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This is the Romantech archive, we're I'm working on a long term project to tell my story and record my experience with whatever content and materials I have available to create a narrative of what I've seen and learned.

For now, I'm just building the skeleton but over the years I will be pushing out beyond just my music and creative history and development to cover other projects I've been involved in, my school memories, activism, design, conceptual and personal influences, family history, lots of general autobiographical archives and content prepared for presentation

For now I'm focused on music and getting a lot of photos and content I have from the 90's and early 00's.

Did you used to know me, Matt Turner / Horide from Grey Lynn, Richmond Rd Primary, Pasadena Intermediate, Western Springs College, AUT, Socialist Workers, Data:Bass, Reality Compound, Soul Science, got content to share?




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Dojo Inspectors - Soul Science Album Project 2009

Soul Science - Music Project 2007

Beat Dungeon Radio - Radio / Podcast 2007 -

Such Heavy Wings - Sampler Project 2007

Special Times - Sampler Project 2007

Reality Compound - Mixtape series 2006-2007

Soul Science - Club Night 2006-2007

Result! - Sampler Project 2006

Oceanic Chill - Album Project 2006

Get Real - Reality Compound CD-Rom 2006

Catguts Collaborations - Music Project 2005-2006

Reality Compound
- Music Project 2005-2008

Viper Club / Liquid Underground / DBA - Club Nights 2005

Decks and the City - Mixtape 2005

Short Circuit - Tour Project

Lickwicked - Album project 2005

Who Loves Ya? - Mixtape 2004

Distance - Further Album 2004

Further - Music Project 2004

Style Over Substance - Music Project 2003-2005

Paradise Bar Etc - Data:Bass Nights 2003-2005

Mental Illness - Music Project 2003-2004

Data: Bass Network - Music Project 2002-2005

Data:bass - Club Night 2002 - 2003

Pre-August 2002

Evil Robot - Manuscript 2000-2002

Furver - Music Project 1995-1997






“Dojo Inspectors” was a mixtape project released by Soul Science in December 2009. Featuring a DJ mix of 31 demo tracks showcasing the prolific range of Soul Science's drum and bass styles to prospective fans, labels and contacts.

We had such a lot of demo tunes, and an established reputation as gig promoters so we wanted to put something in people's hands that they could really listen to and enjoy as a mix that showcased our range, but also provide feedback in terms of crafting and developing our sound.

The more we dug in and polished up ideas we had been working on since 2007, the more we found we had ideas we could use and add to the mix, finishing with a grand total of 31tunes.

Textbook liquid was showcased on tunes such as “Who Loves Ya”, “Special Request”, “All Hands”

Dub inspired tunes such as “Kings” sat alongside minimal tunes such as “Beyond Faith” and “Mister Vista” and experimental jams such as “Donk is Good Food” and "Chill Bro".

Both the new school electro sound was explored in ravey rollers such as “Buzzing” and “Snork Pawn” as well as a nod to the original electro sounds in “Wine Cooler"

There were also nods to fusion with the halfstep openers “Dedication” and “Green Room” and indie popinspired jams “While it Lasts” and “Dance if You Know”.

We had not yet began talking with labels, but several of the demo tunes from this release including Power Supply, Low Key, Kings, Beyond Faith, Who Loves Ya, Buzzing would be picked up by the likes of Ambra Recordings, Rotation Deep and Liquid Drops.

On December 5 the release party was held at Fu Bar in Auckland with Emma G in support. Putting together the mix in time for the gig proved a real challenge when we experienced technical issues with my computer as a result the version released on the night was not the final version as we made a few tweaks over the following months.

We were probably a little too eager to create a project to present the music we working on at the time, but it does present a starting point from which Soul Science was introduced as a deep drum and bass production act.

The name of the concept was derived from a personal in joke, at first it was just us indulging in our cheeky jab at the pretentious orientalism of some of our contemporaries at the time.