramatic as well as more artistic material for youtube. I am totally open to experimenting with ideas in order to try something different.

Because I am still a beginner - and obviously my music projects still take priority - I have a modest approach where I focus on getting my video projects completed with expediency. I am happy to sacrifice the quality of the end product to get a faster result so I can take those experiences forward into new projects. At the moment I see myself as building my skills, building the strength of my output and investing myself too much into one project

Because I have limited resources to do the vast range of tasks required in this type

I am interested in working with editors, directors, camera operators, actors, models and others with skills who would like to work with me, if you are looking for a way to get experience in video production I am happy to consider a contribution to committing your time.

As I said I am committed to video projects long term so I'm excited about building long term creative relationships and continually improving outcomes.