I am always open to ideas of collaborating with others in regards to remix and music projects. My soundcloud channel is here.

The best way to contact me is always my work email:


In almost all cases music I have produced will be available for free use for non-profit media productions and performances.

As a producer I am of course always looking for singers to work with. As a rule with all collaborations I produce all my drum and bass at 176bpm so anything you can provide me at that tempo has the potential to be included in a track.

I have been involved with over a dozen remix projects since I began producing as sometimes these tunes can come together very quickly.

My main musical output is of course Soul Science and that is a platform for my most polished deeper Drum and Bass releases. When taking up a collaboration or remix project it is much like any songwriting project, that only a portion of songs will actually be finished and released as a Soul Science projects, most tracks just simply don't tick all the boxes. Not every idea will work at the standard we try to set for ourselves.

This opens the door to collaborations with other drum and bass artists who are welcome to look over dozens of unfinished tracks which we would be happy to pass on for completion by a another producer as a collaboration.

Often when working on a remix, I can tell very quickly whether it will work as an effective drum and bass track or not, not every track will.

However I am still happy to produce remixes in a drum and bass style or other electronic under the name Romantech but this cannot be expected to have the same consistency associated with Soul Science, I am just exploiting my ability to put a remix idea together very quickly if it is timely, possibly within days.

I am not a huge fan of working together in person, I prefer to trade a project with suggested improvements or an arrangement as stated where one artist is basically finishing the others incomplete concept.

In terms of collaborations I am looking in the long term to establish a live group performing a fusion of shoegaze, chillstep, electro and contemporary hip hop beats so looking for a shoegaze guitarists, singers and other instrumentalists interested in performing deep, atmospheric bass music with distinct indie aspects.