Marketing guy, amateur videographer and DJ making deep and
     liquid funk Drum and Bass with Soul Science in Auckland, New Zealand.

Romantech is this guy from auckland that makes deep drum and bass with soul science and half arsed youtube videos. I run this promotions company so I got shit I gotta do, but I still gotta find time to do the soul science deep dnb show on and my NZ electronic show on and write my unhinged ramblings on my blog which helps me clear my head.

I make these music videos and other videos for my youtube channel just because I'm interested in communicating in different ways, but as I say I run a business and make drum and bass, when it comes to video, I'm just working with the resources I can make available for that, which is why I'm always open to collaborating with others interested in amateur videography.

I've been DJing and promoting mainly in Auckland but also touring around NZ for 10 years now so you've got plenty of not only pics from the gigs and auckland drum and bass family but you can also check the link to mine and others design work for some of the gigs and projects I've been involved in and there's a press pack to DL if you require more high quality data and source material for your research.